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Thursday, Mar 02, 2023

Get Figment for Free

With Figment 2: Creed Valley set to launch on Steam next week, Bedtime Digital Games celebrates by offering the original Figment completely free. This colorful and imaginative action/adventure for Windows, macOS, and Linux has earned "very positive" user reviews and sold more than a million copies since its release in 2017. Here's the original Launch Trailer and here's word:
Figment is an action-adventure game that invites you to explore a unique surreal universe filled with music, humor and multi layered narrative. Join Dusty and his ever-optimistic friend, Piper, on an adventure through the different sides of the mind seeking to restore the courage that's been lost.
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F1 Manager 22 Free Weekend

Drivers, start your engines! A free weekend is now underway on Steam for F1 Manager 2022, the latest installment in officially licensed sports management simulation. The free period runs until Monday. If you want to keep working with your team after that, the game is on sale for 70% off. Here's a bit on the game:
Make your mark on Formula 1® in the officially licensed F1® Manager 2022. Be the boss of your chosen constructor and pick from a roster of 2022 drivers and staff. Featuring full F1® licensing and true-to-life presentation, you won’t just play F1® Manager 2022 – you’ll live it.

Write a new chapter in a bold new era for Formula 1®. Choose your F1® team and guide them to glory throughout the official 2022 races by beginning your journey at the back of the grid or taking your place in pole position – in F1® Manager, the choice is yours. Your task is to impress the board by hitting your season targets and long-term goals, securing your team’s success for years to come.

Age of Wonders 4 Preorders

Paradox Interactive is now offering preorders of Age of Wonders 4, the upcoming fantasy strategy sequel. Since preordering games is a risky proposition at best, there are various bonuses as incentives. Here's a new Story Trailer, and here's word on the game and the preorder bonuses:
Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of triumphant games, today revealed details about upcoming content for Age of Wonders 4, the newest installment in the iconic fantasy strategy game series from Triumph Studios. Age of Wonders 4, which will launch on May 2, 2023 for PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X and S, is available in a Premium Edition on all platforms, including additional in-game cosmetic options and the game’s Expansion Pass, providing players with two upcoming content packs and two upcoming full expansions at a bundled discount. A new story trailer, showing the return of the terrifying Wizard Kings, was released today to set the stage for the game’s upcoming launch. Pre-orders for both editions are available starting today on all platforms from the game’s website:

Age of Wonders 4 invites players to rule a fantasy realm of their own design, in a blend of strategy, role-playing, and turn-based combat. Powerful Wizard Kings have returned to the realms to reign as gods among mortals, and players will rise to challenge their rule using Tomes of Magic to unleash arcane destruction and evolve their armies, gaining new abilities and forms. For the first time in the series, players can create their own custom factions, and leave their mark on countless worlds through each choice they make.
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: What the AI Chatbot Discourse Is Really Revealing (may require registration or subscription). "The hype cycle for this era’s biggest tech breakthroughs (metaverse who?) is growing shorter—and warier." Thanks A.C.M.

Get Rise of Industry for Free

Happy Thursday! As usual, this means everyone is now untitled to head over to the Epic Games Store and pick up a free game. This week it's Rise of Industry. This manufacturing strategy game will be yours to keep as long as you collect it before it's replaced by a new giveaway next Thursday. Next week's game will be mystery/adventure Call of the Sea. But it will be a while before you can heed the call, so for now we'll focus on this week's freebie. Here's a quick description:
Put your entrepreneurial skills to the test as you create & optimise intricate production lines whilst keeping an eye on the all-important bottom line. As an early 20th Century industrialist, grow your empire & adapt to unexpected events that could lead to boom…or bust.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Footage

With Dead Island 2 officially gold and due for release next month, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver offer a new Extended Gameplay Reveal Trailer with a look at the zombie-infested sequel in glorious 4K resolution. Here's word on this chance to be the flesh prince of Bel Air:
With just under two months to go until Dead Island 2 releases worldwide, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver today unveiled an extended look at what everyone has been waiting for: gameplay. Today's extended gameplay video kicks off the action at the very beginning of Dead Island 2 in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Armed with an array of weapons, each with their own unique, brutal fighting style and endless opportunities for upgrades, watch as slayer Dani meets Standard zombies (Walkers, Shamblers, Runners), Variant zombies (grenadier walkers), and Apex zombies (hyper mutated zombies), each one with its own horrifying powers and behaviors.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Reviews

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not set to rise until tomorrow, but the embargo ended today, so we have reviews. Here are evaluations of the new dark fantasy Three Kingdoms action/RPG from Team NINJA:

King of the Castle Released

We don't need to know if you're still master of your domain. But we can inform you about the chance to be King of the Castle, as this medieval-fantasy party game from Team 17 and Tributary Games​ is now available on Steam. The game's party mode can include between three and 24 players, while there's also a Twitch mode where the audience can play as up to 3,000 Nobles of the Council. A look at how this works is provided in the Launch Trailer, and this post discusses the news. Here's how all this works:
In King of the Castle, one player is the Monarch and others can join as their Council of Nobles. Monarchs can host 'Party Games' on Steam for 3-24 players, all of whom can join for free via any device with a web browser; or use ‘Twitch Mode’, where up to 3,000 of their viewers can jump in and play as Nobles directly via their Twitch chat.

Once a Monarch begins a game, joining players will be automatically designated the status of ‘Noble’ and will be assigned a unique homeland. As the story progresses, they’ll be able to vote upon key decisions to influence the kingdom and advance their nefarious schemes. For Twitch-hosted games, Noble players with Twitch accounts can also voice their thoughts using the platform’s chat function to discuss dilemmas faced by the crown, or take on the role of usurper and plan not-so-secret uprisings right under their ruler’s nose!
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Blacksmith Master Announced

Publisher Hooded Horse announces Blacksmith Master, a medieval smithy simulation in development at Untitled Studio for release this year on the Epic Games Store and Steam. This doesn't just involve wielding a hammer, you'll also need a pickaxe, as you are a vertically integrated blacksmith. So you'll also run a mining operation to collect ore and gems for raw materials. All this is shown off in the Announcement Trailer. Here's more:
Tucked away among the winding alleys of a small medieval town lies a dormant workshop – a humble place for a humble blacksmith, but with potential for greatness. Blacksmith Master lets players manage the entire production chain from start to finish:

  • Send out miners to gather ores, jewels, and other raw materials
  • Smelt the ore into ingots, and have gem cutters craft precious stones
  • Design the best wares - from common tools and weapons, to the finest of jewelry and glassware
  • Hire a team of experienced smithies and artisans to bring creations to life, and then sell them for a tidy profit
  • Rinse and repeat, until a player can become the Blacksmith Master

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Moviehouse – The Film Studio Tycoon Next Month

Assemble Entertainment and Odyssey Studios announce April 5th is the release date for Moviehouse – The Film Studio Tycoon, a new tycoon game to help you reach your inner Cecil B. DeMille, Ed Wood, or perhaps Chili Palmer. This chance to play director is said to be inspired by Peter Molyneux's The Movies, which is perhaps why they are turning up the hype and calling this as a "new spin on the classic tycoon formula." You can wishlist this now on Steam. For more, a new Gameplay Trailer shows off one aspect of movie magic, the creation of a miniature set for special effects. And here are some additional details:
Starting in the 80s where neon and practical effects ruled, and spanning through the decades to the near-real look of current day CGI, players start with a small yet passionate film crew with rudimentary equipment who have one goal: grow the studio into one of the best in the industry and keep it that way for years to come. With an eye for entertainment, pick from a dozen popular film genres and plot the perfect, award-winning storyline. Grow your operation with your razor-sharp business sense and usher in a new era for filmmakers worldwide. You only get one shot to make it or break it, and as they say: if you film it, they will come!
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Out of the Blue

We now have the Succession Season 4 Official Trailer to lead into the final season. I have mixed feelings about this, like how it feels when I know I'm nearing the end of a good book. MrsBlue and I have a rule about dropping shows when they hit the Gilligan's Island moment of having established the characters and just putting them through their motions every week. A four-season run is a great way to avoid that (though ironically, Gilligan's Island only lasted three seasons itself). But it's so entertaining to watch the Roy family in dysfunctional action I would probably gladly keep watching no matter how long they pushed out the conclusion of the story.

Successful Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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