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Monday, Jun 10, 2024

Anno 117: Pax Romana Announced

Ubisoft reveals Anno 117: Pax Romana as the awkward title of the next installment in the Anno series of historical strategy games. This is coming to PC and consoles in Anno 2025, and while there aren't many details at the moment, a livestream is planned for June 18th on Twitch. There's a Governors Wanted Video Teaser, but this is a live-action affair, so it will chew the scenery while providing no calories in return. The Pax Romana Website has what there is to see for now. Here's a bit from the announcement:
As governor, will you encourage economic growth or expand your rule through dominance? Lead with rebellion or unite a diverse culture? The cost of peace is yours to decide.

Are you ready to build, trade and expand?

As any Anno game, Anno 117: Pax Romana features a unique mix of traditional city building, a deep economical simulation and 4X features like diplomacy, military and a solid narrative layer. You'll create vast metropolises, manage intricate logistics, and explore the world while interacting with other characters and competitors!
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Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Reveal

Following the brief teaser for Star Wars Outlaws the other day, Ubisoft returns with an Official Gameplay Showcase for the upcoming third-person action/adventure that will immerse players in the seamier side of the Star Wars universe, naturally starting off in a notorious hive of scum and villainy. The clip includes over 10 minutes of gameplay, including space combat, planetary reentry, and an authentically sandy Tatooine, twin suns and all. Here's word on the game:
Star Wars Outlaws, the first-ever open-world Star Wars™ game, is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC in 2024. With development led by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars Outlaws invites you to play as cunning scoundrel Kay Vess (Humberly González), who – along with her loyal companion Nix (Dee Bradley Baker) – must pull off one of the greatest heists the Outer Rim has ever seen.

Set between the events of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, Star Wars Outlaws takes place in a time when the Galactic Empire relentlessly pursues the final defeat of the Rebel Alliance, and the criminal underworld is thriving. Kay will take on high-risk, high-reward missions from the galaxy’s crime syndicates as she seeks the means to start a new life.
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake in 2026

A new brief Teaser Trailer reveals a 2026 release window (and nothing else) for the upcoming remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the 2003 installment in the series that was so successful it spawned a movie of the same name. The remake was first announced in 2020 and has since suffered so many delays since then that it seemed like an elaborate prank based on the game's time rewind concept. Continue here to read the full story.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 Announced

Sandfall Interactive announces Clair Obscur: Expedition 33, an action/RPG with turn-based elements coming to PC and consoles next year. It's said to be inspired by "classic fantasy JRPGs and action games alike" as seen in the Reveal Trailer, which features prominent controller symbols. The official website is online, and the Windows edition can be wishlisted on the Epic Games Store or Steam. Here's more:
Inspired by beloved classic fantasy JRPGs and action games alike, Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 sets itself apart with immersive reactive turn-based battles, a mature and moving narrative and a stunning, evocative art style inspired by French and Parisienne art and architecture. Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 promises players a beautiful story-driven experience and an emotional cast of characters that will stay with them long after the credits roll. Published by Kepler Interactive, it is currently in development for Xbox Series X|S (available day one with Xbox Game Pass), PlayStation 5 and PC.
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Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream Announced

River End Games and Nordcurrent Labs announce Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream, a narrative stealth game coming to Windows and consoles. It won't arrive until next year, but you can now wishlist the PC edition on the Epic Games Store or Steam. The team's résumé's include Battlefield, Little Nightmares, Mirror's Edge, and Unravel, and the announcement boasts "near-AAA production values," offering this OFFICIAL REVEAL TRAILER to back up the claim. Here's a description:
Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream is a character-driven single-player game set in the titular Eriksholm — a fictitious city in a fictitious world greatly influenced by a Nordic-inspired, early 1900s aesthetic. It tells the tale of three protagonists united by fire in their hearts to defy their oppressors. The reveal trailer introduces protagonist Hanna, an adolescent orphan on a quest to find her brother Herman. What follows is a sequence of events that transforms Hanna into a reluctant hero, inspiring her and her friends to rise from the gutters of Eriksholm to become symbols of change.
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Vampire: The Masquerade - Reckoning of New York Announced; Demo Released

A Steam Listing is now live for Vampire: The Masquerade - Reckoning of New York, offering a playable Windows demo for this visual novel from Draw Distance and Dear Villagers. This day of reckoning will be the third installment in this series based on the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop games that began with Coteries of New York in 2019 and continued with Shadows of New York in 2020. Here's a bit:
Dive into the streets of New York City in 2024, where the delicate balance of power hangs by a thread. Navigate the treacherous waters of vampiric politics as you contend with the ever-shifting landscape between the Camarilla and Anarchs. In a city where every move could mean the difference between unlife and final death, will you carve out your own destiny amidst the chaos or will your ambition spell your doom?

Vampire: The Masquerade - Reckoning of New York invites you to immerse yourself in the third installment of this gripping visual novel series, set against the backdrop of a modern-day metropolis teeming with supernatural intrigue. Embrace the darkness as a Kindred, a vampire thrust into a world of danger and betrayal where survival is paramount.

FragPunk Announced

Netease announces FragPunk, a 5v5 hero shooter coming to Windows and Xbox Series X|S in 2025, and testing on each platform is expected to begin soon. This is by no means the first game on the hero shooter bandwagon, but it incorporates card-based mechanics to hopefully set it apart. These are on display in the Official World Premiere Trailer. Word is the cards are there to help tip the balance in key spots:
Players can bend the rules of combat to their advantage, as they pick their hero, customize their weapon loadout, and choose from a selection of shard cards that shift every round in this free to play experience. FragPunk is developed by Bad Guitar, a subsidiary studio of ThunderFire which is one of the primary studios under NetEase, and will come to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025. There will be upcoming tests for both Xbox and Steam that will be open to players in the near future.

Welcome to a future where lancers, genetically enhanced heroes, face off against each other in a competition for the most valuable resource in the universe: Glunite. Any good lancer knows that the rules of engagement can change on a dime thanks to powerful tools known as shard cards, and only the players that constantly adapt will emerge victorious. The wide variety of shard cards in FragPunk can be played at the start of every round, impacting the very rules by which the game is played. Players will encounter frozen floors, exploding bullets, cloning technology, digital footprint tracking and so much more.
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Demos & Freebies

  • Chromatic Memories on Steam (Windows). "A visual novel about grief, memory and acceptance. Nayara is a painter of memories: she digs into her clients’ minds to change or even erase their memories. One day she realizes she has altered her own memory. What was so painful or unbearable that she wanted to forget it for good?"
  • Chocolate Factory on Steam (Windows). "Build your dream Chocolate Factory among candy cane forests and gumdrop hills to produce the tastiest sweets. A delicious first-person factory automation game with a little exploration and combat. Confectionary conveyor belt heaven awaits!"
  • City 20 on Steam (Windows). "Embark on a dystopian-tinged survival sandbox adventure where the world dynamically responds to your actions. Craft your own narrative through a series of choices, navigating harsh environmental conditions and organized factions, and delving into unsolved mysteries."
  • Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux). "Battle your way through a seedy tavern filled with gambling addicted townspeople in this Blackjack Roguelike Adventure. From aces and face cards to tarot cards, business cards and more, create your unique deck to beat the house."
  • IRONHIVE on Steam (Windows). "Ironhive is a deckbuilding strategy game about surviving in a dying world. Build your colony, ensure the survival of your people, create a legacy that will be passed on to the next generations. As the Ironlord, you are their only remaining hope."
  • Master Blaster on Steam (Windows, macOS). "Grab your controller, charge your blasters and prepare for the physics shooter of the Universe! Take on diverse gameplay challenges, manage and upgrade your resources and abilities while you unfold the mysteries of the Cosmos. Defeat LORD CHAOSBRINGER and earn your title as the..."
  • Metal Slug Tactics on Steam (Windows). "METAL SLUG makes an explosive return! Dive into this dynamic tactical RPG with a roguelite thrill and experience the iconic run'n'gun action of the original series, redefined. Grab your weapons, assemble your squad and conquer the battlefield to defeat the infamous Rebel Army."
  • Pantless on Steam (Windows). "Pantless brings a hilarious twist to the rage-inducing game genre inspired by Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. In this third-person, physics-based game, players control customizable characters hilariously devoid of pants, navigating through chaotic and fun challenges."
  • Railroad Corporation 2 on Steam (Windows). "The 20th century heralds the new age of electrification for the mighty railroad, and with it, a new opportunity to make your fortune. Build your empire carefully, as you deploy modern electric and diesel locomotives, lay new tracks, transport goods and passengers, and stay ahead of the competition."
  • Steel Seed on Steam (Windows). "Steel Seed is a single player stealth-action adventure game set in a dark sci-fi world. In her epic journey inside a hostile underground facility run by AIs, Zoe is alone with Koby, a flying drone, as her only companion."
  • Sunset Motel on Steam (Windows). "Ready for the transformation of neglected rooms? Ensure customer satisfaction, renovate interiors, design entertainment spaces! Manage your motel in your own style and provide travelers with unforgettable experiences!"
  • SWORN on Steam (Windows). "SWORN is a 1-4 player co-op action rogue-like. Explore and reclaim a fallen Camelot from the reign of a corrupted Arthur and his Knights of the round table."
  • Vampire Therapist on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux). "Guide vampires through centuries of emotional baggage, decades of delusions and the odd bout of self-loathing with real cognitive behavioral therapy concepts and become a Vampire Therapist! Even vampires need a shoulder to cry on when a neck to bite just won’t do."
  • While Waiting on Steam (Windows). "Presented by the team behind critically acclaimed 'Moncage', this is a transformative adventure exploring the art of waiting. Clear the game by doing nothing, but discover the power of acceptance and patience in numerous situations from birth to death. Learn to embrace life as you wait."

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge Released

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is now available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch, and the Windows, macOS, and Linux edition has hopped out on Steam. Humble Reeds and Armor Games Studios offer this Launch Trailer. Do you like turtles? Sorry, wrong game. Here's word:
Return home as Cleo, an adult yearning for a break from her mundane day-to-day, as she reconnects with Axel, her caring childhood friend known for his love of frogs. Rebuild their local wetlands and foster a home for frogs of all varieties in a restoration project filled with a colorful cast of characters working towards a wholesome goal.

Hop into a cozy farmland by collecting more than 500 adorable amphibians across eight species. Discover each one’s food preferences, specific color patterns, and unique traits, then breed them for repopulation and research. Capture ‘em all (on film, not with a net!) by photographing each frog throughout three distinct biomes and log them in the handy Frogedex.
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Empire of the Ants in November

A new Release Date Trailer for Empire of the Ants offers a new look at the detailed graphics in this upcoming strategy game while announcing it will crawl out onto PC and consoles on November 7th. Based on the science fiction novel of the same name by Bernard Werber, this puts the player in the role of an ant working to protect its colony. Here's more on the game before a picnic breaks out and ruins everything:
With Empire of the Ants, every decision is critical, every move is strategic, and every conquest reflects your skill in exploring a world where the smallest beings wield immense power! Strategy, exploration, battles, and even alliances with the local wildlife will be necessary to emerge victorious from the myriad challenges that await players.

Developed by the renowned studio Tower Five using Unreal Engine 5, 'Empire of the Ants' offers players a real-time strategic experience inspired by Bernard Werber's iconic saga. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure, where you must lead a colony of ants to prosperity through tactical and strategic battles in a world of epic proportions. Strategy, exploration, battles, and alliances with the local wildlife will all be essential for overcoming the many challenges that await players.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Requires Persistent Connection

A listing of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Editions from Activision reveals the next installment in the military shooter series will require an internet connection for all game modes (thanks VGC). Word is:
To deliver the highest-quality visuals while also reducing the game’s overall storage space on your hard drive, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will use texture streaming across all game modes. This means you’ll need a continuous internet connection to play any game mode, including Campaign. If you’re on a console, Campaign can be played without a premium subscription service such as Game Pass Core or PlayStation Plus.

Demos & Freebies - Steam Next Fest June 2024 Begins

Some are from the Steam Next Fest June 2024 which is now underway, while others are from the ongoing Latin American Games Showcase on Steam as early June is starting to become an annual showcasenado. Not to add any pressure, but some (many?) of these demos are only available for a limited time.

  • Adventure Forge on Steam (Windows, macOS). "Make your own narrative-rich games: Choose Your Own Path, Visual Novels, Hidden Object Games, and even full isometric RPGs - all with no code required. Adventure Forge is a game creation platform from legendary designer Jordan Weisman (BattleTech, MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies)."
  • Bittersweet Birthday on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux). "Bittersweet Birthday is an action game where every combat encounter is a challenging and unique experience. Learn your enemy's patterns, plan your movements and tear down your opponent in fierce battles that combine Soulslike dodge roll mechanics with bullet hell mayhem."
  • Cat Quest III on Steam (Windows). "In Cat Quest III you play as a purrivateer in a freely explorable 2.5D open-world swarming with Pi-rats. You can sail the seas in your ship for treasures galore! But prepare for peril, as the Pirate King aims to hunt you down..."
  • CATO on Steam (Windows, macOS). "CATO = Cat + Toast = Buttered cat paradox = Anti-gravity 🍞🐈🧩."
  • Caravan SandWitch on Steam (Windows). "Embark on a journey across vast landscapes in Caravan SandWitch, a captivating narrative-driven exploration adventure."
  • Diesel Legacy- The Brazen Age on Steam (Windows). "Diesel Legacy is a 2v2 fighting game where four players battle on the same stage at the same time. This unique twist on the traditional fighting game formula adds an entirely new layer of strategy where cooperation will become the key to success."
  • Handmancers on Steam (Windows). "Handmancers is a wholesome roguelite deckbuilder with a first-person twist. Craft your deck, enhance your cards, equip tricky artifacts and face powerful enemies in a strategic Parchment, Stone and Blades fight! Handmancers solve their problems through the power of their hands… literally."
  • Janosik 2 on Steam (Windows). "Janosik 2 is a retro action-platformer with metroidvania elements. Get ready to jump, slash, dodge roll, dive, smash and bash your way through deadly traps, mischievous villains and bosses, and more in this sequel to Janosik."
  • Maximum Football on Steam (Windows). "Lead your team to victory in the ultimate football simulation game that is Free to Play! Rule the gridiron with realistic, physics-based gameplay that allows every play to be unique. Customize your team, recruit your dream roster, and take it to the gridiron locally or online to cement your legacy."
  • Seal: WHAT the FUN on Steam (Windows). "'Seal: WHAT the FUN' is an omniverse multiplayer party royale game that allows up to 20 players to enjoy a range of compact plays in 10 minutes. Players can customize their characters with variety of effects and features, making the game more interactive and unpredictable."
  • Vampire Dynasty on Steam (Windows). "You are a vampire. Build a castle, manage your clan and expand your hold over Sangavia. Develop your character, experience a dramatic story in an open world and rule the land either alone or with your friends in co-op mode."

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 in November

Microsoft announces November 19th is the release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, the new installment in the long-running sim series. It will debut simultaneously for Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass, and a new Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Trailer celebrates the news with a soaring look at the game. Here's more:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is the next installment in the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. It is the most ambitious consumer flight simulator ever undertaken. It features the largest, most diverse and detailed fleet of aircraft, the most complete representation of airports and air traffic, and the most visually stunning rendition of Earth ever created. This brand-new simulator is designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics and gaming. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 goes beyond merely operating the aircraft; it will allow simmers to pursue their dream of an aviation career.
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Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield Next Month

A new Release Date Trailer for Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield serves its stated purpose, revealing July 16th is when to expect the PC and console launch of this eponymous parkour action sequel from Aerial_Knight and Headup. The Windows edition will land on the Epic Games Store and Steam. Here's more on the trailer as well as the game and its soundtrack:
Picture a vibrant kingdom packed with challenging obstacles and dangers, where every level holds something new. In this latest trailer, you'll dive into a unique land and adventure to the sounds of some dope beats. Follow the game’s two brothers as they sprint over, under, and through obstacles and enemies while they fight to regain their stolen kingdom.

Along with the new trailer, a track from the game's OST is available courtesy of Black Screen Records. You can listen to "Wally's Theme" here.
Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield is a pulse-pounding stylized action game that challenges players to run, jump, and slide over obstacles and attack enemies in an intense single-player and two-player local cooperative mode. Heart-racing beats guide the heroic brothers through the game’s dangerous and challenging environments.
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Tactical Breach Wizards in August

Tactical Breach Wizards will arrive for Windows on August 22nd, debuting a new turn-based strategy game from Suspicious Developments. This is a long time coming, as word is the game's development stretches back more than six years. In a world where this Release Date Trailer reveals a release date, word is: "The trailer profiles key members of your team, including and limited to: the Navy Seer, the Freelance Storm Witch, the Necromedic and the Rebel Riot Priest." You can check out the game for yourself in a playable demo that's now available on Steam. Word is this is part of a loosely connected sort-of trilogy with Gunpoint which launched in 2013 and Heat Signature from back in 2017. Here's more:
Tactical Breach Wizards is a turn-based tactics game in which you lead a team of renegade wizards in kevlar, as they unravel a modern conspiracy plot and/or find the most stylish way to punch a Traffic Warlock through a 4th story window.

It's the third and final game in the tenuously connected Defenestration Trilogy, following on from Gunpoint and Heat Signature only in the sense that people can and will be propelled through windows by your actions.
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Demos & Freebies

  • Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom on Steam (Windows, macOS). "Guide Aarik through wreck and ruin in this relaxing perspective puzzle adventure where the puzzle is your environment. Using your fathers crown repair, rework and rewind to mend your broken world."
  • Aloft on Steam (Windows). "Soar the skies in Aloft, the co-op sandbox survival game set in a world of floating islands. Build any island into a skyship, your home in the clouds. Find lost knowledge, cure the fungal corruption, and brave the hurricane to restore the ecosystem."
  • Amber Isle on Steam (Windows). "Welcome to Amber Isle - a quaint, friendly village of prehistoric residents who are in need of a new shopkeep... That’s you! Craft and sell items, upgrade your shop, befriend your Paleofolk neighbours and customise the island to bring the village back to life and welcome even more prehistoric pals!"
  • Clothing Store Simulator on Steam (Windows). "Are you ready to shape fashion world? Make a brand deal, order products, fill the aisles, dress the mannequins and start selling. Dresses, shirts, coats, pants, nightwear, underwear, shoes and more are waiting for you."
  • CONSCRIPT on Steam (Windows). "During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scavenge for limited supplies and solve complex puzzles - all whilst fighting for survival in the midst of mankind’s most brutal and horrifying conflict. CONSCRIPT is a new take on classic survival horror."
  • Last Moon on Steam (Windows). "Last Moon is an action RPG which embraces the vibes of classic titles from the 90s. Explore a mesmerising, vast, ruined world riddled with dangers, face tainted creatures and upgrade your abilities to regain peace. The Moon is falling. Will you bring harmony back to the world?"
  • Level Zero: Extraction on Steam (Windows). "Multiplayer extraction horror with tactical FPS combat and immersive dark atmosphere. Test your survival skills against rival players and AI enemies during intense raids for valuable loot. Or play as an alien monster that can only be killed with light and make sure no mortal escapes alive."
  • Odinfall on Steam (Windows). "Ragnarok was just the beginning… of the end! Odinfall is a Viking-themed, rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter. Blast your way through procedurally generated levels, upgrade your character, modify your weapons and take down robotic Norse gods to earn your freedom!"
  • REKA on Steam (Windows). "Channel your inner witch! Build your cozy chicken-legged hut, practice witchcraft, and forage for ingredients in autumnal woodlands. Solve quests & uncover the great mysteries of the legendary witch Baba Jaga…"
  • Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection on Steam (Windows). "Help Tama to save Koko using the powers of the forbidden Sword of the Necromancer. Turn your foes into allies and reach the depths of the Necromancer's dungeon. Gain enough power to bring Koko back from the dead, no matter the cost. Now in 3D and with a renewed battle system!"
  • Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss on Steam (Windows). "Uncover the mystery of Thalassa, a first-person psychological drama set under the sea. Ill-fate has fallen on your former crew and friends and it’s up to you to find answers onboard the wreckage. Experience the melancholic underwater journey of human stories facing life and loss."
  • WARCANA on Steam (Windows). "WARCANA is a fantasy inspired base defence, RTS game with a deck-building mechanic. Face hundreds of thousands of unrelenting monsters in a battle royale between 30 other mighty magicians. Build your deck. Prepare your defences. Summon your armies. Survive the onslaught. Be the last one..."
  • WASTED Will Be Brutal on Steam (Windows). "A Survival Open World PVE/PVP videogame that we are developing with the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine for Windows compatible PC platform, you can play in singleplayer or multiplayer mode."

Gunboat God Announced

Janson RAD and Fireshine Games announce Gunboat God, a 2D shmup where you play as the deity of destroyers. This has a Steam Listing and we're told to expect this in early 2026. In the meantime we have an announcement trailer showing off stylized graphics and smooth gameplay. Here's more:
Discover an entirely new take on the phrase ‘wave-based combat’ in this energetic arcade shooter, where players take to the seas in a fast-moving, quick-firing gunboat across hundreds of instantly gratifying micro-missions.

Upgrade and transform your gunboat with superpowered weapons, skills and abilities, riding the waves of a savage swampland and wild water worlds with dynamic, fluid movement. Fend off monsters above and below water in compulsive, pick-up-and-play gameplay, keeping your gunboat afloat with skilful sailing and powerful new abilities.
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Worship Announced

Here's the Steam Listing for Worship, an upcoming action/strategy game that will allow you to live the dream of operating your own doomsday cult. It's listed as "coming soon," but the announcement says next year. A Gameplay Trailer shows off stylish 2D graphics with the ever-popular black & white and red all over motif (we won't go into the use of brown). Here's word:
Embrace your dark side and don the robes of a cultist as you slowly take over the world. Draw with your blood and perform blood rites to overcome foes and challenges in your path. Perform your god’s dreadful deeds to be rewarded with even more powerful sorceries. Indoctrinate Recruit followers to do your bidding. They are mindless pawns ready to do anything for you. Order them around and sacrifice them as your god demands to perform even stronger rituals! Instigate the end of the world - or die trying.
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Tales of Seikyu Announced

ACE Entertainment and Fireshine Games announce Tales of Seikyu, a fantasy farming adventure for Windows. This has a Steam Lisiting showing a 2024 release window, but we're told not to expect Early Access before the beginning of next year. This trailer shows an odd twist for the genre, as you will play as a person, rather than a cute anthropomorphic animal. Here's more:
Obtain ability-enhancing masks to transform into mythical creatures to aid in your exploration of Seikyu. Shapeshift into a Crow tengu and soar freely into the skies, climb cliffs effortlessly as a tree spirit Dryad, or dive deep as a Slime in search of hidden treasures.

Forge connections with extraordinary characters, and nurture friendships and romances with Seikyu’s lovable village folk, unlocking their hearts, empathising with their joys and sorrows, and fostering relationships.
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Toads of the Bayou Announced

The Steam Listing for Toads of the Bayou, a turn-based roguelike that will help address the shortage of toad-based tactics games when it arrives in October. You can see some of the game's toad-on-toad violence in the PC Gaming Show Trailer. There will be a chance to try this before launch, as there are plans for a Prologue on Steam. Here's more on how you will be able to leapfrog your opponents if you play your cards right:
Combining a challenging mix of toad-based tactics and strategic frog-like deck building, Toads of the Bayou follows the adventures of a dapper band of toads looking to build a new life in the swamps of the deep south.

Hop into combat against evil forces threatening the toads’ survival, and create a powerful deck to outwit your enemies in tactical turn-based strategy. Visit the Tavern to purchase new cards, buy traps and defences, and hire support to help your toads become the strongest and most fearsome in the bayou.
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Out of the Blue

Well the weekend was full of game announcements, as expected. There's more on the way, as Ubisoft Forward June 2024 gets underway today at 3:00 pm EDT. And despite the flood of Steam Next Fest Demos that began a couple of weeks ago and continues into this morning, the Steam Next Fest June 2024 Edition has not actually even begun yet. That starts at 1:00 pm EDT. So the captain is keeping on the seatbelts light.

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