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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
147. Re: Defending Doom 3 Aug 8, 2004, 13:25 osmium
"Hopefully HalfLife2 will rebuke the monster-closet ideal and showcase more than 2 lines of AI code. 1- rotate toward player 2- attack"

funny that, coz i'm sure some of the enemies i've played have a) taken cover behind boxes and other obstacles when fired at b) have moved out of the way of my gun. But then you've probably not played the game yet, have you? too scary for ya? ;D

" The last 2 games made with [the Quake 3 engine,] Voyager 2 and cant remember the other but they looked way out dated compared to other engines at the time. "

considering there are still games coming out and currently in production that are using the q3 engine it's kind of surprising you'd say that if you knew what you were talking about, the engine's been modded and modded until it can handle an amazing amount of detail, ai, graphical effects, and hold it's own with all but the best engines (d3, source, ut2k4).

just look at the likes of cod2, and brothers in arms. when the engine go source you'll see per pixel lighting and effects added to it too, such as was added to the quake1 engine.
This comment was edited on Aug 8, 13:29.
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News Comments > Morning Preview
12. Re: Noteworthy. Aug 3, 2004, 18:00 osmium
so, no shaders in every single doom3 texture.. those bump, specular, and 'stencil' vectors aren't shaders? the refractive glass, the glowing lights, the pulsating crawling flesh of the demonic being taking over the base aren't shaders?

just because doom3 isn't surrounded by water doesn't mean there aren't impressive effects in the game... the fact that you haven't realise the complexity that goes into the sublte effects in doom3 is more a testament to id's prowess at making a convincing looking environment than crytek's where the effects are unreal and obvious, albeit very nice looking.

it makes me laugh that valve's attempt to mar the doom3 US release day goes pretty much unnoticed. damn shame.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike Patch
2. Re: Silly, silly CS Jul 25, 2004, 13:55 osmium
why on earth someone would release a whole new patch just for shell ejection i'll never know, why it was release sooo long after the game coming out i'll never know, why it was release the same day as another hl major bug effecting all hl mods i'll never know, and why it made bluesnews frontpage is totally beyond me.

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News Comments > Half-Life Hitbox Bug
11. No subject Jul 25, 2004, 13:52 osmium
just out of interest, is hl2 and the source engine still using hitboxes as well? wouldn't surprise me.. hehehe

hey, gabe!! best delay hl2 again, someone found a bug!!

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Benchmarks Follow-up
24. Re: Money :( Jul 24, 2004, 15:33 osmium
wasn't it ati who supposedly leaked the e3 doom3 beta? or rather, wasn't that the source - maybe someone else leaked it, but still, i remember hearing that id weren't best pleased with ati about it.

I've always been an nvidia kinda guy, and have recently purchased a 6800, so maybe i'm biased. however this comment from ati seems to be a little bit of sour grapes. the whole comment about the game not being out also seems alittle mute; the games finished. id have had years to milk the best they can out of the cards and drivers, and still someone has to come out with worse benchmarking results, this time it was ati. Life goes on.

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News Comments > Halo CE Released
21. Re: coop May 5, 2004, 12:50 osmium
oh goody. another halo post and another bunch of zombies posting the same old shit which isn't even relevant to this thread.. and get a new come back other than 'i wonder what he's smoking'. it isn't funny, clever, big, and it certainly doesn't make you look like you know what you're talking about.

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News Comments > Halo Custom Edition
39. No subject May 3, 2004, 07:28 osmium
why does everyone turn the news of a 'patch' to fix the most annoying things in the multiplayer aspect of the game into a "my fps is better than your fps" - it's counter productive, and kinda boring to read it AGAIN.
If you don't like halo, didn't buy the game, don't like the lack of co-op, thnk game-x is better you have no place in this thread - go zombie elsewhere, where people might give a flying fuck.

I think any updates that'll fix the netcode at the very least has to be a good thing, there are still a lot of people playing this game multiplayer, and i'm sure they're all thinking the same thing. If only we could have strafe jumping aswell!

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. ipod killer Apr 9, 2004, 12:44 osmium
hey, i'm jay allard, i'm in a bar.. talking to people i don't know. Think i'll give away some inside secrets! yay!


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News Comments > Federal GTA Lawsuit
39. duh Jan 1, 2004, 17:41 osmium
how people can say this about games, but allow the kind of voilence that people see in movies is quite beyond me.

Granted, there are a lot of kids that play games that are totally inappropriate for them. Who do you blame for that though? the kids, the parents, the shopsellers or the people that make the games? Obviously it's the parents and the shop owners. Deal with that problem before coming after the creaters of entertainment those over the age of 18 know how to deal with. Nuff said.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 = April 2004?
77. Re: Conspiracy? Oct 7, 2003, 13:07 osmium
agreed c r i s p y... the word rewrite just makes me wonder what's really going on. Still, on the bright side, i'll have 30 more money this xmas.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 = April 2004?
74. steam = vapour Oct 7, 2003, 13:04 osmium
all this talk of steam, valves, and putbacks just makes me think of..


keep pushing it back valve, keep pushing, keep pushing. Like you did with HL1
Tbh, no amount of software leaks should result in a 6 month pushback on a game if it's ready and finished, which the sept 30th release date certainly hinted at. Why do they have to re-write it if it's all but done? I can't help but think something more sinister is afoot. Lest not forget the $6millian ATI deal, or the incessant nvidia slagging, all seems to be hitting the fan at the same time tbh. And lets face it, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Get what i'm saying? wink wink! ;-)

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News Comments > Lost Toys Gone
7. Re: SCR Oct 2, 2003, 13:15 osmium
same here with the ST and STe. STe had the advantage as it was slightly quicker, which meant the car went slighly quicker - there was no punkbuster back then!

hopefully crammond still has enough clout after the grand prix series to get development moved, or re-started elsewhere. :-/

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News Comments > Halo PC & Patch Released
18. Re: it sucks Sep 30, 2003, 20:04 osmium
in response to you all.. another ms bashing thread. Publisher vs Developer... booring...

ping doesn't mean smooth gameplay. if you have any decent online game set up for ping you could quite easily be sending next to nothing in terms of packets/sec, which will cause bad net performance. I also hope you're commenting on the console code, either that or you're probably talking about a 1.5beta code which slipped out online, which didn't have internet multiplay code, only LAN.

as for the pace of the game.. this isn't quake3. You might take a look at the relatively non-existant quake3 scene now, and kind of realise that fast paced quake rocket jumping isn't for everyone :-) the single player game is perfectly paced, and not that much different to most other modern single player first person shooters.

the single player sucks? t'was the first unscripted interactive squad based shooter with excellent ai, graphics, sound, story and gameplay i'd played, and it was on a console! Been PC gaming since the days of doom and heretic so i've seen them all come and go. Halo was the best and most immersive single player experience after halflife.
Granted, that was a long 2 years ago and a lot changes in gaming in that time. the single player on the pc version offers nothing new. But then considering that halflife1 console conversions came out much after the pc release - and i wonder how many console owners were bitching like a bunch of kids like you are! ;-)

as for halo being soley for mac.. i think, correct me if i'm wrong, that it was slated for pc and mac from day one, or at least very early on. But having the initial game spec change so much in those early days i could be wrong.

as for the patch to address online play. Again, much the same as any modern pc game which requires a cd key, only one person can play with that key - authentication to a master server to check for uniqueness. No amount of cracking will get you on to a authenticated server. There are as with most hacked games tho cracked servers to play on, usually with crap pings, and usually in the case of games like quake3 / cs, full of cheaters. For the amount of time you get for the price of a pc game, hassle free, i can't really see why anyone would want to play illegally online. sux0rs tbh.

oh, plus chances are most of you whiners haven't played it off the xbox. :-)

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News Comments > Halo PC & Patch Released
16. Re: it sucks Sep 30, 2003, 20:01 osmium
tv res vs pc res.
dedicated standardised hardware optimisation

doesn't take much to figure out.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory Map Editor Tomorrow
14. Re: Weaponry Jul 11, 2003, 10:03 osmium
basically, you want it the same as in rtcw yeah? ;-)

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News Comments > The Phantom Menace?
10. phantom? Jul 10, 2003, 21:45 osmium
phantom?? maybe poltergeist would be a better name.... they make a lot of noise, but you never will see one.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory Map Editor Tomorrow
4. Re: . Jul 10, 2003, 21:41 osmium
heh, map designs in the game (apart from railgun) are actually pretty damn tight.. some more balanced than others, but 3 definate beauties for clanwars... we just need another few official maps before they stop supportin the game... and a patch.

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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
6. Re: bah Jul 9, 2003, 08:28 osmium
#5 = flamebait.
how you can say 'days on defeat' (as you call it) or tfc has better graphcs than any of these games is laughable. both games look shit compared to any game from the past 3 years.

as for BF:V... this would be vietnam after mass deforestation yeah?

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News Comments > Morning Previews
1. unreal tribes2004 Jun 9, 2003, 20:14 osmium
well... can you guys say tribes2?


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News Comments > Valve on Xbox Half-Life 2
28. Re: Hl2 Xbox port will not compete with PC Jun 9, 2003, 20:08 osmium
some would argue that the average gfx gpu in pc's is still a way behind that of the 'modified geforce3' used in the xbox. the fact that the valVe guys spoke on their E3 videos about minimum gfx card spec for the pc is a tnt2 shows you the base market these guys are targeting. Also factor in that all consoles run at a drastically lower resolution than even standard pc games these days. What they save in pixel throughput they can use in terms of effects.

and that's even before we mention the fact the base cpu for halflife2 is a way below that of the xbox. I'm more worried about the eventual GBA port ;-)

This comment was edited on Jun 9, 20:10.
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