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Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 Qtest Released (1996)

Another Once Human Beta Next Month

Starry Studios announces PC beta testing for Once Human will resume on March 28th, coming alongside the launch of a mobile edition of this supernatural multiplayer game inspired by the work of the SCP Foundation. The beta will highlight new gameplay elements, a new creature, and a new area and interested players can sign right here. The news comes with an Official Multiplayer Trailer that's slightly janky and more than slightly weird. Here's word on the weirdness:
With the announcement of the Beta, Once Human released an exciting new trailer, which demonstrates the numerous in-game multiplayer gameplay modes available as players team up to explore the anomalous world and gather resources to build their shelter. They can also delve into aberration-ridden caves, board long-legged buses in search of treasure, and defend their territory from monsters alongside their comrades.

At the end of the video, a player is accompanied by a magic alpaca, who instantly produces a rabbit from a hat that can be used as a food source, making people wonder if this could be a clue that a pet or companion gameplay will be coming in the future.

Hoversteppers Prologue

Hoversteppers: Zone 1 is now available for Windows on Steam as a free-to-play prologue for Hoversteppers, an upcoming freestyle hoverboard game. This takes players back to the future by removing the wheels from their skateboards, so this isn't the same old grind. Here's a Trailer with a look, and here's more:
This is a free prologue for Hoversteppers, and it includes:

  • 2 stages
  • 2 Characters, and the starter hoverboard
    10+ Challenges

Hoversteppers is a freestyle hoverboard skating game. Explore stages, complete challenges against the clock, or freestyle your own way.

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Trackmania Rally Update Tuesday

Trackmania Website has details on the Rally Update Trailer mentioned yesterday (thanks Frans). While the racing game is not abandoning its titular tracks, the expansion of rally racing will invoke new off-roadish surfaces and new driving mechanics when it launches on Tuesday. The launch will include the chance to win some goodies:
We are now proud to announce the launch of the second episode with the Rally car, on February 27th. More than 240 new blocks & items inspired by the original Rally environment are coming with this update. 166 macroblocks will also be added for the gamepad editor. This release will be accompanied by several activities for a chance to win goodies:

  • A Discovery campaign will be available from February 27th, allowing you to discover this new car. The first three winners on March 20th of the campaign will win Trackmania goodies.
  • Two special Tracks of the Day will be released on February 27th and 28th, mixing sensations between the Stadium car and the Rally car on brand new blocks! The winner of the first Track of the Day will win Trackmania goodies.

The Rally car features a dynamic and reactive gameplay, with a slippery feel. The original gameplay has been kept on tech and dirt surfaces, and it has been adapted to the new Trackmania surfaces such as plastic, ice and wood! The car also works with the new physics, like reactors and cruise control effects.

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Saturday Multiplex

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Out of the Blue

I guess I'm a trendsetter, as just hours after I got sick yesterday came a relative flood of articles like this one citing a noticeable surge in Norovirus cases here in the northeast. The description of the symptoms of Norovirus fit my case, though how relatively quick my recovery was seems anomalous. But I do tend to rebound from being sick pretty quickly, so maybe this is the explanation. Either way, I'm certainly not going to complain about feeling better.

Obituary: Flaco, the owl that escaped from Central Park Zoo, is dead after hitting a building.

Trendy Round-up
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