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Saturday, Sep 15, 2001 World Cleanup Day

New All-Seeing Eye

A new version 1.4 of The All-Seeing Eye server browser is now available, offering, among other things, a couple of timely new features that have been implemented impressively quickly: Operation Flashpoint dedicated server support, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test support.

Myth III Previews

GameSpot's Myth III The Wolf Age Updated Preview offers a look at this upcoming prequel to the Myth series. Included in the article is an introduction that attempts to clarify the game's ancestry (though this may cause headaches) that leads to the game's development by Mumbo Jumbo Games, a rundown on the Myth mythos, the returning characters (or preceding characters, since it's a prequel), new units, the role of heroes, and more. Also, GameSpot's Myth III The Wolf Age Media Index features a video preview of the game, where they explain some of the new features of the upcoming RTS game.

GameSpot Wolfenstein Warning

Activision's Caryn Law sends a warning that GameSpot has the incorrect version of the just-released Wolfenstein multiplayer test, and you should not download it from there until it's corrected. Here's the word:
GameSpot has the WRONG VERSION of the Wolfenstein test. They have an older build. Can you please alert your readers NOT to download it from there? I've got some mirror lists going on I know right now you can get the CORRECT FILE from FilePlanet, Blue's News, and 3D Gamers.
Update: GameSpot has now updated its copy of the multiplayer test, so the warning no longer applies.

Wolfenstein MP Test Released

As promised, the multiplayer test of Return to Castle Wolfenstein has now been released for download at FilePlanet (registration required) and GameSpot. This 63.5 MB download offers you the first taste of the multiplayer side in the WWII first-person shooter developed by Gray Matter and Nerve Software. We also have a local copy with more mirrors available, and please note that there are special installation notes for Windows 2000 and NT users, and for non-US Windows installations. Here is an overview of what the test brings:
Brief list of what the TEST does and does not contain:

--Contains one multiplayer teamplay map
--Does not contain single player or bots (you will need a connection to the Internet to play)
--Please check the readme.html file that is included with the game for a description of how to play, what is included, known issues, and other important information.
--Does not contain cheats (e.g. noclip, modified fov, giveall, etc.)
--Mods, game modifications, hacks, alterations, etc. are expressly prohibited with this TEST (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details)
--Redistribution of this Multiplayer TEST is not permitted by any means other than electronically via the Internet. Redistribution via any physical medium is expressly prohibited (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details).
--This is a TEST. You may experience compatibility or performance issues. Please send all feedback and bugs to

Echelon Q&A

There's an Echelon Interview on Echelon HQ (thanks A Talent For War) talking with Andy Ray, the lead art director from Raystation/MADia ltd., talking about the making of Echelon, their science fiction game of aerial combat. Topics in the short Q&A include the size of Andy's team, its role in the game's development, the creation of the cinematic intro, their work on the Echelon expansion, and more.

On Wolfenstein MP Strategies

Adding to the rising tension about the imminent multiplayer test for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, id Software's Robert Duffy updated his .plan with some tips and tricks for its team-based gameplay. Here is how it kicks off:
I thought I'd share a bit of information about the Wolf MP Test. Basically some strategies and techniques we use around here.

The key to Wolf MP is teamwork, you need good class balance to perform the objectives. There is no health on the map, and no ammo either. You will need a Medic to supply health and a Lieutenant to supply ammo. Here is a quick run down on some stuff. More info is in the readme that will accompany the test but this will get you started. Wolf MP was designed to have friendly fire on, you can turn it off but it is much more fun on.

Throne of Darkness Beta Patch

If you're participating in the ongoing beta test of Throne of Darkness (story), chances are that you already know this, as this post in the official forum announces that a version 1.2 patch for the beta build is now available. The patch requires a 1.93 MB download, but there are no details on the changes it brings to Click Entertainment's isometric action RPG.

Wolfenstein Linux Server Soon

Linux Games has received word from Timothy Besset, the project lead on QERadiant/GtkRadiant who is also in charge of the Linux port of Quake III Arena and, apparently, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, that a dedicated Linux server for today's multiplayer test demo will be released, but not a Linux client. Here is the update:
There will be a linux dedicated, no client yet... maybe a few days after the test is out... there will be a linux dedicated .. we've been testing it for a while .. as for the client I haven't started with it yet

Warrior Kings Movie

Although not yet available from their official Warrior Kings site, Microids has released a new movie trailer for Warrior Kings for download here. This very modest 2.7 MB movie in DivX AVI format offers a minute and a half of footage, introducing the 3D real-time strategy game by UK developers Black Cactus and showing off plenty of in-game action.

Galactic Battlegrounds Preview

Games Domain previews Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds based on playing with a pre-release early alpha of the upcoming Star Wars RTS game. Along the way they confirm the inclusion of an editor, describe the different factions you can play, the powers building Jedi Temples will provide, and specific aspects of the six campaigns the player will undertake, like controlling Chewbacca as Qui-Gon Jinn acts as your guide or traveling as Princess Leia to a remote planet to secure information from a spy.

New Q3A True Combat

A new build 10 of the Official True Combat mod for Quake III Arena is now available (thanks Stomped), updating this "supperreal" modification with a few bug fixes, including a predictable button bug, the return of the scoreboard to all game modes, a fix for the weapon position for the ak47; mp5k; g3; and m4nw, and more.

AquaNox Preview, Q&A

There is an AquaNox Special on Swiss site, looking ahead to the underwater 3D action game currently submersed at Massive Development. The report is available only in German, so you can try to fillet the rough Babel Fish translation, and it includes a hands-on preview with new screenshots (Babel Fish), a Q&A with project leader Wolfgang Walk (Babel Fish), reports from a LAN-event, and more.

Heroes of Might and Magic IV Site

3DO has opened the official Heroes of Might and Magic IV site for business, showcasing their upcoming turn-based strategy sequel. The site offers a synopsis of the game's story, overviews of its features and gameplay elements, as well as plenty of new screenshots and character images, and more. Thanks Kirby for the tip.

New Emperor Maps

The official Emperor: Battle for Dune site now offers the second multiplayer map pack for Westwood's 3D real-time strategy game as a 6.1 MB download (thanks Gobalopper). This pack requires the previous set to be installed first, and it again includes two maps, "Glacier Bridge" for eight players and "Rift Valley" for two players.

Wolfenstein Test Preview's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test Preview is online, offering first-hand impressions after a trip to Activision to check out the multiplayer compatibility test of Return to Castle Wolfenstein that will be released later today (story). The preview offers another rundown on what the test version will offer, including details on gameplay, player classes, and more, with only a single reference to "goose-steppin'" along the way.

Halo Update

The new weekly Halo update is online, this time out it's up on The update mentions the "bummed out" reaction to the launch and subsequent un-launch of the Halo website yesterday (story), and word that they plan on making a new screenshot release available to make up for it, though they need some time to work out the conversion of what turn out to be 50-some MB TIFF files to something more net-friendly, as "Half the fun of a Halo screenshot is the ability to zoom in and see the ridiculous level of detail involved." Other current activities mentioned in the update is work on optimizing framerates, AI improvements, the multiplayer play they've been engaged in, that the dialog; music; and sounds are basically complete, a description of a bit of single-player play, and a promise that "there's more where that came from" for those who had the chance to enjoy the footage that was available for a brief time yesterday. Unbeknownst to him when he wrote that, this page on FilePlanet has that video for download, and Halo.Bungie.Org has managed to post some more of the material the MS site contained, including the site's informational text, some screenshots, and screen captures from the O'Donnell/Staten interview.

Nexagon Diary's Nexagon Developer Diary Volume 7 is online, with Paul Thibault discussing the "Pits" that will serve as the arenas in the upcoming 3D game of action and tactics, describing them as "like baseball or football stadiums only they've got lava pits, fire breathing statues, and other nasty traps." The diary offers a description of the design process for these pits, discussing the inclusion of traps and puzzles, as well as billboards that offer advertising, a feature that impacts gameplay, as combatants who can control the billboards and pose in front of them will reap financial rewards from the game's corporations.

Dark Space Update

The Dark Space Official Website has a new update on the latest changes to the open beta of this online space game including news that servers now check in for updates every 30 minutes and will automatically restart when there is a new version available (giving players five minutes notice before doing so), rank limits can now be specified in the server settings to allow the creation of newbie servers, a new distress system has been implemented, and word that some important keys have changed: Control-B now toggles point defenses, and Control-D kicks off the self-destruct.

WW2 Online Free Trial Begins

World War II Online website has word that their "30-day, no risk, free trial has been activated." There is also a confirmation that the additional 30 days of free play coupons some purchasers of the game received will be honored, and that they are also implementing a pre-payment option. Additional details about this include: "You cannot suspend your free trial and start it later," and "No credit cards will be billed until the free trial ends."

Raven Q&A

Silent Gaming interviews Michael Crown, the director of product development at Raven Software in a Q&A that doesn't focus on development of a specific game, but rather features general topics like life in the gaming business, why more companies don't self-publish on the Internet, why companies put the effort they do into game manuals, his feelings about piracy, the future of advertising within games, and more.

Stronghold Preview

MGON's Stronghold Preview takes a look at this upcoming strategy game of castle construction. The preview, based on playing with a pre-release version of Stronghold, discussing its 2D graphics, units, resource management, the music, and more.

Consolation's X-Day Impressions of Halo offers some positive first-hand impressions of the Xbox version of Halo that they created when Microsoft demonstrated it for them, while their X-Day Impressions of Munch likewise has their impressions of seeing Munch's Oddysee, while the Oddworld Munch's Odyssey preview on has more screenshots. GameSpot Coverage of the GameCube's Japanese Launch has more on the launch with specific impressions of several games as well as the system interface. Resident Evil Evolves on Cube.IGN.Com compares the Playstation version of Resident Evil to the GameCube version, including screenshots. Finally, Connecting to the Cube on examines the musical question "What's the big deal about the Game Boy Advance linking up to the GameCube?"

Adding Story to the Action

The Need to Adapt the Tools of Drama to Interactive Storytelling on Gamasutra is a feature that discusses the need to integrate more storyline to action games, and the difficulties this presents, going on to examine the ways the traditional three act dramatic structure can be used in gaming.

Game Guidance

PlanetDiablo's Chain Lightning Sorceress Guide is up. GameSpot's Conquest: Frontier Wars Guide has been posted. The usual weekly update has been made to Star Wars Galaxies Online FAQ, albeit a small one. There have also been minor updates to the official World War II Online FAQ.

Help Wanteds

The HeadHunt page on the Human Head Studios Website has word that they are on the lookout for an experienced Quake III Arena level designer, saying: "Modeling skills in 3D Studio Max or Lightwave are a definite plus." Jon Galloway updated his .plan with word that Ritual is "looking for a really strong and seasoned 3D Character Artist to immediately join the tribe," saying the candidate should "be very strong in all areas of production related to characters, such as: Modeling, skinning, and animation." Carbon6 Entertainment's website has word of openings for a lead artist, a lead programmer, and a lead level designer to join American McGee and Dave Taylor in their new company.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Well the power has been restored to the area that caused my DSL to go under, but what I've learned since then is that this was not the only thing that would go into restoring service, so that's still in the works. What I have also learned since then is that this does not just impact the New York City area, but is, in fact, causing problems with Covad customers across the country, so if you are one of them whose service has likewise been interrupted (presuming you got online some other way to read this), they are still working on it.

Link of the Day: Paint the Moon. Thanks Chris Johnson.
Media of the Day: Thank you, everyone, for your support during this difficult time. Thanks Redwood.

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