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News Comments > Elder Scrolls Online Loyalty Rewards
2. Re: Elder Scrolls Online Loyalty Rewards Feb 19, 2015, 23:38 Paranoid Jack
Darks wrote on Feb 19, 2015, 21:20:
So, when we see someone riding this thing in game we can all go, hey look at hay loser who paid over 300 day for a Tiger mount.

I'm not as think as you drunk I am?

I've posted numerous buzzed comments here but you my friend have taken the cake!
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
9. Re: Steam Top 10 Feb 15, 2015, 14:18 Paranoid Jack
BIGtrouble77 wrote on Feb 15, 2015, 13:45:
So how long is this age of "post-apocalyptic zombie survival crafting games" going to last? The Worth a Buy on H1Z1 showed me enough to stay a mile away, at least for now.

Yep, just like nin said. Like the FPS any zombie/apocalyptic/survivor game that has tension and gets your adrenaline going will sell. You and I may not always like that fact but I understand it. I was just playing some H1Z1. I got killed after taking out a shotgun toting survivor his friend came running to the rescue and got a well placed head shot. The game is fun. Better than DayZ the Mod and glad to see DayZ SA drop off the list again. I am hoping to revisit it when/if they drop the price or have a sale on it. Not likely since it has been in beta/early access for years and has not once gone on sale.

Mack is entertaining but his revisit of H1Z1 is a bit off. But like he says he is simply stating his opinion of it being "worth-a-buy" not reviewing it. Just hold off and it will be free to play soon enough. Still feel I have gotten my moneys worth plus some. More than I can say for a few of the recent AAA titles I've purchased at full price.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
10. Re: Steam Top 10 Feb 8, 2015, 13:07 Paranoid Jack
ForgedReality wrote on Feb 8, 2015, 12:33:

Unfortunately Mack is not 100% accurate with some of what he is saying in that revisited worth a buy. A lot of what he is talking about is server side settings. So there are several server types you can play on. By launch I'm thinking there will be ten times more. Don't like the hunger/thirst ratio join a server with it tuned down. He is right the game in PvP is mostly deathmatch.

I like the game so far. Don't care for the airdrop system for all the reasons (plus more) that he goes into. But the game is far beyond DayZ the Mod. I may retry DayZ SA but not at full price ($35).

This comment was edited on Feb 8, 2015, 13:16.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > H1Z1 Beta Patch & Character Wipe
5. Re: H1Z1 Beta Patch & Character Wipe Feb 5, 2015, 21:50 Paranoid Jack
I love Mack's reviews too but IMO he is only around 50/50... going by the games I have played that he has slammed. I still enjoy his rants but most of the games he plays/reviews I wouldn't be interested in. So just like Angry Joe you have to remember he is trying to entertain and gain viewers as much as he is trying to be honest and unbiased.

In small doses H1N1 can be more fun than DayZ the Mod and just as good if not better than most of the survival genre. But just like every other game is being ruined by hackers. Unless you are grouping (which is not easy to do) and/or one of you has a vehicle and survives the hostile encounters it is a nightmare to regroup. For twenty bucks it was worth it to me. If you can wait for the release it will be more than worth it... since it is free.

After somebody here commented on it I took another look at DayZ the Mod. I tried it and was immediately turned off since it has not changed much from what I remembered. So then I looked at DayZ SA and was not willing to purchase it for thirty... today I noticed it has increased to thirty five? For the years it has been in beta I don't remember it once going on sale and now they have increased the price?
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
9. Re: Evening Metaverse Feb 5, 2015, 07:02 Paranoid Jack
jdreyer wrote on Feb 5, 2015, 03:12:
Makes perfect sense for a country that wants total control over its citizens.

Here in the USA we don't have to do that, because the government already knows everything we're doing, and keeps records going back a decade. Thanks NSA!

I think they keep those files indefinitely. There is a site you can input your name along with a few details and it will give you a list of every address you've ever lived at (rental agreement or mortgage) in the USA... plus the other occupants of the address. I'm fifty this year. Last time I checked it still had my records dating back to my parents house. That's three decades back. Only locations not listed were military installations. Those must be kept elsewhere.

Armengar wrote on Feb 5, 2015, 05:29:
most sites want you to use real names. I have never used my real name for ANY website. Even my email address isn't *my* real name but good enough to look like one!

Unless you have your ISP account under somebody else's name or an alias... they don't need your real name. They already have it. And unless you purchased the devices your accessing the Internet with second hand or via cash it/they are linked to your credit card/real name.

So many people think the Internet grants anonymity but it really doesn't. Nothing wrong with reducing your risk but then again unless you're doing something illegal I see no reason to worry.

This comment was edited on Feb 5, 2015, 07:18.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 1, 2015, 23:01 Paranoid Jack
Best game Super Bowl or otherwise I have seen in decades. The last few minutes were priceless.  
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
5. Re: Saturday Legal Briefs Feb 1, 2015, 14:04 Paranoid Jack
At work we use to have a photo of two wire thieves burnt to a chrisp down in Texas by the live wire they were trying to pull from a lite pole. In large cities the theft has to be black market activity because they require the same equipment to pull those large cable runs out of the conduit that was just placed (not yet spliced in) by the local providers. During the housing boom it was happening quite a bit, not so much lately. Fiber will be the next big thing. One has to assume the stolen facilities are being sold/used south of the border.

Our company moved to plastic pedestals just because the homeless and/or tweakers were stealing the metal covers/doors. Now any idiot on his riding mown can take out a pedestal exposing it to the weather and rodents. Don't even get me started on how much easier it is for a drunk to run them down causing no damage to thier vehicles. Plus the farmers, ranchers, and nut harvesters run them down without skipping a beat.

I use to think it was a bad thing now I look at it as job security. I know it's not PC but one of my old sayings is, the three Rs of job security are retards, rodents, and rain.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > The Witcher III Video; Previews
14. Re: The Witcher III Video; Previews Jan 26, 2015, 22:57 Paranoid Jack
Was that a young Ringo Star crawling out from under a wagon after losing his horse to a griffin? I'm in!  
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
27. Re: Steam Top 10 Jan 25, 2015, 21:48 Paranoid Jack
Thanks to the discussion on the H1Z1 thread a few days back I am now revisiting DayZ the Mod and watching some SA videos.... it looks better than I remember it. I hope I can withstand the urge to buy it.

I think for most people the zombies are just part of the back ground. Most play them to experience the survival aspect and it is mainly the threat of other players that make the genre such a thrill.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > DayZ Early Access Sells 3M
18. Re: DayZ Early Access Sells 3M Jan 24, 2015, 21:08 Paranoid Jack
Personally, I think H1Z1 is the better game at this point. Dayz has been in development as a SA since 2012. And is far too buggy for that lengthy a development cycle. I doubt they will ever polish it up or remove that clunky feeling which has plagued the engine since the FlashPoint days on into ArmA 3.

Being in beta for years is just mind blowing on it's own. People enjoying it and buying it is not. I had a good time with it but the game was/is so full of hacks I couldn't fathom buying it now. Not saying H1Z1 doesn't have them. I've had three or four deaths that were questionable.

The way I see it if you are having fun and feel you are getting your money's worth... go for it. I had zero intention of buying H1Z1 until a thread here peaked my interest on a night I was feeling bored. So it is possible I will try DayZ again but I won't buy it again
without a demo or timed trial first. If it's the same game four years later (which is what I hear and see) forget about it.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Dragon Age: Inquisitions Patch to Fix Awkward Silences
24. Re: Dragon Age: Inquisitions Patch to Fix Awkward Silences Jan 20, 2015, 21:32 Paranoid Jack
Have they fixed the stupid AI warping next to the character you jump into while using the tactical camera mode?

I stopped playing the game because of it. Became so frustrating trying to take out higher level mobs. I'd tell my range attackers to stay back while the tanks went in close but as soon as you jumped into the tank everyone warps within ten feet of the dragons foot taking massive damage by every attack.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology
42. Re: H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology Jan 18, 2015, 12:51 Paranoid Jack
I'm this > < close to purchasing just so I can see what all the angst is about. Hell, I purchased ArmA a second time on Steam just to try DayZ. So now after watching a few more videos I'm very close to pulling the trigger. I haven't played a first/third person zombie game in quite a while.

WTF, I'm going in...
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology
40. Re: H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology Jan 18, 2015, 12:11 Paranoid Jack
Thanks again to several of you guys/girls who gave me quite a few Sunday Morning chuckles. Hell, even a couple lols. It's been another long sixty plus hour work week here so just thought I would say thanks.

As far as the original topic goes... with a leaning toward reality... it is a FREE TO PLAY game. The only way these work is with micro transactions and/or advertisements. Simple, right? So Early Access = Not Finished/Still In Development. Free To Play = You Don't Have To Buy It upon release. And we all can agree these things change (back to that early access thingy)? Lastly, the air drops are not mandatory and you will be given them in game on occasion from what I have read/heard. Sounds good to me so far. I don't read that as pay to win... seems a bit of a stretch.

I understand that games are our passion here... the reason we visit this site, well most of us. Yet some tend to need a reason to vent. Understandable. I have far too much interaction with people during my day to day job. Some of you may not have enough. So you come here to release some of the toxins building up inside.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology
19. Re: H1Z1 Airdrop Explanation/Apology Jan 17, 2015, 17:35 Paranoid Jack
Not defending it since I don't have it but... the purchases of air drops are optional. And you will "earn" them in game somehow. Not to mention it is early access... still under development. Just seems to me every one is chomping at the bit as usual.

Thought about the purchase but at this point (from the videos I've seen ) this only looks marginally better than DayZ. Has anyone here (that hasn't got thier panties in a twist over air drops) played both? If so would you be willing to give an honest comparison? Thanks in advance... no offense was intended but since we live in an age were everyone is constantly offended by everything flame on.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Earns $21M; New Content Coming; OS X Beta Status
9. Re: Elite: Dangerous Earns $21M; New Content Coming; OS X Beta Status Jan 10, 2015, 13:05 Paranoid Jack
I don't necessarily regret the purchase. I feel I got my moneys worth. I enjoyed it for about forty hours. Then it became too repetitive. The learning curve is one of the best parts of the game. The exploration can be fun but gets repetitive though it is more of an added bonus/an extra way to make money by selling your cartography info. The combat is great, the best part of the game really. If you're not into it escape is not hard unless you are attacked while scooping cargo or other items that are floating in space. If you like the combat (to dogfight) the game will most likely be your cup of tea. If that is the main reason you are purchasing I highly recommend it.

The other ways of making money (space trucking/smuggling/mining) are fine but become repetitive very quickly. Your mileage may vary depending on the length of your play sessions I would imagine. I found myself playing through the night on several occasions and/or staying awake into the early morning hours when I had to be up at 5:30 AM for work the next morning. Any game that can make me miss out on sleep is good, no doubt.

At some point I just felt no compelling reason to keep playing after trying all the different careers and/or while buying several ships with their upgrades. Unless you are going to be a pirate or bounty hunter the game gets very repetitive early on. After trying the combat and hauling cargo around I tried mining. That was the last I played of it. Other than trying to catch the ore floating in space the process was beyond boring. Worst part? Finding a giant asteroid with the metal(s) you are mining then finding out there isn't even enough ore there for one unit of sale.

One of their main goals (and I read someplace it is on their list) should be making the storyline more prevalent. If you spend enough time reading the news posts/bulletins at the different ports/stations you can piece it together and enjoy it for what it is. But if you're mainly in the game for the action you won't even realize there's a storyline and a struggle for control.

I am looking forward to their FPS add-on and being able to land on planets. I will definitely be back to see how that pans out. But at this point in time I am so very happy I didn't buy a new HOTAS and the Oculus Rift to play this. If I was still into flight SIMS I would already have them, sadly I am not. I know some of you will argue the game is ten times more immersive with the proper peripherals, I won't even try to fight it. I plan on getting them in the future and possibly changing my tune. At this point I was playing with K/M and a XBone controller (no I didn't buy the XBone just a single controller), which I found to be more than adequate and completely enjoyable. So watch a few videos and if you think it may scratch that itch buy it. Odds are you won't regret it.
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Elite Dangerous Issues
6. Re: Elite Dangerous Issues Jan 2, 2015, 20:39 Paranoid Jack
I agree it's a fun game for a short time. Not long into it the game was starting to feel like a huge but shallow sandbox/MMO. You do the same missions over and over to raise funds to upgrade your ship and it's components. After spending a few hundred thousand and trying four different ships I got bored. I asked myself why I was even playing? So I put it on the shelf. Hope they add a bit more depth to it. Not that there wasn't a learning curve for a new player. If not for that I would have shelved it in half the time.  
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Lord British's First Game Free on
12. Re: Lord British's First Game Free on Dec 24, 2014, 19:47 Paranoid Jack
dangerman77 wrote on Dec 24, 2014, 15:07:
LanikTnt wrote on Dec 24, 2014, 14:53:
Timmeh wrote on Dec 24, 2014, 14:13:
If even one of you idiotic garbage spewing bluewsnews big mouthed no account trolls says even one negative thing about this game or this man, who has done more with his little finger than all of you tripes ever will in your whole life...

I am going to call Satanaclaus down on your sorry asses to deal digital justice.

What he said.

Yah, this thing up here be true.

Have any of you played his last three or four games? Seriously? I give credit where it is due. Even an old fat rockstar can't pull down the groupies with an album from last decade. Ok, maybe... but just the bottom of the barrel groupies are still hanging in there? LoL He's made some good games but nothing of late and I am part of the SoA Kickstarter and I must say I am not impressed. Oh, and Merry Christmas!
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Lord British's First Game Free on
2. Re: Lord British's First Game Free on Dec 24, 2014, 12:08 Paranoid Jack
Amazing considering he was only a teenager. Which reminds me I need to try the latest earlier access release of SoA. Not a lot of hope there at the moment. What we need is a Christmas Miracle.  
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
7. Re: Morning Safety Dance Dec 22, 2014, 12:08 Paranoid Jack
Only one party... the ruling party.  
Avatar 11537
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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: Game Reviews Dec 15, 2014, 00:44 Paranoid Jack
I felt the same way during the alpha/beta. Someone's response was it's not a combat game or something to that effect. I thought, WTF? A turn based game has to have engaging combat or it will quickly become overly boring. Even if their focus was on other portions of the gameplay the combat still has to be worth the tedium that becomes TB.

I've been afraid to boot it because I feared the combat had not be amped up or expanded upon. I don't think it was asking too much to have a couple more layers of depth/a few more choices besides use weapon 1/use weapon 2 or run. So what is left? Pray for a modder to fix it?
Avatar 11537
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