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Re: Just a Flower , get over it.
Nov 6, 2001, 16:31
Re: Just a Flower , get over it. Nov 6, 2001, 16:31
Nov 6, 2001, 16:31
The whole pot thing is just a subjective one. Some people it gives an edge, while for others it is required for normal function and the rest of us tend to fall asleep. A buddy of mine is hyperactive and dope is the only thing that balances him out!

Re: This War
Sep 18, 2001, 17:46
Re: This War Sep 18, 2001, 17:46
Sep 18, 2001, 17:46
Our humanity will progress with or without the acceptance of religion or God into our lives.

We can't let this be about religion. The enemy will win if we let this theme go in that direction. The theme of the war is about sensless and brutal attacks -- and justice.

The fundamentalists would love us to take an anti-religious stance, because it fuels their fire. Saying people will survive without God only proves we are heathens meant to be purged from the Earth. Remember these fundamentalists are attacking our morals and our integrity. We must fight them with integrity and high morals.

Chalk it up to world-wide growing pains, and as a world we are facing severe growing pains now that select people from the middle east have successfully attacked two prime targets in the west.

We must retaliate. The questions remain -- who, what, where, how and when?

The interesting part of this mess, to me, is that paranoia could have prevented the attack. If we were a little more skeptical of everyone, we might design a plane or better yet, a means of mass transit that does not involve sitting conscious while you travel. Maybe a "people-cargo" plane needs to be invented that uses a form of knockout gas to render people unconscious before they fly. Or maybe a cryo-tube type aparatus. Surely we would recover the cost on efficiency, since you could stack passengers and fill a plane right up!

I think it's down the road, and the same kind of technology would be required for deep space travel. I think we need to find a way to also use virtual offices more, to spread out our population so it isn't such a lush target for terrorism.

Just a few thoughts, really.


Re: First post
Sep 18, 2001, 17:32
Re: First post Sep 18, 2001, 17:32
Sep 18, 2001, 17:32
Clearly your grasp of the English language is lacking.

3 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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