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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance This Winter

Slitherine announces Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance will relentlessly make its way onto Steam in (northern) winter 2023. This is a real-time strategy game based on the latest installment in the film series, though its release four years later is a poor effort at a cash grab. A beta will arrive between now and launch, and players interested in testing should sign up on this page. There are also three new videos to hype the game: Report from the Frontlines #1, Report from the Frontlines #2, and Report from the Frontlines #3. Here's an explanation of what's new:
A first look at new gameplay was showcased as part of today’s live. A ragged force of Founders, hotly pursued by Legion machines, have encountered various other bands of human survivors. While the player has a choice to ally or not, joining forces with certain groups will reap specific benefits. In the mission highlighted, a steady stream of Legion convoys provides a juicy target for the resistance fighters to destroy. In addition, successfully retrieving a downed pilot in the area gives critical air support in later missions, while the appearance of a new human group - the Integrators - means either additional soldiers to be folded into the Founders ranks or another foe to be battled. What's more, with the mission's success lies the possibility to re-establish radio contact with Founders’ command center - a newfound connection that might be less fortunate than the player thinks.
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New GeForce Drivers

The new NVIDIA GeForce drivers mentioned earlier with the System Shock release are also the game ready drivers for the Diablo IV launch. This article has details on support for NVIDIA DLSS 3 & NVIDIA Reflex in the action/RPG sequel. You can download the new version 535.98 WHQL driver through GeForce Experience or this driver portal. Details on the release are in this article. Here's a bit:
Diablo IV officially launches June 6th, though Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition buyers can begin playing up to four days early*. To give GeForce gamers the definitive PC experience, Blizzard and NVIDIA have partnered to bring our game-changing technologies to Diablo IV.

GeForce RTX 40 Series gamers can max out frame rates with NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation, and other GeForce RTX users can accelerate performance with DLSS 2’s critically acclaimed Super Resolution technology.

Farworld Pioneers Released

Farworld Pioneers is now available for Windows on Steam, Gamepass, and Xbox, offering a sci-fi action game with PvP, PvE, and co-op support from Igloosoft and tinyBuild. You can check out the game's side-scrolling action in the Official Launch Trailer. Here's the pitch:
In this open-world galactic sandbox, how you play is up to you! Bring your friends into the frontier in your own private server, or make new friends (and enemies) in large public multiplayer servers. Play peacefully in co-op, or use the dynamic multiplayer faction system to band together and split apart dynamically as allegiances change.
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Poly Bridge 3 Released

Poly Bridge 3 is now available on Steam, offering a bridge-building puzzle sequel for Windows, macOS, and Linux. There's no word yet on a next installment, so developer Dry Cactus will cross that bridge when it comes to it. Here's the Official Release Trailer with a look. Here's more on this chance to work on your structural engineering skills:
Poly Bridge 3 is the third instalment of a simulation franchise that has captured millions of players worldwide and will build on the success of its predecessors. The new version will feature a more immersive, challenging, and polished experience than ever before whilst still offering players the opportunity to design and construct all kinds of bridges. Get started with simple wooden footbridges before moving to complex suspension bridges spanning vast distances.

Everdream Valley Released

Everdream Valley is now available for Windows on Steam and for PlayStation, breaking ground on a new farming simulation from Mooneaters, Untold Tales, and VARSAV Game Studios. The game's serene setting and vibe are on display in the Launch Trailer. Word is the element that gives the game its magic is, well, magic:
A farming adventure with a dash of magic. By day, restore your quaint homestead into a summer paradise. Raise crops, care for animals and rebuild to your heart's content. At night inhabit the various farmland creatures through your dreams and bring enchantment to the valley.

This little homestead needs some attention and there sure is a lot to do! A variety of fruits and veggies to cultivate and a vast collection of animals to raise. You’ll need to protect your crops from pests and keep your animals fed, healthy and entertained. All while getting the resources to repair and expand your little summer paradise.
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Evening Tech Bits

System Shock Released

System Shock is now available for Windows on the Epic Games Store,,* and Steam, offering a remake of the classic sci-fi shooter from Nightdive Studios. Check out the Launch Trailer to see how it differs from the original from back in 1994. For a sample, each site still hosts a playable demo. There's also a System Shock Goodie Pack being given away for free on, but you must claim that over the next 72 hours. Owners of NVIDIA graphics cards should check out the new GeForce Game Ready Driver, which supports the release. And for evaluations, here's a review roundup from yesterday. Here's a reintroduction to the game and its AI antagonist:
System Shock is the fully fledged remake of the ground breaking original from 1994, combining cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface and all-new sounds & music; it even has the original voice actor of SHODAN, one of gaming’s most iconic villains. Witness the rebirth of one of the greatest and most influential games ever created.

Meet SHODAN. The psychotic AI has taken control of Citadel Station and turned the crew into an army of cyborgs and mutants; She now plans to do the same to Earth. You must explore and battle your way through the depths of a space station gone to hell. Stop SHODAN and avert humanity’s destruction.
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PC Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in July

The PlayStation.Blog announces Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will arrive for PC on July 26th. Previously exclusive to PlayStation 5, the Windows edition now has a Steam Listing preparing for the launch. A new Features Trailer shows off some gameplay and support for PC hardware. Here's a rundown:
We know many PC gamers enjoy playing on ultra-wide monitors. For those, we added support for 21:9, 32:9 and up to 48:9 resolutions for triple monitor setups. Both gameplay and cutscenes are optimized for ultra-wide screens. This is possible thanks to our engineers, artists and QA team who have analyzed the game and adjusted all cinematics to ensure compatibility with panoramic aspect ratios.

The game supports unlocked framerates and includes the latest performance enhancing upscaling technologies. You’ll be able to choose from NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR 2, Intel XeSS and Insomniac Games’ Temporal Injection. NVIDIA Reflex and image quality enhancing NVIDIA DLAA are also supported.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PC offers full mouse and keyboard support with customizable controls. Controllers are also fully supported, and when using a DualSense controller on a wired connection, you can feel in-game actions coming to life in your hands with haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects.
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Street Fighter 6 Reviews

Well now, what can a poor boy do, 'cept to sing for a rock-n-roll band? Despite the Rolling Stones' classic rock claim that there's just no place for street fighting man, Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to hit the streets tomorrow. Additionally, there's a Street Fighter 6 Benchmark Tool to see how well your system handles the game. Here's a roundup of reviews of the new installment in the fighting series:

The Witcher Series Sells Over 75 Million

While not dismissing rumors like the above, CD PROJEKT RED spent the weekend flexing. This tweet reveals that sales of The Witcher series have now passed 75 million units. A separate tweet indicates that two-thirds of these sales comprise the most recent installment, saying The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has now sold over 50 million copies. Here's word:
The School of the Wolf is growing! 🐺 Over 50 million people joined Geralt of Rivia on his Path of finding Ciri and defeating the Wild Hunt!

Thank you for your enormous support over the years! ❤️

Friends vs Friends Released

Friends vs Friends is now available on Steam, offering a deckbuilding PvP first-person shooter for Windows. This brazenly violates the old saying that friends don't let friends versus friends. You can see this genre mix in action in the Launch Trailer, which also features the game's cel-shaded graphics. If you act during the next week you can take advantage of a 40% launch discount. Here's a friendly summary:
Play 1v1 or 2v2 in online, fast-paced, chaotic combat! Gain player levels, get new cards, improve the ones you already have, and get to know an array of eclectic characters with their own unique passive skills. The best part? At this price, you can invite all of your friends to get wrecked, guilt-free!
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Game and Mod Development

Out of the Blue

If the "golden age of TV," as some have dubbed it, is ending, as some have said, it's going out with a bang. Over the weekend, we got to watch the finales of three great shows: Succession, Barry, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Without spoiling things for anyone time-shifting, let's say that Succession was successful, Mrs. Maisel was marvelous, and Barry killed it. It struck me that airing Succession and Barry back-to-back is interesting. Succession is one of the funnier hour-long dramas ever, and Barry is one of the darkest, most dramatic half-hour comedies ever. Guess it all balances out. Anyway, I hope predictions of the death of appointment television are incorrect, and we continue to get programming that reaches the high bar of these three just-ended shows. Each was a treat.

Appointment Round-up
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