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Re: Followup
Jun 13, 2003, 16:48
Re: Followup Jun 13, 2003, 16:48
Jun 13, 2003, 16:48
plz stop torturing us. I WANT HOMEWORLD2 NOW!!!!!!! max in july but MAX!

and yah, they had me since the annoucement. same was with cataclysm. and as for original homeworld, i never even heard about it back then. one day i downloaded a game and that turned out to be my beloved homeworld. i finished it several times, then went and bought to play online

No subject
May 15, 2003, 00:24
No subject May 15, 2003, 00:24
May 15, 2003, 00:24
f*ck doom3, there is nothing good about it but engine for teh future kick ass games.

HALF-LIFE2! man, that looks so freaking sweet. lets hope i get a job by then or i will have to download it

No subject
May 8, 2003, 22:13
No subject May 8, 2003, 22:13
May 8, 2003, 22:13
WOWOWOWOW can't wait!!!.
doom3? tried, sucks, nothing there but good engine.

now HL2 will defeinitly be something gameplay wise.

hey Homeworld 2 yay!!!!

May 7, 2003, 18:20
help May 7, 2003, 18:20
May 7, 2003, 18:20
its all nice...but when i click download in either of file planet mirrors, it opens a blank window (which should be waiting window). anyone know what the problem is?


Sep 12, 2001, 04:00
#349 Sep 12, 2001, 04:00
Sep 12, 2001, 04:00
unfortunatly that's the only way usa can deal with the current problem coz they are just so unimaginable to come up with some other than kill for kill

#323 con-d
Sep 12, 2001, 03:57
#323 con-d Sep 12, 2001, 03:57
Sep 12, 2001, 03:57
just the responses i expected.
1) the msg wasn't intended to have any plot or a point.
do you know what 2 cents mean? it means a break opinion or a responce that doesn't go deep. grammar? haha like i came here to write an assay...
2) as strange as it might sound for you now but i was always for piece but world can't be in harmony anyway. it's our nature (yah the human nature). oh yah you are all so saint then why the f... world never had piece? we are all involved in seemless roles for all the crap that's going on everyday. every one of our individual action counts and then it erroses to bigger entity...
3)well in 2-3 years i will most likely do the gfx for some next star wars clone shit movie that you americans will watch coz no other coutry would wanan see some meaninless move of it's kind. yah good gfx, anything else...? matrix...if you are still thinking it's a good movie with super story then you need to wake up. and for whom these movies intended to? for which audience? yap you guessed it right...
4) each person got his/her own POV and there is no right or wrong and who are you to deside what's right and wrong?...
5) there is nothing left to discuss, all we can do is just quietly watch what happens next.
6) i bet no one of you would go donate blood, "uhh nah why bother, there are already other countries suppling blood, they will get enough anyway and i better sit here and watch it all unveal on my lil screen."
7) atleast 1/4 of you posted your condolences here not coz you reall care for those ppl but just to feel good of yourselfs and stick together with what presumed to be right, or wrong?
8) i don't wanna discuss this anymore with bunch of slime bags who can just flame each and every person on boards every day without doing anything really valuable to the world. btw i may also be counted here.
9) heck i got out of russia with parents not coz "WE WERE NOT NEEDED OR WHATEVER" but coz it sucks there right now, and to let you know my father was a very respected figure working in (mobil,shell,mitsubisi,maraphone,mcdermont) consorcioum in eastern russia.
go figure you bunch of ppl who might not even know where israil is on the map and talk so loud about it. hah that was my point is example of sneaking your noses at things that you don't know or that shouldn't be of your business. go to school first and learn your OWN NATIVE english first before judging some stupid brief msg of a foraigner who's english can't be perfect anyway.
and i didn't say i wasn't sorry for all those ppl, it jsut glad it happened but not glad that it happened in a way that could be just applied to military and government importance installations

USA got what it asked for
Sep 12, 2001, 00:17
USA got what it asked for Sep 12, 2001, 00:17
Sep 12, 2001, 00:17
USA got what it asked for a long time. first world war 2, then vietnam then help in afganistan then conspiratual help in chechnia then yugoslavia oh and and ongoing affairs with izrail....
you see...i'm russian, i immmigrated to canada 4 years ago, why? coz it's of course better to live here and shit. i don't really give a fuck who's best who's worst or what the fuck happens in russia. i just let all the fuck in the world cut eachother throats. what if it would happen in my city? who knows... BUT USA asked for it. just go to earope and ask ppl if they like USA. btw oh europe is very civilized so don't you fuckers say anything about europe, for instance take your crappy USA education and compare to the one in europe and then also look at who's working in your silicon vally. k so what ppl will say? know the answer, even same here in canada, i talked in my college with all ppl i know which include foreigners like me, canadians and USA citizens. practically 90% were happy this event happened.
"the world police" thing doesn't do much good except making ppl hate USA even more. the politics of USA should change now to "if it's not your problem, don't you fucking sneak your nose there" and if USA will not change it's attitude towards the world then expect more to come and i will be more then happy to see it on my screen.
this was the worning from whoever and if that worning wouldn't happen now it would happen soon anyway probably masterminded for someone else OR perhaps a country?..
anyway i'm sorry for the people who died but that's life, it's nature of things, where ever is new idea, new action there is always sacrifice and consiquences.
probably the sadest thing is that they didn't get the whitehouse will george "THE FUCK" in it. just analize his actions or the actions of this lets say puppet coz he's probably doesn't even have the full controll and being monipulated but higher organization...who knows...some xfiles for you.
yes it's sad but sooner or later it would happen anyway and not because of some poor muslams that are indeed kind of mean but because people don't want any autocracy just coz some shitty country being away from the mainland in early years staying in shaddows mannaged to get rich...
just look at your reactions guys...nuke really said enough about your USA intelligence and your logical USA type thinking. i can see why Bush was elected oh yah...
anyway as long as you have this super over exagurated democratic government things will just get worse and i'm willing to see it even if it will touch me in a way but enough is enough. And not "enough is enough" for some poor afganistan that was pressed by both USA and Russian powers back in time but for USA that tries to be the center of the world and the more it does it the more world hates it, not coz of jealusy but coz of people who choose and approve their government.
my 2 cents and this pathetic discussion. there is nothing you can do, go play games and shit while you can, while some dumb fuck like you ppl didn't yet press the hot button.

7 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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