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Friday, Jul 28, 2000

Soldier of Fortune Linux Patch

Loki Software has released the version 1.05 patch for the Linux edition of Soldier of Fortune, bringing this port in sync with the Windows edition of Raven's mercenary shooter. Thanks who have a mirror here. Note that the patch breaks save game, demo and password compatibility with v1.04.

UWO:O Movie

The official Ultima Worlds Online: Origin site offers a new movie clip for download, featuring 24 seconds of gameplay footage in QuickTime format from the massively multiplayer online RPG in development at, uhm, Origin.

Sea Dogs Site

Bethesda sent word that their official Sea Dogs site is now open for business, featuring game info, new screenshots and concept art, and more on this 3D sea-faring RPG that is currently docking at Russion developers Akella.

Behind the FAKKing Scenes

Heavy Mettle on GameSlice is a new article that looks behind the scenes at Ritual Entertainment as they are busy finishing up their third-person action game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. There are quotes galore by the developers on how they intend to improve upon their first game SiN, the choice of the Heavy Metal license, the gameplay and other features of F.A.K.K.2, and lots more, and the article is illustrated with five new screenshots.

MechWarrior 4 Media has posted five new, high-res screenshots of MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, illustrating the 3D mech sim in stills, and a cinematic movie trailer, to illustrate its back story in motion. The movie runs for about one minute and is available in four different formats to cater for whatever bandwidth you may have.

FAKK2 Preview

A new, hands-on preview of Heavy Metal: FAKK2 is up at The preview is based on the author's experience playtesting the game, and while it doesn't contain any new screenshots, it does have his overall impressions and some gameplay details.

Master of Orion III Q&A

The latest in Master of Orion III @ The Atrium's series of Q&As with members of the Master of Orion III team at Quicksilver is online, talking with Rob Barris. Rob discusses his work as senior engineer on the game, as well as comments on his background in the industry and his outside interests. Thanks ATFW for the tip.

Sanity Site

The official Sanity site, previously just a single page, has been updated and now introduces the back story to Monolith's top-down action game as well as a few of the characters and psionic talents, and features some screenshots and the demo that was released earlier this week, along with a few other bits 'n pieces.

Afternoon Screenshots

  • Project IGI
    GA-Source has posted four new screenshots of Project I.G.I., showing off the 3D thinker shooter in development at Innerloop Studios.
  • Echelon
    This Echelon preview on Junk Extreme puts the ubiquitous press build of Buka's futuristic flyer through its paces, snapping a bunch of new screenshots along the way.
  • MoHo
    There are more new screenshots of MoHo on GameSpot UK (along with a couple familiar ones), illustrating the recently announced arcade action game by developers Lost Toys (story).
  • Parsec
  • The official Parsec site has been updated with a new screenshot of the month of this space combat sim that aims to offer a commercial quality game for free once it's finished.

Star Trek: New Worlds Update

A new addition to the Star Trek: New Worlds webisodes page once again furthers the back story of the 3D real-time strategy game in development at 14 Degrees East. This time, the two parts of Romulan Episode 3 concentrate on the third race in the game, and Flash is needed to view them.

Klingon Academy Patches

As promised, Interplay has released patches for Star Trek: Klingon Academy, updating their recently released space combat sim to version 1.01. The included README lists a large number of fixes, dealing with ship, control, AI, mission, and multiplayer problems, and more.

Dreamland Site

Developers Mythos Games have launched a preview site for The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge, the upcoming 3D tactical wargame from the makers of the early X-Com games. The site currently offers the back story and an overview of the game's features, as well as some new scenes in thumbnails only.

Battle Isle Update

Blue Byte has released another set of patches for the closed beta of Battle Isle: the Andosia War, bringing their 3D turn-based strategy game to version .024. Elsewhere, GameSpot UK has posted some very brief first impressions along with three new screenshots (and three already available on the official site).

Serious Publisher

As noted in this news update at GameSpot, Gathering of Developers will publish Croteam's Serious Sam through their new On Deck Interactive label. GameSpot also has a new Q&A with ODI CEO Robert Westmoreland, and Roman Ribaric, CEO of Croteam, talking with them about the deal, Croteam's plans for the Serious Engine, and what gamers can expect from the next Serious Sam test demo (yes, there will be multiplayer).

Levelord Interview

Streaming media site has posted a new interview with Ritual's Levelord, talking with him about Heavy Metal: FAKK2, their Quake III Arena engine title which is in "super crunch mode" at the moment, as they work insane hours to get the game finished up. It's a pretty lengthy interview, clocking in at over 30 minutes, so a lot of topics are covered, including his thoughts on console systems, games in general, and the history of Heavy Metal magazine. The interview is in Windows Media Player format, and requires the most recent version.

EDuke Released

As promised last week (story), EDuke is now available for download on the 3D Realms website. EDuke is an enhanced version of the Duke Nukem 1.5 (Atomic Edition) engine created by Matt Saettler, allowing "greater flexibility and control for the large community of users making Total Conversions (TCs)." More information can be found on the official EDuke site. Thanks DukeWorld for the tip.

On Deus Ex & Psycho Circus SDK

GA-RPG has posted a progress report on the release of the Deus Ex SDK, quoting ION Storm's Warren Spector that they're "working on some docs and packaging everything up and testing and so on," and a release can be expected soon. Elsewhere, a post on Psycho Circus World's forums has a confirmation from Gathering of Developers that "some tools" for KISS Psycho Circus should be released "later on," but further details are not available at the moment.

Sacrifice Update

Shiny sents word of a new update to the official Sacrifice site, introducing three of the wizards you can play in multiplayer games of their upcoming 3D action/strategy hybrid.

Evil Dead FAQ

The official Evil Dead: Hail to the King site has been updated with a new FAQ page, answering another bunch of questions you may have about this third-person horror action game by Heavy Iron and THQ. Among the new information is word that there will not be a playable demo, an explanation of the subtitle change earlier this year, plans for porting, and more.

Red Faction Movie

Red has posted a new movie trailer of, what else, Red Faction, featuring new in-game footage from Volition's first-person shooter. The movie, which can also be found on PC Gamer CD-ROM, runs for 35 seconds in QuickTime format showing the game's destructable geometry features in action, and includes a new underwater scene.

Plans for Alice

A news story on Computer and Video Games discusses marketing plans for American McGee's Alice, the third-person action adventure by Rogue and EA, and more interestingly, hints at the next project after the game's completion this Fall, saying that either an Alice sequel or a game based on other fairy tales are under consideration. A demo for Alice is expected in September.

Heavy Metal Q&A

French site ActuJeux has posted a quick Q&A with Julie Strain, talking to the actress and model about her work on Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. Among a few other topics, she mentions that three games are planned in total, and the phone interview is also available as an MP3.

Mike Wilson on Apple Clarification

Gathering of Developers' CEO Mike Wilson sent along a follow-up to his comments on GameWeek regarding the lack of support Apple has been showing towards gaming companies (see next story), clarifying that he is speaking solely about Apple's support for publishers, not developers. Here's what he has to say:
I'd like to clarify something... Apple was upset with these comments due to the fact that their developer relations people have been doing a good job w/our Mac-friendly developers. My comments about lack of support were solely geared toward publisher/marketing related support. I'm mostly disappointed that their marketing direction has nothing to do with gaming. As evidenced by Job's keynote spending about 5 minutes on 'gaming' (just saying that Microsoft's games were coming to the Mac) and spending about 45 minutes explaining how they believe the future is everyone editing their own movies.

Mike Wilson on Apple has posted a brief Q&A with Gathering of Developers CEO Mike Wilson, which is reprinted from a special MacWorld supplement to GameWeek magazine. Mike speaks out on Apple's support (or lack thereof) for gaming, and says that the Nocturne engine (used in the upcoming Blair Witch games as well as the original Nocturne) will not be ported to the Mac OS, and they may be dropping support for the platform altogether. Here's an excerpt, where he answers a question as to his feelings about Apple's support for gaming companies:
[We’re] not very happy at all. Apple has basically abandoned gaming as a priority, and therefore most game publishers are abandoning it. This will likely be the last Macworld that you see Gathering product at, if things don’t change drastically. We have been very vocal about our support of Apple and the Mac up to now, but I have to say that there has been no reciprocity whatsoever. [It’s] very disappointing and sad for the Mac users.

Serious Technology Update

Croteam has updated their site with new details on their Serious Engine, which of course powers their shooter Serious Sam. Their update explains the state of many different aspects of the engine (OpenGL, texture unloading, etc.) and also contains word that the next Serious Sam test demo may contain new hardware transform and lighting for NVIDIA users.

Terminus Patches

In what seems to be turning into a daily ritual, Vicarious Visions has released version 1.62 patches for Terminus, fixing another triplet of bugs in their recently released space combat sim. Thanks Patches Scrolls for the heads-up.

Majesty Patch Released

Cyberlore has released a version 1.3 patch for Majesty. This new patch adds compatibility with downloadable quests, improved CD track transitions, better chat scrolling, new multiplayer tweaks, and lots more (a full list of changes is up at StrategyPlanet). The patch is available for download at FilePlanet, and clocks in at just under 5 MB.

Red Alert II Q&A

A new Q&A with Westwood's Harvard Bonin is up at Red Alert II Extreme, talking about (what else?) Red Alert II. Questions include the research that went into some of their new units (which includes everything from psychic powers to giant squid) and how the AI will function.

Mafia Shots

Four new images from Mafia, the upcoming third person title from Illusion Softworks are up at GA-Source. Two of the shots are from the editor, while the other two show off their new, internally-developed LS3D engine. While their original plan was to use the Hidden & Dangerous 2 engine, they have switched to their own engine, causing the game to be pushed into next year.

CPL Selects Eventricity

The CPL has announced that they have decided to use Eventricity as their new software package at all of their upcoming events as a replacement for NetGames' ngStats system which was recently acquired by Microsoft (story). Those curious about the software can check out Eventricity's site, as well as, a prototype site they have set up to show off their stats system.

Psycho Circus Interview

Voodoo Extreme has posted a new interview with Third Law's Jonathan Wright, talking with him about their recently completed (and on store shelves) title KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child. With the game behind him, the questions are of the retrospective sort, with Jonathan talking about the early days of the development cycle, including how they wound up with the rights to the McFarlane version of the KISS license, their decision to use the LithTech engine, and more.

Black Isle Q&A

Gamesmania has conducted a new Q&A with Feargus Urquhart, division head at Black Isle studios, the RPG division of Interplay. The Q&A focuses mainly on console systems, with Feargus talking about his favorite games, the differences between console and PC RPGs, and his thoughts about the Dreamcast system. Thanks RPG Vault for the tip.


Version 1.2 of the Prisoners of War mod for Quake III Arena has been released. This new version adds 10 new maps, and a fixed version of an earlier level (thanks Stomped).

FAKK2 Screenshots

There are ten new screenshots of Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 on Inside Mac Games, naturally taken from the Mac version of the third-person action game (which uses the Quake III engine so there's little visual difference to the PC version) that is nearing completion at Ritual. And French site ActuJeux has posted a new screenshot of the day from their beta copy as well.

Red Alert 2 Ready for Gold

FGN Online has learned by way of Westwood producer Harvard Bonin that Red Alert 2, the upcoming strategy game with bovine action (story), is complete and set to go gold on September 15th.

TRIBES 2 Interview interviews Dave Georgeson talking with the producer on TRIBES 2, the sequel to Starsiege TRIBES currently under construction at Dynamix. Among the topics at hand are "weapons, communication, and underwater action," discussing plans for an up close and personal style of weapon, as well as "more of the minutiae" from the game.

Morning Screenshots

  • Operation Bravo
    There are three new Operation Bravo screenshots on GA-Strategy showing off gameplay from this upcoming free expansion pack for Spec Ops 2, Zombie's tactical first-person shooter. Word is the add-on is due next month sometime, coinciding with the release of Spec Ops Platinum Edition, which will bundle all the previous releases.
  • Blade
    El rincón de Blade has posted a new Blade screenshot, showing off this upcoming sword-happy RPG. Likewise, oneZone Opinión Entrevista - Blade is an interview with Xabier Carrillo of Rebel Act Studios talking about the game in his (and their) native Spanish, so if a translation is in order, here's Babel Fish to the rescue.
  • Echelon
    GA-Source's Echelon Details, New Screenshots offers three new screenshots from this upcoming flying combat game, as well as new details on the game's progress from Todd Vaughn, director of development for BethSoft.

On the MW4 Set's MechWarrior 4 filming article recaps the experience of being on the set to film some of the cinematic sequences from the upcoming mech sequel, while simultaneously PlanetFargo also recaps Fargo's experiences as an extra at the filming (have I mentioned before that Fargo is a dead ringer for the infomercial guy with the question marks on his suit that promises to show how to get free government grants?).

Tech Bits

Open Letter to ASUS

The OGA's open letter to ASUS on offers this league's thoughts on how ASUS' driver plans (story, story, story, and story) are harmful to fair competition.

Competitions - More Quakeumentary

The Pringo Video Quakers Episode 4 Downloads page has the final installment in this cool streaming video documentary shot at the Razer/CPL tournament.

The Mod Squads

The Unreal Fortress website has been updated with 28 new screenshots showing off various bits of maps and in-game action. Also, the Total-reload website has screenshots from a beta version of Wasteland for Half-Life, while Crossfire's Urban Warfare interview looks at another upcoming Half-Life mod. Finally, Quake3 Depot's Toons of Evil interview is a Q&A about this Quake III Arena mod currently under construction.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Ack, running real late, I had some techie difficulties this morning. I hate crunch time (that's just a cheap segue to this)... The scary thing about Levelord's crunch mode .plan update, is that he seems to be handling it better this time around. Gotta love comparing game design to driving the porcelain bus (or in the case of an old friend of mine, sailing the porcelain schooner--it's a great but long story, the short version simply requires pointing out it involves the bathtub).

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