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Re: writing mr. morris
Dec 26, 2001, 21:27
Re: writing mr. morris Dec 26, 2001, 21:27
Dec 26, 2001, 21:27
I played Majestic as soon as it came out... I'll be honest: the first chapter was fun, but then the novelty started to wear off.

Phone calls in the middle of the night? I can live with that. Faxes of odd things at odd hours? I can live with that too. Badly acted streaming videophone clips? Sure.

But in the end, it was the waiting that got to me. I found out this clue in about five minutes reading this page, or that web page... and then, I wait. I get an IM from someone, give them the key word, I wait in Standby for two RL days.

Look, some verisimilitude is good... but this was ridiculous. Especially since the puzzles became few and far between, replaced by rather inferior 'wait for the IM or phone call, then go to this page' clues. Or some of those futile Flash games; I found out that I had NO way of changing the story at all, or of really interacting with the game in a meaningful fashion. Those of you who knew of the break-in will know of what I mean. That game was rigged, and I felt cheated out of it after.

I mean, the game's supposed to play us? They could've found a better schtick to use on the players than 'let's make this scenario impossible, after making them think they're really contributing, because we can'.

Then again, I'm not sure I expected better of the people who shoved 'UO: Renaissance' out the door without the Faction/Reputation system that was ballyhooed as the best thing to happen to UO since pre-casting (which, as a matter of note, was all over the box - the Faction/Reputation system). Or who cancelled UWO, because they were afraid of the idea of having a MMORPG which was new. Or who took Battletech 3025 and turned it from an online game that might have been Kesmai's pride and joy and turned it into a half-baked turkey that was canned a few weeks after the beta was opened up to the public.

Excuse me while I go taunt the black helicopters outside my window.

1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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