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Monday, Dec 05, 2022 International Ninja Day

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at The Game Awards

Respawn tweets it will be showing off Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Thursday at The Game Awards. A release date and specs for the Force-powered action/adventure sequel were briefly posted earlier on Steam before being removed. It seems possible these were not supposed to be posted until after the presentation. Word is:
The journey continues…

Experience the action-packed gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at @thegameawards—streaming live Dec 8! #StarWarsJediSurvivor

Overwatch 2 Easing Season 2 Grind

Blizzard is responding to complaints about difficult progression in Overwatch 2, the multiplayer shooter sequel. Game director Aaron Keller tweets changes to how Season 2 will work just in advance of its launch tomorrow. Word is getting the new Ramattra will come earlier in the battle pass, and some weekly challenges are being dialed back:
Hey all! Quick update on some changes coming to Season 2. After reviewing data for Season 1, we're moving Ramattra in to Tier 45 of the Battle Pass and making a few more weekly challenges easier to complete. Excited for you all to see everything new in Season 2 starting tomorrow!

Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: The Rings Of Power Pitch Meeting. Thanks RedEye9.

Get Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 for Free

Rebellion has rolled out another free gift in celebration of its 30th anniversary (thanks Ant). According to the Rebellion Shop, everyone is now entitled to a free copy of Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 on Steam, a savings of $1.24 over the game's current sale price. Here's word:
As part of Rebellion’s 30th Anniversary celebrations, you can get a FREE copy of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 for PC/Steam when you sign up to the Rebellion Shop mailing list below and redeeming the code. Limited time offer, one per customer, subject to availability.

Sun Setting on Gwent

CD PROJEKT is ending support for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game after next year, when the game will switch to a community-supported model codenamed "Project Gwentfinity." The good news is the game will continue on indefinitely. The way this unfolded is a little odd, as a new developer update with the latest patch notes on the game makes no mention of this plan. It also goes unmentioned on the GWENT Twitter or the Twitter of Senior Communications Manager Pawel Burza. But the Roadmap 2023 Video from the developers slips in the news without drawing much attention. Here is a tweet from Burza reflecting the change:
The last 7 years with @PlayGwent were the best years of my professional career. I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many unforgettable friendships. I’ll always look back at this time with a huge smile. Let’s make 2023 as epic as possible! Love you all! ❤️
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STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor Date and Specs Appear and Disappear

The Steam Listing for STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor caused a stir when it added a March 16th, 2023 release date for the upcoming sequel for STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. The listing also included new system specifications, but the date and specs were both removed pretty soon after they were discovered. This leaves us unclear if the information was deleted because it was premature, or because it was inaccurate. For the record, PCGamesN outlines the details that appeared and subsequently disappeared:
In addition to the release date, the update included the PC system requirements, which call for a minimum of an Intel Core i7-770 or an AMD Ryzen 5 1400 and a graphics card with 8GB of VRAM – Respawn is (currently) recommending at least an GTX 1070 or Radeon RX 580. You’ll also need a whopping 130GB of storage space for this game.

The update also reveals pre-order bonuses for the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Deluxe Edition, which include Han Solo- and Luke Skywalker-inspired looks for Cal, an R2-D2 colour scheme for BD-1, and Han’s classic DL-44 blaster set.

Isonzo Gets Free Caporetto Expansion

A new Caporetto expansion is now available on all platforms for Isonzo, the World War I first-person shooter from M2H and BlackMill Games. For PC gamers, the Windows and Linux edition is available on Steam and the Windows edition is available on the Epic Games Store. Check out this trailer for a look at what this adds, and read on for more:
The Caporetto update brings the first map in a new Offensive - Isonzo’s signature game mode, where players fight through multiple different maps to determine who wins or loses the overall Offensive. The German Offensive will have three maps, focused on the momentous Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, also known as the Battle of Caporetto. Historically this was a disaster for the Italians, as a combined German and Austro-Hungarian attack broke through Italian lines and forced them to retreat more than 100 kilometers.

Caporetto is the titular map in the Caporetto season of free updates, with two more to follow later. It’s set on a rainy autumn day, with German attackers attempting to break through a small town and storm increasingly steep hillside positions as they aim to conquer the strategically important peak of Hill 1114. The Italian defenders must use ruined buildings and multiple lines of trenches and bunkers to try and delay the attack long enough for it to lose momentum.
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Swordship Ships

Swordship is now available for Windows on Steam, PlayStation, and Switch, with the Xbox edition of this sci-fi dodge-em-up expected tomorrow. A new Launch Trailer shows off the game's Spartan graphics and breakneck pace. Here's a description:
Select from a number of Swordship variants, each with its own unique active power, offering the opportunity to experiment with a variety of approaches to overcome challenging and dangerous levels. Players can further experiment with their play style by choosing between risking it all and banking stolen containers for massive score boosts, or playing it safe for passive upgrades and extra ships.

Swordship is set in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world where the consequences of global warming have forced the vast majority of humanity to take refuge in three gigantic underwater cities. The megacities exchange millions of containers loaded with goods every day while those on the outside scrape what they can together in order to survive. You play as one of the small number of inhabitants prepared to steal those precious containers to deliver vital supplies to those that have been banished to the outside.
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Charlie Chaplin Game Plans

CBC News reports Montreal-based game studio B Df'rent Games has secured the rights to make a video game based on the life of pioneering film star Charlie Chaplin. The article describes the negotiations with the rights-holders to ensure that this will contain no violence, sexism, or racism. Those discussions spanned five years, but word is a first game based on this deal could come as early as 2023. Many of the Little Tramp's films focused on social inequality, and company founder Robert Young explains this is a theme the game will explore as well:
Although the concept of the Chaplin video game is still in development, the themes around the game could centre on the challenges between the poor and rich, says Chancey.

He says it's exciting to be able to design a game with a character as iconic as Chaplin.

"Working on an intellectual property that has been known for over 100 years and in all of the countries in the world … It's definitely a challenge and one that we feel comfortable rising up to," said Chancey.
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INDIE Live Expo Awards

With this weekend's INDIE Live Expo in the rearview, we have the list of winners of the show's awards ceremony. Here are the honorees:
Winning titles include:

Out of the Blue

James Cameron already has plans for Avatar 6 & 7. Okay, time to bust out the calculator. 13 years between films puts the launch of Avatar 7 in 2087. Hope it doesn't interfere with the release of The Winds of Winter.

Obituary: Bob McGrath Dead: 'Sesame Street' Star Was 90.

Timetable Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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