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Friday, May 10, 2024 Whacking Day (Springfield)

Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT Steam Delistings

As hard as it is to believe that this situation is playing out once again, SteamDB now lists all the countries where Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT is delisted on Steam. This is the same list of territories from which HELLDIVERS 2 was delisted last week. At the height of the controversy over HELLDIVERS 2 requiring a PSN account on PC came a vague reassurance that Sony's upcoming PC version of Ghost of Tsushima wouldn't require PSN for single-player play, though one would be needed to play online. Sony subsequently relented on requiring PSN for HELLDIVERS 2 PC, so it is surprising to see things weren't worked out to avoid these delistings for next week's release of the updated version of Sucker Punch's action/adventure.

Classic Marathon Released

Classic Marathon is now free-to-play for Windows and macOS on Steam, offering the promised revival of Bungie's classic first-person shooter that first launched for Macintosh back in 1994. There's more on the way, as there are also listings on Steam for Classic Marathon 2 and Classic Marathon Infinity. Here's word on the updated version of the game powered by Aleph One's eponymous Aleph One engine:
Alien forces have boarded the colony ship UESC Marathon in the Tau Ceti system, in orbit around humanity’s first interstellar colony. The situation is dire, and as a security officer assigned to the Marathon, your duty is to defend the ship and its crew from the alien threat.

This classic 1994 Bungie™ FPS had a foundational influence on the genre, and is now maintained by the fan community. Experience authentic game play using the original data files, with optional widescreen HUD support, 3D filtering/perspective, positional audio, and 60+ fps interpolation, just in case the original is too authentic.
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Necrophosis Demo

A playable demo for Necrophosis is now available on Steam, offering Windows gamers a sample of this first-person horror/adventure based on the works of Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński. This haunting inspiration and some gameplay can be seen in the recent Official Teaser Trailer. Laughing at post-apocalyptic games set after the fall of civilization, this game is set after the end of the universe. How is that supposed to work? We don't know either. Here's word:
Billions of years after the universe met its demise, you awaken in a realm where death reigns supreme but even death may die.
Necrophosis, the curse that plagues this world, inflicts decay upon everything it touches. Here, amidst a landscape crafted with meticulous care, dread and decay permeate every corner. The characters of this world, infected by the curse, embody the very essence of decay.

With every turn you take and every sigh that escapes your lips, you bear witness to the relentless touch of decay. Necrophosis weaves its grim tapestry, enveloping you in a haunting journey through a macabre world where death is not an end, but a pervasive reality.
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Warhammer 40K Inquisitor - Martyr Offline Mode This Month; New DLC This Year

A Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Offline Mode FAQ on Steam is here with details on Neocore Games' plans to add an offline mode to the online action/RPG this month. An update expected on May 23rd will add the much-requested ability to enjoy the game without connecting to the internet. The news includes a reassurance that the online version will continue as before and adds that a new DLC is coming later this year:
NeocoreGames is happy to announce that a long awaited feature, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr's OFFLINE MODE, is set to release on May 23, 2024 for PC (Steam). We'd like to emphasize, that this doesn't mean the servers are shutting down on May 23. The offline mode will be added as a separate game mode, alongside the currently available online mode, as an optional feature. We have compiled a FAQ below to explain how it'll work in detail.

As announced a few months ago, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr's new class DLC, the Hierophant Class, is also in the works, and will be available later this year. By playing this class, you will assume the role of an Inquisitor who can call in multiple acolytes to form a squad. You will have to use your faith and authority to inspire your acolytes to carry out the Emperor's will, manage them like a true leader, and teach the Imperium's truth to all the heretics in the Caligari sector. We'll share more details about the new class in the following weeks.


ANIMAL WELL is now available for Windows with a 10% launch discount on Steam, offering a labyrinthine platformer daring to promise unique gameplay. This is already a critical hit, boasting overwhelmingly positive reviews in the short time since its launch. The previous Release Date Trailer takes a look, and here's word:
Hatch from your flower and spelunk through the beautiful and sometimes haunting world of Animal Well, a pixelated wonder rendered in intricate audio and visual detail. Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous as you discover unconventional upgrades and unravel the well’s secrets. This is a truly unique experience that can make you laugh in fear, surprise, or delight.
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Fallout 4 Patch Monday

Bethesda Game Studios tweets/Xs about a patch for Fallout 4 that should roll out on Monday. This is to follow up the recent next generation update for the RPG that sort of crapped the bed. Word is the new patch is intended to undo some of the damage from the previous one:
On Monday, May 13 we will be updating Fallout 4 on all platforms.

This update will include new options for graphics and performance settings as well as further fixes and improvements.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support!

Cyber Manhunt 2: New World Early Access

Early Access is now underway on Steam for Cyber Manhunt 2: New World, a narrative puzzle sequel for Windows and macOS from Aluba Studio and Spiral Up Games. This is the latest chance to live the dream of being the AI, tasked with unraveling the game's mysteries. It carries a 10% launch discount, and there's also a bundle including the original game at an even steeper markdown. The Early Access Launch Trailer takes a look, and here's more:
Cyber Manhunt 2: New World places players in the shoes of an AI detective tasked with cracking digital mysteries and uncovering hidden truths. Utilize authentic social engineering tactics and AI-driven investigation to solve complex yet intriguing puzzles, and uncover layers of an intricate plot. Each piece of the story not only leads to eye-opening discoveries but also exposes a sprawling, deeply interconnected conspiracy.
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The Rogue Prince of Persia Delayed

The Rogue Prince of Persia was announced exactly one month ago today for release next Tuesday. But the early success of this week's Early Access launch of Hades II seems to have scared the hell out of Evil Empire. A post to Ƭ̵̬̊  (the artist formerly known as Twitter) announces the launch of this return to the Prince's 2D platformer origins is delayed to ease the competition. The game will still arrive this month, but exactly when will not be revealed until Monday. Word is the developers will make good use of the additional time:
This also lets us keep polishing up the game, add even more cool things and kick some stubborn bugs out before release. The Day 1 patch was getting pretty hefty, so gaining more time to test it and add more stuff before launch day has considerably lowered the stress levels of our producer and game director already!

We completely understand that this is annoying news to hear for everyone who was eager to play the game, especially so close to the anticipated release. We can only hold our hands up, apologise and hope that you understand. It will be worth the wait!

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical DLC Next Month

Summerfall Studios announces Orpheus, new DLC coming to Steam on June 27th to adding content to Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical. Word is this will come to the console editions of the musical adventure down the road. A Teaser Trailer features some zero frames-per-second cinematics to introduce the new story in the game's musical fashion. Here's more on the expansion, and its star talent:
Play as Orpheus in this brand new story for Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical! Orpheus’ story is arguably finished - until Hermes brings him back to the world of the living. With their help, you’ll guide Orpheus through the depths of mortal decision making - who to date, what to hope for, what instrument to rock out on…

Starring Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery), Erika Ishii (Dimension 20, Worlds Beyond Number) and written by David Gaider, Stray Gods: Orpheus is a comedic feature length experience that history buffs, hopeless romantics, and rock stars alike can enjoy.
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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Free Wild West Update

Exit Plan Games announces the release of a new Wild West update is now available on Steam for free for all players of Bang-On Balls: Chronicles. A new Launch Trailer is here, filled with all the tropes, cliches, and stereotypes one would expect from the setting. Here's more on what to expect:
The Wild West update adds a goldmine of new content to Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, while the Switch version will receive the update at a later date. The new Wild West Map is composed of five new regions - Mexico, Saloon City, Oil Fields, Beaver Town and Gold Mines - each with new sub-regions to explore. Make your way across this lawless country by riding on horseback, rail carts, or by carrying out a good ol’ fashioned train robbery. There’s even canoes to cross the rivers cutting through these arid badlands. Enjoy over 80 new items to collect and customize your character with, including a slew of new weapons such as a lasso, revolver and shotgun, bow & arrows, a tomahawk, and TNT crates for when you need a little extra firepower. Of course, these wastelands come with all new hazards including four new bosses and four new mini-bosses. Have you got what it takes to master this throwback to old Hollywood westerns?
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