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Friday, Apr 21, 2000

MDK2 Movie

Interplay has released a new movie from MDK2, the first one to show off half a minute of footage from the heavily-armed player character Max in BioWare's hopefully imminent third-person action sequel. MDK, of course, stands for Mountain, Dale, Knoll.

Alice Update

A new update to the official Alice site reveals one of the book's most famous characters, the White Rabbit, who is "a well-intentioned but erratic guide through the introductory cantos of the Queen of Heart’s inferno."

Daikatana Demo Mirrors

As expected, the demand for the Daikatana demo that was just released on GameSpot makes a list of mirrors useful, so here are a couple of sites known to have a copy of the file:

On Daikatana Dedicated Servers

GameSpy's David "crt" Wright sent along these instructions for running a dedicated server with the just-released Daikatana demo (see below):
To run a dedicated Daikatana demo server and have it show up in the in-game browser (Powered by GameSpy!) you need to run with "-dedicated" and "+set public 1"

For example, use the following command line to start a 16 player server on e3dm2:

daikatana.exe -dedicated +set public 1 +set hostname "!" +set maxclients 16 +map e3dm2

Voyager Shots

New screenshots from Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, Raven's upcoming Quake III Arena engine title, have been posted at Gamecenter. While roughly half of the shots appeared in a preview earlier this week, the rest are new.

Vampire Preview

Gamecenter has written up a hands-on preview of Nihilistic's Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, featuring a very detailed look at the game, as well as new screenshots from a wide variety of areas in the game.

Daikatana Demo

Following up on the gold announcement, GameSpot has now posted a new playable demo for Daikatana, the first-person shooter was just completed at ION Storm. This demo weighs in at a hefty 102.5 MB and offers three new single-player levels and three multiplayer levels.

Daikatana Gold

GameSpot has confirmed with Eidos that Daikatana, the first-person shooter by ION Storm that has been surrounded by controversy because delays in its development, is now finished and has officially gone gold. From all of us here in the Blue Tower, we'd like to congratulate everyone at ION Storm on the release of their game.

Soldier of Fortune 1.04 Beta Released

Raven has released a version 1.04 beta patch for Soldier of Fortune (here's a local copy with mirrors). This patch fixes all manner of bugs, including fixes to the EAX sound system, errors in Windows 2000, an issue with spectator mode, several map-specific issues, and lots more. Here's an abbreviated list of changes (a full list can be found in Rick Johnson's .plan update or on our mirrors page):
* Fixed crash in EAX sound code when playing old sounds
* Fixed crash in DM when getting killed by standing over a flaming body
* Fixed crash in DM for Arsenal caused by weapon switching / inventory bug
* Fixed a bug in detection of remote IP address for systems with multiple IPs
* Re-organized CD copy protection
* Fixed problem where people had difficulty connecting to servers
* Fixed an issue with spectator mode
* Added a "-nostart" command line option, so that dedicated servers won't automatically start dedicated.cfg
* Fixed irqctf1 where players could get in bad spots
* EAX performance optimizations
* Server Browers updates info when bringing up the status of a particular server
* Clients connecting to dedicated servers no longer need a CD

Note: This patch should be considered BETA software and has not been fully tested. You should re-install the game if you need to return to V1.03.

Also included in this version is a DLL from Creative Labs. This emulates EAX2.0 on any card that supports EAX1.0. This would include SB PCI cards, Vortex2 cards, and older Sensura based cards. To install this feature, run the batch file in the SoF directory called "installeax.bat"

Unreal Tournament for PS2

A post called Infogrames' E3 lineup on GameSpot news mentions that one of the games they will be showing off at this year's E3 will be Unreal Tournament for the PlayStation 2. Since this has always been discussed as an unofficial project Epic was experimenting with, I called Epic's Mark Rein to ask about this, and here's the result:

Blue: So does this mean gamers should actually expect to be able to buy UT for the PS2?

Mark: Most definitely. The game will be on display in its early stages at E3 in the Infogrames booth, and we intend to be in stores right around the time the PS2 is released.

Blue: Really! Here's the inevitable next question then: What about keyboard and mouse support?

Mark: The PS2 has USB support and there are plenty of USB mice and keyboards out there, so we intend to do our best to support those as well as any other USB peripherals we can, like joysticks and gamepads.

Blue: What about modem/Internet support?

Mark: We'd love to do that but it is not yet clear if there will actually be a standardized supported way to do so. Either way, for sure down the road, when Sony gets its broadband solution in place, we'll be there. In the meantime we will definitely support networking multiple PS2s using firewire, and we may be able to show that off at E3.

Klingon Academy Demo Released

3dfxGamers has released their exclusive multiplayer Klingon Academy Demo (thanks LOCO). Just to keep you happy while you're downloading the 100+ MB demo, they have also posted new concept artwork, MP3s featuring excerpts from the soundtrack, wallpaper images, and new screenshots from the game.

Deus Ex Interview

DXZone has posted a 10 question interview with designer Warren Spector, talking to him about the world of Deus Ex, including the police presence in the game and the state of major cities, as well as a couple of gameplay specific questions and a question about the possibility of a movie based on the game.

Dark Sector Q&A

A Q&A with Digital Extreme's Starsky Partridge is up at The Darker Sector (thanks Shugashack). Starsky is the man responsible for the sound effects and music in Dark Sector, their upcoming Unreal Tournament powered massively multiplayer deathmatch game, and he drops some hints about what you can expect from the tunes, as well as saying, "The space flight is looking unbelievable..."

New Action HL Model Pack

A new model pack for Action Half-Life has been released. This version adds a fixed model.lst file, and contains the same 32 models and skins as the one released on Wednesday. For those that downloaded the previous version, a patch is available that fixes the errors included in that release.

Hired Team: Trial Screenshots

Russian gaming site The Daily Telefrag has posted a square nine new screenshots from Hired Team: Trial, the upcoming first-person shooter by New Media Generation. The images show off the new player models in the game, which will first be released as a multiplayer-only shooter, with the singleplayer variant to follow later this year.

Sacrifice Movie

Spanish gaming site has posted a movie of Sacrifice, the upcoming action/strategy hybrid by Shiny Entertainment. The movie is in streaming RealPlayer format and shows nearly two minutes of in-game footage. The accompanying description is in Spanish of course, so you may like to stick a Babel Fish in your ear.

Codename Eagle Demo & Patch

Refraction Games has released a multiplayer demo and a new patch for Codename Eagle, their first-person shooter that was recently released in the US. As their webite is currently down, both demo and patch have been made available on 3D Action Gamers. The multiplayer demo contains one map, but allows playing on LAN and Internet against the full game on that particular map. The retail version 1.33 beta patch works for both US and European editions of the game, and adds a number of new features, such as Destroyers, War Zeppelins, turrets and artillery, as well as various fixes.

Unreal II Not At E3

Contrary to previous reports (story), Stomped @ E3 has now confirmed with Epic's Mark Rein that Unreal II, the FPS sequel by Legend Entertainment, will not be shown at all on next month's trade show E3, because the title is still too early in development and release is "more than a year away." The update also mentions what things Epic will be showing instead.

Voyager Interview

German fan site Hazard has interviewed Joshua Weier, AI programmer at Raven on Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force, their upcoming Quake III Arena engine title. Joshua talks about his background in the industry (he worked part-time on Hexen 2 while still in high school) and what gamers can expect from the AI of both the enemies and NPCs in the game. The interview is available in both English and German.

Bridge Commander Q&A

AVault has conducted a Q&A with Totally Games' Larry Holland, talking to him about Bridge Commander, the upcoming space-sim set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. As the game won't ship until 2001, details are slightly scarce, but Larry gives some general information about the gameplay and design, while promising not to spoil any surprises too soon.

The Joy of Deus Ex

Deus Ex Incarnate has posted a triple-play of miscellaneous interviews relating to Deus Ex, ION Storm's upcoming Unreal-engine sci-fi RPG. The Q&As are with Chad 'MISMonkey' Warren (who is indeed their MIS monkey), Alexander Brandon of Straylight Productions (the game's music monkeys), and Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive, the port monkeys at work on the Macintosh version. Excuse me, I have to go now... I have a strange craving for a banana.

Serious Sam Shots

Croteam has updated the Serious Sam website with a new set of screenshots of their upcoming first-person shooter, as well as an overview of the features of the Serious Engine that powers it, illustrated by even more screenshots.

Epilogue Screenshot & Info

GA-Strategy has posted a single new screenshot from Epilogue, a 3D real-time strategic game under construction at Dutch developers Team Sigma, as well as some additional details about the game and its engine.

Diablo II Stuff

In a refreshing break from the flood of shots, reports, etc. from the widely distributed private beta, GameSpot News has posted some new Diablo II information gleaned from a recent visit they made to Blizzard to check out progress on the actual game. Included are new screenshots from Acts II and III, as well as more details about the specific abilities of all of the classes in the upcoming action/RPG sequel.

Dreamcast Port Dreams

There's a Dreamcast Quake III Arena preview on Dreamcast.IGN.Com discussing the upcoming port in detail, as well as delving a bit into the history of the first-person shooter (sure to get a rise out of some for the odd contention that "Golden Eye does not count" as a "real" FPS). The preview is illustrated with a bunch of screenshots, but they're all from the PC version. They have also updated their Dreamcast Half-Life preview, which now offers the first screenshots of this console port of Half-Life, Valve's "game-of-the-year," along with a lot of info on the project, albeit much of it speculative. Thanks Pvt.Ryan.

Tech Bits

Voyager Taunts

Raven's Kenn Hoekstra updated his .plan pointing the way to this messageboard thread where you can suggest taunts for the multiplayer portion of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, their upcoming Quake III-engine trekkie shooter. My suggestion? "Your captain is Mrs. Columbo!"

Guides & Walkthroughs

Excessive UT

Mr. Pants' EXCESSIVE Overkill page has version 1.0 of Excessive Overkill for Unreal Tournament, the debut release of this mod originally coded for Quake III Arena. Excessive UT supports Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing, and Assault. As is often the case with mods, there is not a lot of detail on the page about either version, so I dug up the description we posted upon the announcement of Excessive Overkill for Q3A: "Most of the weapons have been changed to increase their speed and death-dealing power, resulting in mass mayhem anytime you join a server. Self-damage is turned off, and you start off with all of the super-charged weapons, so the hurting can start as soon as you enter!"

Half-Life Admin Mod

A new version 0.81 of the Half-Life Admin Mod is now available. The new release addresses some Win32 glitches, fixes some file loading bugs, and adds the ability to password models. If you are unfamiliar with this administrative mod for Half-Life, you're in luck, since the website has just been redesigned to make it much more accessible to users looking to find info on the mod.

Star Trek Homeworld

The Star Trek vs Star Wars Total Conversion Mod for Homeworld page has the debut beta release of their Federation mod for Homeworld which boldly goes where many previous shows, movies, and games have gone before, offering action set in the Star Trek universe. Beta 0.1 of Federation requires you install their type 11 alpha, and among other things, "fixes the Type 11's super guns and adds the Delta Flyer and Defiant."

Neverwinter Nights at E3

BioWare to demonstrate Neverwinter Nights at E3 is the press release announcing a demonstration of the networking capabilities of BioWare's upcoming multiplayer RPG by connecting the demos being given at E3 with demos of the game being conducted at BioWare's offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The demo is a by-appointment, press-only dealie, but this may be of interest of those eager to play this upcoming AD&D game as an indicator of how far along it is in development.

New Ldsl Doom

The LSDlDoom page has a new version of this (deep breath) Ldsl port of LxDoom, the Linux port of Boom, which is TeamTNT's modified version of the original Doom source code, which is publicly available under the terms of the GPL. Thanks Jacek Fedoryñski.

More E3 Tix

Another pair of E3 tickets are being given away... If you have Flash hit the mute button on your sound card (trust me) and head over to the much-too-noisy Mad Catz website where they have a pair of the coveted items to give away. Hmmm Catz tickets... every New York tourist's dream =].

Editing Stuff

There are a load of new editing tutorials on with tips on creating maps for Quake III Arena. Also, while probably not really of use to a mod author other than fun value, we still feel we must point out that version 2.1 of tinyGL is now available, offering 3D modeling for the PalmOS. No really. Thanks Terror_5. Finally, if you don't think that was a stretch for today's Editing Stuff, how about the Need for Speed 5 graphics editor on


Razer CPL Winner Fatality, Makaveli and PowerK interviews on Also, Redwood's Razer CPL Pictures Day 3 and 4 shots are up on Stomped. Play Quake - And Get Paid! on GameSpot UK News shows how to try to weasel your boss to pay for you to play Quake as corporate therapy, or some such cover story.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • This Download page has an updated version of their Quake to Q3A sound pack dealie. The new version replaces the Sarge sounds with the Quake player sounds to make a "Q3Fortress friendly" version of the pack where the player sounds more like he did in QWTF...
  • A little follow-up from yesterday. Further word on the PC Accelerator website is that "We don't have specific information on your subscriptions, but from what we've heard they will be switched to PC Gamer." Thanks Chris Atzinger...
  • Word from the folks at Gibbed.Com they are shutting down the site almost immediately, so if you are hosted there, you better download any materials you need from there before they disappear permanently...

Out of the Blue

In the inevitable punch line to yesterday's setup, the DSL man just plain didn't show up yesterday (this is not the guy who needed to get in the basement, we got that part installed last week), and the person at my ISP who could tell me why was out sick, so as the rain inevitably follows the sun (or something like that), my installation is still in a holding pattern over the airport, circling... circling... circling...

This Chat Transcript Warner Home Video on Home Theater Forum that mentions specifically "WHV does not have Domestic Rights to THE SOPRANOS. It has International Rights and will tentatively release the First Season on DVD in 4th Quarter 2000."

Link of the Day: Windows 98's secret. Thanks Khoa.
Story of the Day: Army develops prototype for 'wired' soldier of tomorrow (CNN).
Bonus Story: Radio hosts' promotion not eggs-actly what they wanted (CNN). Thanks Jim Hendrickson.

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