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Saturday, Mar 25, 2023

Dark and Darker Gets DMCA Takedown

A post on Reddit discusses the disappearance of the store listing for Dark and Darker from Steam. There is a subsequent edit sharing an explanation from the developer IRONMACE's Discord saying the game was hit by a cease and desist letter and DMCA takedown by Nexon. The background for this can be found on Eurogamer, which previously reported on a police raid following allegations of stolen source code and other malfeasance. Here's the explanation:
As Victoria explained for us earlier this month, back in August 2021, a former Nexon employee was allegedly reported for leaking company data and assets while they were working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This employee - known as Leader A - was heading up development of a project dubbed "P3". However, after allegedly being caught leaking "thousands" of the project's file, Leader A was fired from Nexon.

Since then, half of the 20-person P3 team quit Nexon and joined Ironmace to work on Dark and Darker. This included the developer allegedly caught - and subsequently fired for - leaking the P3 files. There have since been claims that P3 was used as a prototype for Dark and Darker.

According to Nexon, Dark and Darker has "striking similarities with the concept for P3 in major gameplay, rules and arts, which could not have been made independently" and the company confirmed that it would "take firm measures not only against Leader A but anyone else or any other company related to the data leak".

Satisfactory Getting Unreal Engine 5

A new video from Coffee Stain Studios holds the announcement that Satisfactory is getting an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 (thanks Anders). The factory simulation is currently in Early Access on Steam. And while a prerelease engine switch can often derail a project for years, word is the new engine will be introduced in the game's upcoming Update 8. This will launch first in the game's Experimental branch, and it is warned that to start it will be "really, really experimental" and that this will involve growing pains. It is not specified when this will launch, but the video makes it sound imminent, going so far as to warn users to back up their saves. The lengthy video digs into the various improvements the new engine will bring, and various ups and downs to expect. Here are the high points from the summary at the end:

  • Growing pains from the launch on experimental are expected. "This also includes dedicated servers."
  • It is believed the game will benefit greatly in the long run.
  • Unreal Engine 5 brings a "slew" of new features.
  • The Experimental launch will include "similar or worse performance" for some. But it will improve over time.
  • Mods "will for sure break." It will be up to the modding community to work though these problems.

State of Overwatch 2

A post on Blizzard News from Aaron Keller has the game director's take on the current state of Overwatch 2. It's a lengthy post covering a lot of ground as the developers have been working to incorporate player feedback into the future of the multiplayer shooter. One of the game's burning topics is seasonal resets, and part of the update discusses the future of those:
Players have provided a lot of feedback on the reworked system that launched with Overwatch 2. One of the biggest issues that players bring up is how their experience has been affected by a partial rating reset at the beginning of each Competitive season. This (along with some matchmaking issues) has caused a lot of confusion in matches. Starting with Season 4 we'll be removing this reset, and players should have a much clearer picture of their rating, season-to-season.

Internally, we’re still discussing whether a rating reset should be a part of the Competitive system. We believe that a reset could make sense in OW2, but it would have to take a different form. We’re currently asking ourselves; what if a partial reset happened at a much greater time interval (perhaps yearly) and coincided with a greater set of changes to the game or to the Ranked system?

Pizza Possum Announced

Move over Pizza Rat, there's a new critter looking to grab a slice of your viral fame. Indie developer Cosy Computer and publisher Raw Fury announce Pizza Possum, a top-down, arcade action game coming later this year to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. The game's alliterative marsupial protagonist is not a city-dweller, though, as the game is set on an island that is clearly not Manhattan. The Steam Listing for this is live, showing the release date is "TBA." The premise is simple. Fill your hungry belly, and don't get caught in the process. Here's the Announcement Trailer and here's more:
Play as a cute, hungry possum in fast-paced, arcade-action chaos, trying to devour as much food as possible without getting caught by the guard dogs determined to halt your feast! Dog patrols will try to stop you at every turn, but don’t fret. Your possum is very sneaky, so use bushes to hide from patrols and keep the hunt going!

While searching a colorful variety of picturesque regions for delicious meals to satisfy your taste buds, you'll gain points that allow you to unlock unique items like smoke bombs, punching gloves and more to help you on your journey. Enjoy fun and hectic gameplay with intuitive controls, a playful feel, and an adorable soundscape on your own or with a co-op critter companion via local multiplayer and Steam Remote Play Together.
Continue here to read the full story.

Out of the Blue

I tried Blizzard's Queue beta last night for close to an hour. First impressions: The framerate was very steady, and I'm in no danger from harming my mouse or my hand from excessive clicking. But of course things might have been different if I ever got into the game. It seems weird to intentionally limit access to the Diablo IV beta. I would think Blizzard would be eager to take advantage of player interest to actually stress-test the game's ability to withstand a rush of new players when it launches. But I guess that's not a concern, and there will be absolutely no congestion related issues when the game officially launches.

Obituary: Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94.

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