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Wednesday, Oct 25, 2000

MechWarrior 4 Interview

Daily Radar's MechWarrior 4 week rolls on, with this evening's interview with TJ "PAINGOD" Wagner, Microsoft's producer on the game. Much of the brief interview deals with gameplay-specific issues, such as critical hits (which are in the game, contrary to some reports), "death from above", the possibility of a massively multiplayer MechWarrior and more.

Gunman Q&A

Also new on Daily Radar this evening, is a Q&A with Herb Flower, the founder of Rewolf Software, developers of Gunman Chronicles. Herb explains their transition from being a Half-Life mod to a full-fledged game, and comments on the storylineand main character in addition to other topics.

Freedom Interview

PC.IGN interviews Richard Dansky, talking with the lead designer at Red Storm about their upcoming action adventure game Freedom: First Resistance. Richard fields questions about the storyline (which is based on the Freedom novels by Anne McCaffery), the balance between action and puzzle elements, their engine (a portion of which was taken from Rogue Spear) and naturally, more.

Evening Screenshots

  • Warcraft III & Diablo II Expansion
    Warcraft III, Diablo II Update on Gamecenter offers, in reverse order, fresh impressions of the upcoming isometric RPG expansion, complete with three new screenshots, as well Blizzard's 3D role-playing RTS, with half a dozen new screenshots.
  • Bridge Commander
    The Star Trek: Bridge Commander screenshot of the week sports an explosive new scene from the capital ship space combat sim in development at Totally Games.
  • RUNE
    How To RUNE Your Life on is a detailed preview of the third-person Viking action game by Human Head that will arrive in stores shortly. And if you're longing to RUNE even more, there are new screenshots on Cutting The Edge and Unreal Italia as well.
  • The Outforce
    Three new screenshots of The Outforce accompany the news on GameSpot that this space-based RTS, which is already out in the home country of Swedish developers O3 Games, will be published in North America by Strategy First.
  • O.R.B.
    And speaking of, more screenshots of O.R.B. are up at tonight, offering four new galactic scenes in the space-based RTS being developed in-house at Strategy First.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 Expansion has posted a brief but hands-on preview of Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business, looking ahead to the upcoming expansion pack for Sirtech's isometric squad-based tactical wargame, complete with a handful of new screenshots.
  • Sacrifice
    Trying to demonstrate how you can have too much of a good thing, GameAddicts has posted yet another nine new Sacrifice screenshots.

Half-Life International Patches

As expected, Valve and Sierra Studios have also released the international versions of the Half-Life client patches, as well as the version patch for Half-Life: Initial Encounter. As with the English releases, there are patches to upgrade the previous version or any previous version. Mirrors of all files are available at 3D Gamers and Patches Scrolls .

Diablo II Postmortem

Gamasutra has posted the Diablo II postmortem that appeared in a recent issue of Game Developer magazine. The article is by Blizzard vice-president Erich Schaefer, and like all of their postmortems, consists of what the author feels they did right and wrong with the game's design.

O.R.B. Interview

Strategy First's Yanick Blenkhorn is interviewed on A Talent for War, talking about O.R.B., their upcoming 3D strategy game. Yanick discusses how the project came about, the various ships and weapons that will be at the player's disposal, the importance of resource management and more. In addition to the interview itself, ATFW has five new screenshots from the game, and four more shots can be found at GameSpot.

Sacrifice Not Gold - Yet has posted an update to a story they ran yesterday, that said that Shiny's 3D strategy game Sacrifice was "hours away from going gold." Apparently that was a miscommunication, and while it's not gold just yet, they're told that the game should go gold either this week or next week.

Team Factor Q&A

French gaming site has conducted an interview (in English) with two members of the Team Factor development team at 7FX. Team Factor is a Counter-Strike inspired teamplay game, and the duo discuss the overall gameplay they're aiming for, the current status of the game and more.

Half-Life Released

As promised, the version client patches and dedicated servers for Half-Life have now officially been released. There are upgrade patches from the previous releases as well as full installs, all adding three new TFC maps, adjustments on two TF classes, and a bunch of new features and bug fixes. As usual, the client patches can also be applied via the auto-update in the game. Here are local copies with mirrors for all files:

New RTS Quake

A new version 1.1 of the RTS Quake mod for Quake III Arena is now available at its official site. This release adds a new Monk class along with new buildings, other new features, and bug fixes to this mod that brings real-time strategy elements to the first-person shooter arena.

Afternoon Screenshots


Not content with yesterday's dual releases, the Orange Smoothie Productions page has been updated with version 0.99l beta of their OSP mod for Quake III Arena (thanks Shugashack). This latest release contains a few minor changes and a fix for the QTV/GTV support.

Soldier of Fortune Patch Update

Raven Software's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with a status report on the upcoming version 1.07 patch for Soldier of Fortune, which has the news that they are removing WON support from the game. Here's what he has to say:
SoF 1.07 Patch
It is going to take us a bit longer to release this patch. Originally, we were just going to add support for Global Rankings, but due to a mutual decision between Activision and WON, we will be removing WON from SoF. We will be adding GameSpy support, to continue to allow consumers to easily find live games.

GOD Goes Mac

Gathering of Developers, who have published a number of titles in the past for the Mac OS, have announced today that they will be releasing seven new games for the platform in the near future. First out of the gate are 4x4 Evolution and Heavy Metal: FAKK2, which will be released on Friday, while Rune will ship on November 15th. Next year, GOD will release Fly! 2001, Oni, Shadowbane, and Tropico.

On NOLF Design

GA-Source has posted a lengthy quote from Monolith designer Craig Hubbard, who explains the "design philosophy" behind No One Lives Forever, their soon-to-be-released LithTech 2.5 engine game. Craig describes how they used the conventions of the first person shooter to emulate the feel of an espionage adventure, as well as the steps they took to structure the game to keep the gameplay always moving forward.

Barrett Alexander Q&A

Stomped has conducted a brief Q&A with Barrett Alexander, CEO of Rogue Entertainment, talking with him about their upcoming Quake III Arena engine title American McGee's Alice. Barrett provides a status update on the game (which he says is in the final stages of its development), and explains their decision not to include a multiplayer mode.

Half-Life Patch

We received word of a new Half-Life patch to be released at 11:00 AM PDT today, but a couple of mirrors are already on sites too large to ignore, though they seem to be ignoring the embargo time themselves. Mirrors of the new version Half-Life client patch can already be found on 3DFiles and The Adrenaline Vault (note: the latter has removed its download page since this story was posted). Here's word from Valve on what's new:

HL contains three new Team Fortress scenarios, adjustments on two TF classes, in addition to a variety of new features and fixes.

New TF Scenarios:

Avanti challenges the offensive team to advance their flag to three successive capture points and conclude their run in the village cathedral, while the defense attempts to stall their efforts until time runs off the clock. The scenario takes place on the streets of an Italian village, with a wide variety of open spaces combined with tight corners and sniping positions.

Flag Run
Flag Run requires cooperative teamplay as some units attempt to retrieve their flags from the enemy's base while other units ward off the opposing team's attempts to the same. The scenario includes large, wide-open spaces in the center of the map with intricate base structures on either end.

Like Flag Run, Casbah challenges the opposing teams to guard and defend captured flags as they fight to retrieve their flags from enemy territory. Designed by Dave Johnston (cs_cbble, de_dust), Casbah promotes extremely fast-paced battles that can realize sharp momentum changes in no time at all.

New features and fixes include:

  • All map resources can be downloaded from the game server.
  • Counter-Strike proxy cheat fixed.
  • Linux security issue resolved.
  • Pyro's burn damage increased.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy's chaingun damage reduced.

Morning Screenshots

Tech Bits

Guides and Walkthroughs

A new installment in's Baldur's Gate II walkthrough is online, with help getting through chapter 6 of the game.

The Mod Squads

There's a new Holy Wars interview on HalfLife.Net talking with Nusco of the Holy Wars team about progress on the Half-Life version of this project that began as a Quake modification. Included are a pair of new Half-Life Holy Wars screenshots. Also, GameLoft reviews a pair of Q3A mods, looking at both Weapons Factory 2.0 and PainKeep Arena.


According to MSXbox, there are plans to release both Unreal II and Max Payne on the Xbox when both games (as well as Microsoft's upcoming console system) are completed. Also, GameSpot's PlayStation2 Unreal Tournament Review and FiringSquad's Unreal Tournament PS2 Review are both already online, each looking ahead at the PS2 port of Unreal Tournament, one of the titles to be available upon the PlayStation2 launch tomorrow. Meanwhile PlanetPS2's Launch Scoop looks ahead at the launch event in detail, and Sharky Extreme's Sony PlayStation 2 Launch Countdown is underway. Finally, the first edition of's Indrema Developer's Diary takes the wraps off this series looking ahead at the upcoming Linux-based Indrema console system.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Well MrsBlue and I survived moving day(s), and are settling into the newly relocated BlueTower. Things are more than a bit makeshift in my office at the moment, as the only machine I can get online at the moment is my laptop, but where there's life there's hope. Now I just have to brace myself for another tilt at the windmills of high-speed communication, as there's another session of waiting for DrDSL in my future. Whee!

Link of the Day: This Microsoft.Com test page. Thanks Sepgod. What are they testing, their crack pipe?
Story of the Day: Storm hits Nessie 'fishing' plan. Thanks RVF400RR.

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