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Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

Chris Avellone Lawsuit Settled

A post on Medium by Chris Avellone announces a lawsuit he filed over sexual predation allegations has been dismissed with prejudice. He says this has resulted in his attorney's fees being refunded and a "seven-figure payout" despite describing it as a "confidential settlement." The post shares what is purported to be a joint statement from Kelly Bristol and Karissa Barrows, two women who had accused the embattled developer of sexual misconduct. Avellone filed a libel suit against Barrows, Bristol, and 100 Jane Does in 2021 after their allegations he engaged in sexual predation. Avallone later filed another suit against just Barrows for defamation. The backlash immediately cost him work, including his consultant roles on Dying Light 2 and Bloodlines 2. Chris goes on to speak about real challenges the industry still needs to face. He also expresses appreciation for "the willingness of Ms. Barrows and Ms. Bristol to work with us in addressing issues within the game community," which seems odd. He asks that everyone respect the privacy of Barrows and Bristol going forward. Here is the included statement:
“After engaging with Mr. Avellone, we have prepared the following statement:

Mr. Avellone never sexually abused either of us. We have no knowledge that he has ever sexually abused any women. We have no knowledge that Mr. Avellone has ever misused corporate funds. Anything we have previously said or written about Mr. Avellone to the contrary was not our intent. We wanted to support women in the industry. In so doing, our words have been misinterpreted to suggest specific allegations of misconduct that were neither expressed nor intended. We are passionate about the safety, security and agency of women, minorities, LGBTQIA+ persons, and every other community that has seen persecution in the video game industry. We believe Mr. Avellone shares a desire to protect and uplift those communities. We believe that he deserves a full return to the industry and support him in those endeavors.”

- Karissa Barrows, Kelly Rae Bristol


Out of the Blue

Time for a little spring cleaning here, so I put the Duke Nukem logo back in the vault, and dusted off the logo for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. You should be able to see this if you're using our desktop view. According to Wikipedia the Force-powered first person shooter was released 21 years ago today on March 26, 2002. This is noted on the 27th in our archive, but the 26th was a Tuesday, so that's probably right. Thank you to Walter "2" Costinak for creating the logo and to Steve for cleaning it up for our current format.

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