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Signed On Aug 29, 2001, 21:58
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News Comments > Planetary Annihilation's $90 Alpha
28. Re: Planetary Annihilation's $90 Alpha Jun 15, 2013, 01:30 JoeBlack
There is if you're still looking to support Uber Entertainment but missed the Kickstarter window. I suppose if people were selfish enough to only look at it as what they intend to do with their $90 and the immediate returns, then yes, some would be paying for an Alpha stage game.

Many people are still missing the point of 'They don't want to undercut their initial supporters. Those being the Kickstarters.' If they do that, another subset of the gaming community will bitch and moan and they'd rather keep their already established base happy rather than piss them off. Y'know.. doing what's right.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Dev Blog
8. Re: MechWarrior Online Dev Blog Feb 8, 2012, 00:58 JoeBlack
Mechwarrior 3, Mektek FanArt  
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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta "Imminent"
2. Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Nov 19, 2011, 17:38 JoeBlack
According to Valve's twitter, it's November 30th??  
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News Comments > Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated]
18. Re: Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated] Mar 14, 2011, 19:59 JoeBlack
What's REALLY fucked up about this (it happened to me a few years ago), is that you don't even have to have access to the account to get it banned. All you need is the SteamID and a partial list of games and if you put it up on EBay, Valve/Steam automatically disables that account.

I initially thought my brothers "friend" stole my account while I was away from home. I filed a police report (I initially thought my account was hacked) who then talked to the friend and got his statement where it came out that he didn't steal it but that he put it on Ebay to see how much it would go for (I have a sub 0:0:5000 steamid). I contacted Steam support who told me that it was disabled due to violation of the TOS because it was listed on Ebay. I called the Police back, got a copy of the police report and case # and forwarded it to SteamSupport and Gabe Newell. Fortunately for me, the police would only validate the report if it was $300 or more of value (I was at around $350). No charge to the "friend" of my brother's but I was able to get my account back.

However, I was told by Valve if the SteamID is ever put back on Ebay that my account would be permenantly disabled.

How fucked up is that, that you can get your account disabled without people even having access to it?

This comment was edited on Mar 14, 2011, 20:04.
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News Comments > Swarm Announced
2. Re: Swarm Announced Sep 4, 2010, 02:49 JoeBlack
They could have named it Lemmings  
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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
26. Re: MechWarrior License Jun 15, 2010, 02:03 JoeBlack
Glad I don't write for Wikipedia nor was I aware I was writing a paper for an English class. I imagined that you would have looked it up yourself as I felt maybe I was dealing with an intelligence higher than my own. Since the information was freely available with a very minor google search and that I thought you would prefer to be armed to the teeth with truth rather than it being fed to you.

Anger? No. Annoyed that people won't seek very accessible information themselves to verify what they hold to be true? Yes.

You sir, are the scholar! *bow*

And just for future reference, I don't hold any grudges against you nor do I believe you are an idiot. I just hate misinformation and the lack of trying.

This comment was edited on Jun 15, 2010, 02:24.
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News Comments > Crysis and Crysis Warhead Sale
11. Re: Crysis and Crysis Warhead Sale Jun 15, 2010, 01:58 JoeBlack
Yes it does  
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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
21. Re: New MechWarrior: Living Legends Jun 14, 2010, 12:23 JoeBlack
KilrathiAce wrote on Jun 14, 2010, 07:55:
I am still exploring this new patch but for the most part I am impressed, I hope the hotfix will fix some of the server crashing and possibly the sound that indicates u hit a target, it was nearly totally removed(lowered volume) from previous patch and usually you cannot hear it.

That was somewhat intentional, though we'll have it fixed for the next (should be quite a bit faster than 0.2 to 0.3 release) patch. The thinking was that it didn't need to be heard except for people who play from long range but that assumption was wrong and people have let us know since.
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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
20. Re: MechWarrior License Jun 14, 2010, 11:52 JoeBlack
You don't have to take my word, you can look that shit up yourself by Googling and browsing the Trademark and Copyright websites as well as Microsofts own websites.

What can't take the time to do that? Well alright then, to stop this stupid misconception and disinformation, I will do my duty to educate you and the miniscule others who will read this comment subthread!

That's how I found out in the beginning and then further clarified through my own emails and personal contacts (thanks to living 25 minutes from parties involved).

You can start here:

Failing that and if you still think you're right based on the misinformation you believe to be true, you can head here:

Then if you're up to it, you can look up Battletech, MechWarrior, Crimson Skies and Shadowrun at the USPTO. I doubt you will because the last link will probably be sufficient enough for you to validate my claims and you'd much rather believe something on the internet than empowering yourself to look it up and find out:

Barring that and I'm actually wrong about you and you still need further proof, how about from the horses mouth?: (Read the wording carefully, acquiring is not the same as owning and they state they are licensing)

Other than that, sorry man, but you'll have to do your own digging.
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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
16. Re: MechWarrior License Jun 13, 2010, 16:22 JoeBlack
Also, in regards to our mod; It did start on BF2142 for messing around by the two MWLL brothers who lead MWLL (who now work at Crytek). However everything was 100% rebuilt or made new in Crysis. The progression goes like this:

BF2142 - Early 2006 - Mostly messing around by Criminal and Kamikaze
Quake Wars - Late 2006-2007 - Serious inquiries and preliminary work but fell through due to failure of iD/Splash Damage to provide any sort of SDK that we could use.
Crysis - Late 2007 - After we saw the announcement and Sandbox features in FarCry and the announcement of Crysis from the same developer, we decided to make it for Crysis. After we did the swap Crytek approached us about being in their pre-SDK program.

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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
15. MechWarrior License Jun 13, 2010, 16:03 JoeBlack
kxmode, you are incorrect. Smith and Tinker have a COMMERCIAL LICENSE from Microsoft to utilize the property. Microsoft still holds all IP, Copyright and Trademarks to the electronic versions of Battletech and Mechwarrior. This also holds true for previous FASA properties of Crimson Skies and Shadowrun. You can check the government trademark websites and Microsofts own website.

This is confirmed by Smith and Tinker, Microsoft and the Copyright and Trademarks offices if you call them or email them. They only have license to use the properties, they do now OWN them (There was a lot of confusion in when this happened early on). We were assured by Microsoft that we could continue and this should not have an effect unless Smith and Tinker were to complain and Microsoft would have to agree.

Mektek, a collaborator with Smith and Tinker and Microsoft for Mechwarrior 4 free release also confirms this.

This comment was edited on Jun 13, 2010, 16:17.
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News Comments > MechWarrior 4 Workarounds
17. Re: MechWarrior 4 Workarounds May 3, 2010, 09:25 JoeBlack
It adds a bunch of new mechs that Mektek has modeled, textured and outfitted. MANY gameplay changes such as Line of Sight Radar and new weapons and weapon rebalances..  
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News Comments > Battlestations Developer Closed
2. Re: Battlestations Developer Closed Apr 20, 2010, 02:07 JoeBlack
Noooooo! That means Mithis is gone... well.. maybe they can reform as Mithis again and continue with that Nexus 2 engine or return to Imperium Galactica..  
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News Comments > Free CryENGINE Plans
7. Re: Free CryENGINE Plans Apr 12, 2010, 22:06 JoeBlack
This is great freaking news for the MWLL team!  
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News Comments > ARMA II in NA Next Month
25. Re: ARMA II in NA Next Month Jun 22, 2009, 16:28 JoeBlack
Did BIS kill your dog, rape your daughter and sell your mother to slavery or something Jim?  
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News Comments > ARMA II Patch
27. Re: ARMA II Patch Jun 21, 2009, 03:27 JoeBlack
Did you ask for a refund from the retailer you bought it from? Did they offer a refund for games that are opened and used? If not, it's your own fault for not waiting on reading reviews or trying the demo that was released (fileplanet, shacknews, filefront all have Arma combat operations demo that followed shortly after the US release). The game wasn't abandoned. If it was abandoned, they would have taken their money after the first two patches and left. It's at a state that a large majority of their user base can play it and have fun. If they abandoned it, they wouldn't continue supporting it with direct help on their forums either.

I also did not infer that ArmA1 does not matter, in fact I did the opposite if you look at it objectively. From my experiences with developers and publisher blokes, BIS had to release something soon to continue developing. Financially they needed a steady flow to continue improving the engine for Militaries and their intended game. This was not a bad mistake as people had been clamoring for an update to OFP. Why do you think ArmA2 was announced less than a year after ArmA1?

How many companies patch games 3 years later? Which companies are you setting the bar to compare BIS against? Have those companies created a 200km open world MILITARY sandbox with missions that you can edit in realtime and provide a lot of modification ability to extend it's life? You say it has problems, which specific problems did they introduce in the latest patch that broke more than they fixed for you?

1.08 wasn't the most stable, but it made playing tolerable. 1.12/1.14 was pretty stable and introduced 3D Space VOIP which is amazing. 1.16 so far has been the most stable for long multiplayer sessions, however it seems I end up suffering an occasional crash more than 1.15. I never said that ArmA1 is perfect or that it doesn't have it's share of problems, but they are clearly not the same problems you are running into.

You're not instilling much confidence in not being a troll. What you are saying justifies exactly what I outlined you seem like. All the "technical problems" in the Troubleshooting are minor problems or deal with configuration/installation issues.. very common issues that you can view in other similar companies troubleshooting and support sections.. every game is going to have customers who have problems with the game. You say that all of your other 3D games work perfectly, but I'd like to see you tell me exactly what games you play and I'll show you their troubleshooting sections with similar problems or users with similar experiences. Also, the servers haven't been empty for a long time and a majority of them get lots of use by the people who put them up.

Also, you seem to be doing the polar opposite of what you think I inferred.

"The game is pretty stable for a lot of people, granted some will have problems of which you might be one of them"

"I'm not the problem, it's the game. It can't possibly be my system! So I went for help and there's so many people saying there are problems that this game is just majorly bug ridden!"

See what I mean? Of course you don't. You're too infuriated and would much prefer your argument of semantics and unmovable position of Bridge Toll Officer, that anything I say is futile anyways and counted as being fanboyish even though I am not. I digress, though, I enjoy watching you spout retarded rhetoric that I know you didn't investigate or analyze further. It makes you seem that much smaller of a person on the internet.

What servers do you frequent and what kind of problems do you experience? I'm not here to change your mind to try ArmA2, I'm just calling you out on your blind tenacity to bring down BIS because they don't measure up to some irate individual on the internet. I know I'll be enjoying playing MP ArmA2 while you're out looking for another game that will measure up to a similar feature list.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 2009, 03:52.
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News Comments > ARMA II Patch
22. Re: ARMA II Patch Jun 20, 2009, 16:52 JoeBlack
No, SlipperyJim you are NOT right. ArmA1 runs fine and has been for the last year for a majority of players. We all know assumption is the mother of all fuckups and here, you're clearly the test case.

Being part of a community that plays ArmA1+ACE but not a fanboy to BIS, ArmA1 is THE most engaging infantry/combined arms simulator out there. Nothing even comes close to replicating what they have brought out. The game really can't be shown it's true colors in public servers or Single Player games, but communities there are some amazing communities like Tactical Gamer and others really help bring the game to an amazing level of atmosphere without being milsim. You wonder why they have a large install base? Modding. Modding alone has allowed some awesome shit to be created and strung/improved upon with each game release.

You say ArmA1 is not working properly, but for the majority of the users, it is. Maybe not for you, but it's a much smaller percentage of problems with ArmA1 than you make it out to be.

1.16 beta might as well be official and your bullshit complaining to any ArmA1 veteran who uses 1.16 comes off as a Thrashing Reviewer who spent 5 minutes with a bad experience and only reads the negativity in the forums as truth and pats on the back as fanboyism.

No, the game itself isn't the most amazing quality (Animations, Voice Acting, physics) but the communities and people that spring up around it make it more amazing than ever intended by BIS. OFP was evidence of this with WGL and it continued on to ArmA1 where it really blossomed with ACE. ArmA2 brings that theater to a whole new level with the realistic countrysides and ACE/WGL like features. Seeing as the ACE team is developing ACE2 for ArmA2, this will help ensure a long lasting tradition of awesome support for games LIKE THIS by the community.

Most of the quality addons made ARE used by the community and stuck in compilation packs that supplement the gameplay. True some/lots of people make some lesser quality addons that no one really cares about or they might use them in their microcommunities or clans, but that really shouldn't be posted as a bullet point against the game itself or BIS.

As far as BIS having problems, they clearly lack resources or programmers who are willing to invest in rewriting their animation and their radio/dialog system. From what I hear, VBS1/2 made by their subsidiary (BIA) has implemented some awesome features that BIS isn't willing to look into implementing anytime soon, which is a huge shame and a complete fucking mistake.

ArmA1 was more or less a stop gap for ArmA2, which really eats donkey balls considering ArmA1 at first release was 100x worse than OFP+WGL. It's similar with ArmA2 but they've improved a lot of details in the game itself over ArmA1+Latest Patches that make the game completely worthy of the cost. So they released 2 patches before the US release even hits Steam, boo fucking hoo. So it got released early to Germany and Russia.. Big fucking deal? At least they actually support the games they make rather than just moving on as most bigger development/publishing companies have done. No it's not ideal, but they're more like an independent studio rather than someone backed by a single publisher.

You get what you put into the game and if you don't want to experience the game to it's fullest, you most certainly don't have to as it's not for everyone. But you shit on them because they have a loyal following but buggy releases?? It sounds like you WANT to like them for what they've done, but can't and continuously get infuriated by their track record and the people people who defend them. I'll agree with you that their track record sucks for first releases.. even OFP had bugs on release that people forgot about when Resistance came out and covered their nostalgia with rose colored glasses.

If anything, to people who are interested in the game, roll with the communities I said above and give it a shot.. you might find the diamond in the rough like the rest of us have.

This might come off as fanboism to you, but really, I think BIS could improve their first releases and agree with you on that, but they really don't deserve any lashing equal to the BS you spout considering they're doing moderately successful with a niche genre.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 2009, 03:57.
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News Comments > On ARMA II Bugs
45. Re: On ARMA II Bugs May 29, 2009, 14:16 JoeBlack
This needs to be reported as "On ArmA II German release". I didn't know Blues is so interested in the international versions and the states they are in.

Last time ArmA was released to the US, it was released in a pretty stable state only a few outstanding bugs. People who are having crashes and other problems aren't issues with the game itself but their configurations or drivers.

By the time this gets released to the US, it more than likely won't be in such a state that the German version is and word is the German patch is already coming out next week. Just sounds like the German version got rushed into Gold.

This comment was edited on May 29, 2009, 14:17.
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News Comments > ARMA Beta Patch
3. Re: ARMA Beta Patch Apr 24, 2009, 22:24 JoeBlack
You don't understand how awesome the in-game voice comms are when you use it in conjunction with TS2 in a regulated environment.  
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News Comments > PC Star Trek: D-A-C Plans
17. Re: PC Star Trek: D-A-C Plans Apr 23, 2009, 16:45 JoeBlack
Was that the one where it was multiplayer server based and you had to capture "planets"?

If so, that was awesome!
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