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Tuesday, Apr 02, 2024 World Autism Awareness Day

Yellow Brick Games Announces Eternal Strands

A Steam Listing is now live for Eternal Strands, offering the promised reveal of what's going on behind the curtain at Yellow Brick Games, the studio co-founded Mike Laidlaw, former Dragon Age creative director. There's an interesting note in the listing about the use of AI for internal development with reassurances that this was all later replaced by live performances. Here's that Game Teaser from last week and there's a gameplay trailer and more on what to expect on IGN First. Here's word from the Eternal Strands Website: "At the heart of Eternal Strands beats a revolutionary new system for gameplay interactions: heat spreads, cold chills, and real-time destruction allows for unprecedented reactivity in combat. Hurl burning tree trunks at enemies with telekinetic, snap nearby trees to block opposing fire, or channel raw telekinetic force to rip boulders from the ground." Here's the description of the game:
Play as Brynn, a young but fearless Weaver, determined to recover her people’s cultural home in the debut fantasy action-adventure title from Yellow Brick Games, a new independent studio founded by industry veterans.

Armed with powerful magical abilities and an arsenal of magical weapons, face enemies that range from humanoid constructs to towering beasts. Use the environment and temperature to your advantage in battles against a diverse roster of fantastical creatures, like turning a dragon’s fiery breath against ice-covered minions. Climb every surface and use arcane skills to create new paths. Explore the world in pursuit of the Enclave’s lost mysteries and challenge giant titans on your journey.
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Content Warning Passes 6M Users

Content Warning is now available for its regular price on Steam following the launch of the co-op horror game, yesterday which was free to keep for a stretch. This announcement discusses how the price point appealed to all us cheapskates, saying it was downloaded over six million times while it was free: "Hello everyone! The last 24h have been a wild ride to say the least, never did we imagine that we would get over 200K concurrent and over 6.2 MILLION owners of the game in 24h - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!" This success is impacting the game's performance, and here's an update on the work being done to get things in shape:
Content Warning is made by a very small team of devs (only 5 people) so fixes may take a little while but we promise you we are doing our best to solve the issues.

Currently the main issues we're looking into are:

⚠️Issues with voices
⚠️Connection and hosting issues
⚠️Issues with camera footage not extracting
⚠️Issues with camera footage not being visible

A lot of these we have leads on already and are hoping to have some fixes for tomorrow morning.

Arma Reforger Tiny Wars Joke Turns Serious

Bohemia Interactive announces the old switcheroo on Tiny Wars, the mod announced yesterday as an April Fools' gag. But now that the laughter has faded comes the news that this is an actual project, and a future mod release will allow Arma 3 owners to play plastic soldiers on the floor of the living room in the normally serious military shooter. Here's the Arma Reforger "Tiny Wars" trailer with an updated description, and here's more:
Announced on April Fool's Day, the game mode was presented as being available instantly. However, players soon learned that no trace of the Tiny Wars game was available anywhere. Interpreted as a cruel April Fool's joke, many players expressed their disappointment with Bohemia Interactive and enthusiasm for such a game mode in the future, taking to comments sections and social media to beg for its creation.

Little did they know, the game mode had been ready for release all along, and was made public on April 2nd. Now, players can host their own servers with the Tiny Wars mod, available on the Arma Reforger Workshop, and can also play on three Official Tiny Wars servers hosted by Bohemia Interactive until April 9th. The Capture & Hold game mode pits green toy soldiers and red toy soldiers against one another in a struggle to hold key points in a living room environment, complete with a hand-drawn deployment map.
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Saviorless Released

Saviorless is now available on Steam, giving Windows, macOS, and Linux gamers a new action/adventure from Empty Head Games and Dear Villagers. A Launch Trailer takes a look at the game, which is also out for PlayStation 5 and Switch. This was created in Cuba, which came with hardships: "Developing a video game in Cuba presented challenges to Empty Head Games beyond those traditionally faced by developers worldwide, such as daily power outages, lack of technical equipment, very limited internet access (relying on public parks to connect to Wi-Fi networks), and the inability to access any form of international financing or promotion." Here's word on this action/platformer:
Saviorless presents a captivating 2D platformer set in a stylish dark fantasy world. The game features exquisite hand-drawn artwork and animations that enhance the visual experience. Players take on the role of Antar, a determined child aspiring to become a Savior. Embark on a journey through the treacherous path to the forbidden land, the Smiling Islands, overcoming a multitude of obstacles along the way.
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: What if you swam in a nuclear storage pool? XKCD (video). Asking for a friend. Thanks Neutronbeam.

MechWarrior 5: Clans Gameplay Video

Piranha Games presents a new GDC Demo Trailer from MechWarrior 5: Clans, the recently announced new standalone solo and co-op MechWarrior game. The new game promises a new approach to the series, and today's clip provides our first brief looks at gameplay. The game still doesn't have a release date, but the clip confirms it's still on track to arrive this year. Here's more:
MechWarrior 5: Clans follows its 2019 sandbox-style companion, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, as a completely new game in the MechWarrior universe, presenting an entirely different style of game design. Its linear-based design features classic Mech combat that has been streamlined for players on PC or console. Harness the power of a Mech of your choosing in single player or up to five-player cooperative play and jump into a lore-filled universe that challenges your skills as it unfolds a gripping and unforgettable story.
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Of Life and Land Early Access

Of Life and Land Early Access is now underway on Steam, giving Windows and Linux gamers the chance to get the lay of the land in this settlement building game from Kerzoven and Metaroot. It is described as charming, a quality shown off in the previously released Announcement Trailer. This comes with a 10% launch discount for those who wish to pay less, as well as a supporter pack DLC for those who wish to pay more. Here's the skinny:
Take the role of a leader delegated to build new settlements in remote, unknown corners of the empire. In those forgotten places, nature is wild and legends are more real and vivid than one may think. Experience the challenges of different seasons and climates in a world, where every animal and every plant tries to find their place in nature, while you lead your villagers. How much will you share with nature? Will you strive for balance or even enforce the extinction of certain animals? Follow the old paths… or find your own.
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RP7 Demo

Steam now lists RP7, described as a "slot-managing roguelike" as if that's a common genre. But Korean studio Turtle Cream knows it has some explaining to do even after you watch the Early Access Trailer, saying: "If you can't understand the gameplay with the video, don't worry. If you play it, you'll understand super easily." And play it you can, as there's a Windows demo to download right now. Here's more:
In RP7, storytelling and gameplay take on a new and unexpected form. Instead of character control, you can roll seven random encounter slots to create your character's unique story. Roll and re-roll each step of your journey as you plan ahead. With one simple mechanic, you'll experience infinite RPG gameplay and fresh scenarios with each run. Fight monsters, gather gold and treasure, build your loadout, and find your missing pet frog!
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Morning Tech Bits

Out of the Blue

I doubt anyone can help me with this, but it's worth a shot. My Discord client crashes a lot. And by a lot, I mean constantly. Dozens of times a day, and sometimes five times in 30 seconds. My repeated troubleshooting efforts have gotten me nowhere. Following tips online I've deleted the app and manually removed its data a dozen times or more, turned off hardware acceleration, and run it as administrator. But it still just quits repeatedly. It does not give an error message and leaves no trace in the Event Viewer. Lots of users seem to have to deal with one-off issues, but I can't seem to find references to anyone else having a chronic problem like this. As I say, I'm not sure what I'm hoping for, but if anyone has a suggestion on how to troubleshoot an app misbehaving this badly, I'd sure appreciate hearing it.

Obituary: Joe Flaherty, 'SCTV' and 'Freaks and Geeks' Star, Dies at 82.

Discordant Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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