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News Comments > Out of the Blue
81. Re: Whee Nov 4, 2004, 16:44 The perpetually unnamed one

Screw "travel shows". Just go to Mexico, our third world neighbor. Some of my most vivid memories of towns like Merida in the Yucatan are of the stark contrasts between the heavily gilded churches and the abject poverty of the people.

Just my two vents. : )

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 16:45.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
78. feeding the troll some dessert. Nov 4, 2004, 16:26 The perpetually unnamed one
from Washington Post 2/03:

" ...the problem here is the implication that some members of the Bush team have been doing Israel's bidding and, by extension, harbor dual loyalties. The charge that the administration's "rabid Israel supporters" are behind the drive to war is risible. Perle and Wolfowitz and their fellow Jewish neoconservatives are surely hawks -- but not merely on Iraq. Their expansive view of America's overseas obligations has in the past led them to support interventions wherever America's interests and ideals have been threatened: Grenada, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Kosovo -- in the last two cases for the explicit purpose of protecting Muslims. Many of these officials have also had profound disagreements with their Israeli counterparts -- not least on the question of whether Iran or Iraq presents the greater threat. Then, too, the Cabinet-level officials driving the current debate have mostly been non-Jewish Goldwater Republicans whose brand of conservatism hardly qualifies as "neo." In fact, the claim that Jewish officials with close ties to Israel have been driving the Bush team's policy toward Iraq could just as easily have been leveled against the previous administration, whose Iraq policy was the opposite of the current one. For that matter, a cursory review of the literature opposing war in Iraq reveals that the charge of "Jewish-American hysteria" could just as easily apply to opponents of an invasion.

But the real problem with claims such as these is not just that they are untrue. The problem is that they are toxic. Invoking the specter of dual loyalty to quiet criticism and debate amounts to more than the everyday pollution of public discourse. It is the nullification of public discourse, for how can one refute accusations grounded in ethnicity? The charges are, ipso facto, impossible to disprove. And so they are meant to be."

The writer is a senior editor at the New Republic and co-author, with William Kristol, of the forthcoming book "The War Over Iraq."}

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
55. Re: Joseph Blowski Nov 4, 2004, 14:33 The perpetually unnamed one
Thanks, Zathrus. I am a dolt.

I usually know better than to feed the trolls, but I was up all night with NFL2K5, and had just had my first caffeine of the day.

I should just keep myself from posting ANYTHING until I've fully energized my brain.

IHBT. IHL. HAND. It's my Veni, Vidi, Vici of the day.

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 14:34.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
50. Re: Joseph Blowski Nov 4, 2004, 14:17 The perpetually unnamed one
"For that the Isrealis {sic} who own the USA attacked him remorselessly"

Paging Blue's readers! You usually don't let this kind of ignorant, mis-informed post stay up long. The Jews own the USA? Never heard that one before...(sigh)..And you gained this insight at Daddy's white-robed knee?

"...people who brag their assasins can kill anybody, anywhere in the world..."

Ahh, yes - the famous Mossad/Hollywood connection assasinating film directors who dare blame Jews for the death of Jesus. You certainly haven't reinforced the notion that Hutton Gibson, his son, or anti-semites such as yourself are dangerous and hateful crackpots.

"Gibson is a real man, not a girly man..."

You don't say it explicitly, but the subtext of your post suggests that you buy the Gibson family's Holocaust revisionism yourself. Since that particular theory holds about as much water as Gibson's completely fabricated "Aramaic" for the film, I won't take the time to address it here; but would only suggest that those as faithful as yourself and Mel demonstrate it like the obvious "Real Man" who had the faith in Jesus and the cojones to climb into a lion cage (story above) and teach the lions your christian ideals. He's a real hero, dontcha think? Especially if they were Jewish lions!

Blowski, I read your post half-a-dozen times, tring to figure out if it was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek parody of a half-wit sociopath rant such as Hutton Gibson's. If I have mis-read it, and that was your intent, forgive my response. Otherwise, I can only imagine that you have posted stuff like this here before, and that's why everyone else seems to have ignored your post.

Maybe had I less fear of the quasi-theocracy to which we took a step closer on Tuesday, I would have been able to ignore it myself.
Support the TroopsTM is a trademark of the Republican Party and may only be used in vocal or written support of the Bush Administration with regard to military operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terror, and/or any and all wars initiated by the Bush Administration past, present and future. The use of Support the TroopsTM is strictly prohibited when used to advance the agenda of a living wage for soldiers, veteran's benefits, providing adequate equipment to soldiers active in war zones, bringing soldiers home, preventing unnecessary conflict that will result in casualties, or any other agenda not approved by the Bush Administration or the Republican Congressional Leadership. Support the TroopsTM should only support Bush Administration policies and defense contractors benefiting from the increased Pentagon budget. If any party uses the phrase Support the TroopsTM to actually support troops, it is an infringement on copyright and said party must cease and desist immediately.

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 14:23.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. ot? Sep 18, 2004, 12:39 The perpetually unnamed one
Of course, my thoughts are with the whole Blue clan...but to change course a bit..(a lot).

One of the companies charged in the condom article was "TTB Productions". Not that I watch this stuff or anything, but I'm told that this might be a gent by the name of TT Boy.

If they want to legislate condom usage by this individual, the manufacturers of the prophylactics should be required to market XXXL versions of their product.

Otherwise he'll have to resort to gutting zoo animals to continue his career.

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News Comments > BF: Vietnam WW2 Mod Friday
1. der Aug 18, 2004, 10:44 The perpetually unnamed one
Why would I want a WWII mod for BF1942? Me confuzzled.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: Cant get Doom3 to stop crashing... Aug 5, 2004, 11:49 The perpetually unnamed one
fiber. more fiber always helps.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
42. Re: oh, Jethro... Jul 26, 2004, 16:08 The perpetually unnamed one
Hi, nin! Thanks for the welcome - and I was also sorta creeped when you first posted ...

Now, Jethro - your oversimplification of the issues involved has you well suited for driving an Accord, and going to a dealer for service; not to mention trusting Consumer Reports as a valid automotive resource. CR is great for toasters and blenders and kid-safety stuff, but is abyssmal for anything high-tech or automotive. Just check their ideas on audio or computer "best buys" to learn that these folks have no eyes, ears or gonads.

To view either a vehicle or the company that made it as a single oragnic unit is in itself a ridiculous reduction of concept. Both are complex systems built upon several layers of subsystems. In addition, each vehicle has strengths and weaknesses versus its class competition, both in and out of its intended use sector, as does each company have strong and weak parts of its model line against each competitor in that class.

You have identified many of the strengths of the Japanese imports that have made them so ubiquitously popular - including a long wear cycle on many of the powertrain parts, and class-leading build quality on their entry-level vehicles.

Are imports *cheaper* to maintain? No way. Anybody who has EVER turned a wrench on their own car knows that Chev parts are the cheapest and easiest to find in the nation (this is not true all over the world). Try 15% cheaper than Ford, and maybe 35% cheaper than your import. This includes "wear parts" - and the Japanese still haven't invented the million-mile u-joint or brake rotor. The economics of parts are WAY different than that of full cars, re: tarriffs, domestic partnerships, etc...

And some import components just outright suck. Ask anyone who had a car with one of the generic (forgot the part number - made by nissan) japanese electronic transmissions that went into the early Infiniti M30s, Mazda minivans of the early 90's and the like - invariably dead at 65-80K and so costly to replace that it was better to junk the car.

To judge the domestic car market by your airport rentals is akin to judging the New York culinary experience with a Yankee Stadium hotdog. The horn honk is easily disabled BTW (do I hear an RTFM, anyone), and daytime running lights are not a domestic v. import issue.

Bottom line - your Accord is perfect for you. That's great. Personally, I've grown out of entry-level, front-drive, practicality-driven, low-torque, generically-styled, under-sized (for *my* body), mommymobiles. Nor do I drive a minivan. I also have two great garages that I love and trust, and occasionally do some work myself. So - my choices are different. In the same way that you identified the best bang for the the buck (and I wouldn't argue) for your segment (commuter/consumer reports reader) - here are some more class-leaders out there for people with OTHER needs than yours:

- Sports Car: C5 Chevy Corvette. 50K, and performnce you can't touch without spending at least 30 more. 'Nuff said.

- Pickup truck: For the same 14K you'd spend on a used Camry, you can buy a new Ram or F-150 work truck fully configured. $500 more gets yu a HEMI. Which would I rather drive? You gotta be kidding.

- Small SUV: Yeah, I've been in Honda CR-Vs, including a friend's brand new one last week...and I don't want to insult any other board readers...but Jethro - did you even bother test-driving, or checking the specs on the Jeep Liberty? Jeez, talk about class-leading...

- Street/Strip: 4-th gen (1998-2002) Camaro. Now on ebay for less than 8K in great numbers. First time in history you can get into a 13-second car for that kind of money, even without relative pricing.

And hey - don't get me wrong - I LOVE some import stuff. I ride a HONDA bike currently (VTX 1800). That's one of their strengths - along with Accords, F1 and Champ Car race engines, and lawn mowers.

I guess my two cents have run up to a dime by now.

PS: The reason your Honda costs 30% more that the comparable US unit is a combination of Tarriffs, Transport and greater dealer profit...not production or materials costs. Think about it for a second, Jethro.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. oh, Jethro... Jul 26, 2004, 12:27 The perpetually unnamed one
First of all Saturn is made by GM (Chevy) replaced Oldsmobile in the product line, when GM decided to kill a brand that skewed old and male (and sold few units), with one engineered to fit a young, female buyer.

Around the same time (mid-late 90's) the build quality of American vehicles enjoyed a well-documented increase in overall quality. The longer warranty periods you see on domestic vehicles are a direct result of that. Warranty periods are based on service actuarials of the previous model years - otherwise all car companies and dealers would go bankrupt on service.

No domestic producer is quite as "bulletproof" as either Honda or Toyota (YET!!!), but GM has already exceeded the build quality and reliability of several Euro producers in some recent lines (and has actually increased BQ in SAAB's offerings), and Chrysler has integrated quite a lot of Mercedes tech into their product line.

Not just my $.02, but just about the only thing on which the mainstream auto press can reach consensus currently.

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