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Monday, May 13, 2024

Assassin's Creed Shadows Reveal Wednesday

Ubisoft announces an announcement, saying it will officially unveil Assassin's Creed Shadows on Wednesday at noon EDT. This is the project first revealed in 2022 with the working title Assassin's Creed Codename RED, which is expected within the next year (there's an unconfirmed report that this is pinned down to November 15, 2024). Rumors suggest this will have a Samurai theme, and word is the game is indeed set in Feudal Japan. The X teasing the news also shows a Japanese locale, although in the modern day (the neon is a dead giveaway). But before you dismiss it, be aware it is an ARG:
In addition, starting today and until May 15, a countdown has started on Assassin’s Creed social media channels. Players are invited to crack the Hourglass puzzle. Those who succeed will be rewarded.

Space Engineers Signal Update

Steam now features a new free Signal update for Space Engineers, the Windows construction sandbox from Keen Software House. This post has details on the new content this adds along with this trailer with a look. In addition to the free update, there's also a paid Signal Pack. This includes several construction blocks sets along with a nine-track orchestral soundtrack. Word is: "This content is not 'pay to win' and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the Signal Pack, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy Signal Pack, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and participate." Here's word on the virtues of Signal:
Signal adds new choices to your creative arsenal with new blocks, specifically created for this occasion. With this new set of blocks, your remote automation can act with an entirely new level of autonomy. Where the wildly popular “Automatons” update added remote mining operations, automated drones, welding assistants and so much more, “Signal” empowers these systems to communicate! Reactive updates, straight-to-chat, as well as complex systems communicating over multiple ships, stations, or any combination are now possible!
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ScreenPlay CCG Released

ScreenPlay CCG is ready for its close-up in Steam Early Access, offering a free-to-play collectible card game for Windows based on the movie making industry. This includes microtransactions, and Comico Games rolls out the red carpet for everyone with the code "READYSETACTION" for the in-game store to pick up a couple of booster packs for free. The AI-looking Launch Trailer lives up to the theme with a Goodfellas trope and more. Here's word:
ScreenPlay CCG is a comedy-driven digital collectable card game set in a wacky movie-making universe. Imagine the very characters that we enjoy seeing on screen are now also the ones creating the movies off-screen with their own crew and set. Players get to use these characters and hilarious tropes from different film genres to create their movies, employing strategy and anticipation to defeat opposing filmmakers.
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Steam Endless Replayability Fest

The Endless Replayability Fest on Steam is now underway, kicking off a celebration of games that reward repeat playthroughs (don't look at me, I've played Portal at least a dozen times). True to the Fest formula, this includes presentations, discounts, time-limited playable demos, and some freebies in the Steam Points Shop. The breakneck Official Trailer has a look at almost 20 games in barely a minute. Continue here to read the full story.

Big Helmet Heroes Announced

Dear Villagers announces Big Helmet Heroes. a 3D brawling action/adventure coming to PC and consoles later this year. The title is a tipoff of what to expect, as the Reveal Trailer shows off the whacky physics of the game's decidedly top-heavy combatants. Word is this will feature couch co-op:
Big Helmet Heroes isn't just an exhilarating solo adventure; it's also an absolute blast when experienced as a couch co-op game. Gather your friends for a gaming session filled with laughter, camaraderie, and epic battles. Strategize together, combine your unique abilities, and dive into the action-packed world of Big Helmet Heroes for an unforgettable cooperative gaming experience that's bound to keep you entertained for hours on end.
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Why Does This Keep Happening to the Gaming Community- - Cold Take. Thanks RedEye9.

New DOOM Trademark Spied

A Trademark Registration filed in January on behalf of ZeniMax Media seeks trademark protection for IDKFA, famously the cheat code for the original DOOM (thanks Agent Strange via Clawsomegamer). KFA stands for keys, firearms, armor, as this fills your inventory with all you can hold, though for some of us the reminder is that it helps you to KFA that stands in your path. There's no clear indication what sort of game one would base on a cheat code that only a fraction of current gamers have used, but there's speculation that a DOOM announcement will come during next month's Xbox showcase. The description from the application is just the usual semi-helpful word salad:
Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; entertainment services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer games; production of music; entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the field of music; entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable prerecorded music via a website; provision of information relating to electronic computer games, television programs and movies provided via the internet; non-downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines, newsletters, and blogs in the field of video games, television programs and movies; production, provision and distribution of television programs and movies; providing non-downloadable television programs and movies via the internet and video-on-demand transmission services

Fabledom Leaves Early Access

Steam now features the official launch of version 1.0 of Fabledom, a Windows city-building game from Grenaa Games and Dear Villagers that promises a cozy, wholesome experience. The consoles are expected to follow in autumn, hence the title of the new 1.0 Launch & Console Preorder Trailer that takes a look at gameplay. Here's what's going on:
Grenaa Games, a small but passionate studio, has tirelessly worked to expand the cozy world of Fabledom, delivering continual updates and features throughout Early Access for a whole year since the release of the early access on April 13th, 2023. From expanded romantic journey and diplomacy options to new fairy tale encounters, there's always something magical to discover in Fabledom.

Once upon a Village... Set in a wholesome fairytale world, Fabledom is the ideal laid back City builder. Enjoy the growth of your settlement, trade and use diplomacy to ally or challenge your neighbors, and most importantly, find yourself a prince or princess and live happily ever after!
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The Land Beneath Us Released

The Land Beneath Us is now available on Steam, offering a turn-based roguelike for Windows from FairPlay Studios and Dear Villagers. This is also available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch, and there are playable demos for all platforms. Here's the Launch Trailer and the details:
The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based rogue-lite action dungeon crawler. Use powerful skill combos and stylish weaponry to battle your way through the Underworld known as Annwn. Enjoy challenging dynamic encounters and discover the mysteries of this mythological world.

Forged by The Creator, the Ultimate Soul Harvester (U.S.H) is crafted to gather Souls. Now armed with Soul-Technology, its mission is one of redemption. Explore The Underworld, engage, barter, or confront characters. Learn from their tales to shape your unique path.
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Morning Metaverse

Out of the Blue

Well, we're 0-3 on Aurora Borealis viewings, as the geomagnetic storms continued to give us chances all weekend, but the overcast skies did not cooperate at all. We may still have a chance, though it's selfish to call it good news that reportedly more geomagnetic storms remain likely for today as sun continues to erupt X-class flares. I mean I certainly do want a good look at the southern edition of the northern lights, but not if it's going to cause problems. An interesting detail is the flares are coming from a sunspot region that "measures roughly 124,000 miles across." That seems pretty daunting when you're sitting on a planet that's under 8,000 miles in diameter.

Obituary: Susan Backlinie Dead: 'Jaws' First Victim Was 77. Almost 50 years after one of the more famous on-screen deaths of its time.

Clouded-up Round-up
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Sunday, May 12, 2024 Mother's Day

Arrowhead on HELLDIVERS 2 Steam Delistings

A post on PCGamesN reproduces a comment on Discord from Arrowhead Games CEO Johan Pilestedt with the latest on Helldivers 2 on Steam. The game was delisted in over 100 territories last week over the requirement of a PlayStation Network account, since the PSN is not available in most countries. The PSN requirement was eventually dropped, but the third-person shooter hasn't returned to the delisted regions. The post comes after three more territories were delisted from Steam, which Johan says was "executed independently by Valve." For the record, however, a post on Reddit indicates the delistings were Sony's call, showing Valve support telling a player "it looks like this game is not available in Steam right now for regions as decided by the publisher." Johan's post says that efforts are underway to reinstate the game everywhere, while admitting it's not going well at this point:
While it doesn't look positive. It is not an indication of further retrictions. The conversation on region restrictions is still ongoing and is independent of this.

I have no further information. We (Arrowhead) still want the game to be available everywhere.

Hope you all have a great Saturday and I'm sorry I don't have a better update!
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Haunted Arcade Early Access

Early Access to Haunted Arcade is now free-to-play on Steam, offering an arcade game collection for Windows. As the title suggests, this has a poltergeist theme that plays into the narrative that arcades are dead. But Haunted Pixels and Lemfactory don't plan on ghosting players, as this post lays out the Early Access roadmap. Here's a Gameplay Reveal Trailer and some details:
In this cozy and colorful game, the player needs to surpass high scores set in various rigged Arcade Games inhabited by a residing Ghost.

Explore a hand-painted 3D environment blending the childish nature of the Ghost's character with the retro aesthetic of a 1980s Arcade Hall.

Play the Story or Arcade Mode!
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Sunday Multiplex

Content creator video.

Sunday Metaverse

Out of the Blue

Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating. That includes us here in the US, but this falls on different dates in other territories, so your mileage may vary. Sympathies if this is a painful occasion for you. I'm fine with it myself. It's more than two decades since my mom passed away, but for me this is still a chance to celebrate her as a wonderful person, a great mother, and a great friend. I miss her everyday, but I have nothing but good memories that I continue to treasure.

Obituary: Roger Corman Dies- 'The Little Shop Of Horrors' Director & Independent Filmmaker Was 98.

Maternal Round-up
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