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Re: To post a famous quote:
Sep 11, 2001, 18:47
Re: To post a famous quote: Sep 11, 2001, 18:47
Sep 11, 2001, 18:47
You know, i read these things like "torture them on TV" and once again get the feeling how fucked up america is right now. I hear things like, lets nuke afghanistan or palistina. Wow now thats really creative. And what exatcly are you goign to achieve with that? Kill a couple hundreds of terrorist and 1000 civilians? What then? Is your feeling for revenge going to be saturated? Or are you just looking for some of scape goat to let down your hatered on? I mean guys lets face it, the US always needs a scape goat. People dont really care about the trouth, they just want an illusion of it. The guy who got executed because of the oklahoma bombing didnt do it alone, thats for sure. He was too dumb for that. But the press didnt really care, aslong as "justice has been serverd" so we can all go back to our regular lives again.

What we have witnessed today was a reaction to american foreign policy. Nothing more.

The US has its illusion of Freedom and the islam fundamentals have their Allah. Is their really such a big diffrence? The reactions i read here are absolutly the same when a missile hits some palestinian building. HAtred spawns hatered.

Face it guys we will never live in harmony. Even if all involved will be killed, you cannot kill the fundamental pricipals of humanity: Religion, Hate, Greed...

As long as those things exist there will always be such things.

The question you have to ask now is: What will be our reaction? The whole world expects a reaction now, but what will it be? When people are under stress and dont know how to react they often make decisions that lead to severe consequences, for all of us.

What frightens me now most, is that Israel has now total power, it can bomb the hell out of palestina and nobody is going to condemn them. They can do whatever they want withought intervention from the NATO.

But the most important question of all is: What can the US do to prevent such things from happening?

Now the problem with the US is that they have a very straighforward way of thinking.

We have to many criminals, so what do we do? We create the death sentence. that 10% are inocent is not of concern. Neither is the fact that that didnt lower the crime rate.

We have a drug problem, so what do we do? We put the age to 21, and then we wonder why so many teenagers turn to drugs, cos its easiert to get them than alcohol.

Child has bad behavior, so what do we do? We install cameras into his room. Or send him to a boot camp instead of talking with him and find out why he is doing this. And then we wonder why it hates his parents?

Those kind of things, that people dont want to see, because its more convinient for them to live a life in a "perfect world". The word Freedom, God and Honor, have been so often abused, misused, befouled and used for manipulation of the masses, that it has lost all its meaning. Those are now empty words. Imagine how easy it is to manipulate other people if carefully used?

I still remember when the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan and the US gave their "deepest regrets" for the people of afghanistan. The big bad evil, soviet union. And now lets cut 10 years later. Now when we see Rambo III and read the "This movie is dedicated to the people of Afghanistan" at the very end, we all get astrange and fuzzy feeling how easy it is to manipulate the US people to achive the goals that the goverment has set.

Now lets come back to today. The people who planned this, are very intelligent and highly organized to pull of that kind of stunt you need a lot of power and money. They have probably planned all this years before. And now ask yourself this one question: Do you really think they didnt take into account what the reaction of the US will be?

Ofcourse the US is gonna blame bin laden, who esle is there, right?

When countries become that predictable it is much easier to achive your goal. I am not saying that someone else did it. It just seems to be a too straighforward conclusion, perfectly adjusted for the american mentality and awkward perception of justice.

There are a lot of people who have gained a lot through this incident. Starting from the strong Euro to the power Isreal now has.

When you begin to be emotionaly attached to this incedent you are not going to help to resolve it. Innocent people are always the ones who must suffer in the end, thats how our little planet has been ruled for ages. Only when you try to view this whole situation from a higher perpective, only when you lay down your emotions and try to think out of the box, only then you are able to analyze the following question:

No matter what the US is going to do to Afghanistan and the like, is it going to help in the extent that such a thing wont happen again?

Temporarly ofcourse, and then the american people will once again have the nice feeling that justice has been served in the name of GOD and that once again people have been found to take the blame.

But wait, lets have a look from the other perpective, lets look at this at the angle of the "terrorists". You cant kill them all, thats for sure. And then they will once again get full support from the civilians, and once again they will have power, and hate is going to be on their side. Its easy to recruit young motivated teenagers to fight against "american imperialism" when you have their hate on your side.

And once again they are willing to die for Allah. And once again the circle of pain and suffering will continue, on both sides.

Wait let me take that back, i think that the casualties on the US side will be more severe, as US soldiers probably wont engage in bombing civilian targets (i hope).

I am not telling you what to do, neither am i sayong what actions would be right or wrong. As there is no right or wrong in this world, nor is their good or evil. No black and white. There is just action and reaction. And the consequences you are prepared to face for your action.

And now ask yourself: What do you want? Revenge? Or to find a solution so that this kind of things never happen again?

And trust me, bombing the shit out of the "rogue countries" wont ensure that those kind of things dont happen again. Its just a sign of pride:"Nobody fucks with america"

But america has been fucked today. And nothing the US will do will change that fact.

The question is: Will america be fucked again?

I rest my case, back to you George...

Aug 15, 2001, 12:08
saturation Aug 15, 2001, 12:08
Aug 15, 2001, 12:08
We must face the possibility that the market has oversaturated with throw away games and clones. The times where people had sat down and thought about what game to do are over, atleast in that form. Now when developers sit down and talk about what game they want to do, they say something like :"hey lets make an RPG but with cooler graphics and a new combat system". And as soon as the word RPG has fallen already everyone has defined for themselves the borders. They look back at past games and take for granted the "standarts". So in the end it turns out as just another clone with the few little xtras.
There are no more groundbraking games out there, they are all in a way "just" copies.
And now the industry faces the concequences for almost no innovation. I say go back to the roots, to where it all started. And not say "lets do an RPG" but instead try to come up with something new, refreshing and interesting... and let the public name what it is.

Ofcourse there are more risks, and ofcourse its fucking hard to do, but in the end, arent those kind of games we really want to play?

Everytime we fire up the pc and stick in the CD, we want to escape this reality, we want to be a king, a mercenary, a space pirate... just for a few hours. We want to live in the world you developers create for us, we want to embrace it.

Surprise us!!! Make a game where you brake all the rpg rules on purpose. Because i dont know how u guys, but i am sick of having elves and dwarfs and orcs in almost every god damn RPG i find. What about playing a non-humanoid creature? And when i say non humanoid i mean something that has not 2 legs 2 arms and 1 head.

All we ask for is something new! Is that really too much?

Make a game for yourself, make a game wich you want to play, and dont care about what the rest of the world says, beacuse chances are pretty damn good that if you like it, then the gamers will love it!

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