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News Comments > NVIDIA Evolve Drivers
2. Re: NVIDIA Evolve Drivers Feb 10, 2015, 17:16 Parias
Tim Collins wrote on Feb 10, 2015, 16:39:
Assassin Creed Unity performance went up 10% on 970 and below because they purposely hobbled its performance on anything less then a 980....


I'm always all for the "bash ACU because it's terrible" bandwagon, but do you have any sources you can cite for this? I'm curious on the technical details and the why.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
10. Re: Morning Consolidation Feb 10, 2015, 14:30 Parias
DangerDog wrote on Feb 10, 2015, 14:15:
Titanfall 2?



Why not? I found the first game to be pretty entertaining - I'd love to see it in a more story-oriented singleplayer / co-op setting so they can explore the universe they've set up in more detail though. Would work great for a sequel.
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News Comments > On Sale
4. Re: On Sale Feb 8, 2015, 18:22 Parias
jdreyer wrote on Feb 8, 2015, 16:10:
walrus1 wrote on Feb 8, 2015, 15:50:
jdreyer wrote on Feb 8, 2015, 15:04:
Valkyria Chronicles. Any good?

I had a friend who loved it on the PS3. I haven't played it but the graphical style of the game just looks like bad graphics to me.

Huh, I like and appreciated the faux watercolor look of the graphics, even if it is anime. That's the main reason I'm considering it, if the gameplay is good. Different strokes I guess.

Same here - I actually really enjoyed the art style to the game (though yes, it is pretty anime-styled). The storyline actually isn't too bad either, although you'll either love / hate the dialogue (aside from cringe-worthy voice acting from a couple of the characters which you can just kick out of your team and never hear from anyways if you want).

The gameplay's solid as well. It basically felt like the Front Mission games except with a focus on tanks and infantry instead, which is not a bad thing. It's all turn-based and extremely tactical without being frustrating (most of the time).

I enjoyed the hell out of the game and haven't regretted my purchase at all. If you don't mind the art style and are the kind of gamer who enjoyed Front Mission, X-Com, and the like, then it's totally worth picking up.
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News Comments > Men of War: Assault Squad 2 This Month
3. Re: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 This Month Feb 3, 2015, 21:43 Parias
Anybody have any idea if the new "singleplayer skirmishes" will be co-op friendly? I love the hell out of this game series, but only for how much fucking fun we have with it at LAN parties. Nearly everything else they've done has pretty much supported co-op, so...  
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News Comments > Gearbox on Homeworld: Cataclysm
6. Re: Gearbox on Homeworld: Cataclysm Feb 3, 2015, 19:04 Parias
I'd absolutely love an update of Cataclysm - I really hope they're able to pull this off one way or another.  
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News Comments > Dying Light Mods Blocked
12. Re: Dying Light Mods Blocked Feb 2, 2015, 11:40 Parias

Dear Gamers,

With the recent patch (1.2.1) on Steam we blocked cheating to make sure the gameís PvP system (Be The Zombie) would not be abused. This, however, had the side-effect of hindering mod-makers from making changes to the game.

Creating obstacles for modders has never been our intention, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are now working on a quick patch that will re-enable common tweaks while stopping cheating in the gameís multiplayer mode.

At Techland, we have always supported the mod community, and loved seeing how our own game can be changed by the players. A big part of the original Dead Islandís success was the passion and creativity of mod-makers from our community. We want the same for Dying Light. For quite some time, we have been working, and still are, on giving modders all the power we can. We will keep you updated!
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News Comments > Star Citizen Persistent Universe Presentation; Funding Hits $71M
25. Re: Star Citizen Persistent Universe Presentation; Funding Hits $71M Jan 28, 2015, 17:44 Parias
Task wrote on Jan 28, 2015, 17:24:
Eh I don't know, I haven't purchased SC at this time. But I peruse the RSA forums and sometimes people post private youtube vids they aren't supposed to. You can find stuff like this on youtube though.

That's not FPS gameplay. That's someone taking the assets and dumping them in the public Cryengine editor and making machinima out of them.

None of the backers have access to the FPS or Social components yet as they haven't been released yet.
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News Comments > Ken Levine's Sci-Fi PC Game Plans
2. Re: Ken Levine's Sci-Fi PC Game Plans Jan 27, 2015, 18:44 Parias
Creston wrote on Jan 27, 2015, 17:45:


Pretty please?
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News Comments > Homeworld Remastered Collection Next Month
48. Re: Homeworld Remastered Collection Next Month Jan 26, 2015, 17:36 Parias
So did they get rid of the forced-hyperjumps for Homeworld 2? That was the one thing that annoyed the hell out of me; you had to deliberately avoid triggering events in a given mission that would force you into the next one until you were actually ready, or you'd end up spontaneously jumping.

I hated that so much compared to the original which let you control this. And I LIKED occasionally watching all my ships dock / form up before the end of a mission, damnit!
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News Comments > PlanetSide 2 Sets FPS Record
4. Re: PlanetSide 2 Sets FPS Record Jan 26, 2015, 13:58 Parias
Wildone wrote on Jan 26, 2015, 13:34:
This game flat out SUCKS. Unless your in a clan and play 12 hrs a day. Otherwise, forget about it.

Can you explain in more detail? I haven't played the game all that much and was thinking of getting back into it, so I'm curious what exactly you mean.
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News Comments > Roberts: Star Citizen Will "Probably" Pass $100M; Release Schedule Expanded
65. Re: Roberts: Star Citizen Will Jan 23, 2015, 00:25 Parias
Lorcin wrote on Jan 22, 2015, 22:26:
Only way I can see this being fun for the non-captain is if they're the engineer solving a cross between pipemania and tetris to reroute power as needed.

That's sort of what I'm looking for - that and just running around in general putting out fires in the middle of a battle. I'm actually more looking forward to being an engineer on my friend's capital ship than piloting anything myself, in particular for the larger frigates and such that can carry their own fighters - managing parts inventory, keeping fighter launch operations going, running damage control, and helping to fight off the occasional boarding team in this big dynamic resource-driven universe is exactly the kind of gameplay I want.

Assuming it all works as advertised - which, who knows. We'll have to see.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Public Test Universe for All Backers
37. Re: Star Citizen Public Test Universe for All Backers Jan 21, 2015, 17:34 Parias
Iurand wrote on Jan 21, 2015, 17:16:
InBlack wrote on Jan 21, 2015, 17:07:
Iurand wrote on Jan 21, 2015, 17:03:
SpectralMeat wrote on Jan 21, 2015, 15:56:
Iurand wrote on Jan 21, 2015, 15:31:
It's new build and it need to to be mass tested. What's so hard to understand?
Ok I see so a new build needs to be mass tested by all the backers to be "released" to the exact same people.
Got it.

Are you suggesting they should release new build without testing it first?

Well since the Arena Commander is hardly a complete game and is updated on a regular basis and is actually an Alpha itself then...yes. There is no point to this other than as pure marketing BS. They appear to be giving 'something' new to the community while in fact they are giving them just another newer build of the Arena Commander.

Or this build could be to unstable, and rather than deal will 700.000 angry nerds on forums, they allow everyone to opt-in.

If it's bad - sorry, play on older version you already have installed in diffrent category, if it's good, everyony will download it next time.

Why do you guys have so much problem with that?

I don't get the confusion either. They already had people beating the crap out of them for the problems the slightly rushed 1.0 release had (which was a mandatory upgrade for everyone), so the "PTU" or whatever approach now gives backers an optional way to test an unfinished / potentially very broken build without it being forced on all the other backers before it's ready. What's the problem?
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News Comments > LucasArts Wave II on
3. Re: LucasArts Wave II on Jan 20, 2015, 12:19 Parias
Creston wrote on Jan 20, 2015, 12:04:
X-Wing Alliance. WOOOOO!

This game was so much fun. I wish they had been able to finish up the plot properly, but I still have some really good memories of it (and all of the preceding X-Wing / Tie-Fighter games of course).
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News Comments > PC Grand Theft Auto V Delayed to March; Specs Revealed
27. Re: PC Grand Theft Auto V Delayed to March; Specs Revealed Jan 13, 2015, 12:41 Parias
Frags4Fun wrote on Jan 13, 2015, 11:37:
First Person is amazing in a GTA game, BTW!

Going to buy the PC version of this just for the inevitable Oculus Rift mod. Going to be incredible.
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News Comments > Job Posting Hints MS RTS Revival
5. Re: Job Posting Hints MS RTS Revival Jan 12, 2015, 15:30 Parias
HoSpanky wrote on Jan 12, 2015, 14:39:
Damn, Jdreyer beat me to it. Was gonna say, Halo Wars 2?

If you have a 360, and a friend (that second part is just as important), find two copies of Halo Wars. It's blah in single player but in co-op, it's brilliant. You command the same army and will quickly find one of you is barking out what units you need on the front line while the other is managing upgrades and unit production. It's a simplistic rts but the units are surprisingly smart to help with the lack of precision from the controller scheme. And the cutscenes were a constant wow factor, although probably not as much now (but they're pre-rendered, and super pretty still).

I'd be happy with another Halo Wars, if it managed to be as fun as the first.

Co-op was the entire reason myself and a friend picked up Halo Wars, and still dust it off to this day. We would've completely ignored it otherwise - it was an astonishing amount of fun for a console RTS when played co-operatively.

I'm kinda hoping they do another Halo Wars as well. Would like to see the storyline continue.
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News Comments > Removes Installer Passwords
1. Re: Removes Installer Passwords Jan 8, 2015, 13:53 Parias
Neat. I like these guys.  
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News Comments > Vox Machinae VR Demo
5. Re: Vox Machinae VR Demo Dec 16, 2014, 00:39 Parias
Screw Mechwarrior Online - THIS is the giant robot experience I've been waiting for!

After trying this in my DK2, this is a must-buy for me as well. The demo alone gave me plenty of entertainment, but I absolutely can't wait to see what they do with all the giant robot mechanics for the final.
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Launch Details; Trailer
6. Re: Elite: Dangerous Launch Details; Trailer Dec 10, 2014, 21:20 Parias
The Half Elf wrote on Dec 10, 2014, 21:08:
Wish they'd leave my damn controls alone. Every time I finally get them EXACTLY how I want them, they screw with them again.

Wait until the game's out of beta stage (or "gamma" or whatever) if you don't want configs or other things to be randomly lost when huge patches come out. At least then you won't have people like me telling you to wait until final when you complain

Anyways, it's a really basic problem - back up your control config before upgrading , then re-import afterwards and add one line. Details on this are here , although this understandably doesn't help all that much if you didn't back up your controls before-hand =\ Maybe this will help others at least.
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News Comments > No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe
116. Re: No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe Dec 10, 2014, 14:21 Parias
Vall Forran wrote on Dec 10, 2014, 13:59:
InBlack wrote on Dec 10, 2014, 04:21:
Vall Forran wrote on Dec 10, 2014, 01:26:
Agreed. Though it does sound like a bunch of "story" events will be released on launch day. Probably won't be as exciting as it sounds, but I'm curious if they have any tricks up their sleeves.

You seem to be quite knowledgeable about the game. Erm, I just bought in and Im waiting for the 16th. Apparently Im getting a free "Eagle" ship at launch in a secondary location. I was wondering where would this secondary location be located. Also is the Eagle any good? Can I do mercenary bounty hunting missions right from the start or is trading the only way to earn serious cash in the game?

Yes, you get a "freagle". It's kind of weird how they implemented this, but it will spawn in a station (sort of?) near you. There will be a sidewinder graphic over the system it's parked in on your map. It should be within 3 jumps or so. I don't think there's anyway to know specifically where it will be located until you search your galaxy map after you start the game.

The eagle is a fighter ship, but it's really fragile. Most people just skip the eagle and start saving for the cobra or viper. If you're an amazing pilot with some gun upgrades you can do ok...but I got flattened every time someone decent with cobra locked on to me. I actually haven't even been to the station it's stored at, so I don't know if you can outright sell it or not. Viper is what you want if you really want to focus on bounty's the higher level of the eagle and not too expensive. Cobra is well rounded for everything.

And don't let people rag on the sidewinder too much. It's a pretty solid little ship.

I've been having an amazing time with my Eagle actually - I love the engine acceleration sound effects and the three weapon hardpoints.

And yes, you can sell the Freagle and will get dollars for it (but won't get any dollars for your starting Sidewinder).

The free one I got has a crappy power plant though, which led to some funny issues when I added a third weapon to the mix; every time I deploy weapons, I run out of power and some systems turn off.

To work around this, I reset my power priorities and set life support down low, so any time I go into combat I have about three minutes to end the battle and cycle my weapons to restore power, or I suffocate. Heh, been too cheap to buy a better power system thus far - I feel this quirk adds personality to the ship.
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