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News Comments > DOOM 3 Mac, Linux, and Demo Details
84. Re: No subject Jul 15, 2004, 18:09 Pagan
"what were the lows? (from the high/low area describing their score)"

"LOWS Some stabs at humor fall a bit flat."

PC Gamer claims this is the first professional review of DOOM 3, unfortunately I don't find it credible since an adequate review can't be given with a rushed one-time play-thru IMO. Assuming, of course, the reviewer actually finished it.

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News Comments > id Interview
35. Re: a lil birdy once told me..... Aug 23, 2002, 15:23 Pagan
"$5 bet anyone?"

I'll take that bet. Replay value is hardly the only ingredient in the commercial success formula of a shooter.
A few biased examples:

1) Deus Ex - plenty of plot, career and skill branching
should allow multiple trips through this FPS. Unfortunately
when burdened with a dull story and gameplay, RPG elements
that don't really matter and some of the worst acting in a
PC game since Sanitarium, adds up to mediocre sales.

2) System Shock 2 - the plot was more linear than Deus Ex
but still the various and different skills you could acquire
guaranteed another passage on the Von Braun. A vastly superior game to Deus Ex but one that never caught the game-buying public's eye. The game-warezing losers however took notice.

On the other end of the scale - how much replay value did Max Payne and Half-Life have? Both sold well in spite of a non-deviating story line, relative short gameplay (Max) and no or weak MP (when Half-Life first came out, the MP wasn't all that, remember?). They sold because they were both fun and word-of-mouth was positive. Doom 3 will be a financial winner, based on pre-sales alone, just off its brand name. When the time comes, you can send me a check.

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News Comments > Star Wars Movie/Game/Movie
3. Re: Nice.. but... Dec 21, 2001, 17:39 Pagan
"One thing I've found from LucasArts is that while their graphics are stunningly beautiful, most of the time the gameplay blows goats."

One thing I've found from LucasFilms is that while their movies look great, most of the time the story and dialogue blows goats. They have gone from good to ok to bad to freakin' unwatchable. I guess Episode 2 is in the can but George, please take some of the special effects budget and hire a real screenwriter for part 3. How about David Mamet? Of course he'd have to tone it down to get that PG rating. As far as games go, have they come up with anything decent since Jedi Knight a 25th of a century ago?

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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: Multi And Deus Ex II Dec 16, 2001, 11:29 Pagan
"Co-Op games only work in plotless enviroments like with Sam. "

It worked pretty well in System Shock 2. You can split up skill sets - one person is the marine, the other a hacker. Some of the dialogue in the game even changed to reflect there was more than one protagonist. The same could apply to Deus Ex I and II since they are FPS RPG's also.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
41. Re: Warez is not stealing Dec 13, 2001, 19:44 Pagan
"I'm afraid I must say that I'm above the law."

I've read somewhere that the size of a man's ego is in inverse proportion to that of his penis. If that's the case, may I suggest a thimble for your autoerotic pleasure.

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
88. Re: Congratulations, you're a dumba$$ Dec 12, 2001, 19:14 Pagan
"I don't see the fuggin word "evil" in there. I agree it is, and the whole argument is one of semantics. But again, your sources are in question. But that's ok... if you misquote enough, it will be come fact, right? "

No doubt if you botch a quote, especially one that famous, it raises doubt of the validity of your other "factual" arguments. Your credibility isn't helped when you then proceed to question another's sources. Maybe I should stick to nice safe uncontroversial game topics. Boy is that Derek Smart an obnoxious bastard or what?

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
79. Re: Congratulations, you're a dumba$$ Dec 11, 2001, 23:53 Pagan
"if slavery is not evil then nothing is evil"

Dammit, I think Lincoln's quote has the the word 'wrong' instead of 'evil' . Guess I'm the dumbass.

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
76. Re: X| Hilfe... X| Dec 11, 2001, 20:50 Pagan
I have no idea what you said but man, you sound pissed.

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
75. Re: Congratulations, you're a dumba$$ Dec 11, 2001, 20:49 Pagan
"You may want to cross check your sources"

You may want to read my post. I said Lincoln was willing to allow slavery to stand in order to avoid secession and war. The South didn't buy it because of Lincoln's well known opposition to slavery and the cries from the Republicans in Congress to abolish it. The South split and the war started. There were several reasons for the secession but underneath it all was the fight over the individual state's right of legal slavery. I'm sorry if that ruins your "Gone With the Wind" romantic notions of the Civil War but there was nothing romantic about it. The war started not because of slavery but secession. The secession was caused by primarily slavery.

"It would soon have been cheaper to do it without the slaves"

Yes in a cold-blooded non-moral capitalistic kind of way, the free market would have made slavery inefficient. On the farm anyway. There was still plenty of work available involving manual labor as there is today. If there had been no emancipation, would you be in favor of slavery until the free market comes up with self-cleaning homes so that we no longer need house cleaning staff?

The South was in favor of gradual emancipation? I'm sure there were many people in the South opposed to slavery but the ones in power sure as hell weren't as I noted in the previous post. I'd like to see your source for that one.

"Taking the flag down is wrong, it symbolizes the start of government power skyrocketing. "

Leaving it up in tax-funded areas is wrong. It is no different than flying a swastika over a government building in Brooklyn. If you want it stuck on your pickup truck, God bless you. To many others it actually symbolizes the closest thing to a holocaust that we have had. Wellllll, unless you want to talk about the American Indian. We'll save that for another game related thread that we can invade with our rambling.

This comment was edited on Dec 11, 22:29.
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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
71. Re: Congratulations, you're a dumba$$ Dec 11, 2001, 17:59 Pagan
Just more off-topic crap.

"We from the South still value our confederate flag NOT because of the racist implications, but because it stands for a great injustice that was done against the entire US, but more close to home - to the South."

Speaking as a fellow Texan, I have to disagree with you on the underlying meaning of the Confederate flag. The South seceded over the issue of states' rights but that particular 'right' was the freedom to purchase and own slaves. When Lincoln became president, southerners assumed he would abolish slavery and voted to secede. While Lincoln despised slavery ("if slavery is not evil then nothing is evil") he was willing to allow the practice to remain in the southern states while banning it in the territories and new states if it meant keeping the south in the Union and avoiding war. Once the South left, the war was on and Lincoln abolished slavery a couple of years later.

I think to many, the Confederate flag represents the yearning to be free of an oppressive federal government. Most of the southerners who fought in the war probably felt this way. They weren't slave owners or even landholders. However, the people who voted to secede were. They were the rich plantation owners and farmers who didn't want to face the economic cost brought about by the demise of slavery. Their motive was pure greed and because of them, four years of slaughter and butchery commenced. This is hardly anything to honor today. I don't think the flag should be banned like the swastika in Germany but I would like to see it removed from flagpoles and buildings at government sites.

One can be proud of being an American but yet still acknowledge her sins and faults. Unlike some, I don't dwell on them or allow them to blind me to the many virtues.

This comment was edited on Dec 11, 18:02.
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News Comments > Q3A Master Server Update
29. Re: Help needed at id.... Dec 11, 2001, 08:50 Pagan
"(I'm a DBA)"

Typical grumpy DBA (Don't Bother me Asshole):)

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
63. Re: Left = Totalitarian Dec 10, 2001, 19:03 Pagan
"Most people, I'm sure, believe that a Government should in fact be Centrist, but the best way that we've ever found of getting that is to put all the Libertarian's and Authoritarian's together in a room, and only make law what BOTH SIDES agree is right."

I'm all for a centrist government - well, perhaps leaning a bit to the right - but putting two groups together with misguided philosophies is hardly the best way to do it. Two wrongs ...

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
50. Re: What's the point Dec 9, 2001, 17:23 Pagan
"i meant left=totalitarianism in all forms, including fascism, right=no government at all, ie anarchy. thats the true spectrum"

First I'd like to apologize to anyone who reads this. It is way off-subject, ridiculously petty and of absolutely no interest to anyone.

Both forms are totalitary and the opposite of them is anarchy, however the two styles are extremes of the opposing wings. One can own a business and become rich in a fascist state as long as you produce according to the government's mandate. If you are no longer useful and a burden to the state, at best you're on your own. At worst, imprisonment or death. Things tend to run efficiently because fear is a great persuader. Substitute 'free market' for 'government mandate' and leave out the dire consequences of imprisonment or death for failure and you have the basic philosophy of the Republican party.

In communism there is no private ownership and the government distributes products and revenues among the population according to need. No one is rich and there is no reward for success leading to massive inefficiencies in everyday life from food distribution to housing. The government handles all your basic needs regardless of how much you may contribute to the society. It shouldn't be hard for a couple of right-wingers like us to see the Democrats' clumsy attempts to stumble down this path.

I was going to go into the social differences and how both types despise each other but man, I'm boring myself writing this stuff. Back to gametalk.

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News Comments > Return to Castle Whatsis
47. Re: What's the point Dec 8, 2001, 20:18 Pagan
"left=totalitarianism, id say he fits in nicely as a poster child for what happens with statism"

Since I'm in a semantics nazi kinda mood tonight ...

I think you meant left totalitarianism=communism as in Stalin
right totalitarianism=fascism as in Hitler.

And don't start using that word 'statism' again. You'll annoy our leftist English friends.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: Presidential eloquence Dec 8, 2001, 09:46 Pagan
"any nuclear missile launched from Cuber"

Cuber? Is that a typo or Kennedy's Bostonian influenced phonetic spelling? A fine example of his eloquence is the Berlin speech in 1962. I still get shivers when I see that.
I get the giggles when I think of Clinton's lame attempt to imitate JFK during his own address in Berlin. Even spoke German. Groan.

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News Comments > Games & Violence Story
212. Re: Rofl @ 202 Dec 8, 2001, 01:00 Pagan
Usually I would heed Cyrezar's advice and ignore this tripe but since it's close to midnight here and I've struck out yet again - not to mention being a bit tipsy and very bitter - I am going to lash out at you with the full brunt of my wit. Actually, probably bore you with my stiff and cliched writing. Onward ...

"American conservatives are the pinnacle of idiocy and greed."

What a brilliant statement! It must have taken five seconds to formulate that thought followed by a couple hours of typing in order for you to share that insight with us. I always laugh at the hypocrisy of the American left.
They will criticize and label as 'racist' anyone to the right of Jesse Jackson who makes a general reference regarding a group of people. Mr. Anon, substitute the word 'blacks' or 'gays' over 'conservatives' followed by your own stereotypical adjectives. Doesn't that offend your so P.C. sensibilities?

"it's the middle class ignoramuses who think Clinton was the worst president ever"

As part of the middle class you obviously despise - strange that ... don't we finance all those welfare programs you are no doubt in love with and are probably supported by - I don't think Clinton was the worst president ever. I think the Clinton administration was the illegitimate offspring of an unholy coupling of the Fillmore, Harding and Nixon presidencies. Irrelevant and corrupt. After all Bush had no trouble riding Reagan's coattails to victory in 1988. Gore didn't even want Clinton campaigning for him.

"Our airwaves, newspapers, local and cable networks are owned by GOP doner corporations or conservative private owners"

My God, private ownership of media rather than state-sponsored. I bet you miss Pravda. It was such a source of high quality objective journalism. If you like your news spoon fed to you by the government, I believe you can get your propaganda fix in say ... Iraq. Anyone who reads or listens to American media and finds it biased to the right must have voted for Nader last year. The only cable network even coming close to that accusation is Fox and that's because ol' Rupert is a wild-eyed radical. I work for a large corporation here in Houston. I hate to disillusion you but we give money to every politician in power. Even to Sheila Jackson Lee, a very liberal Congresswoman from the Houston inner city. Face it, both major parties are corrupt and self-serving. Vote for the person and his/her ideas not the symbol. Of course that requires a little independent thinking. Not easy for the hypnotized.

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News Comments > Games & Violence Story
206. One at a time Dec 7, 2001, 20:12 Pagan
Usually this "I'm better than you" gibberish bores me to death but since my girlfriend is making me wait, I thought I'd add to the tedium to take my mind off hunger pangs.

"American Ignorance created the problems in the Middle East. "

Which problems are you referring to? I'll assume it's the trouble caused by our support of the only democracy in the Middle East. When Israel was founded 50-odd years ago, every Arab country in the region launched attacks against it. With the help of our money and arms coupled with their peoples' unperceived toughness and will, Israel spent the next thirty years kicking the Arab nations' collective ass.
This situation arose from conflicts over religion and land.
Would you have us abandon Israel then and/or now? If so, say it rather than making broad vague statements as if they were fact.

"American Ignorance created the problems with Bin Laden (directly)."

I've been hearing this quite a bit. During the Cold War, the US and USSR's main goal was to annoy the hell out of each other. They would move a few missiles into Cuba, we would arm the people of whatever country they decided to invade at that moment. The CIA and US military trained and armed Afghan and non-Afghan 'soldiers' alike. Some of those later became the terrorists we're fighting now. I'll assume that's what you were noting. Again, I think you're mistaken. Those troubles arose when a large group of religious zealots (usually your lot despises such nuts) gave in to their hatred for these reasons:
1) the previously cited support of Israel
2) the presence of US and British troops in Mecca during the Gulf War
3) the lavish and decadent lifestyle of the West - as they see it
I'm sure I'm wrong but in your writings, I perceive some of that envy disguised as hatred for the US as in #3. I certainly hope I'm wrong.

"American Ignorance means you continue to support terrorists the world over."

Again a little specificity would help. If you're talking about private citizens supporting groups like the IRA, of course you're right. I never said we didn't have more than our share of idiots. If you mean the government then please list examples. Don't bother if you can't list anything more recent than the Contras. I'm sorry that you're still upset that the Sandinistas were routed once elections were forced on them but it's time to move on. FYI, your old pal Danny Ortega recently got thumped again in his third attempt at the presidency. Oh well, now I'm keeping her waiting. You know that can't be allowed.

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News Comments > Neverwinter Rights
24. Re: So.... Dec 1, 2001, 10:14 Pagan
"Last I read they sold 33K FO2, 18K PS:T(Best game ever), and IWD only sold 25K"

I don't know if Torment was the best game ever but it definitely had the most intriguing story I've ever 'read' in a computer game. I hope the numbers you cite are low. It'd be great to have more story driven games with plots as well written and imaginative as Torment. Probably not if the sales are that poor.

This comment was edited on Dec 1, 10:15.
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News Comments > Deus Ex Co-op
8. Re: yea Nov 30, 2001, 09:25 Pagan
"woohoo..... go co-op... fun... *yawn*. no really it is awesome. well yippeeeeeee for this, its great "

You ought to try it. It can make a boring SP game fun (Serious Sam) and a great game even more of a challenge (System Shock 2).

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News Comments > Game Reviews
83. Re: Trying to talk sense into CCGR - Part 37 Nov 29, 2001, 23:14 Pagan
"What I disagree with is when games put pentagrams in or upside down crosses. You can get the point youre in hell by red colors, flames, darkness etc, you don't need anti Christian symbols to point out that your in hell. If your in heaven you see clouds, golden gates, harps etc. Do you see crosses everywhere? No!"

I'm no game designer or artist but I believe it's called 'atmosphere'. The developers are attempting to build a world of terror and unease. Symbols can aid in this goal. I don't recall any games or many movies that take place in heaven. The reason is that for a good story you need conflict. There is no conflict in heaven (not since Satan got kicked out anyway)and plenty of it in hell. I don't want to get into a theological discussion with you - I would obviously be outmatched - but I think there wouldn't be crosses in heaven anyway. For this discussion, I'll assume you're Protestant. You believe that the cross is to remind us that Jesus died to absolve us of our earthly sins. There is no need for that reminder in heaven. However, that notion would be scorned and ridiculed in hell, hence the symbols and upside down crosses.

"Another thing is magic, most cases it's harmless cool effects. Some games go more in depth, usuing actual reagents that real magic uses. If you do the research, you will find that I am not kidding. Some games even make you do the whole ceremony, using candles and a pentagram. (ultima 9) See I am not the one pushing religion, these games are pushing occult."

Once again, I'll make an assumption and guess you're talking about RPG's. I never played an Ultima game. The early ones came out before I had an interest in gaming and I heard the later ones were bad and buggy - even the one named Pagan. I have played the Baldur's Gate series and Planescape: Torment. These are AD&D games set in a fantasy land where clerics pray to their paganistic gods (how many times can I sneak my name in one post) in order to learn spells. These prayers are part of the memorization process and are never heard. In fact, the gods are never named. In Baldur's Gate the cleric mumbles something as she's casting. It could mean something or just be total gibberish. Nothing is being pushed and I doubt anyone takes it seriously. I think you need to give kids more credit for the intelligence not to believe this stuff. They know it's fantasy.

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