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Saturday, Feb 18, 2023

Diablo IV Open Beta Next Month

PureDiablo has a video from the IGN Fan Fest where Blizzard's Joe Shely announces dates for two beta testing weekends for Diablo IV. Those who pre-purchase the action/RPG sequel on any platform will get an Early Access weekend with the beta beginning on March 17th. Everyone else can get in on an Open Beta the next weekend, beginning on March 24th. There are no plans for a wipe between the two weekends, but all progression will be lost upon the launch of the full game. It is noted that unlike some betas that come a week before a game's launch, the schedule here will allow the developers to incorporate feedback into the final game before its arrival on June 6th. Here are excerpts where the Diablo IV Game Director outlines the schedule, and a bit on what the beta will show us:
Remember, of course, that the game itself is coming out on June 6th. And you're going to be able to play the beta on March 17th through March 19th, so that weekend, if you've preordered… Now everyone, everyone in the world will be able to play it on March 24th through March 26th, the following weekend.

And the beta itself, it's quite extensive, it's quite a significant look at the game. It is limited by that period of time, the servers will shut down at the end of that time. But there's no time-limit within the game. You can level all the way up to 25, which is quarter of the way to the level cap of 100 in the full game. You'll be able to play all the way through the Prologue. You'll be able to play through Act I, which takes place in Fractured Peaks, one of our five areas in the game. And you'll be able to play through all the campaign and side-quests that exist in that area. So there's quite a lot to check out.
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Book of Demons Free Weekend

A free weekend is underway on Steam for Book of Demons, a cooperative deckbuilder for Windows and macOS. This is a hack-and-slash game where your cards are your weapons. You can check it out for free for the next two days, and if you want, it can be picked up at an 80% discount. Naturally progress from the sample will carry over if you do make the purchase. Here's a trailer with a look. Here's more:
Book of Demons is a Hack & Slash in which YOU decide the length of quests. Wield magic cards instead of weapons and slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral. Save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself!

  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • Roguelike Mode for fans of extreme challenge
  • 70+ different types of monsters, with different traits and custom mechanics
  • Xbox and Steam controller support
  • Dungeons & Streamers - Twitch and Mixer integration
  • Monthly and all-time Leaderboards, 200+ Achievements

Book of Demons is the first installment of Return 2 Games - a series of original mid-core titles, inspired by the early golden days of PC gaming.

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Game and Mod Development

Out of the Blue

I recently mentioned my disappointment that Hulu had cancelled Reboot. There was brief talk of this being picked up by another network, but that apparently is not happenening, and the show is officially dead. Credit to Johnny Knoxville for saying he does not think this is because the show was biting the hand that fed it: "I know we made a lot of fun of Hulu in the show, but I give the executives more credit than to cancel it for such a silly reason." Even more credit for the perspective that while the cancellation can be viewed as a failure, it doesn't mean the show's only season didn't succeed. “Of course I would’ve liked it to end differently, but I realize I’m a very lucky human being," he explains. "We made a great show, and it’ll be there for people to watch forever. That’s a pretty great thing." For sure.

Obituary: Kyle Jacobs, songwriter and husband of singer Kellie Pickler, dead at 49.

Rebootless Round-up
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