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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Fate of Baldr Released

The Fate of Baldr is now available for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Steam, offering the chance to experience Baldr's Fate (sorry) in a Viking action/tower defense game from Ananki Game Studio. Here's the Official Trailer with a look at close to a minute of gameplay. There's also a playable demo to allow you to tempt fate firsthand. Here's a post from the developers thanking everyone, and here's word on the game:
Play alone or in multiplayer coop and rise through the ranks as a Viking space warrior in this action tower defense game.

The fight will bring you to all the Nine worlds known from Norse mythology.
Strategically place your defenses and bring your true aim to save Baldr's soul and prevent the doom of Ragnarök!

Choose between four Viking classes, each with their own arsenal of powerful weaponry!
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Hunt: Showdown "New Era" in August

Crytek announces an "overdue update" with some clarity on plans to update its first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown. It comes in this video explaining that new current-generation console editions of Hunt will arrive on August 15th, kicking off a "new era" of the game while updating it to version 5.11 of the CryEngine. The post confirms that once the update is live, the game will no longer be playable on last-generation consoles. The only consolation (yowza!) for affected owners is that all their progress and entitlements will carry over if they upgrade to a current system. This is said to be the first in as a weekly series of such videos outlining what to expect, and it concludes with a first discussion of the new user interface and other hints at changes. There's also the promise technical details will be revealed about what the new version will bring to both the PC and console editions. Continue here to read the full story.

Permafrost Announced

Winter is coming. SpaceRocket Games and Toplitz Productions announce Permafrost, an open-world survival game set in a frozen wasteland, following The Day After Tomorrow theory of climate change. The game has a Steam Listing with a TBA release date and a first post discussing the project. We have a teaser trailer that includes a first look at gameplay. Here are the details:
In the wake of the cataclysmic 'shattering', an apocalyptic moon phase phenomenon, humanity finds itself teetering on the brink of extinction as the world succumbs to an eternal deep freeze. The game reveals the collapse of existing political and economic structures and the deadly winter cold that has resulted in the deaths of billions of people.

As a survivor, adaptability is key. Brave the bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures which will have an effect on character capabilities, hunt elusive prey, and repurpose salvaged machinery to craft the tools needed for survival. But beware, for in this frozen wasteland, danger lurks at every turn—from hostile factions vying for control to the ever-present threat of natural predators.
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Game Crossovers

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Microsoft Just Released Their Own MacBook (video). Thanks RedEye9.

Arrowhead Studios Gets New CEO

Arrowhead Studios announces Shams Jorjani as its new CEO, revealing Johan Pilestedt is stepping down from the role, but will remain chief creative officer and chairman of the company he founded. This follows the breakthrough success of Helldivers 2, and Pilestedt explains how this is a positive step for both the company and himself:
“I’ve been thinking about the journey ahead for Arrowhead, the future games we’re going to be making, and running the organisation beyond the 120 or so developers we have currently,” he tells us. “I realised that running an organisation of over 100 people to however large it is going to get… it means I will [have to choose] between deepening my love for game creation, or the business track.

“Over the last year going to launch of Helldivers 2, I’ve been pulled more towards the business side of things, and not able to focus as much on the creative side. That made me realise I needed to make some decisions, both for the success of the business but also myself.

Venture to the Vile Released

Venture to the Vile is now available on Steam, offering a 2.5D metroidvania for Windows from Studio Cut to Bits and publisher Aniplex. A Launch Trailer is here to show off the game's lush graphics and platformer gameplay. It carries a 10% launch discount and there's a playable demo to help you decide if it's worth it. Here's a description:
Venture to the Vile is a spooky 2.5D Metroidvania set in the strange town of Rainybrook, which has been overrun by a mysterious entity known as the Vile.

Absorb the Vile’s powers, fight through treacherous grounds that were once your home, and find your lost friend Ella before it’s too late!

Jump, swing, and fight your way through dangerous enemies as you explore a carefully crafted 2.5D world full of puzzles to solve and secrets to discover. Unlock new abilities to overcome the Vile’s monstrosities — even if it means losing your humanity.
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Enotria: The Last Song Demo

Steam now offers a Windows demo for Enotria: The Last Song, and this sample of this upcoming soulslike is also available on PlayStation 5. This is accompanied by a video Dev Diary called Behind The Mask introducing the game. Here's a description of the demo, which promises eight hours of gameplay:
The Enotria: The Last Song demo experience starts in Quinta, the City of Actors. As the Mask of Change, players will face the Authors, formidable foes that created the Canovaccio, a twisted eternal play that keeps the world in an unnatural stasis. The demo will have 4 distinct weapon classes, each with a variety of unique weapons and 6 unique masks to discover that bring with them devastating new playstyles and distinctive passive abilities. Augment different playstyles by choosing from over 20 spells and 30 perks to make your Mask of Change build your own.
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Sanctua Announced

Solo French developer Choose Red announces Sanctua, an asymmetric co-op party game coming to Steam in Q2 2025, with playtesting expected to begin this year. A Reveal Trailer is here to show off the Unreal Engine 5 game's setting in an Egyptian tomb and some clear Indiana Jones-inspirations. Here's more:
This asymmetric co-op party game challenges players to either survive the deadly perils of a procedurally generated tomb or embrace the role of the sinister force that stalks their every move.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Sanctua captivates with its visual splendor and detailed environments. Unlike other communication-based party games, it features a top-down camera that offers a clear overview of the surroundings—if you have enough torches to light your way, that is! Despite its mature setting, the game is light on graphic violence, making it suitable for everyone.
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Out of the Blue

We've seen a couple of cicadas in the area, but until reading an article about this year's spoke in the multi-year cycles for the noisy critters I didn't realize we aren't really in its path, and we shouldn't expect the crazy invasion coming to some areas. But that's okay, because what we do have is an incredible incursion of lymantria dispar dispar, aka gypsy moths (a common name which is weirdly still acceptable considering it contains what's now considered an ethnic slur). According to the USDA these "are among America’s most destructive, non-native invasive insect pests." And they are everywhere. Walking around we are constantly encountering caterpillars hanging from threads, presumably taking a break from ravaging all the leaves in the area, which are definitely worse for wear. There were exterminators on site yesterday, and I know the government does a lot of spraying to abate the problem. Hopefully whatever poison being used is reasonably safe for people, because there's a lot of it floating around.

Infested Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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