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Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 Half-Life Released (1998)

Flyout Early Access

Flyout has taken off into Early Access on Steam, offering a Windows game that allows you to design and fly your own aircraft (thanks JDreyer). This includes free-form fuselage and wing design tools to allow you to channel your inner Howard Hughes, presumably without all the pee bottles. The Cinematic Announcement Trailer shows off the editors and some creations in flight. Here's word on the game along with a warning that at this point it's not going to hold your hand:
Flyout is an aircraft building game with an emphasis on design freedom and realistic physics, sound and effects. Use the in-game modeling tools to create an aircraft of any shape, add and configure engines for your needs, set up control surfaces and take your design on a test flight around an earth-sized procedurally generated planet.

This game is not easy. There are no in-game tutorials and tool tips are limited due to Early Access status.
Fuselage editing is similar to modeling in any 3D software, although much simplified.
There will be bugs due to the highly unrestricted editor and Early Access status of the game.
Basic understanding of aircraft physics and flight controls is required or at least recommended.
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Zipp's Café Early Access

Early Access is underway on Steam for Zipp's Café, a "noir & chill" game for Windows, macOS, and Linux from The Wild Gentlemen (not to be confused with The Odd Gentlemen). The Official Launch Trailer is here with a moody look at the setup, which features anthropomorphic animals and insects involved in some sort of class warfare. You are the operator of a cozy cafe, serving your animal patrons coffee and tea as well as food, which is hopefully not made from their friends. This is intended to help set up the upcoming release of Chicken Police: Into the HIVE, a point-and-click adventure said to be coming soon. Here's more on Zipp's Café:
Zipp's Café is a bittersweet little story of what we have to sacrifice to make a real difference in our lives while meeting extraordinary characters and preparing unusual recipes at the boiling edge of the cities of insects and animals.

Meet 5 strange characters and discover what connects them. Talk to them, and - whether you like it or not - get caught up in their lives. Immerse yourself into 3 minigames with completely different moods and mechanics. Brew the most special coffees or teas, prepare unique meals, and... wash the dishes... (Because someone has to do the dishes too, you know.)

Play in color, or in glorious NOIR mode!
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Sunday Patches

Unofficial games, patches, and mods.

Out of the Blue

Spoiler alert! Today is the 25th anniversary of Half-Life, Valve's original first-person shooter. We'll call this the game's lead-210 anniversary, since its half-life is 22.3 years according to Wikipedia and that's as close as we can find to an isotope with a 25-year half-life. The celebration of the occasion is fully underway, including Friday's announcement that the game has received a big update, and is currently free-to-keep on Steam. So get moving! They're waiting for you Gordon. In the test... chamber.

Obituary: Suzanne Shepherd Dead- ‘Goodfellas’ And ‘Sopranos’ Actress Was 89.

Resonance Cascade Round-up
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