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News Comments > More Red Orchestra Free Content Plans
15. Re: Wow, not really up to date are you? Sep 18, 2006, 08:47 BicycleRepairMan
Modification game

This term is the most meaningless I've heard this year. So what was UT2004 over UT2003? how about Quake2 over Quake 1, Those games are WAY more similar then RO and any other Unreal-engine game.. So what makes it a mod? that it used to be one? well, fair enough, but not really true. They completely rebuilt the game for the retail release, including rewriting of the movement system, hit-detection, weapon resting, motion blur, completely new vehicle code, and all new or updated maps

If this game isnt worthy of a retail price, then neither is Battlefield 2 or much less BF:V (which btw is probably still 50$) By your logic, those games should be sold as a 5$ BF'42 mods.

RO isnt a perfect game, some flaws exists, such as lack of climbing and the nerfed jumping, but in return, theres no bunnyhopping or dolphin diving or any even remotely similar exploits that makes the game stupid.

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News Comments > Red Orchestra Patch Plans
2. Re: PatcH?? Sep 15, 2006, 12:54 BicycleRepairMan
Rip people off? this game offers almost as much content as any 50$ Battlefield game, and its one-map "expansion packs" are free, and they actually update regulary to fix important issues.

In addition, its gameplay is much deeper than most, if not all of its competition.

Lastly, but almost most importantly, Tripwire is a small, 100% independent developer, they have full artistic freedom, and they are not even slightly afraid of using that freedom, even if their jobs and income is at risk because of it. They refuse to make anything other than the game they want to play themselves

In a world FULL of corporate, greedy bastard companiesy who buy every developer and shut them down so their movie-based shit-sequel can make some more money, that deserves every cent of the 25$ in my opinion

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Company of Heroes
13. Re: No subject Sep 12, 2006, 12:55 BicycleRepairMan
The game rocks, that's all anyone needs to know. Destroyable everything... good gameplay... nice online options...

The writing on this jeep alone led me to download the demo:

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News Comments > Red Orchestra Patch Plans
4. Re: No subject Sep 7, 2006, 17:27 BicycleRepairMan
What could you new weapon be?

Hmm, could it be the Gewehr 41: the German semi automatic rifle which was used early in the war but phased out with the arrival of the much improved G43. ?

(follow the link to the RO website to see the complete list)

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
55. Re: Harry Potter & Creationists Sep 5, 2006, 17:41 BicycleRepairMan
Well said DrEvil.

I think religion is interesting in many ways, lately I've been thinking how its sort of like we as a lifeform might have ironically developed religion as a way to survive and develop ourselves collectivly. Its a known thing that even a democratically elected leader will have trouble if he/she decides to put themselves above the others, as in that they are supposed to tell everyone how to live their life, people will instantly feel "they have no right to tell me who to sleep with, how much drugs I should use or wether i can eat pigs or not." But still, this can be things leaders must decide on, to protect the community from diseases or chaos. And thats when religion is the ultimate tool, because it makes it easy to forbid these things, and presented with the option of eternal hell if they dont follow the rules, people will actually follow the rules as well..

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
27. Re: Harry Potter & Creationists Sep 5, 2006, 00:17 BicycleRepairMan
I liked that probability article, despite his conclusion. The probability that evolution needs is beyond that of the probability that shuffeling will change the cards into volkswagens.

You completely missed the whole point. The thing is that the result of millions of years of evolution (the current world) is highly improbable, just like last weeks lottery numbers ending up being what they were was highly improbably too. However, the fact that we did actually have a lottery result isnt improbable at all.

if you were to start an earth-like planet today and place some bacteria in the sea, and watch its development over a hundred million years, the chance that you'd end up with something current world-like is almost infinetly improbable, but life would evolve, just most likely in some other direction. much in the same way its unlikely next weeks lottery numbers will be "2, 6, 13, 15, 21 and 32" but it WILL be 6 numbers, just probably not those 6 numbers.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Crikey! Sep 4, 2006, 16:02 BicycleRepairMan
He will be missed.

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News Comments > 3DR/DNF Rumors Follow-up
11. Re: indiv Aug 31, 2006, 12:37 BicycleRepairMan
I don't get it indiv. It doesn't make sense. Is that sarcasm?

No, I dont think so, its true, "anyone" can do a screenshot that looks fantastic, and have all the basics in there, but thats very, very, very far from a finished product. Just to get a game running without frequent crashes on all kinds of software and hardware configurations is extremely time consuming, hell, even most released games still crash.

Then there are all the other bugs, eliminate one, create 2 more... playtesting, and all that isnt even counting the buisness side of things like who pays these developers, PR, rumors,leaks, employees leaving... etc. Thats why they call it development hell.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode Two Delayed
22. Re: No subject Aug 24, 2006, 16:00 BicycleRepairMan
Either way, anyone that buys it on Steam is a fool - you'll pick it up in store for much less

Not everywhere, where I live its about double the steam price in stores. I believe EP1 is around 35$ or more in most stores here now.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode Two Delayed
11. Re: No subject Aug 24, 2006, 14:57 BicycleRepairMan
Seriously. Crysis vs. EP2???? No contest

I wouldnt excactly say "no contest" without trying either of them...

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News Comments > EA Gets Unreal
38. Re: ... Aug 20, 2006, 02:47 BicycleRepairMan

Unreal games and Unreal tech are crap, IMO there has yet to be a decent game made with it, and there prolly wont be. It just feels plain BAD. Yeah, yeah, some Unreal games were popular etc, etc, etc, ... so are the SIM's, Half Life, WOW, ... popularity does not maketh the game.

I wonder what games you DO like.. Quake?

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News Comments > F.E.A.R. Combat Released
7. Re: No subject Aug 17, 2006, 15:38 BicycleRepairMan
Needs more seeders! 6500 peers and a single seed

I'm at 1,2%, but I will seed once its down, its poker night so I'll leave it on.

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News Comments > NWN2 and Dark Messiah Limited Editions
23. Re: No subject Aug 15, 2006, 16:23 BicycleRepairMan

Quoted for funny.

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News Comments > NWN2 and Dark Messiah Limited Editions
10. Re: Dark Messiah Aug 15, 2006, 12:17 BicycleRepairMan
I had a lot of fun killing people using the environment in many ways

Yea, it sort of like the feeling you get when playing HL2, and it eliminates the whole "this enemy takes 3 shots to die" standard you find in many FPS games, and sometimes youre just thinking "why am I even fighting this guy?" and just kick him off the ledge. I love that with these newer games, you can invent your own fighting style

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Off Topic: Defence budget Aug 14, 2006, 13:08 BicycleRepairMan
Ok, I've seen the title of this several times on videosift, but I never really bothered to watch it, as I thought it was just a "funny vid", but now that I've seen it, well, you NEED to see this:

The U.S. Defense Budget, Explained with OREO Cookies:

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
2. Re: Dumb has a new definitionů Aug 11, 2006, 00:49 BicycleRepairMan
all a paragraph has to do is start with "four Frenchmen....." and theres no need to read any further. Stupidity ensues always.....

Yeah, those stupid ass french people, god damn sissies, they sure learned a lesson on that whole Iraq war thing! freedom fries forever!

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News Comments > Steam Update
27. Re: No subject Aug 6, 2006, 14:16 BicycleRepairMan
Hey, other movies and stories suck, therefore, its acceptable that Ep1/2/3/whatever sucks too

No thats not what I said at all, I Said bhruic used a cheap trick to show how the ep1 story sucks. This cheap trick can be used to slam any story, no matter how good or bad it is.

Episode 1's story isnt all that, its the way its presented that matters, the game is exciting, fun to play and immersive, thus its worth getting IMO.

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News Comments > Steam Update
25. Re: Jaenos Aug 6, 2006, 12:11 BicycleRepairMan

LOL! So every movie and book has a plot as ridiculous as the one Bhuric described? Next time actually read the post before you give your Valve-induced autonomic rebuttal.

No, I never said it was the best story ever, I just pointed out that most stories can be summed up in one or two sentences to make it look really crappy.

In the end its not really about the story, atleast not in a game, but rather how you tell it, which is what halflife and HL2 and ep1 all do very well

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News Comments > Steam Update
20. Re: Jaenos Aug 6, 2006, 11:05 BicycleRepairMan
What exactly was the big "story" of Ep1?

"So, um, you're stuck in the city, so get out. Wait, don't get out, shut down the explosion. No, wait, shutting down the explosion didn't help, so get out of the city. No, wait, shepherd a group of apparently completely helpless people (with guns) across 50' of space, then get out of the city. No, wait, don't take that train, hang around in the city that's about to blow up some more."

You could sum up any movie or any book the same way

"Once upon a time there was a ring, it was evil. so frodo walked very far to throw in a mountain. the end."

This comment was edited on Aug 6, 11:05.
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News Comments > Steam Update
3. Re: Leipzig you say? Aug 5, 2006, 15:53 BicycleRepairMan
Another thing about E3 is that any news a company releases while its on, most likely will drown in the flood of info, unless they scream very loud

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