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News Comments > HITMAN Free Sample [Updated]
14. Re: HITMAN Episode 1 for Free Jun 20, 2017, 19:32 Rhino
NetHead wrote on Jun 20, 2017, 19:01:
Quinn wrote on Jun 20, 2017, 11:26:
Suit 3: Yes! And lets show the players all the ways they can assassinate their target, so we can fill up that storyless void with useless replayability. Because achievements!

I haven't played the game but have seen gameplay videos, have to say I was utterly dismayed when I saw the game showing ways you can kill targets. My jaw would have hit the floor if it was physically possible.

Finding the way(s) to kill the target has always been a thing, if not one of the things in Hitman games. It's something you either seek out or stumble upon which makes it feel natural and like you discovered something.

This game has some major flaws but that is just gross negligence when it comes to a Hitman game, the kind which makes you want to question if they've actually played games in the franchise.

It's quite a shame because it seems like they tried with this one, but just couldn't pull it off due to some blatant design flops.

Also giving Agent 47, a mere moral god damned x-ray vision was another outright sin. This breaks stealth games. It utterly destroys the most intrinsic aspect of a stealth game.

A stealth game with x-ray vision has immediately failed as a stealth game. There are some I've enjoyed that do this, them included, without exception.

One can only hope that all the sorry mistakes were due to publisher involvement, though I doubt that as even that wouldn't prevent the developers from making things optional.

PS; for any of "those" people that go on about things like "you don't like x-ray vision then don't use it" I suppose it's to much to ask them to consider that games with such things are designed around such things and with them in mind. For instance try something as simple as looking through a keyhole in this Hitman game, that's right they don't need to add such things when there's crap like x-ray vision.

You can turn all of the assists off. It does go beyond simply not using them in that regard. They are there for players who want the more casual experience; but they were on in the video that you were watching because the player deliberately left them turned on in the settings.
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News Comments > Ni no Kuni II: REVENANT KINGDOM PC Plans
9. Re: Ni no Kuni II: REVENANT KINGDOM PC Plans Jan 26, 2017, 18:33 Rhino
Agent-Zero wrote on Jan 26, 2017, 13:36:
south park is "not really for kids"... this is clearly for kids, and people that like shit for kids

its ok, you are still "cool" or whatever LOL

Nobody is arguing, or even seems to be particularly concerned, about being cool. That's just you that's bringing that up. The arguments that people are making are that just because it isn't grim and bloody doesn't mean it's for kids.

The main point of confusion seems to be what you would consider to BE a kid, or why this constitutes as "for kids," and why this is explicitly for kids. Right now you seem to be taking a very extreme black and white view on the matter; and I have to assume that you're at least aware that there is an entire spectrum in the middle.
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News Comments > Steam Top 100 of 2016
3. Re: Steam Top 100 of 2016 Jan 1, 2017, 14:53 Rhino
I'd also like to see that compared to the top 100 returns of 2016 (no, I don't expect that we ever will). I'd be willing to bet that No Man's Sky appearance on this list would be offset a bit.  
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News Comments > Steam Award Winners
7. Re: Steam Award Winners Dec 31, 2016, 14:58 Rhino
Wallshadows wrote on Dec 31, 2016, 14:31:
There was no way Best Use Of a Farm Animal would not go to Goat Simulator.

When they were still accepting nominations I was really hoping that Earthworm Jim would end up on the list.
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News Comments > PC Dead Rising Next Month
7. Re: PC Dead Rising Next Month Aug 10, 2016, 18:26 Rhino
nin wrote on Aug 10, 2016, 15:19:
The Magician wrote on Aug 10, 2016, 15:14:
Was there not a PC version of DR, DR2, DR3? Because I've played them all.. on PC...

That's pretty amazing you got dr1'd you do it?

Well, he IS a magician after all.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
3. Re: Evening Mobilization May 14, 2015, 20:43 Rhino
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on May 14, 2015, 20:23:
I'm halfway tempted to buy a PS4 and download that P.T. demo thing,

Don't do that. PT is no longer available.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Syndicate Announced
4. Re: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Announced May 12, 2015, 21:50 Rhino
"We are facing a lot of enemies, so the head first approach is probably not a good idea."

Based upon my experience with the Assassin's Creed franchise, odds are pretty good that there could be an entire army rushing in and the main character would be just fine.
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News Comments > Into the Black
3. Re: Into the Black May 5, 2015, 21:02 Rhino
I normally argue (sometimes successfully) that pinball makes everything better; but when I already enjoyed the source material so much, then this is an awfully big hill for Zen Studios to climb.

"Portal Pinball is Teleporting to a Zen Studios Pinball Platform Near You"

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News Comments > Euro Truck Simulator 2 Expansion Next Month
9. Re: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Expansion Next Month Apr 8, 2015, 23:46 Rhino
The lure for me is the near constant sense of forward progress. I'm driving to a specific destination and can see the world passing by emphasizing that.

Experience keeps increasing both just for driving and for completing deliveries. There is a clear numeric representation of this sort of forward progress.

Get enough experience and my level increases. I can then increase one of my skills. Again, a clear numeric representation of forward progress... twice over.

Money goes up.
The quality and type of my truck increases by buying a new vehicle and/or upgrading my vehicles.
Upgrade by garages,
Hire drivers for my additional trucks. Now I'm running a business.
Send them out on deliveries.
Watch THEIR experience increase.
Watch their levels increase.

Everything about this game represents forward progress for the player, and reward for a job well done, in some degree. Combine that with a relaxing environment with its own sets of challenges (i.e.: don't crash, tip over, get caught speeding), and it all becomes extremely satisfying at almost every moment (at least to me).

One other point I will plunk down here at the end of the post because it is certainly the most subjective: I feel like there is a greater honesty about what Euro Truck Simulator 2 is than there was about Elite. Yes, much of that may just be in my head; but the game is called Euro Truck Simulator 2, so I would never have expected to have anything more to do than drive a truck around. That there IS anything more to it than that is a surprise, and each of those elements, even if there aren't really an extraordinary number of them, are carried out and presented extremely well.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
10. Re: Steam Top 10 Mar 22, 2015, 15:18 Rhino
siapnar wrote on Mar 22, 2015, 14:58:
Slashman wrote on Mar 22, 2015, 14:18:
Anno 2070 kind of fills this niche. Lots of war ships and nuclear subs even. I'm actually playing it right now.
I've been wanting to check out Anno 2070, so I took a look at the Steam page for it.
A lot of pissed of users... apparently Uplay is causing the game to crash or not launch for a ton of people after Ubi put out a patch for it last October and haven't bothered fixing it.

Neither my wife nor I have experience any grand scale issue. When we first installed we did so through Steam. That caused problems when launching the game for the first time. Uninstall, reinstall through Uplay, game worked fine ever since. From OUR experiences, this is an easily fixed issue; but I certainly cannot comment on what others are going through.
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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
2. Re: Evening Safety Dance Feb 28, 2015, 03:31 Rhino
jdreyer wrote on Feb 27, 2015, 20:05:
Vandalism in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State.

So the internet was designed to survive a nuclear war, but not vandalism?

There's a phrase for that. It's 'oopsie daisy'.
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News Comments > Morning Patches
2. Re: Morning Patches Feb 27, 2015, 13:58 Rhino
The Half Elf wrote on Feb 27, 2015, 12:50:
Did Prison Architect get a tutorial beyond the little mission? I'd really love to put some time into this game, but am frustrated as hell, and doesn't instill any confidence when I see 'we put a bunch of time into the tablet version'.

No, there has been no update to the tutorial. I found that tinkering around with construction allowed me to figure out everything that I needed to know relatively quickly; but, yes, the tutorial is pretty useless. Biggest example is that it doesn't mention that you can turn off prisoner arrivals. This was a huge annoyance to me, at first, as well as my wife when she started playing and was starting to feel overwhelmed with the rate at which prisoners turned up.

That tablet version note caught me off guard as well. I'm happy with the game as is; but there are areas for improvement, and I would prefer some focus on one platform for now.

This comment was edited on Feb 28, 2015, 02:48.
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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
4. Re: Sunday Legal Briefs Feb 15, 2015, 21:19 Rhino
jdreyer wrote on Feb 15, 2015, 19:15:
Comcast gets a merger approval, but objects to new low-income requirements.

Was going to post a comment, but this one on Ars sums it up:

So... They get to be a monopoly and then complain about being regulated like one?

Still, surprised they don't just accept and do what all big telecoms do with these requirements: ignore them.

Which is probably what they'll just end up doing, anyway.
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News Comments > D.I.C.E. Award Winners
13. Re: D.I.C.E. Award Winners Feb 6, 2015, 12:51 Rhino
Verno wrote on Feb 6, 2015, 12:48:
Mordor had a dreadful story that was was poorly strung together and made little sense. Outstanding Achievement my ass haha.

Yeah, I was caught off guard by that one, too. I know of NOBODY that felt that story was anything more than serviceable. Yes, fine, opinions may vary, blah blag and so forth.
Destiny as Action Game of the Year also caught me off guard. Even Wolfenstein: The New Order was, to me, a vastly superior offering; and not even I would claim that it was perfect. Great, yes. Perfect, no.

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News Comments > The Sims 4 Get to Work Announced
10. Re: The Sims 4 Get to Work Announced Feb 5, 2015, 07:52 Rhino
Orogogus wrote on Feb 5, 2015, 07:06:
verybad1 wrote on Feb 5, 2015, 01:31:
HorrorScope wrote on Feb 4, 2015, 23:41:
I heard this was a mistake, this was an internal memo...

I meant the entire game, not just this DLC. The whole game is built around selling more DLC, it's not a complete game or anywhere near the value of one for the price they charge. It's sad really that something like this can actually succeed...

From people who've played it (and, you know, like this kind of game), I hear it's actually pretty fun and generally improved over the last game, even without expansions. Some features have been removed, but for the most part what they took out does work towards making it a better game.

My experiences with people who have played it, including my own family who have played the franchise from day one (it's how my wife and I met: in the official chat rooms back when those existed, though my interest waned with Sims 3), has been somewhat the opposite. It's not a complete disaster by any means, but they indicate that the experience is pretty shallow compared to that which has come before. Considering that the previous titles were never especially deep or complex, that says something. Where the lack of complexity was part of the charm, everything feels smaller to these particular individuals to the point where it has become a negative.

I suppose the message here is that this one is pretty divisive.

This comment was edited on Feb 5, 2015, 08:22.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Re: Out of the Blue Feb 4, 2015, 12:36 Rhino
Lego Jurassic World Trailer

First look at Lego Jurassic World turns scary dinosaurs into adorable Lego figures
Edit: Well... teaser. Not really a trailer. Blame a momentary geek out.

This comment was edited on Feb 4, 2015, 12:49.
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News Comments > Evening Patches
1. Re: Evening Patches Jan 28, 2015, 20:40 Rhino
I'll just copy and paste this, for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 goes 64-bit: 1.16 update now live

After a short open beta, the latest update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now ready for public release. As per usual Steam users will receive the update automatically, while the patch for retail version of the game will be available within a few days.

We would like to thank all of our testers and contributors again - your constant help and support allows us to quickly pinpoint any outstanding issues and bring updates to all players on a such short turnaround!

We've talked extensively about the 64-bit change we're making available to the players in our previous announcement, so please check out for more information. Full change-list for this update is available in this Steam discussion.

Now, if only that Scandinavian DLC would release.

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News Comments > Friday the 13th Game Revealed
11. Re: Friday the 13th Game Revealed Jan 9, 2015, 23:28 Rhino
Currently in development, Friday the 13th will reportedly be an asymmetrical, co-operative and competitive multiplayer predator/prey horror experience that pits a small group of resourceful survivors against a single player in control of the immortal, relentless slasher icon.

I already wasn't interested in Evolve. I suppose a smaller main enemy might make it a little more like a proper hunt; but that description really doesn't grab me. To be fair, I'm not sure what WOULD have made me interested in this; but it certainly wasn't the style of game that is vaguely described there.
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News Comments > On Sale
9. Re: On Sale Dec 31, 2014, 03:50 Rhino
Being a sucker for pinball I grabbed the Season One pack for Pinball Arcade since that and Season two are half off. Otherwise I seem to have everything that I want to play right now, aside from Elite Dangerous which isn't a factor to this sale.

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News Comments > This War of Mine Recoups Costs in Two Days
8. Re: This War of Mine Recoups Costs in Two Days Dec 1, 2014, 20:59 Rhino
We kept hearing good things, so my wife and I bought it this weekend. During the initial in-game days we both had the same impression: that it was good, though not great. Things were going smoothly, there didn't seem to be much to worry about. Sure, we could upgrade things, and they were moderately helpful; but was there any real need?
It did not take long for reality to set in. Those stashes of food don't replenish themselves, and finding more of it wasn't always easy without stealing from people or killing them. Depression is a real thing in this game, and it hits the characters hard when they start to steal or murder. Supplies don't last forever, so trading is a necessity; and you need to produce something worthwhile to trade.
Suddenly, as players, we were completely immersed. Any scrap of food or stray bandage, even just one, and it felt as though we had just came upon a stash of gold. Find three cans of food in one go? We may as well have come upon Erdrick's Armor for the first time in the original Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest. And then events in the world start to happen (best of luck if you aren't paying close attention to the radio stations) that add more complications.

Either die or start over and you realize that the plucky band that you initially had in your household has been replaced by another set of characters. Maybe this time there will be four, rather than three (more mouths to feed); or maybe two (leaving only one to guard the home); or if the gaming gods REALLY hate you, you'll start with just one person... and it's winter.

The more that we play, the more that it grabs us in little ways; and for us that is exactly what a game should do. Build and change in little ways that rarely seem unfair (one guy in the winter notwithstanding), and always adhere to the gameplay logic.
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