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Monday, Apr 12, 1999


New QuArK

The Official QuArK Homepage has the version 5.9 of the Quake Army Knife editor, which seems to be a non-beta version. Thanks Fist. To find the new release, go to Armin's news page, rather than the downloads page.

Lawsuit Follow-up

AVault has published a story about the lawsuit being brought by the parents of victims in the 1997 Kentucky high school tragedy (see story), featuring court documents they've obtained that shed some light on what companies are being mentioned. Here's an excerpt:

According to court documents obtained by the Adrenaline Vault, the defendants include Apogee Software, id Software, GT Interactive, Sega of America, Atari Corporation, Acclaim Entertainment, Interplay Productions, Midway Home Entertainment, Nintendo of America, Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment, Capcom Entertainment, Eidos Interactive and Squaresoft. The complaint contends these companies produced and supplied games that made the violence “pleasurable and attractive” and disconnected the savageness from natural consequences. In addition, the plaintiffs claim the games taught Carneal to point and shoot in a fashion that made him an “extraordinarily effective killer.”

I contacted id Software's Todd Hollenshead for a clarification, and he did tell me that they have not been served with a lawsuit as of yet, but mentioned that if that happens he won't be able to speak about pending litigation. We'll keep you updated as this develops...


A handful of interviews for your enjoyment this evening...first up, Computer Gaming Review has a quick Q&A with Rick Overman, director and lead programmer on Dynamix's other Starsiege title, the well-named...well, Starsiege. The Q&A deals with the status of the first Starsiege patch, which according to Rick will be released sometime in about a week, assuming it clears QA on time. If you're into Wing Commander, swing by WCNews for their latest Chris Roberts interview in Real Audio format. It's a bit on the large size (a big ol' 8 meg!) but it deals with Roberts' new game Starlancer, as well as the Wing Commander movie. Lastly, GuruTech has a quick Q&A with George Broussard of 3DRealms regarding their recent announcement that they won't be showing anything at E3 this year (see story).

More on MDK2 Multiplayer

Bioware's David Chan e-mailed us regarding the multiplayer (or lack thereof) in MDK2, in response to the feeling conveyed in the now pulled GA-Source Q&A (see story):

Just to let you know that "MDK2" does not lack multiplayer. Saying a game "lacks multiplayer" implies that a game isn't whole unless it supports it. MDK2 was never intended to be multiplayer and that stance has not changed from day one. The focus is to make a cool single player game.

I understand that the gaming community, especially the Quake fans, all think that single player only is a death sentence. I would have to disagree. Half-Life and Thief are perfect examples of really solid single player games. If Half Life didn't have multiplayer I wouldn't have missed truth be told.

Don't get me wrong, I love multiplayer games, that's why I worked for 2 years putting on Fragapalooza here in Canada. I think that it is important to realize that there are distinctions between the categories and that is a good thing for all gamers. I am really looking forward to Q3 so I can kick some office butt :)

This of course, comes as no suprise to any MDK fans, who will recall that the original MDK was a single player title from day-one as well.

Screen Shootin'

A bunch of screenshots for you on this Monday afternoon...Insomnia Software has updated their site with some new (pre-alpha) images from Decay, their freaky-realistic first person shooter (thanks Rasgueado). Also, Derek Smart has posted some new shots from Battlecruiser 3020 AD over on the BC3K page, complete with the first ever shot of the redesigned interface. If you're not sick of screenshots yet, swing by GameSpot UK for a new System Shock 2 gallery, featuring new screens from Looking Glass' new title.

id Sued by Parents?

According to this Yahoo! news bit, the parents of three students killed in a Kentucky high school shooting spree by a 14 year old freshman are possibly naming id amongst the responsible parties in this horrible incident. Here's the scoop:

The parents today announced their intent to file a $130 million lawsuit against two Internet porn sites, several computer game companies and the makers and distributors of the 1995 Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Basketball Diaries."

The suit will be filed in U.S. District Court later today, lawyers said.

"We intend to hurt Hollywood. We intend to hurt the video game industry. We intend to hurt sex porn sites" on the Internet, said Jack Thompson, one of the parents' lawyers.

The lawsuit claims that confessed shooter Michael Carneal, a 14-year-old freshman at Heath High School at the time of the Dec. 1, 1997, shootings, was influenced by the violence in "The Basketball Diaries" and by several violent computer games such as "Doom," "Quake," and "Mortal Combat."

Back on Track

As promised, the fine folks at Pair were able to help us with the corrupted database this morning, so the BlueTracker is back online bringing you the best laid .plans of mice and men (though hopefully with the DB problems fixed, they won't so oft go awry).

Mortyr Screenshots

GamesZone previews Mortyr with a German language preview of Interactive Magic's upcoming World War II shooter (literal translations, as always, available through AltaVista). The piece contains screenshots, including the first shots I've seen of what combat looks like when you return from the past to your own time (in the game) of 2093.

Todd Hollenshead Interview

More multilingual madness, as Pa-Hom.Com interviews Todd Hollenshead (in English) talking to the id Software CEO in a Q&A which has also been translated into Spanish.

Daikatana Interview

Daikatana HeadQuarters has posted an interview with Justin "Logic" Randall, talking to the ION Storm programmer about his work on Daikatana.

MDK2 Interview (Updated)

Interview mania continues, as the MDK2 Q&A on GA-Source talks with Greg Zeschuk, president and joint-CEO of BioWare Corp., about the planned lack of multi-player support for MDK2. Update: this story has been removed from GA-Source.

New loonygames

It's a new week, and a new issue of loonygames. Here's the rundown of what's appearing throughout the week:

  • Totally Tribal: Jason "loonyboi" Bergman sits down with Mark Frohmayer for this talk about all things Tribes. Featuring bits about Tribes 2, what the singleplayer version of Tribes would have been like, why there aren't any AI driven bots, and more! [Monday]
  • Pixel Obscura: Josh Vasquez checks out StarCraft: Brood War! [Tuesday] Also look for Jason "loonyboi" Bergman's look at StarCraft in The Bargain Bin! [Thursday]
  • From the Mouth of Madness: Photoshop for webmasters...part deux! [Monday]
  • User Friendly: Continuing this week, the ever popular Star Wars parody! [DAILY!]
  • PLUS: A pair of Penny Arcades [Wednesday, Friday], Code on the Cob [Wednesday], Pad Happy does Silent Hill [Thursday], do it yourself space scenes in Painting on Polygons [Wednesday] and lots more! And then some more, because we just cough up content, baby.

BeQuake 2 in June?

According to this article on ZDNET, the long awaited BeOS version 4.1 has been cancelled (aww...) in favor of version 4.5 which will be released in June. One of the features BeOS fans have been waiting desperately for is hardware accelerated OpenGL, which has been holding back any major game development on the platform. To reassure BeOS users, the article also says, "in addition, a Be version of Quake 2 will ship shortly after its release." Also, Reid sends along word that BeQuake 2 is being demonstrated at the BeDeveloper Conference, as mentioned in this BeNews story.

DNF & Prey Not at E3

This week's editorial on GameSlice covers a few bases, offering a new screenshot of Sven Technology's Multi-Resolution Geometry, the new modeling tech being used in Duke Nukem Forever. There is also the revelation there that Duke Forever and Prey will both be no-shows at this year's E3 (May, in Los Angeles), as part of what the article describes as a movement away from programming demos specifically for shows like E3. Here's a quote:

However there is starting to be a backlash against the need for an "E3 demo" for well established game franchises. Take, for example, the fact that both Duke Nukem Forever and Prey from 3D Realms will be no where on the show floor. And they won't be in a back room or on videotape either. 3D Realms' made the decision to forgo the madness of E3 a few weeks ago. Although this news will surely cause speculation about the current status of these projects,it exemplifies the latest thinking on trade shows: Only show something unless it's just about to ship or going to blow everyone away.

TRIBES Weapon Skinning

There's a TRIBES Weapon Skinning article up on PlanetStarSiege giving the skinny on how to skin weapons in the game with new textures.

OneThumb Interview

10 Questions With SamHell interviews Don "OneThumb" MacAskill talking to Ritual's digitally impaired one about work and play.

Hardware Bits

Morning bits that don't byte: Beyond 3D 22 bits color Follow-Up Part 2 has more on this 22-bit rendering dealie of 3dfx'. Also, "So hart, jeder Zahnarztbohrer würde an uns verzweifeln!" declares the new German language version of HardOCP. To segue, the original HardOCP (and perhaps the translation already, as well), also has word on a program they've posted that allows software control over the clock speed of ASUS P2 mobos, similar to ABit's SoftMenu dealie. Finally, I see on VE there are Voodoo 3 2000 overclocking results on Blitz3D.

Fishman's Q2 DM Mod

Fishman's DM Mod is a server side only Quake II modification featuring an off-hand (Lithium II-style) grappling hook, a flashlight, sunshine, laser-mines, as well as new grenades and a new hyper-blaster. Available on Fishman's DM page (the Spanish language page has 10 screenshots).

King of the Server

QFL Home Page has the release of their King of the Server mod, a server-only Quake II enhancement that "adds an RPG feeling to Quake II." To play this mod you must create a password upon joining the server so your persistent information can be retrieved when you re-join.


The Rogues' Gallery is a repository for Quake II players unaffiliated with clans to find competitions. Speaking of rogues galleries, also, as promised yesterday, here's today's identify the photo contest:

who.jpg (403343 bytes)

Think you know? Send your guess to, and a random entry from the correct guesses will even win a prize (unnamed to avoid giving hints). We'll stop accepting entries at Midnight EDT Friday night/Saturday morning. No purchase necessary, void anywhere it will cause a hassle.



  • Diet Tips of Programming Stars is a humor piece in National Game Review offering theoretical health food tips from id's John Carmack (pork rinds and cheese), ION's John Romero ("two words: Corn Nuts"), and even Mario's papa Shigeru Miyamoto ("the 'Monster Burger' combo from Hardee's"). Thanks batou. ("Coming Soon! Sex Tips from Top Programmers!")...
  • Another short Half-Life story has been added to the collection on Twisted Half-Life...
  • Holy Cacodemons Batman! The Doom engine lives on in the Batman Doom 32 level TC featuring the caped crusader (thanks da prowsta), and Billy at Voodoo Extreme points out that Kokak's Heretic Page has a new version 0.08 of GLHeretic...

Out of the Blue

Thanks Casey "a guy" Barton for sending along some JavaScript code a while back (loony inspired me to check it out yesterday) that clears the "search!" box when you click in the box, and puts it back if you click outside it when it's empty. Neat stuff, I'm hopeful it won't cause any problems on anyone's browsers (JavaScript isn't supposed to, but we've already experienced otherwise here in the past). Fixing the BlueTracker has been waiting on Monday morning to get someone at our host to look at a database for us, hopefully the end is in sight for this glitch. Speaking of glitches, about the last known Blammo bugs have been squashed, fixing some remaining cosmetic problems (no more "0"s padding single digit dates or the AM hours, and the midnight hour now displays as "12" instead of "00"), so if any things like that remain, please pass along word, since I am not aware of them.

Link of the Day: Miroslav Satan is a player for the Buffalo Sabres. As Matthew Rorie pointed out when he sent this along, "I would think the lord of the underworld would average at least a point a game." Proving someone with a sense of humor/irony is paying attention over at CNN-SI, Mr. Satan's URL in the database is indeed .../hockey/nhl/players/666/ (cue Twilight Zone music).

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