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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Delayed

A tweet from Respawn announces the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is being pushed back to April 28th. Just six weeks ago we were told to expect the Force-powered action/adventure sequel on March 17th. Here's word on the setback:
For the last three years, the Jedi team here at Respawn has poured its collective heart and soul into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and we are proud to say the next chapter in the tale of Cal Kestis is content complete. We are now focused entirely on the final stage: bug fixes to enhance performance, stability, polish, and most importantly, the player experience.

Jedi: Survivor is a direct response to the feedback from our community, delivering expansive destinations to explore, evolved combat and traversal, and of course, the continuation of Cal and BD's story. Making this game has truly made us a better team, and we have pushed ourselves at every level to make this the Star Wars sequel our fans expect from Respawn and Lucasfilm Games.

In order for the team to hit the Respawn quality bar, provide the team the time they need, and achieve the level of polish our fans deserve, we have added six crucial weeks to our release schedule - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will now launch globally on April 28th.
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Halo to Reboot Using Unreal Engine

A report on Bloomberg (may require registration or subscription) by Jason Schreier has more on the recent shakeup at Halo: Infinite developer 343 Industries. This confirms the report that the company remains the primary developer on the Halo franchise after rumors said otherwise. But it also notes that with deep cuts to its staff and the switch to a new engine, 343 is basically "starting over from scratch" with the shooter series. Here's more on plans to pivot to the Unreal Engine:
Chief among them is a pivot to a new gaming engine, the suite of tools and technology used to make video games. The studio’s own engine, known publicly as Slipspace, has been one of the biggest points of contention over the past two decades. Based largely on old code from the 1990s and early 2000s, it’s buggy and difficult to use and has been the source of headaches for some developers on Halo Infinite, people familiar with the development said. Several multiplayer modes that are nearly finished, such as Extraction and Assault, both popular in previous Halo games, have yet to be released in part because of issues involving the engine, they said.

At several points over the past decade, management at 343 debated switching to Epic Games Inc.’s popular Unreal Engine. But it wasn’t until late last year, when previous studio head Bonnie Ross and engine lead David Berger departed and Pierre Hintze took over, that the firm finally decided to pivot to Unreal. This switch will start with a new game code-named Tatanka, according to people familiar with the plans. That project, which 343 is developing alongside the Austin, Texas-based game studio Certain Affinity, started off as a battle royale but may evolve in different directions, the people said. Future games in the series will also explore using the Unreal Engine, which may make development easier, although internal skeptics are worried that the switch may have a negative impact on the way Halo games feel to play. A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on issues with the engine or on the company’s plans to pivot to Unreal.

Rumbleverse Shutdown Confirmed

The Rumbleverse Website confirms the rumor that the free-to-play brawler is ending. The site has a modal warning the shutdown is coming on February 28th with the conclusion of Season Two. Word is: "If you’ve been a part of that journey, we thank you – whether you jumped into the first playtest after our reveal, or just shot yourself out of the cannon for the first time." The game and any purchased content will no longer be playable after that point. The update has more details, saying the store is now closed, and all purchases will be refunded. Here's more:
Any player who has spent money on Rumbleverse is eligible for a refund of money spent on or in the game. This includes the purchase of a Rumbleverse Battle Pass or Brawlla Bills on any platform. We will share a FAQ page with additional refund information soon.

Later today, we are deploying the final update to Rumbleverse. We are closing the store and opening the full experience to every player. The current Battle Pass will be granted to everyone. Your XP gains will be doubled so you can fast-track unlocks for every rank. Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos will be live and we’ve unlocked additional accessories and emotes in the game for free as well.
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The Crew Motorfest Announced

Ubisoft announces The Crew Motorfest is the new installment in The Crew franchise teased yesterday. This open-world racing game is expected later this year on Windows via the Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Ubisoft+, and Luna. Developer Ubisoft Ivory Tower is preparing for the release with an Insider Program that will open up tomorrow. This is only for PC to start, but will open up to consoles down the road. You can sign up for that right here. Here's a Teaser Trailer and here's more:
The Crew Motorfest welcomes drivers to an all-new open-world racing game later this year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Amazon Luna. The latest entry in The Crew franchise takes players to the shores of the island of O'ahu in the Hawai'ian archipelago as they race through the streets of Honolulu, fly down the steep slopes of a volcano, off-road through lush forests, or chill out on the beach. Whether you play solo or with your whole crew, the entire island will be fully explorable from behind the wheel of hundreds of vehicles.
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Dying Light 2 Turns One; Series Passes 30M Sales

Techland celebrates the first anniversary of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, offering a new video marking the occasion. There's also a new Community Update #2 bringing the zombie sequel to version 1.9.0 with a bunch of changes, including console crossplay. The anniversary festivities will last all week, and this website is the central hub of activities that include sales, nostalgic treats, and the chance to win goodies along the way. There's also the news that the series has now sold 30 million copies, and we are reassured this total is actually going upwards: "The renowned franchise has had an excellent start to the year, selling a whopping 30 million units, a number that continues to grow each month." Finally, we have a short term look at the next stages of the game's five-year plan:
Techland is starting the year off strong, and with it comes the first year anniversary update containing community-requested features and Quality of Life improvements including: Community Update #2*, Cross-Gen, and Legend Levels. With these significant updates already planned for Dying Light 2, fans may ask what is next for the game over the coming year. Techland has outlined a new roadmap, and will continue to shape plans for 2023 as part of the 5-year commitment to the game.
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Undisputed Early Access

Undisputed is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a simulation of boxing, the MMA forebear from Steel City Interactive. This simulates real-world boxers, including the legendary Muhammad Ali, who is included in the Early Access release. This new trailer offers a look at Ali taking on arch-nemesis Joe Frazier. Here's the tale of the tape:
For its Early Access launch, Undisputed will feature a roster of over 50 playable characters including Muhammad Ali, Tyson Fury, Canelo Alvarez, Deontay Wilder, Katie Taylor, and a fully-fledged women’s division. Players will be able to pit this roster against each other across six unique fight locations, including a large arena and Coldwell’s gym. Become the champion of the ring in local and online multiplayer matches, play single player against the AI, or take on a true challenge in Prize Fight Mode.

Alongside bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the planned Early Access roadmap includes additional features and content such as Career Mode, Fighter Creation tools, licensed boxers, and real-world match venues. SCI look forward to updating the community as they share updates to these exciting features.
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REKA Announced

Fireshine Games and Emberstorm Entertainment announce REKA, a "living witch cottage" game coming next year. If you like the idea of a mobile home, but are afraid of gas costs, this game where your house walks around on its own chicken legs may be for you. That description draws a pretty vivid image, but the Steam Listing has some screenshots and video to fill in any blanks. Here's more:
Design and decorate your walking house’s interior with complete creative freedom, taking on quests to unlock new decorative items and make it your own. Form an unbreakable bond with your cottage as you explore new landscapes together, guided by Baba Jaga on your apprenticeship across villages, mystical forests and more.

Master the powers of witchcraft and use the help of your familiars to gather hard-to-reach items, while collecting plants, crafting magical supplies, and discovering mythological creatures.

Superfuse Early Access

Stitch Heads Entertainment and Raw Fury announce they have lit the super fuse, and Superfuse is now available in Early Access on Steam. This is a fast-paced action/RPG with a comic book-inspired feel that's on display in this Early Access Launch Trailer. Here's what you need to know to get started with this:
Superfuse is a comic-book infused Action RPG set on the mining asteroid Eros, a far flung outpost in the galaxy after the Earth has been abandoned by mankind, where you take on the role of an Enforcer – humanity’s super-powered protectors. Play as one of three classes – the Berserker, Elementalist, or the Technomancer – in either the single-player campaign or in co-op mode for up to four players, as you attempt to hold back a tide of terrifying, mysterious creatures dubbed “The Corruption”.

Featuring a unique set of skills and talent trees, Superfuse has an in-depth hyper-tailored skill system – known as Fuses – enabling players to create and refine their character’s skillsets to a high level of individuality. Every character will play differently in Superfuse.
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Evening Crowdfunding

Second Front Opened

Second Front is now available for Windows on Steam, offering a World War II turn-based strategy game from Hexdraw and MicroProse. This is not a sequel, so you do not have to worry about having missed out on First Front. The Second Front Release Trailer shows off gameplay based on classic tabletop wargames, down to the hex map (but thankfully no towering stacks of chits for units). The game comes with 48 scenarios based on real battles, along with an editor to allow players to create and share their own maps. Here's more on the game, which carries a 15% launch discount:
As the commander of a military force in the era of WWII, you must use your tactical prowess and cunning to lead your troops through intense battles and challenging missions. With a vast array of weapons, vehicles, and equipment at your disposal, you must carefully plan your attacks and outmaneuver your enemies to secure victory on the battlefield.

But Second Front isn't just about strategy and tactics – it's also about the human element of war. You'll need to carefully manage your soldiers' morale and physical condition, as well as their equipment and ammunition. And with the ability to issue orders, you'll be able to react to changing situations and make strategic decisions that could make all the difference on the battlefield.
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Builders of Greece Play Test

Builders of Greece is a city management game set in the ancient empire coming to PC later this year. Builders of Builders of Greece, BLUM Entertainment, Strategy Labs, and CreativeForge Games, invite us to join in the process. A closed playtest is now underway, and you can request access on the game's Steam Listing. Word is this is being opened up to as many players as possible, paving the way for an official demo which will precede the full launch. Here's a new Gameplay Trailer and here's more:
Builders of Greece is a city management game which lets you display your strategic and economic mastery. Have your builders and craftsmen raise magnificent structures and monuments in your name. Take good care of your loyal subjects needs and expand your influence by their hard work, politics, profitable trade connections, or even war. As for yourself, look closely into all the nuances of planning, diplomacy, and economics. Face numerous varied challenges, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. Make your city expand beyond the horizons and let the word of its splendour reach the furthest corners of this land. Builders of Greece grants you the opportunity to witness the greatness of Hellenic metropolises before the time of Roman conquests.
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Pixelshire Demo

A playable Windows demo is now available on Steam for Pixelshire, a sandbox farming simulation inspired by Stardew Valley. Despite the obvious similarities, the demo is accompanied by a trailer called How is Pixelshire different to Stardew Valley- Ep. 1- Terraforming. The demo will allow you to experience the first five days of the game:
Build your perfect town, meet new friends and invite them to stay a while. Gather resources, construct new homes and decorate your world inside and out to reflect your own personal style!

The demo allows players to experience the first 5 days of Pixelshire, giving them a taste of terraforming, building, farming, fishing and much more.

Cute farming? Check! Gorgeous pixel art? Check! Pixelshire might have a lot in common with cult hit Stardew Valley on the surface, but find out more about the many features and abilities that make this a unique town-building experience.
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Out of the Blue

I'm saddened to read that Hulu has cancelled Reboot. It didn't make full use of its great cast, but this TV show about a TV show was cleverly meta, and was quite fun. But I'd probably watch anything with Rachel Bloom or Judy Greer in it, so maybe I'm not the one to judge. That aside, MrsBlue and I have been very happy with our TV choices lately, not that it's hard to still find top quality shows hidden all over the various networks and streaming services. What's a little different is we're actually current with a couple of these, as we have known to lag behind the curve at times. In this case, we've caught the first couple of episodes of Shrinking, which were certainly interesting. The behind-the-scenes interactions of the three therapists are by far the best part of that, and completely worth the price of admission. But the new show I'm most pleased with is the one that's collected tons of buzz, Poker Face. If there's a TV formula I'll forever have an affection for, it's the genius detective like Columbo, the show that must have inspired this. I'm not sure if it's a direct inspiration, but I laugh at myself for noticing the other formula mirrors The Incredible Hulk, with the drifter protagonist finding a new adventure every week. And even though this uses the crazy trope of someone who's constantly having people mysteriously murdered all around them, I don't care. It's super-fun, well-executed, and makes me very happy.

Obituary: Cindy Williams, 'Laverne & Shirley' star, dead at 75.
Obituary: Hall of Famer Bobby Hull, the Golden Jet, dies at age 84.

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