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Monday, Jan 30, 2023

The Crew 3 Announcement Tomorrow?

Responding to a prediction that The Crew 3 will be officially announced this year, a tweet from The Crew 2 account suggests the reveal of a new installment in the open-world driving series may come tomorrow at noon EST:
Tomorrow. 5PM UTC/9AM PST.

More on Overwatch 2 Matchmaking

A new Developer Blog for Overwatch 2 digs further into Blizzard's goals and plans for matchmaking in the competitive shooter. The update includes a Q&A answering your FAQing questions about the situation. It's lengthy enough that the TL/DR section could use its own condensed summary. No suck luck, so we'll have to deal with what we've got:

  • Your ranked games are formed based on your internal matchmaking rating (MMR), regardless of your displayed skill tier. MMR changes based on the result of each match, with the amount of MMR you gain or lose depending on several factors like how highly rated your opponents were or how recently you last played.
  • Our team is aware of some community pain points with competitive and matchmaking. We have a set of improvements coming to matchmaking, and we’re also working on updates to the competitive system.
  • For competitive play in Season 3, we’ll reduce the number of wins between competitive updates from 7 to 5 wins or 20 to 15 losses. For our matchmaker, we’re implementing role delta changes that will match similarly ranked players within each role.
  • Season 4 will include additional information about your current wins and losses on the competitive update screens. Our team has begun work on longer-term features and updates for both the matchmaker and competitive game mode, and we look forward to sharing more on those plans in the future!

The King's Dilemma: Chronicles Released

The King's Dilemma: Chronicles is now available for Windows and macOS on Steam, offering a strategy/RPG where you play as an adviser to the heavy head upon which the crown lies. This involves weighing in on the dilemmas of the day and offering judgments which will affect the future of the kingdom. But this isn't all just threatening to divide babies, as there are various factions to keep in line and other matters of state to sort through. Check out the release trailer for an overview, and read on for more:
Welcome to the Kingdom of Ankist, a place of daring expeditions, gruesome battles, mischievous schemes, and intriguing mysteries. You play as the “Head of the Council”, the leader of the King’s inner circle. Listen to the advice of your Council of Houses, or overrule their decisions.

Face hundreds of dilemmas where every choice you make may affect your relationship with the other Houses, influence the well-being and resources of the kingdom, and change the course of history itself.

Discover the lands of Ankist over a story spanning tens of generations, form alliances, survive betrayals, and prepare for the final uprising foretold by an ancient prophecy. Will you act for the greater good, or will you think only of yourself?
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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Turning a BLOB into PURE GOLD. Thanks RedEye9.

Backfirewall_ Released

Publisher All in! Games and developer Naraven Games now offer the Windows edition of Backfirewall_ on Steam, saying this first-person "tragicomic" adventure will come to consoles later this year. This puzzle game is set within a smartphone, promising unique and quirky gameplay as you play as an update assistant attempting to save the phone's current operating system from death via upgrade. More details can be found on the Backfirewall_ Website and you can see the game in action in the new Release Trailer. If you want a sample, there's also a playable demo. Here's word:
Backfirewall_ is a first-person tragicomic adventure that takes place inside a smartphone. As the update assistant, you hold the fate of the System in your hands. Will you counter the update and save the chatty operating system OS9 from deletion?

Begin a humorous escapade through various areas of the phone and solve clever puzzles. Meet colorful apps that inhabit the smartphone and have their own opinions about their boss, the update, and the godlike user.
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Prison Architect: Jungle Pack Next Week

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven announce Prison Architect: Jungle Pack, an aesthetic pack coming to the incarceration simulation on February 7th. If you think the only thing wrong with your personal penitentiary is that it's too close to civilization, this may be for you. But this has something for all owners of the game, even if they don't want to relocate, as it will come along with a free update called The Jailhouse. This will feature quality-of-life improvements, balance changes, and the addition of Toby, a Yorkshire Terrier. Here's a trailer and here's more:
Far from civilization, Wardens will need to manage their inmates in a challenging tropical environment. Construct a jungle compound outfitted with wooden furniture, new walls and door types, and even an outdoor cinema. Inmates can contract and spread a tropical fever, so Wardens will need to implement advanced medical treatment to combat this threat.
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Rumor Mill

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Morning Metaverse

Out of the Blue

Well, I could be happier with the outcomes of yesterday's NFL games. I was actually late making my first pick in our pool, but I was wrong, so that's moot. But regardless of outcome, I would have been a lot happier if the first game didn't hinge on injuries and if the second one didn't hinge on questionable officiating. Oh well, what's done is done. Now we brace for two weeks of hype before the "big game."

Obituary: Annie Wersching: The Last of Us video game and 24 actress dies at 45. Thanks brother19.
Obituary: Lisa Loring, original Wednesday Addams actress, dead at 64.

Officiated Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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