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Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 Giving Tuesday

Phantom Liberty Sells 4.3M; The Witcher 4 Development Gears Up

CD PROJEKT offers a presentation of its Q3 2023 earnings, providing a colorful version of such reporting, which is usually just text (thanks IGN). In what amounts to a giant infographic, the developer reveals that the Liberty City expansion has sold more than 4.3 million copies, estimating that one-in-five owners of the base version of Cyberpunk 2077 have picked up the add-on. There's also a graphic showing a significant shift of personnel since the last financial report, revealing that about half the company's developers are now working on The Witcher 4, while another significant portion of the workforce is in the process of transferring away from Cyberpunk 2077 support, though it's not stated if they will also end up working on the new The Witcher RPG.

Dead by Daylight Celebrates 60M Victims

A Xitter post from Behaviour Interactive celebrates the news that over 60 million players have now braved the darkness in Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. They offer a special code to redeem for some in-game loot to allow everyone to join in on the celebration:

60 million of you made it into The Fog, and we're glad you're here!

To express our gratitude, you have until January 4 to enter the code THANKYOUFOR60M in the in-game store to redeem 1M Bloodpoints and 6K Shards.


Homeworld 3 System Requirements

A post on Steam outlines six different sets of PC specifications for Homeworld 3, the upcoming return of the outer space RTS series. Word is: "Homeworld 3 is a stunning game, best experienced with the latest graphics card and drivers for full immersion; however, as you can see, players with older components can still dive into the next chapter of this GOTY-winning sci-fi strategy series." Here are the specs:

hw3specs.jpg - 418,694 bytes

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Delayed

Ubisoft Xeets about a delay to Year 8 Season 4 for Rainbow Six Siege, the tactical first-person shooter. Word is Operation Deep Freeze will stay on ice indefinitely:


Gratuitous Space Shooty Game

Gratuitous Space Shooty Game is now available for Windows on Itch. If this rings a bell, that's because this "hobby space shooter" is a spin-off of Gratuitous Space Battles that reuses art from Positech's space strategy game. But in stark contrast to the GSB, GSSG puts you in direct control of your spacecraft in a battle against what we'll imaginatively call space invaders. It's the creation of Positech founder Cliff "Cliffski" Harris (not to be confused with the artist formerly known as CliffyB), who warns "there will be bugs." He explains more in this Xeet:
I kept putting it off but... I HAVE RELEASED MY SHOOTY SPACE GAME. You should be able to grab it from here: its $3 or $5 if you feel like it. Its a fairly simple, fairly short but fun vertical scrolling shooty game! Pls RT :D #gratuitousspaceshootygame

Evening Patches

↑ Official patches. ↓ Unofficial games, patches, and mods.

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Die Hard Re-Release (2023) Showtimes. In theaters for a week starting December 8th. "Come out to the coast! We'll get together, have a few laughs!" Thanks Dark Horizons via Ant.

Obituary: Linda Salzman Sagan Obituary. Thanks Boing Boing.

Last Train Home Released

Time to head off to the station and catch the Last Train Home, a new historical real-time strategy game that's out for Windows on* and Steam. There are Standard and Deluxe Editions, and each carries a launch discount. Set after the conclusion of World War I, gameplay centers on a group of Czechoslovak soldiers heading homeward in an armored train. But this is no joyride, as there are obstacles to overcome, not the least of which is the ongoing Russian Revolution/Civil War. For a look at what to expect, train your eyes on the Release Trailer. There is also a playable demo on Steam to sample. Here's more on this effort at taking the train home without getting your ticket punched:
Embark on a desperate mission through the depths of a war-torn wasteland. Your goal is to guide Czechoslovak soldiers back home onboard an armored train, but the path ahead is fraught with peril. Caught in the middle of a brutal civil war between Russia's Red and White Armies, your unit must remain in fighting shape, managing what little resources you have and maintaining morale at all costs. Venture through the bleak and unforgiving landscape of Siberia, where the freezing cold and the merciless environment will push you to your very limit. Resources are scarce and your crew is exhausted, but you must keep pushing forward.

As you journey through the heart of the conflict, the horrors of war will surround you. The fate of your legion rests on the actions of a few key soldiers, as you engage in real-time battles that will determine the outcome of your mission. You must choose your tactics wisely, using every skill at your disposal to safeguard your troops and complete your mission. With careful training and development, your squads will become a seasoned legion of comrades, brothers and sisters, ready to face any challenge that comes their way.
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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Labrador Retriever Released

Expansive Worlds now offers new Labrador Retriever DLC on Steam for the Windows edition of theHunter: Call of the Wild. This is also available for the console editions of the hunting simulation. As the title reveals, this adds best boys and girls to the mix, allowing your new faithful companion to do some of your messy legwork. And yes, before you ask, you can indeed pet the dog. The Launch Trailer shows off your new buddy in action, as your Lab scoops up all sorts of critters who have died of natural causes (unless there's some sinister gunplay the serene video doesn't depict). Here's more on whether this dog will hunt:
The Labrador Retriever is true to its name and will become an invaluable asset in the field, able to retrieve small game across land and water. Frequent outings will increase the fetching skill of the Lab, allowing the player to enjoy the wilderness to its full potential.

Back at the lodge or out in the wild, players can fully welcome the Labrador into the family with its own name and customisable fur color, and then strengthen their bond by petting the Lab and feeding it treats.
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NVIDIA Launches Game Pass Bundle

NVIDIA announces new support for its hardware in a bunch of games, discussing DLSS support in Last Train Home and Gangs of Sherwood as well as the addition of DLSS support and an Unreal Engine 5 upgrade for Satisfactory. There's also a new bundle offer for the holiday season. As of today there's a Play Beyond Fast with RTX Promotion that gives purchasers of qualifying GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards and systems three months of priority access to PC Game Pass. There are more details in this post:
The GeForce RTX 40 Series, Play Beyond Fast With RTX Bundle is now available! Until January 8th, 2024, buy a participating GeForce RTX 4090, 4080, 4070 Ti, 4070, 4060 Ti, or 4060 graphics card and you’ll receive three months of free access to PC Game Pass.

With PC Game Pass, play hundreds of high-quality PC games with friends, including new day one titles, and get an EA Play membership. A selection of PC Game Pass games include RTX features such as ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and other NVIDIA technologies which run best on GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs. Enjoy incredible new games from Xbox Game Studios, as well as iconic franchises from Bethesda Softworks, play the latest blockbusters, and discover award-winning indie games.

Noctuary Released

Noctuary is now out on Steam for Windows, offering a single-player game that combines a visual novel with a JRPG. It's developed by Chinese studio Gratesca, but this Gameplay Trailer shows off its Japanese flair. This is strong enough that the buy link on Steam is for 梦灯花, which Google tells us translates to "dream light flower." The other paradox revealed in the trailer is a focus on two heroes, despite not featuring co-op support. This carries a 20% launch discount for the next week. Here's more:
As players traverse this magical realm, they witness the duo's vibrant daily escapades and unravel the compelling life story of a mysterious girl descended from the sky. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, revealing a tapestry that fortifies players for the challenges that lie ahead. But amidst the beauty lies a lurking danger – the relentless "Darkritters", ominous monsters threatening the very essence of each Illuminator's existence.

Arm yourselves with exceptional combat skills and engage in thrilling battles against a myriad of adversaries while you unleash a cascade of powerful combo attacks. Switch between the two protagonists during battles, utilizing the potent On-field Switch skill and the synergy to strategically overcome enemy attacks. With each encounter, players learn to master the distinct skills of Fancia and Alina, offering a diverse range of combat styles to prevail in the quest for peace. Players can also customize the battle style with unique "Blessing Petals" imbued with the characteristics of different characters, providing a personalized touch to gameplay.
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Fireside Announced

Indie publisher Nordcurrent Labs and developer Emergo Entertainment announce Fireside, a "mesmerizing" narrative adventure that will take players on a combat-free journey through nature when it arrives next year for Windows and Switch. This features hand-drawn art and a chill vibe, each of which are on display in the Official Reveal Trailer. Here's more:
In Fireside, immerse yourself in a magical world, where the captivating narrative unfolds through a whimsical hiking adventure. As players traverse the enchanting landscapes, they will encounter a diverse cast of fellow travelers during nightly campfires. These cozy evenings at the crackling Fireside serve as the main point for nonviolent gameplay, featuring trading, cooking, and dialogue choices that generate "soul energy" – a magical currency for upgrading the player's home. These gatherings form the heart of Fireside's enchantment, fostering a profound sense of fellowship and connection between characters.
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Out of the Blue

Well, after two weeks, a progress report on my plan to work on expanding my typing to properly use all my fingers is that it's a rousing failure. My thought was to just hunker down and type properly, even if it meant going slowly and watching the keyboard. But old habits die hard, and I constantly catch myself having reverted to using a couple of fingers on each hand. After all, and I have been typing like this my whole life. I'm not giving up on this idea just yet, and will probably break out my free copy of Epistory - Typing Chronicles or pick up Typing of the Dead and see if I can gamify myself.

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