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Tuesday, Aug 15, 2000


Sanity Interview

Monolith's Kevin Lambert and Garrett Price are interviewed on Daily Radar, talking with the lead designers about their work on Sanity, the soon-to-be-released top-down LithTech action game. The interview sticks mainly to previously known information about the game, with the two designers commenting about the unique gameplay, the influence of Magic: The Gathering on their spells system and other general questions.

RUNE Preview has updated their preview of RUNE, the third-person game of violent Viking mayhem under construction at Human Head. While most if not all the screenshots are familiar, the article offers an up-to-date overview of the game's features, along with word that "the game is about two weeks away from beta and is targeted at a release sometime in October."

Evening Screenshots

  • Sea Dogs
    The first four screenshots of Sea Dogs on the official site show new scenes from this sea-faring 3D role-playing game being crafted by Russian developers Akella.
  • Summoner
    It's a Tuesday, so there is a new screenshot of the week on the official Summoner site, snapped from the PS2 version of Volition's upcoming 3D RPG.
  • Battle Isle: DarkSpace
    Four new screenshots of Battle Isle: DarkSpace on GameSpot accompany some early impressions of this recently announced online-only space strategy game by PaleStar and Blue Byte. And elsewhere, Daily Radar has their own write-up on the game, along with the same four screenshots.
  • IL-2 Sturmovik
    GameSpot has also posted six screenshots of IL-2 Sturmovik along with some brief but hands-on experiences with this WW II flight sim developed by Maddox Games.
  • Combat Flight Simulator II
    More WW II flying action comes by way of four new screenshots of Combat Flight Simulator II on

TRIBES 2 Galore

Plenty of TRIBES 2 news tonight, as a revamped GameSpot has posted a new preview of the game, exploring all the improvements to the team-based shooter sequel, and naturally illustrating it with more than a dozen new screenshots. Also, a new screenshots gallery on features nearly two dozen images, and to top that off another pair of new TRIBES 2 screenshots is up at Tribes-Universe.

TRIBES 2 Interview

The omnipresent Dave Georgeson is once again interviewed, now in a lengthy chat on Euro-TribesPlayers, and of course the TRIBES 2 producer talks more about the team-based shooter that is now in alpha, the new vehicles, gameplay improvements and play strategies, the new community support features, the upcoming beta test, and a whole lot more.

Dark Reign 2 Map

Pandemic Studios has released another new multiplayer map for Dark Reign, expanding their 3D RTS with a 6-player level called '6shai_hulud' by lead designer Christopher "Shaft" Lawrence. Additionally, there is a new version of the DR2 Meshviewer to fix a few minor bugs.

Freedom Force Interview

RPG Vault has conducted an interview with Jonathan Chey, project manager at Irrational Games Australia on their upcoming adventure game Freedom Force. Jonathan goes into detail about the gameplay, explaining that like System Shock 2, everything in the world can be manipulated and/or used as a weapon, and explains their decision to license the NetImmerse engine in addition to other topics.

Shrapnel Shots

AVault has posted six screenshots from Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025, the upcoming LithTech engine shooter from Ripcord (which was formerly known as M.O.U.T). With the exception of the first and last shots, all are new, and show off one of the game's futuristic urban environments.

Echelon Media

Bethesda Softworks' official Echelon web site (which has nothing to do with the NSA's intelligence system of the same name) has been updated with new screenshots as well as a look at two of the various ships from the game, which can be viewed in 3D using the Flash plugin.

Rune Interview

Human Head artists Jeff DeWitt and Shane Gurno are interviewed on In the Trenches, talking about their upcoming third person action title Rune, as well as how they wound up at the company, their skeletal modeling system, and 3D artistry in general, including a discussion about the sort of reference materials they rely on and the process of creating 3D models.

Dreamland Chronicles Q&A

Gamecenter caught up with Mythos Games' Julian Gollop and has posted a brief Q&A with him about the status of Dreamland Chronicles, their upcoming title of turn-based tactical warfare. Julian says that they have pushed the game's release date back until Easter of next year, and also comments on the sort of gameplay features that will excite fans of the original X-COM game (as he was one of the members of that game's development team).

Black & White Preview

A new preview of Black & White, Peter Molyneux' eagerly-anticipated "god game" is up at Games. The preview contains new quotes from Molyneux, along with nine new screenshots. The game is currently scheduled to be released on November 10th.

Put a Spin on Doom

Writer Matt Schwenk sends word that he's currently working on an article for Spin Magazine about the recent news that the soundtrack for id Software's upcoming Doom title will be composed by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor. He's interested in hearing what hardcore gaming fans think (and who you would pick to do the soundtrack), so if you'd like the opportunity to be quoted in the article send your thoughts to

Mr. Elusive Q&A

Stomped has conducted a Q&A with Jan Paul "Mr. Elusive" van Waveren, talking with the contract programmer for id Software about his work on the Quake III Arena bots, how he wound up working with id, his current work on the Team Arena mission pack, and what he'll be contributing to the new Doom game.

Rebellion Interview

GameSpot UK interviews Rebellion's Jason Kingsley, talking with the cofounder about the company's past (Aliens vs. Predator), their current projects (Gunlok and The Mummy) and their plans for the future. It's a lengthy interview, and Jason also comments on their preliminary plans for next-generation console systems and their recent acquisition of comic publisher 2000 AD.

GarageGames Interview

3D Action Planet has conducted a brief interview with Jeff Tunnell, the president of the newly formed GarageGames. Jeff discusses the new company, which will be releasing tools for free and allowing would-be developers to post games on their web site, explaining how they will be going about doing this, and that even though they have only just announced their existence, they have already been contacted by many prospective game authors.

Q3Plug Released

Version 1.0 of Q3Plug, a remake of the original QPlug to work with Quake III Arena, has been released. This new version was not created by anyone at id, and works with Netscape 4.x, Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x as well as Opera 4.0. Like the original, it allows you to display server information and launch games directly from the browser.

Red Faction Q&A

A new Red Faction Q&A is up at GA-Source, with THQ's senior PR manager Asam Ahmad answering some general questions about this upcoming first person shooter in development at Volition. In addition to the Q&A, they also have five new screenshots from the game.

On FAKK2 Problems

Ritual's Mark Dochtermann sent along a letter to asking gamers in the Dallas area that are still experiencing problems with Heavy Metal: FAKK2 (after applying the just-released patch) to help them identify and squash the lingering bugs they are unable to reproduce. Here are the details:

We released a patch for Heavy Metal FAKK 2 tonight and honestly thought we had fixed the vast majority of remaining issues with the product, apparently we were wrong. The truth is since we shipped the product 2 weeks ago we have been unable to reproduce the crash bug that everyone seems to experience. We have access to over 30 different machines (at the office and at home) running 98, 2k, and NT, running A3D, EAX and software and we have not gotten one machine to reliably crash time and again.

Often when we did find a machine that did crash, we were able to cure it by upgrading to the latest sound or video driver or it miraculously cured itself after minimal cajoling. I am writing this, to ask if there is anyone in the DFW area that is experiencing this problem and would like to help us solve it, please contact me directly at Ritual Entertainment is dedicated to shipping products that are bug free, and we thought Heavy Metal FAKK 2 was bug free. I ask that people have a bit more patience with us so that we can do the right thing by our customers. We shipped a product that had no known major issues at launch time (according to our testing), the fact that it has exhibited these problems in wide release is very distressing to me and the rest of the FAKK 2 team.

Morrowind Diary

Voodoo Extreme has posted a Morrowind developer's diary. In this first installment, Bethesda Softworks' GT Noonan talks about the art of level design, including the specific issues that need to be addressed when creating a dungeon for a first person RPG.

Morning Interviews

Morning Screenshots

Daikatana Patch Update

An update to Planet Romero gives a little vacation travelogue, along with brief news about the Daikatana 1.2 patch:

Been pretty busy this last week at work and we're just waiting for Eidos QA to approve the Daikatana v1.2 patch for all versions (US, German, French, Italian, Spanish).

Tech Bits

Guides and Walkthroughs

Neverwinter Vault's Unofficial FAQ offers all known tidbits about NeverWinter Nights in one location. Also, GameFAQs Unreal Tournament FAQ has been updated (actually re-formatted is a better description of the changes).

The Mod Squads

TF2Source interviews Gooseman of the Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life asking about possibilities of C.S. for TeamFortress2, more on the current version, and newer future plans, which currently include the release of beta 7 of the mod sometime this week. Also, TF Outpost's Ninja Half-Life interview covers plans for this upcoming stealthy mod.

Editing Stuff

The newly-opened Half-Life Coding Index offers all manner of tips and resources for those looking to make mods or maps for Half-Life. Also, the Qoole-Pursuit of Perfection site has a new version 0.99 of the Qoole level editor for Spanish-speaking users.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • A new site called SimSpy offers a place for those playing simulation games to list their server online to allow others to join...
  • This World War II Online Interview on RPGVault offers a look ahead at this upcoming flying game that will also offer some RPG elements...
  • A story on The Adrenaline Vault reports that a fan-created prequel to the Monkey Island series hosted on ShawArts has been terminated after receiving a cease and desist letter from LucasArts (Lucas and Fox have both historically been very vigorous in defending their properties from copyright and trademark infringements)...
  • Also on The Adrenaline Vault is a Gubble Buggy Racer demo (they have a preview of the game here) offering an action racing game for the price of a 10 MB download. Speaking of free software, The Kronikles Of Zdim (Rich Carlson's .plan), has links to downloads of a demo of DX-Ball 2 by Longbow Digital Arts. And speaking of driving demos (stop him, he's segueing again!) there's a RoadWage demo on DemoNews that puts you in the role of a rolling messenger...

Out of the Blue

A story on CNN called Caffeine added to sodas aims to addict (thanks Keith Passmore) reports results of a study on the subject. As far as I know, caffeine actually was first added to Coca-Cola to replace cocaine as an ingredient when it was made illegal in the US (that doesn't really refute the addiction claim, but sheds a bit of light on its history), and I definitely fall into that 8% minority they say can tell the difference... at least on Coca-Cola, I have picked out the decaffeinated version in a blind taste test in the past.

Story of the Day: Police Say Unwelcome, Naked Man Made Self at Home as Homeowners Slept (Fox). As theAntiElvis, who sent this along, describes: "...all the ingredients of a good news story: nudity, sausages, and women's underwear. It could be about Levelord!"
Bonus Story: Pacino Gets Computer-Generated Co-Star (Mr Showbiz). "Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Niccol made the momentous decision after seeing the computer-generated whiz-bangery of Sony's Final Fantasy: The Movie at ShoWest in March." Thanks Jeff Magill.
Image of the Day: Associated Press Photo. "Los Angeles Police officers arrest a protester in a pig suit after he dumped a load of manure in front of the Wilshire Grand Hotel where members of the Democratic National Committee were meeting Saturday, August 12, in Los Angeles." Thanks Geoff Taylor. Likely to traumatize children, it looks like they're arresting a Disney character.

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