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News Comments > Painkiller Patch
27. Re: No subject Apr 15, 2004, 03:58 wipeout
Bloody hell, you're deluded. Both of the warped examples you've used involve someone potentially killing other people in a public space, and you're comparing them to what goes on in a home PC's software environment.

A more apt analogy would be if TV broadcasters mandated that you disconnect all other eletrical devices in your house, along with your VCR and DVD player if you wanted to watch a television show, because other eletrical devices' interference, if expertly tweaked, could alter the images you see on your screen, or the VCR/DVD could record bits of the show.

Step away from the PC and experience a normal person's life for a while to get some perspective back.

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News Comments > Black Isle, Fallout 3 Dead
74. From a gamer: heartfelt thanks to BIS Dec 9, 2003, 09:08 wipeout
I have been playing games for most of my life, starting in the mid-to-late eighties and am still a keen gamer now.

While I have played numerous memorable games on various platforms, I must thank the team at Black Isle Studios for producing what in my opinion is simply the best game of all time: PlaneScape: Torment.

Your dedication to the art of crafting amazing computer role-playing games went above and beyond the call of duty. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience your masterpiece.

It's a sad day to see BIS close, but I hope that the talented individuals that comprised this team will move on to accomplish grander and greater deeds. If you decide to change the directions of your lives, please do so knowing your dedication and ingenuity has produced something so wondrous that at least one man would be happy to shout you beers all night were our paths to cross.

A heartfelt thanks like no other in my time gaming goes to you all.

(wow. that was rather sentimental, but that just goes to show how PS:T transcended the medium.)

This comment was edited on Dec 9, 09:10.
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo
177. Re: OMG! Nov 23, 2003, 01:23 wipeout
"Those thousands of people playing UT, UT2003, and Quake3 as I type this must just be insane then."

They are playing multiplayer games. DX:IW is a single-player game.

There's a world of difference right there.

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News Comments > Gold - NWN: Hordes of the Underdark
27. No subject Nov 18, 2003, 16:13 wipeout
NWN's original single-player campaign may not have been very inspired, but Morrowind's was an undead puppet in comparison, as far as being lively. It was Fed-Ex training VR software for a medieval world full of cardboard cut-out automata.

From my perspective, the original NWN may have been mediocre in single-player, but the whole point was to provide an extensible multiplayer framework -- and the community has gone to town over it. The persistent worlds online are amazing, and there are user-created modules of such high quality that it's worth buying this game just for those.

HotU will build on that, improving it in many ways by providing players, DMs and creators many new possibilities.

There has been no other game like this. It's like a mix of the best aspects of CRPGs with elements of MMORPGs.

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News Comments > Gold - NWN: Hordes of the Underdark
10. Re: meh Nov 18, 2003, 01:08 wipeout
DX:IW, KOTOR, and HotU all in one month!!! sweet.

The HotU expansion will improve the multiplayer experience by facilitating scripting and HAK paks, as well as fixing the buggy DM client. Epic levels could be interesting, too.

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News Comments > Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
36. Re: No subject Oct 29, 2003, 08:37 wipeout
is laied really that easy that all the dorks should all go and hit on her?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
118. Needs "Retro Colors" option Oct 25, 2003, 21:44 wipeout
This new page badly needs the "Retro Colors" option. I find reading white text on a bright blue background a pain in the ... head.

Aside from that, the page format as it is now doesn't bother me (for the record, I'm browsing @1600x1200).

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News Comments > On DOOM 3 Framerates
3. Why 60, when flicker-free is ~72Hz? Oct 22, 2003, 18:34 wipeout
Why has is been set to 60, and not something closer to the limit of human vision?

(there used to be a better article on pentarsys.somethingorother, but I can't find it any more)

I can clearly distinguish between 60Hz and 75Hz --practically anyone can do that. Heck, I can distinguish between 75 and 85.

I though DOOM3 was meant to be the new technology king? Why would Carmack effectively limit his uber-engine like this?

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News Comments > Halo PC & Patch Released
5. who gives a damn? Sep 30, 2003, 18:21 wipeout
What with the potential for mods and multiplayer, the game could have been a huge success if it had been released on PC two years ago. Now it will be competing against Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex: Invisible War. Unless the other two flop, it's got a snowball's chance in hell.

Unless something big changes (eg. a CS-killer mod comes out for Halo), I won't be buying it.

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News Comments > 3rd Party Half-Life Security Patch
4. Re: Blah Valve Jul 31, 2003, 18:52 wipeout
I think you folks are missing the point. A buffer overflow security vulnerability is a fair bit more important than some kind of bug that allows players to cheat. A buffer overflow can be exploited by hackers to compromise the security of the system that HL (client or server) is running on.

ie. they're referring to a bug that can let hackers run whatever code they want on a server running HL server.

Server admins concerned with the security of their systems will not run software with known unpatched vulnerabilities.

All it takes is for someone to post an exploit for one of these vulnerabilities on a full disclosure public mailing list, and suddenly every script kiddie in the world starts rooting HL servers all over the place.

Imagine seeing half the HL servers on the net disappear overnight. That's the potential impact of this kind of problem.

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News Comments > Galactic Civilizations Patch
8. Re: Awesome support! Jun 25, 2003, 18:11 wipeout
Bronco, the thing to remember is that just like many 4X games, the objective is to focus on expanding your civilization as much as possible right from the start. It's the quantity of planets that you have that allows you to keep up with the enemy, not the quality of a few.

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News Comments > Tech Bits
4. Re: Something smells funny... Mar 13, 2003, 05:32 wipeout
Watching out for the political spin is laudable, but Internet2 has been going for much longer than the current US Jihad on terrorism. They're out to fix all the major issues with IPv4 and the associated protocol suites.

Things like:
* preventing the eventual exhaustion of the address space
* redesigning the mail protocols to prevent abuse
* redesigning protocols to enhance security
* redesigning routing and network design to cater for high-bandwidth applications, whilst minimising latency

and many more.

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