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Thursday, May 25, 2023 Africa Day - Geek Pride Day - Towel Day

Get Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War for Free

Steam now offers the chance to pick up a free copy of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War for Windows and Linux. This is one of many announcements at today's Warhammer Skulls event. You have a week to jump on this, and if you act in time, it's yours to keep. And not to put a hat on a hat, but this free game also comes with free DLC. Here's word:
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War is the acclaimed 4X turn-based strategy from creators Proxy Studios and publisher Slitherine. Released in 2018, it pits multiple factions against each other as they vie for dominance on the relic-strewn Gladius Prime. Now is the best moment to step into a new strategic vision of Warhammer 40,000 grimdark future. With Warhammer Skulls, the game is free for a limited-time offer. Download it once, keep it forever!

And with this offer, a free Tyranid unit, the monstrous Tyrannocyte, will be gifted for free to all game owners. This horrifying, Tier-2 alien creature transports units to the frontline and supports them by pinning down enemy units.

GOG Warhammer Goodie Pack Includes Free Game

A Warhammer Skulls 2023 Digital Goodie Pack is now free to claim on, offering some freebies celebrating today's Warhammer Skulls announcements. The pack includes various items related to Warhammer. The collection includes a free copy of Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000, the turn-based strategy game from 1997. You can't claim this through its individual listing, you must collect the goodie pack to get it for free. Here's a refresher on the game:
SSI, the masterminds behind the Five Star General Series’, bring their Midas touch to the Warhammer 40,000 world in the first ever video-game adaption of the EPIC table-top game. With over 85 unit types, this addition to the 40k franchise brings the vastness and depth of an EPIC-style battle to your PC, allowing you greater selection and customisation over your army. This, along with the multiple scenarios and battlefronts to fight from, will keep your strategic mind on edge for hours on end.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin Announced

Frontier Developments announces Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, an RTS game coming to PC and consoles. The Windows edition has listings on Epic Games Store and Steam, both of which say it is "coming soon." Near the end of 2021, Nexon and Games Workshop announced a multiplayer PvE game titled Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The new game seems to be a separate project, and it's not clear if the Nexon game is still in development. Here's the Realms of Ruin Announce Trailer and some details:
Experience the Mortal Realms brought to life in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, a real-time strategy game set in Games Workshop's expansive fantasy universe. Become a warlord and lead four unique factions to conquer the wild and savage Realm of Ghur in tense and tactical battles.

Tame the savage Realm of Beasts in a rich narrative, exploring the nature of war and survival from the perspectives of righteous champions and villainous generals. Battle for survival and dominance across a campaign featuring four major factions, including Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Kruleboyz, and experience a twisted plot, penned in conjunction with acclaimed Black Library author, Gavin Thorpe.
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Homeworld 3 Delayed

Gearbox announces it is pushing the launch of Homeworld 3 into February 2024. The new installment in the outer space RTS series was last expected in the first half of this year. Word is the setback is to make for a better game:
We are moving the launch of Homeworld 3 to February 2024.

Our primary goal is to deliver a Homeworld experience that lives up to the standards set by its predecessors and is worthy of this series' incredible legacy. Homeworld 3 is shaping up to be exactly that, but in order to fully realize that vision we need more time to refine and polish the game.

We deeply appreciate your passion and dedication to this game, and we are working hard to get Homeworld 3 to you as soon as we can.

Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks Testing

Caged Element and PLAION announce Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks, a combat-racing game that's a more unusual exploitation of the frequently exploited Warhammer 40K franchise. It will be free-to-play upon release, which should be soon. But an alpha playtest is underway right now, and if you are interested in giving this a test drive, you can request access on Steam. The Announcement Trailer shows off the game's "high-Orktane mayhem." Here's more:
Fans of speed and dakka can now live out their Warhammer 40,000 fantasies, driving scrappy vehicles and unloading bombastic weapons in a Speedwaaagh to the death.

Players can choose from various classes of vehicle including, damage, tank, and support wagons, each of which features distinct abilities that compliment a variety of playstyles. Players will ride to victory across multiple maps in this explosive mix of the combat racing and shooter genres.

During the Alpha Playtest, Warhammer 40,000: Speed Freeks will feature a limited number of vehicles and levels and a single game mode, the unique hard-hitting combat racing conquest mode, which ends in a glorious sprint to a finish line. This fresh take on the vehicular shooter has players racing to capture points and fighting for bigger scores, with each team pushing the pedal to the rusted metal in their scrappy gas guzzlers.
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Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 Released

Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is out on* and Steam, offering a sequel to the original Do Not Feed the Monkeys from 2018. You can observe this game about observing monkeys in its PC Release Trailer. Word is The Primate Observation Club will last longer than first imagined:
Welcome to the future of The Primate Observation Club. Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is a digital voyeur simulator that combines narrative, investigation, surveillance, and resource management. Even in 2099 the rule about messing with your unlucky subjects still remains in this highly anticipated sequel: DO NOT feed the monkeys!

Life is about to get a little meta…

  • Do you like power? How about controlling the lives of others?
  • Do you like breaking rules? Does it excite you? Maybe “Rebel” is your middle name?
  • Do you want to be part of an exclusive group? Be someone important?
  • Do you want to make some money and become rich?

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Bat Boy and Demo Released

Grab your Louisville Slugger and head over to Steam to check out the release of Bat Boy for Windows. That's because this is about the problems that can so easily be solved with your baseball bat (spoiler alert: it can solve all of them). This flexible utility is on display in the Official Launch Trailer. There's also a playable demo for firsthand impressions. Here's word on the adventures of Ryosuke and "his fellow sports-star friends":
Ryosuke isn't just your regular high-school kid — Ryosuke is Bat Boy! He and his fellow sports-star friends secretly battle against the evil invading forces of interdimensional mage Lord Vicious, hellbent on hosting sinister athletic events for his own amusement. When Lord Vicious brainwashes Bat Boy’s fellow squad in order to participate in the Trials of Darkness, it’s up to Bat Boy to traverse a hostile world on his quest to free the minds of his sports-hero squad before they fall victim to the Trials. Along the way, Bat Boy will encounter all manner of allies and goons as he fights his way to the final confrontation with Lord Vicious.
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Diluvian Winds Early Access

Early Access to survival platformer Diluvian Winds is now underway on* and Steam. Word is: "Often compared with Spiritfarer visually and inspired by great titles such as Reus, Basement and Fallout Shelter among others, Diluvian Winds takes place in a world in which nature has reclaimed its rights. Ensure the survival of the travelers each day while growing your hamlet on land and underwater." The Early Access Release Trailer supplies a look at the game in action. We're still not sure about the identity of the Eggman, but it turns out the walrus is you:
As the weather gets worse, a walrus, acting as a lighthouse keeper, welcomes the travelers looking for a place to sleep.
As the keeper, manage the travelers and fulfill their requests in the hope of withstanding the natural disasters, and grow your hamlet on land, under the sea or among the clouds.

The lighthouse helps guide the travelers and the wandering caravans. The keeper must tend to the fire, for if it were to fade, he would be cut off from the world.
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Get Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition for Free

The Epic Games Store offers a solution to last week's tease of a "mystery game" giveaway with the release of Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition as its new weekly freebie. This highly regarded action/RPG is for keeps as long as you hit the snag it now button by next Thursday. Then a new giveaway will begin, which is once again mysteriously listed as a mystery game. Here's what to expect if you decide to roll the dice on this:
It’s the kind of town where you dig your own grave prior to being shot in the head and left for dead… and that’s before things really get ugly. It’s a town of dreamers and desperados being torn apart by warring factions vying for complete control of this desert oasis. It’s a place where the right kind of person with the right kind of weaponry can really make a name for themselves, and make more than an enemy or two along the way.

With the introduction of the Ultimate Edition, Bethesda Softworks offers you the chance to double-down and get the complete package of New Vegas fun. For the first time in one package, you can get all the Fallout: New Vegas content including the full suite of highly acclaimed add-on content: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. To sweeten the pot, you’ll be armed with the latest cache of unique weapons, ammo types and recipes from the most recent add-on packs: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Released

Tolkien fans rejoice, as your precious is here. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is now available for Windows on the Humble Store* and Steam, and presumably soon on the Epic Games Store and* This is also available for Xbox and PlayStation, with a Switch edition expected later this year. Here's the Launch Trailer and a bit on the possibility the game holds a redemption arc for Sméagol:
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a story-driven action adventure set in the world of the novels. Embark on a perilous journey as Gollum, chasing the only thing that is precious to him. Climb, leap, and sneak your way past dangers or into advantageous spots. Gollum is skillful and sly, and torn by a split personality. It is up to you to decide whether to yield to the darker side of Gollum or trust the kinder gentler hint of Sméagol. Travel from the depths of Mordor to the beautiful realm of the wood elves and meet compelling characters both familiar and new in a story steeped deep in the lore of Middle-earth.
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Days of Doom Announced

Atari announces Days of Doom, a tactical roguelite bringing turn-based combat to PC and consoles later this year. Its setting is described as a "zany apocalyptic world," as seen in this announcement trailer. Here's a bit on the game's classes and replayability in what could have been titled Preppers vs Zombies:
Mastering the art of turn-based combat is essential to survival in this tortured realm. Each character class possesses unique abilities that, when skillfully employed, can turn the tide of battle. Kickstart the chaos with Pyro, setting foes ablaze for lingering damage. Unleash the unstoppable duo of Hydromancer and Thrasher, a formidable pair drenching enemies with watery assaults and delivering electrifying surprises. Though the odds seem insurmountable, strategic utilization of each class' talents, combined with timely upgrades and new abilities, is the key to overcoming the undead (or otherwise disturbing) menaces.

Prepare for endless surprises and relentless challenges, as no two runs in Days of Doom are ever the same. The procedurally generated landscape and the unpredictability of enemy encounters ensure each playthrough offers a fresh opportunity to hone your survival skills, pushing you to the top of your game.
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The Front Closed Beta Signups

Samar Studio invites players interested in open-world survival games to sign up for testing of The Front, its upcoming entry in the genre. A new gameplay trailer accompanies the news, and you can also check out the game's listings on Steam and the Epic Games Store. If this strikes a chord, you can register on the official website, and testing should begin "soon." Here's more from this post on the topic:
It has been three months since we first unveiled The Front to the world. During this time, we have received a lot of support and suggestions from all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you! The first Closed Beta Test for The Front will be launching soon, and you can now fill out a survey on our official website to qualify for access to the test.

Once we have collected enough participants from the survey, we will start to contact the selected players by DISCORD and EMAIL, so please make sure you leave the accurate information in the survey, thanks!

Be aware: This test is a CLOSED BETA test, that means you will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to enter the test.
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Evil Wizard Released

Evil Wizard is now available for Windows on Steam and Xbox, offering an action/RPG where you play as a tiny wizard with big powers. This can be seen in action in the release trailer. Here's the elevator pitch:
Evil Wizard is a humor-filled action RPG featuring metroidvania elements and carefully crafted pixel-art environments. As a defeated villain who barely survived a tough fight, you’ll have to face an army of so-called heroes to recover what’s rightfully yours. Rediscover your powers, infiltrate your own castle, unleash devastating spells, and purge your ancestral home of these miserable excuses for an enemy. Are you ready to get your hands dirty? It’s time to be the bad guy for a change!
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On Sale

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Out of the Blue

Happy Towel Day, one of several designations for this date. For instance, today is apparently "National Wine Day" in the US. I get that these "special occasions" are usually just marketing or other fluff, but this still strikes me as unnecessary. There are shops with supplies of novelty glasses, aprons, and signs with declarations like "It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere" or endless quotes about wine's essential role in raising children. It seems pretty safe to think wine lovers view every day as National Wine Day. Now where did I leave my corkscrew?

Whiney Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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