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Friday, Mar 01, 2024

Get Space Crew for Free

Space Crew: Legendary Edition for Windows, macOS, and Linux is now available for free on Steam, offering the chance to defend the galaxy from the rest of the galaxy in this action/strategy game from Runner Duck. If you want to make this a five-year mission, you're covered, as it's for keeps as long as you snag it in your tractor beam over the next two weeks. Here's the captain's log:
You are a captain in the United Defense Force, captain of your own star ship. Recruit your crew, customise your ship and head out to explore the galaxy, defending Earth against the mysterious extraterrestrial threat, known as the Phasmids! There will be challenges ahead. Crew members will be lost. Dangerous missions must be undertaken. Galactic Legends will be made!

Travel through the galaxy to defeat the threat to humankind across a range of sorties, including reconnaissance, bounty hunts, reclamation and NEW Away Team missions. Train your crew into an elite fighting force from Captain to Comms Officer to tackle stressful and deadly situations such as fighter attack and ship invasions, whilst also repairing systems and putting out the odd fire or two! Customise and upgrade your spaceship with improved weapons, armour, engines and more (even a custom paint job for extra style!)

No Rest for the Wicked Early Access in April

At the promised presentation for No Rest for the Wicked, Moon Studios announced its action/RPG will enter Steam Early Access on April 18th. You can view the entire presentation right here and there's a recap on the official website. The PlayStation.Blog has details on the game and commentary from the developers, and there's more on Game Informer, where it is their latest Cover Story. Here's word on the plan:
No Rest for the Wicked takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world where a deadly plague has befallen an island community, transforming citizens into monsters. You play a chosen warrior to fight against this blight. Combing elements of Diablo, Dark Souls, and even Animal Crossing, you’ll fight for survival while restoring the town of Sacrament. No Rest for the Wicked also happens to be Game Informer’s latest cover story.

Although No Rest for the Wicked will be on Steam via Early Access for the foreseeable future, the game will come to consoles when it eventually launches into 1.0. Our digital cover story launches on March 5, and you can keep an eye out for exclusive features and videos in our cover story hub.

PC Balatro Safe from Console Delistings

Playstack Games announces that its surprise hit roguelike poker game Balatro is no longer available on consoles in some territories. This is due to the game's rating changing from 3+ to 18+ over gambling imagery and instructions, a decision the developer says is unfounded. Word is PlayStack is working with authorities to clear this up, but in the meantime, is confident the game will remain available for PC on Steam:
We are aware that Balatro has been temporarily removed from sale on a number of digital stores in some countries on console platforms, meaning that some new customers will be unable to buy it. Presently we cannot estimate with complete confidence which stores it will be removed from, but our hope is that only a minority of stores will be affected. We are highly confident that the game will remain available on PC stores, including Steam.

Anyone who has already purchased the game will still be able to play it.

Please rest assured we are working as hard as we can to get the game back on sale as soon as possible.
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Cricket Through the Ages Released

Cricket Through the Ages is now available for Windows on Steam and on Switch, expanding the reach of this Apple Arcade game. The latest from Broforce developer Free Lives delves into the history of mankind and the sport of cricket using real physics and not so real facts. Those who recall the joys of learning to crawl before you could walk in the classic QWOP will appreciate the finesse on display in this trailer. Here's the pitch:
Swing bats and throw balls through the intertwined histories of humankind and cricket in this tongue-in-cheek, physics-driven ode to hitting things with wood.

Over a thousand years ago, the human race teetered on the edge of extinction. Our ancestors were helpless against the mighty behemoths of the land.

And then, salvation - the game of cricket was invented.
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Terminator: Survivors Announced

Nacon announces Terminator: Survivors, an open-world single-player and co-op survival game coming to PC and consoles based on the inevitable war with the machines. A Terminator: Survivors - The Aftermath Trailer is here to introduce the game, saying it will come to Steam Early Access on October 24, 2024, just two days before the 40th anniversary of the first Terminator movie. Here's word:
It’s been four years since the day humanity nearly perished. The truth of the event is still muddied in half-truths as you emerge from a shelter to attempt and reestablish some semblance of society in a world that seems hell-bent on eliminating you and the last vestiges of mankind. You are tasked with scouring the surrounding land for materials, information, other survivors and key resources in order to establish a base of operations for your fledgling group.

But you’re not alone. Skynet’s machines are hunting you. They don’t feel anything. They never stop. Ever. Until they completed their mission: eradication of all humanity. Alone or within a group of up to four, lead humanity’s rise from the ashes and unravel the truth behind the bombs, Skynet and the Terminator threat.
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Embers Adrift Free Trial

A post to the Embers Adrift Forums embeds this trailer revealing the chance to try the indie MMORPG for free begins at 1:00 pm EST today. You can join in on the action through the official website. This forum post discusses the changes and improvements in the latest patch and provides details on the free trial and the game:
While cash shops and pay-to-win tactics make companies a lot of money, we still don’t believe they are a net positive for MMOs in general and refuse to put them into our game, even with a free trial! Players will have full access to 3 areas: Newhaven Valley, our first dungeon - Central Veins 1, and Newhaven City. There are multiple quests, solo and group content, tasks, lore discoveries, bosses, and rare items to hunt in these areas and we are happy to invite all MMORPG players to come and check out Embers Adrift to find out if it is a game they can call home! More info can be found about the details of our free trial in the patch notes linked below.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Embers Adrift it is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players can experience over 1000 hours of entertainment on a single character. With quests that have multiple outcomes, hundreds of rare mobs and thousands of rare/quest items, and a steady stream of new content coming out on a steady schedule. It’s never been easier to find long-term entertainment at a great price.
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Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Early Unlock

The full launch of Expeditions: A MudRunner Game is Tuesday, but the next installment in Saber Interactive's off-road series is now unlocked for those who purchased either the Supreme Edition or the Year 1 Edition. For Windows this is via the Epic Games Store or Steam, and the early unlock is also available for those editions on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. The Launch Trailer takes a look, and here's the dirt:
In a fierce and beautiful wilderness, become the essential hero for scientific breakthroughs. Use your tools and high-tech gadgets to escape muddy terrain, plan your itinerary or detect valuable equipment caches well hidden in rocky cliffs or woody mountains. Defy the steepest slopes and treacherous terrain with the help of specialists abilities and make every adventure, every exploration, an expedition.

And don’t forget that the owners of the Supreme Edition or Year 1 Edition for Expeditions: A MudRunner Game will also gain access to the year pass and can play the game today. Prepare to embark for 4 seasons of varied content over a year, with new missions, new vehicles, never-before-seen gadgets, and other surprises including a free-for-all multiplayer update coming later this year!
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Morning Patches

Official patches.

Out of the Blue

Merriam-Webster says you can end a sentence with a preposition. The internet goes off (thanks RedEye9). Well, the internet has a hair-trigger. Merriam-Webster is correct, of course, there is no "rule" about this, just as many other so-called grammar rules are more like suggestions. But it's a good tip to avoid awkwardness. As I like to joke: Never end a sentence where a preposition is at.

Prepositional Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.




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