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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Previews
111. Re: Yay for HL2! May 12, 2003, 15:47 Some guy
If I had to choose only one game between D3 and HL2. I'd pick HL2. (No contest.) And when the D3 powered HL3 comes out around the same time as D4, I will still pick HL. Gameplay beats eye candy no question.

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News Comments > Knight Rider Gold
13. Hmm Feb 21, 2003, 03:36 Some guy
Why does a site named "Worthplaying" even have mention of this game anywhere on their site?
That's what I want to know.

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News Comments > Enter the Matrix Trailer
8. Re: mirror Feb 17, 2003, 03:27 Some guy
Yay Indy! Can't wait for the new movie.
Oh and I'm looking forward to the new Matrix movies too.

This comment was edited on Feb 17, 03:28.
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News Comments > Hitman 3?
9. Re: Hitman 3 Feb 6, 2003, 00:23 Some guy
Patrick Stewart :-P

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News Comments > Black Hawk Down Demo
13. Re: Black Hawk Down Demo Feb 5, 2003, 02:07 Some guy
im glad they died thats what you get when you go after innocent civilians they fight back
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about so why don't you just stfu?

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News Comments > Unreal II & More Game Movies
28. Re: No subject Jan 29, 2003, 02:52 Some guy
As it stands I do have a house, three cars and three kids. My wife is home with the kids. I can appreciate the tight money thing. One salary (I teach) is stretching it

Ouch. I shudder to imagine.
(I make games for a living.)

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News Comments > Unreal II & More Game Movies
26. Re: No subject Jan 29, 2003, 02:18 Some guy
Whining losers to be precise. If you don't buy games without a demo -- then DON'T BUY IT. At least then you'll have the consolation of your principles. As for stealing it as "pay back", that says a lot about you, not the developers

Don't buy it? But maybe I'll like it and want to buy it?
I'm to busy to wait for and track down reviews that may or may not be written by writers on the payroll of the game's publishers when I could be playing games instead. Saying I was going to get it out of spite was just trash talk emphasizing my disbelief at the situation. When I download a game I don't do it to get something for free I do it to decide if I want to buy it or not. And despite what anyone may be believe I actually DO buy games that I've downloaded for free. Why? Because if they've made a game that holds up to it's specs and is enjoyable to me, they deserve my cash. If not, delete, money saved. When you're paying a mortgage, making car payments for 3 cars and have a kid on the way, maybe you'll rethink how easily you throw money away on a gamble. And yes I do expect a demo for free. Just like I expect movie trailers for free to see if I'm interested. I'd never rely on just the reviews.

People that download games with no intention of ever buying them ARE scum though, I'll give you that.

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News Comments > Unreal II & More Game Movies
22. Re: Fucking Halo 2 Jan 28, 2003, 22:25 Some guy
When I buy Unreal 2, I'm going to have my friend put in on the net with a nasty virus. For real, and I hope all you cheap ass thieving loosers get it! And good riddence if you do! I saw the trailer and this game looks awesome. The folks who work thier asses off to bring us this kind of entertainment deserve the pay they get. You loosers! Just wait!

Cheap ass? Haha yeah I'm cheap. Cheap as in I don't play Slot machines or Roulette.
They deserve my money if they actually made something I can run and that I'm interested in. I'll never know from some 30 second video, or some other guy's opinion/review, I'll know if I like it from actually trying it. If they made something that won't run on my system or that I lose interest in after 10 minutes, they don't deserve my money.
And making me pay to see a 30 second video of the game is even more outrageous.
What we're dealing with here is a publisher cheaping out and refusing to fund the development of a demo because they know millions of people will pay for it regardless.
As a result it's gonna bite them in the ass in regards to piracy.
You call me a loser? At least I have better things to do with my time and life than attempt to spread virii on a futile personal crusade of righteousness. Maybe your time would be better spent reading your English class textbooks.

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News Comments > Why No Unreal II Demo
79. Re: Unreal II demo Jan 28, 2003, 17:27 Some guy
To those people that call me scum for warezing a game or a liar for saying that I buy games I've warezed.

Whatever. That's your 2 cents.

I can tell you right now that I have no moral problems with warezing a game because I actually do BUY the games I like. I could name 10 off the top of my head I've paid for even though I already had it on my sys for free but I'm not going to expend the energy typing them. At the same time I could list 20 that I'm glad I d/l'ed and saved me from making a bad purchase. (Most recently GTA3) Why would I pay for something I already have? Because I like having an actual CD instead of a zip file and I don't have a CD Burner. Even if I did have a CD burner it wouldn't be worth the effort for me to burn one. I'd rather pay for the damn thing and save the hassle. My money is limited and I can't chance buying a game only to discover it runs like crap or sucks beyond belief after playing it for 10 minutes. You can't return opened games to the store for a refund where I live, and reviews mean nothing to me. They're all just opinions, and none of them are mine. I've read glowing reviews of games before, bought the game, only to discover that "I" hate it.
So hop up and down all you want, I can sleep at night, and I will continue to d/l any game I'm interested in that has no demo for me to try. I will continue to buy the ones I like, and avoid the ones that I deleted shortly after installing. You still don't believe I pay for games?
To bad for you. Get a life and start worrying about something a little more meaningful. (Like war with Iraq or the next terrorist attack.)

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News Comments > Unreal II & More Game Movies
14. Re: Fucking Halo 2 Jan 28, 2003, 16:57 Some guy
Anyone unwilling to watch the Halo Trailer on MS-Media player, don't fret. You aren't missing anything new. It's a slideshow of screenshots from the earlier Halo 2 trailer. played to the same music. Waste of time and not even worthy of a mention on

Unreal II, no demo, pay to see video footage, Hahaha. I'm warezing this one just out of spite.

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News Comments > Why No Unreal II Demo
56. Why No Unreal II Demo Jan 28, 2003, 07:54 Some guy
aka Why I will be warezing Unreal II...

I won't buy any game I can't try first. Therefore I will download it to try it. Maybe I'll buy it after I'm done with it some day down the road but the odds are lower.

Had they offered me a taste via a playable demo, I'd have downloaded that instead. Are you listening Infogrames?

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News Comments > Unreal II Gold
103. Re: Of note... Jan 16, 2003, 01:43 Some guy
Hey Some Guy, was that at the E3 last year !?!

No. 2 E3's ago.

If Some guy = generic_eric then it's a small world after all.

Some guy does not = generic_eric

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News Comments > Unreal II Gold
90. Re: Of note... Jan 15, 2003, 13:45 Some guy
Screw Duke what ever happened to Team Fortress 2? That baby is MIA for at least three years or more... along with HL2. Oh, that's right they made some radical changes too...

They did indeed. Behind closed doors at E3 they were showing off TF2 powered by the Tribes 2 engine.

This comment was edited on Jan 15, 13:45.
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News Comments > Unreal II Gold
80. Of note... Jan 15, 2003, 06:53 Some guy
"Unreal 2 will not ship before DNF"

- George Broussard, on VE3D forums, several months ago.

And if you find that funny...

Broussard's retort made today on evilavatar's forums:

"Heh - yup. That was before we made some pretty radical changes. Oh and learn."

Radical changes? At this point in development?!!!

My god. I held the faith longer than anyone but I give up.

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News Comments > Black Hawk Down SP Demo
36. Re: superb Jan 12, 2003, 21:37 Some guy
I actually enjoyed it. I played it at 800x600 16 bit
normal detail settings on a P4 1.3Ghz 256 MB Ram, GeForce 2 Ultra. Not sure what samuelk's problem was.
Yep it was pretty damn choppy at times but it was still playable. I blame my outdated videocard. Overall I think they did a good job at recreating the movie but yeah the AI is dumb as a stick. I could deal with that and be my own 1 man army but your teammates crowd and block you and get you killed because they move up to close behind you. The bad guys are just standing around waiting to be killed in most cases. I liked this a lot better than the first demo (multiplayer) and I was disapointed that there was only 1 mission because I wanted to play more. I might buy this when it's marked down. I give this a 5 out of 10 but only because my sys wasn't up to spec for it. Otherwise I'd give it a 6.
Zippy: Obviously you haven't tried IGI2 yet.

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News Comments > IGI 2: Covert Strike MP Beta
27. IGI 2 MP Demo Jan 11, 2003, 17:16 Some guy
OMG. I want that 30 min of my life back.
Worst demo ever!
To many things to list wrong with it.
The most enjoyment I got out of it was being surprised at how fast it uninstalled. That was the fastest thing about the game.
I'm P4 GeForce2 Ultra running the game at it's lowest detail options and connecting to servers with ping under 100.
God what a waste of my time.
Codemasters my ass!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. GPS stalker Jan 2, 2003, 01:50 Some guy
Funny how they assume he was following her and that the GPS was installed for that purpose. Perhaps it was installed a long time ago for anti theft purposes.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Q&A
5. Re: No subject Jan 1, 2003, 08:52 Some guy
Doom 3 and Stalker are the main 2 games in development right now that I'm looking forward to.

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News Comments > On PC Halo
100. PC vs Console Dec 29, 2002, 06:11 Some guy
I would much prefer to play games on a console than a PC
* The graphical quality was on par with a PC (resolution)
* keyboard and mouse

Until consoles hit this stage, I will continue to use my PC and I there will be no console owned in my household.

Hell even the SNES had a mouse!!

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