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Sunday, Mar 31, 2024 International Transgender Day of Visibility - Easter - World Backup Day - Día del Taco (Mexico)

Battlefield V Anti-Cheat Update This Week

An X from Battlefield Comms reveals plans to update Battlefield V on Wednesday with the latest form of EA anti-cheat protection (thanks DSOGaming). This shows a surprising attention to fair play considering this installment in the military shooter series launched over five years ago. Word is if you want to keep cheating you'll have to avoid exiting the game forever: "You will need to restart your game to benefit from the changes of this Client Update." For details, the post refers to the official website. There you will find reassurances about this impact this will have on player's systems:
Will EA anticheat degrade gameplay?
No. We’ve conducted extensive internal and independent performance and stability assessments to ensure EA anticheat is as performant and lightweight as possible. EA anticheat will have negligible impact on your gameplay.

Does EA anticheat run when I start my PC, or only when the game is running?
EA anticheat only runs when a game with EA anticheat protection included is running. All anti-cheat processes shut down when the game does.
Continue here to read the full story.

Sunday Mobilization

Sunday Metaverse

Out of the Blue

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating, and happy Sunday to those who are not. This holiday has an additional significance around here. Though it's been spring for over a week, when we moved a bit further north a few years ago we were warned that we should expect late winter frosts, and to never do outdoor planting until after Easter. Sure enough, we had frost last week, but the low in the forecast this week is 33°F for three nights in a row. Now that is one shockingly precise rule-of-thumb.

Obituary: Chance Perdomo, Gen V and Sabrina star, dies at 27. Thanks RedEye9.

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Saturday, Mar 30, 2024

New Intel Graphics Drivers

Intel now offers a new version WHQL certified graphics driver for running Intel Arc and Iris graphics under Windows. The release notes outline what these do and do not fix. Here's the good news:
Fixed Issues:

Intel Arc A-Series Graphics

  • Horizon Forbidden West (DX12) may experience longer than expected load times while launching Into gameplay during first run of the game.
  • 3DMark Sped Way • (DX12) may experience application hang while loading the benchmark.
  • Starfield (DX12) may experience an application crash with High or Ultra graphics settings.

Intel Core Ultra with built-in Intel Arc GPUs

  • 3DMark Speed Way (DX12) may experience hang while loading the benchmark.

XDefiant Delay Follow-up Rumors

XDefiant's latest delay was just confirmed yesterday, and word is the free-to-play first-person shooter will not get another official launch date until further testing concludes. A post on Insider Gaming follows up with rumors of what's behind the setbacks. Besides playtesters, the report quotes unnamed developers critical of a leadership cabal it calls "The Boys Club" no fewer than 11 times. One quote calls this management group out for "the lack of work ethic, unpleasant behavior, and the egos." The crusade gets a bit personal, as it revisits Insider Gaming's recent report that competing with Call of Duty is one of the project's issues, which Ubisoft scoffed at. Here's a bit defending its previous reporting:
Speaking on ‘The Boys Club’ and its pursuit of CoD, one source said:

“They will nitpick the feature to their liking [similar to COD] and tell the design/production teams to come back later once they make the appropriate changes. Even once the team makes those changes, The Boys Club will come up with something else and the process will repeat again for months. All resulting in either the feature finally being implemented into the game or being cut entirely.”

Another source said, “the constant changing of approved features, or adding new features that don’t really affect the game has pushed us back significantly, probably a year or so at this point”.

Out of the Blue

You are officially old if you remember these PC parts. I did not need a guided tour through my PC parts closet to know I am officially old. I still do have a current optical drive though, albeit a pretty modern USB powered external model.

Old Round-up
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