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News Comments > Darkstar One Joystick Hotfix
4. Re: Loving this so far Aug 26, 2006, 00:46 sc4r4b
I'm digging it too...

Like cheese, DS1 has filled a void for now. It is worth the price I paid. I'd play Freelancer again but even when it came out I thought the textures sucked. Especially on the first ship you get. DS1 looks really nice. The style is really cool, but it would be nice to fly through more gas atmospheres and nebulae. Freelancer got that right - finding hidden wreckage in radioactive gas was a pretty cool experience.

The X games are kinda boring. Having all the depth and options is interesting but sometimes the depth makes the game feel like work. I wanna have fun! The ship designs in X2 kinda sucked too. X3 looks sweet but it runs like shit on my machine and I'm not sure I wanna play a sim since I don't have a lot time as it is.

It would be really sweet if DS1, but it doesn't... I don't think that's a good reason not to support the developers. PC games don't get enough love as it is.

Anyway, DS1 is a good summer title.

Peace yo!

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News Comments > Area 51 Sequel?
16. Re: Buh-bye Aug 19, 2006, 12:05 sc4r4b
You're such a nice guy Hump.

Fred, see you in hell!

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News Comments > F.E.A.R. Combat Released
13. Re: 1800 MB Aug 17, 2006, 16:07 sc4r4b
This almost makes up for T:V.

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Status
2. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2006, 10:27 sc4r4b
Where's my popcorn?

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News Comments > No BF2 Patch Today
38. Re: No subject Aug 15, 2006, 14:51 sc4r4b
Beamer, if you are going to compare BF2 to a "fun" game compare it to a game in the same genre. Personally I don't find RTS games fun at all... they feel like work.

There is a work-around for the red name bug in BF2 - join a fucking squad. I haven't encounterd the red name bug since release.

I'm not trying to convice you that BF2 is a good game, I'm just saying that I fucking hate Lindsy Lohan and the Olive Garden blows.

Since Tribes is dead, I'll play BF2 until someone creates a better game with similiar game-play. Quake Wars should be THE one... especially since Splash Damage added skiing, see link below.

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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - DarkStar One
20. Re: No subject Aug 14, 2006, 20:44 sc4r4b
If you are having frame rate issues...

DARKSTAR ONE - DVD Routine & Game Sync Issue

Dear Community

DarkStar One enjoyed a successful international launch over the weekend, with strong sales across countries including the UK, America and Australia.

However, alongside this success we are aware of a specific issue which gamers may experience when running DarkStar One. On certain systems there is an error which prevents the disc checking routine and the game working seamlessly together. The main symptom of this is a typical framerate of 10-20fps. While the bug affects only a very small percentage of systems, we acknowledge that this is not acceptable, and we offer our sincere apologies to customers experiencing this problem.

Fixing this problem for the community is now our highest priority.

We are currently working on and testing a Beta patch intended for public release on Tuesday 15th August.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback, both by email and through the DarkStar One forums. We genuinely appreciate the patience, understanding and support shown by the community throughout the DarkStar One project.

With kind regards

Ascaron Entertainment

I really dug Freelancer, for what it was and I'm looking forward to Darkstar One. The only thing that is keeping me from really being hyped up about Darkstar One is the lacking multiplayer mode.

I really don't get into sims... it feels too much like work like the X series. Freespace 2 was really cool though, because it didn't feel like work.

Anyway, I'll probably wait for Darkstar One to hit the bargin bin before buying. 40 bucks seems kinda steep... I'd be willing to pay that much if the game had multiplayer.

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News Comments > The Cost of SiN
3. Re: Was Not Impressed Aug 10, 2006, 19:33 sc4r4b
I dig Sin Episodes... Sure the gameplay is classic FPS fodder but it's fun and the weapons feel better than most of the shooters out right now.

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News Comments > F.E.A.R. Combat Announced
47. Re: No subject Aug 9, 2006, 17:44 sc4r4b
He has a point about voice chat making teamplay better, but it's not a make or break feature to me since third-party chat programs are available and work with F.E.A.R.

Most clans use a third-party voice communication program...

Anyway, my sarcasm was directed at the fact that he already owns FEAR and he wasn't picking this up because of the lacking voice-comm.

Seems to me he was just bitching just to bitch about something. IMO bitching about a free game is simply retarded.

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News Comments > F.E.A.R. Combat Announced
20. Re: No subject Aug 8, 2006, 23:58 sc4r4b
No in game voice? No thanks.

I own fear, and I also own a lot of multiplayer games. I know that without the in game voice playing team based mods suck. I'm sure its' fine for Deathmatchers but I won't be picking this up.

Are you for real?

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
4. Re: Well, these upgrades are unexpected Aug 1, 2006, 15:17 sc4r4b
No one really knows, but I speculate that Autodesk will push Maya for movies and Max for games... Max really isn't suitible for what I do...

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
2. Re: Well, these upgrades are unexpected :P Aug 1, 2006, 12:04 sc4r4b
I wish they'd fix Maya 7... We've reverted back to Maya 6 because 7 is so buggy... Veiwports going blank, odd repeating 3D rock textures that make my materials look like brushed metal, and the low memory exception errors that seem more prevelant than ever before are just a few things that piss me off. Teck support fucking sucks too.

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
18. Re: Homepages Jul 17, 2006, 15:50 sc4r4b
Anybody else have Bluesnews as their homepage?

Yeah, for several years now...

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News Comments > QUAKE 4 Patch Plans
26. Re: Best reply Jul 15, 2006, 21:04 sc4r4b
My co-workers and I play Q3MP almost everyday... While we all have workstations more than capable eough to play Q4 we don't because it's flawed... models don't stand out enough because of the lighting, the player models also seem small/thin, netcode seems off, and the overall scale feels weird when compared to Q3. Anyway, it seem like they are addressing some of these issues now. Which is a good thing, 'cause I love the railgun and jump-pads.

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News Comments > DarkStar One Demo Friday
5. Re: Freelancer? Jun 28, 2006, 21:18 sc4r4b
EDIT: Oh well... it uses mouse control ONLY (just like that POS Freelancer). That lets it fall quite deep in my anticipation list...

You can put it back on your anticipation list... it's on mine. -
Compatible with mouse, joystick and gamepad.

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News Comments > New NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers
3. Re: No subject Jun 23, 2006, 22:44 sc4r4b
I'm still using the 77.77 drivers. BF2 runs like shit if I don't.

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News Comments > Need for Speed: Carbon Announced
29. Re: No subject Jun 23, 2006, 08:43 sc4r4b
Umm, what catch-up feature?

I wouldn't call it a "feature."

It's more prevelent to me when I am doing a blacklist race. It wasn't so bad in previous NSF games and I understand why the game is designed that way but it's unforgiving.

For example, there are times when I am hitting nitrous and the guy stays right next to me when it appears as though he has not used any of his nitrous. Other times, I use the bullet-time (for lack of a better term) feature to make it around 90 degree turns without losing momentum and it's like the AI has it's own bullet-time and it will make it around the turn and then pass me up. It's like the bullet-time actually slows my car down...

Most Wanted pisses me off so bad... and I've been playing racing games since pole position was in the arcades.

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News Comments > Need for Speed: Carbon Announced
3. Re: No subject Jun 22, 2006, 22:08 sc4r4b
I enjoy them too BUT I'd like to see EA either remove the AI rubber band/catch-up bullshit or give the user an option to turn it off.

I still haven't beaten Most Wanted because of the absurd AI. The difficulty level of that game is beyond frustrating... it drives me insane.

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
23. Re: How groundbreaking! Jun 22, 2006, 01:25 sc4r4b
Products like DarkBasic Pro and 3D GameStudio. Most are royalty free. Garage Games is simply and belatedly joining the pack with its one offering not breaking any new ground.

The netcode for DarkBasic Pro and 3D GameStudio just doesn't compare... that said, they are both decent offerings to indie devs as well. One of my co-workers fucks around with GameStudio a lot.

Face it Riley, the Torque engine really is worth the money.

It'd be nice to see Dice use the Torque engine for the Battlefield series... good net-code, server side maps, and quick load times are just a few things Battlefield could use.

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
11. Re: Torque Game Builder Jun 21, 2006, 19:32 sc4r4b
Garage Games charges too much for commercial licenses of the engine given its age and features, and it wants way too much for its hardware shader add-on (TSE) which isn't even in release state yet after two years or more of development.

I don't think they're charging too much at all ($500 bucks?) when compared to similar game engines. I'm not going to pretend to know about TSE enough to form an opinion about it's price. However, I agree it does seem like it is in develpment limbo.

Anyway, Tribes2 showed me that the engine has a lot of potential. In the end, it's not the engine that makes the game - it's the talent of the developer that does.

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
7. Re: Torque Game Builder Jun 21, 2006, 17:08 sc4r4b
It really does depend on what kind of game you want to make... Personally, I think Torque3D engine is a very nice option for indie developers.

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