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Monday, Apr 10, 2023

In-Person QuakeCon in August

The QuakeCon Website now has details on QuakeCon 2023. This annual gathering returns August 10th-13th as an in-person event in Grapevine, Texas, following three years of virtual shows due to COVID-19. QuakeCon is also returning to its original roots as a LAN Party, and the focus will be entirely on the BYOC gathering. A ticket will be required, there will be no general admission, and there will be no exhibitions from id Software or other ZeniMax studios. In an interesting twist, id Software co-founder John Carmack tweets that he may show up (but he's not sure he's actually welcome). Here's the announcement:
The iconic fan gathering welcomes back its dedicated community with a reimagined and upgraded BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party for four days of round-the-clock gaming, a host of fun activities, and meetups for old and new friends. In addition, as in recent years, a full slate of programming will be streamed live on Twitch from the BYOC floor for those unable to make the journey back to the QuakeCon homeland.

This year's QuakeCon will be a ticketed-only event with admittance limited to pre-registered BYOC guests. With this year’s focus on the in-person BYOC experience, there will be no exhibit hall, and no General Admission for QuakeCon 2023.

In addition to the BYOC, many fan-favorite activities will return for ticketed attendees, including Tabletop Village, BYOC community events, and the QuakeCon Finals Party. QuakeCon will also play host to the annual esports finale of the Quake World Championships featuring Quake Champions as well as several vendors and experiences to support the BYOC. A full program, features, activities and layout for the show will be released soon.
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Soul Survivors Early Access Next Month

Stingbot Games announces Early Access to survival roguelite Soul Survivors will begin on May 3rd. This is just a bit later than the Q1 launch promised when the game was announced. We're warned to be prepared for a high body count: "Cut through thousands of foes in a skill-based, time survival game blending roguelike runs with challenging combat and meta-game progression." The Early Access Release Date Trailer celebrates the news, and there's also a new Gameplay Video from Game Informer that runs close to 19 minutes. Here's a refresher:
Select from two playable heroes for the Early Access launch, with six total planned throughout development, and progress through two unique dark fantasy environments replete with a myriad of monsters and fearsome bosses lying in wait. March into combat as The Bogatyr, a heroic knight whose heavy armor and short-range attacks can cleave through mobs with powerful force. Or reanimate corpses as The Necromancer to create an overwhelming army fueled by the dark arts.

Earn experience by defeating enemies to unlock powerful abilities that dramatically alter each character’s skillset. Improve auto attacks to add devastating effects like the overhead Butcher’s Blade and spend hard-earned gold to unlock permanent talent upgrades, such as the Necromancer’s Soul Reaver, which grants pets the ability to collect souls. Master an array of character builds due to each class’ diverse playstyle and create the ultimate killing machine.
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Let's Build a Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey Announced

Springloaded and No More Robots announce Aquarium Odyssey, new DLC coming to Steam for Let's Build a Zoo, the zoo management simulation. As the name clearly states, this will allow you to get your feet wet in the aquarium business, introducing you to new animals, new customers, a new protesters. This post covers the news, outlines a new free update for the base game called Sloths & Spas, and adds an Aquarium Odyssey Reveal Trailer. Here's part of the announcement that steals all the good dad jokes:
Let's Build a Zoo, the zoo tycoon game with over 750,000 players, is going deep. Aquarium Odyssey is a sprawling, fintastic content overload coming to the game later this year, adding an a-trout-cious amount of new aquatic creatures, and a full new story campaign that'll be kraken you up for 20+ hours!

If you think we're serving you a bait and switch, think again! I won't be so koi about the huge amount of stuff to do in Aquarium Odyssey, including 100+ new shops, decorations, facilities, enclosures and more. Honestly, any fin is possible.

To celebrate, we've put out a brand new free update for the base game today, called the Sloths and Spas update! We'll leave you to guess what's in that.
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Evening Crowdfunding

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Miniland Adventure Released

Miniland Adventure is now available on Steam, offering an adventure game for Windows from Imilkowski Dev, Gameparic, and Playway. The game's throwback sensibilities are on full display in the Release Trailer. Some of this is quite serene, but the clip shows off combat as well. If you'd like a sample, the free playable Prologue remains available on Steam. Here's more on the game, which carries a 10% launch discount for the next week:
As a player, you start with a small patch of land, that with time you can expand by yourself with biome tiles that you receive every day. Start with nothing, and build dream houses for goblins and yourself while exploring, collecting resources, crafting, building, fighting, farming... and more!

Miniland Adventure is a game with beautiful, colorful, and atmospheric graphics that attract the attention of players from around the world. The average rating of the game's prologue on the Steam platform is over 90%, which proves that the mechanics and solutions are well-received and enjoy several hours of gameplay.
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Bread & Fred Demo Soars

SandCastles Studio and Apogee Entertainment highlight the success of the playable demo for Bread & Fred, which was released on Steam back in December. The demo was downloaded by more than one million players, raising hopes for the success of the full release next month. The full version is due on May 23rd, as shown in this Release Date Announcement Trailer. Here's word::
Bundle up with a buddy via online co-op or Steam Remote Play and put friendships on ice in a challenging co-op platformer experience. Get in sync and guide the adorable penguin duo Bread and Fred to the top of pixelated peaks. Jump, climb, and swing with perfect coordination across challenging conditions like moving platforms, slippery surfaces, and high speed winds. Victory and defeat are attached at the hip! Test each other's patience and see who helps the party progress, and who will anchor down the expedition.
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Morning Crowdfunding

Out of the Blue

We pivoted on dinner last night when we realized the local barbeque place was open. This turned out to be a magical experience. It's possible to get decent BBQ in the northeast, which is faint praise. This place has been great for ribs and smoked wings, though, and they serve a killer buttermilk chicken sandwich. But in a fearless moment, MrsBlue dared the fates and ordered the brisket. I have never in my life had a decent piece of brisket north of the Mason-Dixon line that wasn't pastrami or corned beef. At least until yesterday, because that was incredible! Perfectly tender, incredibly flavorful, and moist with perfectly rendered fat. I have to thank my better half, because I don't know when I would have gotten around to trying this. But I'll certainly try it again. It was like an Easter miracle!

Obituary: R.I.P. Michael Lerner.

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