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Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023 Happy π day!

Try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II MP This Weekend

If you have an itchy trigger finger from a desire to try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer, do we have good news for you! The chance to get in on the action for free will begin on Thursday and run through the weekend. The Call of Duty Blog has all the details. Here's a quick overview:
During a Free Access period between this Thursday, March 16 through March 20, new players can deploy to the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 02 Reloaded map and other locations, as well as check out the Special Ops Raid Episode 01.

The Free Access period will feature a selection of Multiplayer and Special Ops experiences, including the brand-new Himmelmatt Expo map that launches tomorrow with Season 02 Reloaded and fan-favorite Shipment, along with four additional maps and a variety of game modes.

Stellaris: First Contact Story Pack Launches

The First Contact Story Pack is now available on,* Steam, and the Xbox Store, adding new content to Stellaris, Paradox Interactive's sci-fi 4X strategy game. A Release Trailer is here to show off this chance to emulate Zefram Cochrane. Here's a Captain's Log outlining what this brings to the game:
Broken Shackles: You didn’t take to the stars; you were taken to the stars as an alien captive! Now, you and your fellow prisoners have overtaken the ship and found yourselves banding together to survive and thrive as a diverse new community. Can you rise to greatness from this humble origin… and will your former captors take notice?

Payback: No one would have believed your world was being watched keenly by intelligences greater than your own — until they invaded. But you did not go quietly into the night! Your civilization has repelled a would-be conqueror from space, and with sudden access to their advanced technology, you’re about to discover just what else is out there beyond the stars!
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Hell of an Office Early Access

Early Access is now underway on Steam for Hell of an Office, a 3D speedrunning platform set in the hell of an office that's set in Hell! The goal is to escape this especially hellish nine-to-five, armed only with your trusty stapler (which, sadly, is not red). Check out the Early Access Launch Trailer for a look, and read on for more:
Many corporations create toxic work environments, but that’s nothing compared to the CEO that is the literal devil. And if stakes weren’t high enough, a quickly rising floor of lava surrounding flammable walls of paperwork puts the “dead” in deadline. Storm into 40 office-based levels throughout the Ten Circles of Hell with the help of an ability granting stapler from the office mascot, Mr. Stapley. Rocket jump, air dash, and fire flaming staples to chase the frantic dream of escaping the HellO Corporation.

Avoid spike-covered walls, blistering lazer beams, and infinitely-spinning saw blades, among other dangerous obstacles made to keep all employees from clocking out. Create customized routes through levels thanks to versatile and addictive level design in the ever long chase for Diamond Rank times, top spots on the leaderboards, and of course, bragging rights.
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Vernal Edge Springs Forth

The Vernal Equinox may still be about a week off, but Vernal Edge is available right now on the Epic Games Store,,* and Steam, offering a metroidvania from Hello Penguin Team and PID Games. Here's a trailer showing off gameplay and the game's retro flair. Here are some edgy details:
Years ago, the land took to the sky, becoming a mysterious series of floating islands, where the power-hungry Church of Aloe now rules with an iron fist.

Enter Vernal. A young woman bent on finding her estranged father. With the help of some abnormal martial prowess and an amnesiac automaton named Chervil, She'll need to make her way across this mysterious land if she wants to satisfy her need for revenge, and the truth.

Take control of Vernal in this beautiful pixel art Metroidvania. Unravel the secrets of her past and the mysteries of Haricot as you battle your way through this broken kingdom.
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System Shock Delayed to May

You may or may not be shocked to hear that Nightdive Studios has announced a delay to System Shock, its remake of the classic 1994 FPS action/RPG. Just a couple of months ago we were told to expect this in March, but that turns out to have been a couple of months off. Word is the game's launch is now expected on May 30th:
The wait is (almost) over. The PC edition of System Shock – the fully fledged remake of the groundbreaking original from 1994 – will go on sale on Tuesday 30 May this year.

We had hoped to bring the game to market by the end of March, but that turned out to be just beyond our reach; we are after all merely human (unlike Shodan!)

The System Shock remake combines the cult gameplay of the iconic original game with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface and all-new sounds and music. From never before seen enemies and quality of life gameplay tweaks, to a revamped hacking system and visceral new combat options featuring a brutal dismemberment system, the System Shock remake welcomes players new and old back to Citadel Station and the arms of the delightfully villainous SHODAN.
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New GeForce Drivers

NVIDIA now offers new version 531.29 WHQL-certified Windows GeForce drivers for its GeForce graphics cards. Word is these fix some bugs and add DLSS 3 support for Atomic Heart and THE FINALS closed beta:
This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new titles supporting NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology including Atomic Heart and the closed Beta of THE FINALS.

Fixed Bugs

  • Higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container might be observed after exiting a game [4007208]
  • Stability issues may be observed on certain laptops with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 series GPUs [4008527]
  • Adobe application stability issues using 531.18 [4009055][4008751]

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition Flies Out

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition is now available for Windows via the Epic Games Store,,*  and Steam as well as for Switch, with versions for other consoles to follow. This puts you behind the controls of "the most advanced, and dangerous, aircraft on the planet." At least as of 1995 when this game was originally released. Check out the Launch Trailer for a look, and read on for more:
Unlike most other flight simulators, Terminal Velocity™ is all about combat. With low inertia flight mechanics that allow players to bank, roll, and loop easily across treacherous maps and a straightforward control layout, they’ll be thrust bow-first right into the action.

To maintain their aerial superiority, they’ll have access to an arsenal of weaponry and several game-changing power-ups to conquer deadly enemy fighters in the air and on the ground. They’ll feel the ultimate power of flight as they take to the skies and soar through alien environments and show off their aerial skills through dozens of tight tunnels and underground caverns. It's all about action, speed, and destruction!
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Varney Lake Announced

Developer LCB Game Studio and publisher Chorus Worldwide announce Varney Lake, a Jim Varney-free visual novel inspired by midcentury pulp fiction and 1980s computer graphics.This will arrive on April 28th for PC via Steam, and for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Switch. The Release Date Teaser Trailer is just pan across a static image, but it does have a glorious streak of Amiga nostalgia to it. This is a follow up to last year's Mothmen 1966, which it turns out was kicking off a series. Here's a quick dip into Varney Lake:
Paranormal investigator Lou Hill can’t stop thinking about a mind-blowing case dating from the Summer of 1954. Help Lou retrace the steps of three kids’ summer vacation from decades ago, and collectively come to the truth behind their supposed encounter with a vampire. But Jimmy, and Christine, now in their 40s, may have murky memories of the time…and what really happened to Doug?

Recall the trio’s story via choice-based gameplay and explore the multiple roads of a branching interactive fiction without friction. Solve accessible, brain-tickling puzzles while learning more about the paranormal investigator himself in a dual-timeline story inspired by books with choices and branching narratives from the past. Decipher details between generations to finally close the book on a case left open for nearly 30 years.
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Miniland Adventure Prologue

Steam now features Miniland Adventure: Prologue, a sample of Miniland Adventure, which is expected to make its full launch soon. Much like ZOMBO, this promises "you can do anything you want to," so let your imagination run wild. Here's a Prologue Release Trailer which does not necessarily live up to that promise, but does show how you'll be able to create your own world. Here's the big picture:
Miniland Adventure: Prologue is now available on Steam to play for free! Prologue is just part of the gameplay that awaits you in the full game. Start with a small patch of land, that with time you can expand with biome tiles that you receive every day and create your own world!

In the game's prologue, your task is to build your world and fight against your enemies. The world doesn't generate itself - you do it, shape the world as you wish. Start with nothing, and build dream houses for goblins and yourself. Every day you receive a bunch of biome tiles, that you can place wherever you want. There are multiple biomes in the game, including different forests, deserts, grassland, snow land, savanna, highland, and more.
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On Sale

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Out of the Blue

Happy Pi Day! It warms one's geeky heart to see this celebration of circular logic has become so mainstream. MrsBlue and I might have considered celebrating today with a pizza pie, but the BlueTower is currently being inundated by snow. It came down all through the night and is expected to continue all day. I've seen predictions that accumulations could be as much as a foot. It will probably be less than that, but it's pretty safe to say I won't be making any pizza runs today. I hope everyone in the path of this storm is properly hunkered down.

Obituary: Former Colorado Rep. Pat Schroeder, pioneer for women’s rights, dies. Thanks RedEye9.
Obituary: 'Fosbury Flop' high jumper Dick Fosbury dies at 76.

Pi Round-up Squared
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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