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Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

IXION Leaves Early Access [Updated]

IXION is out of Early Access and is now officially available for Windows on the Epic Games Store and Steam, offering a survival management game set aboard a space station (thanks JDreyer). The edition on Steam carries a 10% launch discount. This involves a hunt for a new home for humanity, a classic trope from science fiction. Or should we say, science IXION? The journey makes the setting sound more like a spaceship than a space station, but perhaps that's explained. Developer Bulwark Studios and publisher Kasedo Games offer this Release Trailer with a look at what to expect. Here's more:
IXION combines city building, survival elements and exploration, into a thrilling space opera as you explore the stars. Propelled onwards through a perilous journey, you are the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station, charged with finding a new home for humanity.

Keeping the station sound and flying will require a deft hand and strategic thinking, as you are constantly pulled between maintaining hull integrity, bringing in new resources and managing power consumption.

What choices will you make when confronted with impending disaster? What will you discover out there in the dark?
Update: The game has left Early Access, rather than entered it. Apologies for the confusion. Continue here to read the full story.

ELDEN RING Free Colosseum Update Details

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco send along details about the ELDEN RING patch that went live earlier today. This details the new PvP features and character customization this adds to the action/RPG. There's also a post from Bandai Namco discussing this on Xbox Wire. Here's a Free Colosseum Update Trailer and here's word:
PvP Colosseums - The Colosseum doors open for the first time to reveal a new challenge, unlocking three new arenas. Located in Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell, each arena comes with its own sets of rules and will be theatres of fierce Player versus Player confrontations.

The Limgrave Colosseum features two modes: United Combat and Combat Ordeal.

  • In United Combat, combatants will be divided into two teams to fight in timed battles with the ability to respawn. Each death and respawn grants points to the adversaries, offering victory to the team with the higher score.
  • In Combat Ordeal, it’s every Tarnished for themselves. Combatants in this mode can also respawn until the timer hits zero, and the one with the most points will prevail as victor.

Continue here to read the full story.

Op Ed

  • The truth about video game awards events.
    "The Game Awards this week features a lot of different categories, and almost all of them are designed to appeal to core game fans. You’re not going to get a lot of mobile or casual titles up for prizes – Wordle doesn't get a single nomination. The job of The Game Awards, outside of celebrating great games, is to entertain gamers, so that publishers can showcase what's coming next to them."

Evening Safety Dance

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: The Pale Blue Eye - Official Trailer. Thanks Dmitris.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn TM Spotted

A post on ResetEra notes a European trademark filing by Bandai Namco for Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn. It was previously stated that the developers had no plans for a direct sequel to Tales of Arise. There have also been indications that there would not be DLC for the action/RPG, but at this point it seems like that plan has evolved.

Zombie Cure Lab Early Access

Early Access is now underway on Steam for Zombie Cure Lab, a Windows strategy/simulation from Thera Bytes and Aerosoft. This sandbox game will be perfect for those who view a zombie outbreak as a job opportunity. Are you Legend? Check out the Official Release Trailer to see if you have what it takes. Here's more on this effort at avoiding becoming fast food for the encroaching horde:
Brain munching zombies rule the world. After years of research brave scientists have finally found an antidote that reverses the zombification progress, creating zombie-human hybrids. Find the final cure for humanity and build the perfect zombie curing facility.

Construct walls and fences to provide shelter for your scientists. Set up efficient production lines to keep the treatment running and match the growing needs of your lab.

Gather resources, set day and night shifts and manage four different worker types. Prioritize and assign jobs within your lab to maximize efficiency. Keep to power running in your lab and anticipate your worker's behavior to prevent possible outbursts of the virus in you facilities.
Continue here to read the full story.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boasts 10M Pilots

Microsoft is celebrating its overcrowded virtual airspace, announcing that the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has played host to over 10 million pilots since the flight sim first took off over two years ago. Here's more:
We would not have reached any of these milestones without the continued support of our amazing community and their ongoing engagement and contributions. Because it’s a day for celebrating numbers, we want to share a few more impressive accomplishments of our community:

  • 500 million flights
  • 40 billion miles flown
  • Equivalent of 10 million trips around the Earth
  • Equivalent of 200 round trips from the Earth to the Sun

And we’re just getting started! We have exciting plans for 2023 and beyond. Join the 10 million pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator today! The sky is calling!

Akka Arrh Announced

Old school publisher Atari announces a collaboration with old school designer Jeff Minter to develop Akka Arrh, a wave shooter coming to PC, PlayStation, Switch, and VCS early next year. The game is described as "hypnotic" and "retro-infused," qualities which are on display in the reveal trailer (Saw voice warning). Here's more on the game and its creator:
Akka Arrh combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade cabinet with the unique creative vision of Jeff Minter. Akka Arrh is based on an arcade prototype that was released in 1982 to a small test market. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped because players found the game too difficult. Due to its exceptionally short production run, only three Akka Arrh cabinets are still known to exist. Now, players have the chance to experience not just one of Atari’s rarest games, but one of the rarest games of the arcade era!

Jeff Minter has a storied career that includes the creation of nearly 100 games spanning almost every generation of console. Among the two dozen titles he created for Atari and Atari hardware are Tempest 2000, Tempest 3000, and Tempest 4000™. Akka Arrh embodies his signature light-synth style and ability to craft a uniquely chaotic but extremely fun arcade experience.
Continue here to read the full story.

Epic Adds Cabined Accounts for Younger Players

Epic Games announces the launch of what it is calling Cabined Accounts. These allow younger players unable to do the math on age-gates to play Epic games like Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League:
Players around the world will see a one-time request for their age when they log into Epic Games Store or our games. If you are a younger player, your Epic account will be a Cabined Account and you will be asked to provide a parent or guardian’s email address to begin the parental consent process.

You will continue to be able to use the Epic Games Launcher, but will need Parental Controls to be set in order to access certain features. Once your parent sets up Parental Controls, your experience will respect the settings they select and your account will no longer be a Cabined Account.

On Sale

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Out of the Blue

I tend to sneer at most sleep magic trends. Wacky pillows, mattresses in boxes, high thread count sheets are all just pillows, mattresses, and sheets to me. But I've been curious about weighted blankets since they started appearing, and I finally got to try one. This turned out at least as well as I hoped. I tend to be a restless sleeper, and this curtailed my tendency to roll over and thrash about. It also did a nice job of keeping me "tucked in," which is helpful for staying warm and cozy. A definite winner. The only concern is that I do not like to sleep in air conditioning, so it will be difficult to manage to sleep like this in the summer. But that seems an awfully long way off right now, so I'll work this out when the time comes.

Weighty Round-up
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