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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo
61. I'm sold Aug 30, 2003, 00:05 Psycho Suicider
Having buddies around you all the time makes this almost seem like the Omaha beach map in MH:AA, only it's always like this.

The demo impressed me bigtime. I love aiming down the real sites of the gun... adds a certain realism factor. More games should do this.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Today - No Exclusive
71. Clearing something up Aug 29, 2003, 04:06 Psycho Suicider
And just so people understand, I've had a Fileplanet subscription for over 2 years. And I bought it for the ability to download lots of different kinds of game releated files, not all of these exclusive betas and demos. So nyah.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Today - No Exclusive
70. Rock Climber makes some good points Aug 29, 2003, 04:03 Psycho Suicider
It's kind of like Direct TV being the only entertainment supplier to have the NFL Sunday Ticket. I get the NFL Sunday Ticket almost every year. If Direct TV didn't have it, I might use cable. But it doesn't mean that DTV is "cheating" to get customers. They're using leverage where they can to get business. This is a very common practice in a capitalist economy. You know, the one we live in.

This has been nothing but a lose/lose situation for Gamespy. They work hard to strike a deal with Activision, and people hate them for it. Then, when they get stripped of their deal, people hate them even more. It doesn't make any sense.

If you want to look at who's accountable for upsetting you, look no further than Activision. They're the ones who made the decision to make the demo exclusive to one site, not Gamespy. Gamespy was trying to make a buck, but Activision was making the decision, not Gamespy. Keep that in mind.

There's a very common term people use: you pay for what you get. I pay for a Fileplane subscription, and I get a lot of benifits because of that. You guys pay for nothing, and you get no benifits. To me, that makes sense. I'm supplying something in return, you all want it for free.

I applaud your use of free speech. That's great. But, before you open your mouth, try to think about what you're trying to gain: a free ride. And a free ride has never done anyone any good.

At the same time, Acitvision should have used their own business smarts and released the demo to the public in the first place.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Open Letter
353. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2003, 02:12 Psycho Suicider
Those sites aren't communist.

Activision made a good decision.

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News Comments > Call of Duty Demo Today - No Exclusive
5. Re: Wow! Aug 29, 2003, 02:11 Psycho Suicider
Activision just won some fan points.

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News Comments > English XIII Demo
70. Re: w00t Aug 8, 2003, 00:52 Psycho Suicider
Dantastic, 128mb of ram is crap. Get more memory. I couldn't live without atleast 512mb of ram.

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News Comments > English XIII Demo
69. bugs Aug 8, 2003, 00:50 Psycho Suicider
No sound
No in-game save
The first lvl stops after the girl tries to give me something
Lots of UI bugs
Overall a very crappy product. Could be good if the bugs go away =)

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News Comments > Half-Life 2/ATI Bundle?
43. Sleeping with the enemy Aug 3, 2003, 16:13 Psycho Suicider
I TOLD you guys ATI and Valve were in bed together.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Hardware Requirements
114. Re: Q1 Jul 20, 2003, 02:17 Psycho Suicider
Rgr that DG.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Hardware Requirements
106. DOOM3 is what it is Jul 19, 2003, 15:23 Psycho Suicider
DOOM3 is the most advanced game id has ever released when compared to what everyone else is doing. But I'm not complaining about it. The truth is, PC hardware is running downhill with no breaks; it's never going to stop. It takes real guts and innovation to set the standard for graphics in an industry that has gotten a little complacent.

Most games now look the same. I run them all at 1024x768x32... they all look neat. DOOM3 is going to be the first game to actually stress out my machine, along with everyone else's, in a long time. If DOOM3 wasn't comming out, I'd still be using my 1700+ w/ 512MB pc2400 and laughing at everyone who bought a 9800.

DOOM3 and Half-Life2 are single-handedly driving hardware sales right now. Offices don't need new hardware. 450MHz Pentium II's run Microsoft Word just fine. The only thing that means anything for hardware developers right now is security and games. That's it.

Look at all the big names that attend LAN parties now. ATI, NVidia, AMD, Intel, 3com, Linksys, Logitech, Microsoft, Cisco... CISCO! The times are changing. Enterprises are no longer the driving force of hardware speed. It's all about the games. If you look at the last beig expo TomsHardware went to, you'll see that most of the coverage was comouter case mods, water cooling systems, and hot looking hardware in lots of different colors. It's all geared toward the gaming enthusiast.

JC is saying that, if you're building a DOOM3 machine on a budget, don't replace your TNT2 with an MX card because it's junk. Get a GF3 or a Ti4200. DOOM3 will run on a GF1 or a GF4MX, but remember that these are the MINIMUM system reqs, not what they reccomend.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Hardware Requirements
99. Re: Q1 Jul 19, 2003, 02:32 Psycho Suicider
Can't blame JC for giving ATI the cold shoulder after what they did, though.

I think the ATI benchmarks are too low in DOOM 3 also, especially since the 9800 beats out the 5900 in almost every other benchmark. Also, ATI has typically been faster than NVidia when it comes to playing id games, so that's another fishy issue.

I'm basically saying that debating about something you don't really know anything about is pointless. That's my point. I'm not saying you CAN'T debate, I'm just saying it's a stupid debate because no one here has played DOOM 3 (for real) or Half-Life 2. There have been a TON of sweet looking games that turned out to be junk, and a lot of crappy looking games that ended up being great. That's all I'm saying.

I don't think there's a company on the planet as good at making optimizations as id is. You'll be surprised how fast it'll run on lower-end machines. Also, Valve has a terrible history when it comes to optimizations. CS and Half-Life run poorly on a lot of machins that SHOULD run it just fine. I've seen machines run Quake 3 at faster FPS than CS. If you ask me, that's retarded.

I trust id's minimum system reqs over Valves.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Q&A
61. No doubt Jun 27, 2003, 00:41 Psycho Suicider
There's no doubt Q3A runs faster than the UT2003 engine. UT2003 engine looks better, but not good enough to be considered jaw dropping when compared to the Q3A engine. But, both are about to be obsolete anyway, so who cares?

id software always manages to get good performance while pushing the envelope. That is why I expect DOOM3 to run better with full detail on than Half-Life 2. I could be wrong about this though (duh). DOOM3's lighting engine may suck video cards dry. I'd personally like Valve to release some benchmarks so we could see what to expect based on the computer we have... I'd especially like to see this if I had the minimum system reqs; 800MHz with a TnT2.

One thing HL2 will deffinately have over DOOM3 is their performance on slower machines. I suspect one of the reasons HL is such a huge multiplayer game is because it's low system reqs allow it to run on almost everyone's machine. I know several people who play CS that can't run W:ET or BF1942 without making several tweaks. So I suspect HL2 will dominate the multiplayer market. (Of course, another reason for this is that DOOM3 isn't going to have jack for multiplayer. But I'm looking forward to some 1 on 1 matches with it. DOOM deathmatch was always great because there were a lot of original hiding places, especially dark ones. I look forward to that style of deathmatch again). I'm sure Valve wants CS2 (Valve can't pretend this isn't in development) to be accesible to most fans of the original.

Tribes 3 (or whatever it is) better get cleaner. One problem I had with Tribes 2 was that it was overly complicated for no reason. You spawn in a crumby place, so you have to jog over 50 mountains to find a base so you can buy a decent gun. Then, you have to watch out for AI (turrets) while you attack.

BF1942 takes on more strategy than Tribes 2 with less complexity. It has resources (vehicle spawns) and player classes. Also, the vehicles drive much better.

Another thing Tribes 3 has going against it is bugs. The bugs in Tribes 2 were a joke. I've never seen a game patch itself to death before that one. Terrible product management and QA. It had a crumby interface, hard-to-navigate menus, the control wasn't as smooth as other FPS', and the vehicle controls were not intuitive.

Plus, the weapons sucked. I mean, who the hell wants a gun that shoots a spinning disk? In trying to be original, Tribes went with something stupid. Yes, we know every game has the Rocket Launcher, shotgun and sniper gun, but they do because those guns are the most fun. Spinning disks? Please.

On that note, I'd like to slap UT2K3 for not allowing rocket jumping. Yes, you can jump while you're in mid-air (which is retarded), but the high-flying acrobatics of Q2 and Q3A are non-existent. People used to be rewarded to mastering cool tricks, but in UT2K3 they're too accesible. This is the only thing that's kept me from buying UT2K3.

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News Comments > Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Released
86. Re: No subject May 31, 2003, 20:40 Psycho Suicider
I've noticed that a lot of people on FF on servers are still figuring the game out. They'll walk up to planted dynamite and stare at it, or they'll run into a friendly airstrike. I was the top-ranked guy on a server lastnight, and I had a heavy machine gun guarding a pathway that allies were comming through. Through the pathway comes 3 allies, which I gun down, and then 1 axis guy was following him. Without even thinking, I killed him because I figured he was the enemy. Well, he started a vote_kick and I got booted. How stupid is that?

People will start to figure it out though. It just pissed me off. When FF is on, shit happens. I'm just glad there aren't any serious TKers out there (not that I've seen anyway).

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News Comments > Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Released
83. Re: No subject May 31, 2003, 07:09 Psycho Suicider
"Am I the only person that thinks the HUD sucks and its just Q3A with goal's and teams?"

Yes. Go play Counter-Strike.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
313. Re: Ugh. May 18, 2003, 22:57 Psycho Suicider
I thought you stopped at 287

I agree that HL2 will be better. But it's not going to take anything away froom DOOM 3 =)

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News Comments > Carmack on DOOM 3
112. Re: Save games May 18, 2003, 19:03 Psycho Suicider
Please Smell. Way less than half.

Keep in mind, they showed one little glimpse of hell. That is the first glimpse anyone has ever seen of it. They haven't showed us half the game, or half of its contents.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
259. Re: Ugh. May 16, 2003, 23:14 Psycho Suicider
id hasn't given a single example of how it will be detailed or involved. Everything so far just points to the Unreal 2-style shallow "run and gun" pure action sytle.
Which is what my point is.

I think that id is keeping most of that stuff under wraps.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
258. Re: Hehe May 16, 2003, 23:13 Psycho Suicider
The genre called "Survival Horror". If Doom 3 is going to be slow and scary like you guys have been putting on, that's the sub-genre it's going to fit into.

Spare me. The genre is First Person Shooter. It may be slow and scary, but it's not a "Survival Horror" game.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
58. Re: . May 15, 2003, 05:38 Psycho Suicider
I think that if the Quake 3 net code would work well with D3, they'd probably include it with the product.

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News Comments > DOOM III Trailer
56. Re: Both games May 15, 2003, 05:08 Psycho Suicider
Oh, and speaking of "shitty animations," most of the animation in DOOM 3 is motion captured. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't get better than that. It's the industry standard.

Looks like bad animation comments stem from personal bias rather than true oppinion to me. Interesting.

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