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Description Mod Developer
Signed On Feb 12, 2002, 14:14
Total Comments 18 (Suspect)
User ID 12442
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News Comments > New BF 1942 Merciless Creations
7. MC 1942 Aug 31, 2004, 18:48 Blackthorn
MC1942 is one the best mods short of Red Orchestra for UT2k4... All of their sounds ARE original and well designed. This group deserves alot of attention, excuse the uneducated rant of the previous moron! Before FH and BG42 there was MC1942 and they are still alive and kicking with the best 1942 addon ever to date for FREE... You be the judge... Merciless 1942 forever!

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News Comments > GTA4 Not Heading to Sin City
18. Sequel... Jan 6, 2004, 16:26 Blackthorn
GTA: City of Angels...

Also they haven't touched 1 bit on snow or alpine settings... I can sense that they will start some new venture soon... imagine skiing down a mtn or snowmobiling across town...

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News Comments > BF 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Demo Soon
31. Get a real 1942 addon... Merciless 1942 Jul 17, 2003, 15:47 Blackthorn
Don't forget... pickup Merciless 1942, a real addon. Makes everything historically correct, real flags, armor camo, uniforms, bug fixs, a massive real sound enhancement, all new FX, blood and even alot alot more! If there was one single client side addon that you can use on any NONPURE server... it would be this one!

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News Comments > BF 1942 SitRep
1. Merciless 1942 Apr 25, 2003, 20:57 Blackthorn
They saved the Merciless 1942 mod... =)

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News Comments > BF1942 Battle Plan - No Client Mods
37. Dan Apr 20, 2003, 01:17 Blackthorn
There is quite a lot of files within our release. We are sorry we cannot give you a single line install option for everything. Version 4.0 will include everything as default but will give you the ability to remove what you want easily. We hope you try 4.0 in the coming week and give us second judgement.

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News Comments > BF1942 Battle Plan - No Client Mods
35. Save Merciless 1942 Apr 20, 2003, 00:42 Blackthorn
Thank you all for your kind words and support.

We at Merciless, agree patch 1.4 is a great thing except the fact that client side mods will be ceased. This is a double edged sword... client side mods have produced many budding texture artists, sounds modders, and even Desert Combat and Merciless 1942. Alas it has also allowed cheaters. We are asking Dice and EA for a stay of execution on our mod due to the amount of fans that we have and supports of us in the community. We want to be cheat proof and also want 1942 to be cheat free. There is a way we can exist as a secure client side mod along with patch 1.4 and the security it will include. I envision that our prior "open texturepacks" would become closed but we would accept this to continue to provide MC1942 to our fans and not be forced server side.

Patch 1.4 is a step in the right direction and also a step back for modders and Merciless. If there is any possible way to salvage this scenario, we hope that EA and Dice may consider this. Without mods, a game does not grow. Being forced into a server side mod does not yeild the freedom that Merciless 1942 had... just get on any server and play.
We are willing to work with EA and Dice towards a successful solution but it is up to them and you fans to ask EA and Dice to do so. Voice your opinions, you are the community... sign the petition... email them your thoughts on this. We can only hope to reach a secure truce on this matter for patch 1.4.



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News Comments > BF 1942 Patch?
4. WARNING ON LEAKED 1.3 PATCH Jan 25, 2003, 13:02 Blackthorn
Hi All,
Sorry for the confusion, but our colleagues at EA Taiwan have inadvertantly posted an old, work-in-progress version of the patch. That version was sent to them for review...but not for posting. We are still nailing down some issues which are in that version...and the official version has yet to be finalized.

So, the official release won't be compatible with the version released by EA Taiwan. This is because the executable will most likely be changed to address the issues we're currently working on.

We will be releasing the official 1.3 patch soon (and for those who've speculated, yes, after the whole 1.2 release we've decided that we'll only mention the patches when we're ready to release it).

Our goal is to keep improving your Battlefield 1942 experience and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Jamil Dawsari aka [EA] Saracen
Associate Producer
Battlefield 1942

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News Comments > BF 1942 Patch?
2. This is not the 1.3 patch... Jan 25, 2003, 12:46 Blackthorn
As a mod developer for 1942... I am here to tell you do not install this patch... it is not the real 1.3 patch and will cause you issues...


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News Comments > New BF1942 Desert Combat
7. 1942 Mods Jan 16, 2003, 09:39 Blackthorn
Desert Combat is cool and all but pretty laggy/choppy due to lack of optimizations...

Why won't Blues post about the Merciless 1942 addon? This addon has superiorly enhanced 1942 with all new content and FX and they don't mention it on here one damn bit... talk about biased... anyone reading this who hasn't tried the addon, I would rush there and get it... it is a must get for your 1942... bloodfx, map loader screens, new historic flags and texturesets, new gui fixes, many bug fixes and it ALL works online client side with no issues! I think the website is
It is even worth buying it is so good!

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News Comments > BF1942 MP Demo Patch & New Server
21. 4 bugs still in patch Sep 5, 2002, 01:15 Blackthorn
Well the patch makes a world of difference..

Still 4 minor bugs in the game...

1. If you are a sniper and go to use a freestanding machine gun (like on the destroyer) you do not get a reticle... you have to zoom in with your scope then use the machine gun. No other gun or class has this problem though.

2. Laying a mine on a jeep or plane still sinks it like quicksand. In fact.. it seems worse now.

3. Parachuting out of a plane.. the engineer can drop mines while airborne and they arm fine when they hit the ground. This makes for littering an area with mines very quick and easy from a high altitude drop.

4. The carrier spots for the AA guns are still wrong. 3 and 5 are on the right side but show on opposites of the locator image. 2 and 4 are the same too...backwards.

Also people can STILL spawn camp kill on the carrier... air pilots should get their packs stripped of all gear except the pistol and knife. They can only get their pack back via a base depot box (friendly only).

My 2 cents.

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News Comments > Battlefield 1942 Gold (Really!) & Ship Date
27. 1942 Aug 27, 2002, 20:42 Blackthorn
Well... 2 things...

I will be calling in sick on September 11th...

and ...

GAME OF THE !@#$@ YEAR !!!

1942 is one of the games I have EVER anticipated EVER... You know you love a damn game if you boot it up by yourself (and no bots even) just to try and imagine what the full version will be like.

Waiting for 1942 is like well... If I met one of the developers from DICE... I would have to honestly say "I love you man!"

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News Comments > Age of Wonders II Ships
1. Got AOW2... =D Jun 12, 2002, 20:54 Blackthorn
This is the closest game to Masters of Magic that we will ever get... it is Awesome! GREAT JOB TRIUMPH STUDIOS!

Anyone who likes RTS/Tactical strategy, run out and get this TODAY while it is on sale for $29.99 !!!

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News Comments > Global Ops Preview
3. GO is great... Mar 21, 2002, 09:29 Blackthorn
GO isn't a failed attempt at dethroning CS. If you try it out, the game is very very good. I too was skeptical at first seeing as I am an avid daily CS player for over 1 year. GO has won my cash and time, the perfect balances are amazing as is the REQUIRED teamwork gameplay. Point blank.

If everyone would stop negatively ranting about and just spend 2 hours with it (on a non-laggy server), you might realize that GO is a very well designed game!

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Q&A
1. Dungeonsiege! All praise Dungeonsiege! Mar 19, 2002, 19:53 Blackthorn
All praise Dungeonsiege!

We are no longer stuck in the "Blizzard"!!!

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Round-up
8. Re: Mirror Mar 19, 2002, 09:00 Blackthorn
"To cut off your fingers despite your toes,
leaves you one less foot closer to getting a hold of yourself..." -Blackthorn

hahaha we need to write a book

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Round-up
6. Re: This game will rock Mar 18, 2002, 16:58 Blackthorn
#1 Registering for Fileplanet takes 2 mins and it isn't all that bad... and it is free! =)

#2 The movie rocks... DS rocks!

#3 The Ultraen Peninsula is huge... the beta is so wicked.. everyone will love it... it plays better than Diablo and you have full 3d seamless worlds... it truely is amazing! Once you see a forest ... you will toss that Blizzard vaporware out the door and feel the power of the Siege!

#4 Just think... you too can make your own maps and worlds with the SiegeEditor... can you do that with *OTHER* similar games like DS? Nada...

#5 The 3rd world being created will be majorly dungeon crawls with vast design and deeper reaches... expect alot coming from this engine in the next 2 years!

#6 When you walk amongst the Crystal Caverns and realize that you are surrounded by little evil crystal shards that you thought were not alive... muhahahahah...

#7 Resourceful mod developers can take this engine further than any action RPG has gone before... it is only a matter of time!

#8 Eight is enough =)

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Q&A
1. Dungeonsiege will rock!!! Mar 12, 2002, 20:11 Blackthorn
Dungeonsiege is awesome!!!

Checkout the latest PC Gamer magazine for some wicked images that will blow you away!

Now for all you Diablo fans... it is time for something new...

D U N G E O N S I E G E !!!!!!!

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News Comments > Dungeon Siege Preview
4. Re: dig it. Feb 12, 2002, 09:15 Blackthorn
Well guys... being on the beta like I have tried DS on a p2-450 and a p4-2.2ghz... Low res and max res settings. There is a difference in detail, no doubt. At full detail the little touches amaze you. There is SO much vegatation, flowers, trees, and little things that you awe in every little place. Just as example, in 1 dungeon there were lots of little little spiders all running around the big spiders... just there are little details. Granted you won't see this detail on low detail settings. It really fleshes out the game. Granted it IS NOT Diablo... It seriously plays ALOT like Darkstone, which is not bad at all... It does have limited skills but focuses more on spells later on in the game.

The engine, bar none, is revolutionary. I have played numerous times to just realize having NO level load menus in game, that I just spent over 3-6 hours playing and didn't even realize it!

The biggest aspect is not the 40-60 hour single player game... it is the multiplayer game that is supposedly DOUBLE the size of the single player game (which a completely different set of maps/levels/dungeons/etc). Also the engine is mod ready... So people can mod this out of the box...

You can't do that with Diablo or Darkstone ...

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