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Sunday, Apr 30, 2023

STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor Peak CCU Dwarfs Fallen Order

Despite well-publicized launch issues, a tweet from analyst Alejandro LL. highlights the successful aspects of the PC edition of STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor. It has already surpassed the online presence of the original STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order by a wide margin. The post shows the SteamDB data revealing the new game has already had a peak concurrent player count of 63,597 players. In contrast, SteamDB shows its predecessor peaked four years ago with 46,550 playing online at once. This makes Survivor the second most successful Star Wars game by this metric, following only LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which peaked at 82,517 concurrent players a little over a year ago.

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Out of the Blue

Someone recently commented I was on a bad restaurant streak. I think that's pretty accurate, though thankfully my latest mishap did not involve getting sick. We went out to a new place last night, and everything was really good except the service and, unfortunately, my steak. The service problems were forgivable. Our waiter just seemed a bit overwhelmed. But the steak was inedible. This was just a miscalculation on my part, as the menu suggested this was one of their specialties, but it was not. We later realized this inn had a wedding going on elsewhere, and I'd basically ordered a steak from a catering hall. So that's on me. Our server tried very hard to make it right, offering to fire me another, but I was over it, so he just took it off the bill. But all in all the evening was still a pleasant celebration of our anniversary, and as planned, it was also a chance to toast to lost friends. In the end it was fine, but I do think I should take an extended break from eating out to reset my tough luck.

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Saturday, Apr 29, 2023

Steam Japanese Game Fest

A Golden Week Japanese Game Fest on Steam is underway. Hosted by Komodo, this nine-day week will run until May 8th. This does not appear to involve the flood of livestreams and demos seen in some Steam Fests, but it does include a sale offering bargains up to 90% off. Here's word:
KOMODO, international games publisher and distributor of the Steam Deck in Asia, is proud to announce bringing back the Golden Week Sale on Steam on April 29 with the help of partners across the gaming industry.

Working with many of the biggest names in Japanese video games, KOMODO has organized a massive sale to celebrate the series of four Japanese holidays that are known as Golden Week with the Golden Week Japanese Game Fest!

Varney Lake Released

Hey Vern! Chorus Worldwide announces the release of Varney Lake, a visual novel that melds a pulp fiction vampire story with throwback computer graphics. This sequel to Mothmen 1966 is available on Steam with support for Windows and macOS. The Game Launch Trailer shares a look, and there's a playable demo to sample. Here's more:
This second entry in the Pixel Pulps Anthology following paranormal investigator Lou Hill, Varney Lake finds him investigating the story of a supposed vampire encounter in 1954. Jimmy and Christine have murky memories of their childhood vacation where they claim to have met a vampire. Their friend Doug, who was with them, has long since gone missing. Lou Hill must follow the tracks of aged recollections to deduce macabre truths and discover Doug’s fate.

Get to the bottom of these mysteries by setting up camp and navigating the surrounding wilderness via choice-based gameplay seamlessly affecting a branching interactive fiction. Meet a neighboring vampire with a mysterious wound and carefully handle tense scenarios by solving accessible puzzles. Uncover the paranormal investigator’s veiled past in a dual-timeline story inspired by books with choices and branching narratives. Sink into a gripping tale of time and terror as the reality behind Doug’s disappearance comes to light.
Continue here to read the full story.

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Out of the Blue

Many of you shared kind words and condolences about Jedi the Jindo, and I appreciate it. Thank you very much. MrsBlue and I plan to go to dinner tonight to celebrate our recent anniversary, and we will celebrate Jedi as well and raise a glass to our dear departed friend.

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