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Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022

HELLCARD Announced

HELLCARD is a co-op roguelike deckbuilder in development at Thing Trunk for release next year on Steam. This shares a setting with Book of Demons, and will be published by Bill Wang and David Brevik's Skystone Games. Here's a Teaser Trailer with a gander at what to expect. Here's the deal:
What makes HELLCARD unique and different from other card games? In the battles, monster placement actually matters and can be used to your advantage if you’re up to the strategic challenge. Your team of heroes has its own strengths and weaknesses, each with an ever-growing deck of abilities and equipment to use on the battlefield. It will take the hardiest of champions to withstand the evil hordes and defeat the Archdemon.

HELLCARD supports co-op battles with up to three heroes facing Archdemon’s hordes. In single-player mode, you can descend into the dungeons solo or recruit computer-controlled companions. In multiplayer mode, your friends or strangers can help you battle the hordes of hell.
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American Truck Simulator Oklahoma Details

A new post on SCS Software's blog follows up on the recent reveal of the Oklahoma expansion for American Truck Simulator. This officially introduces the add-on and serves up over a dozen screenshots showing the flat brown vistas of the Sooner State. Here's word:
Dear #BestCommunityEver, you may have caught a glimpse of the following announcement at this year’s edition of Czech & Slovak Games Week, but now it is time to make it official. So, without further ado, let us show you the next step in the journey across the US states...

While Oklahoma tends to have an unfortunate reputation of being a rather arid place, sometimes it’s much better to avoid judging a book by its cover. The state is home to wonderful national parks, several natural marvels, and historical places full of mysteries and legends. And if you are looking for something more practical instead, the local road network and a strong economy will keep every trucker properly busy.

On Sale

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Into the Black

Last Link of the Day: Elon Musk Is An Idiot (and so are Zuck and SBF) (NSFW video). Thanks Matthew.

Obituary: Wilko Johnson dead: Game of Thrones actor and Dr Feelgood star dies aged 75. Thanks Console General.

Get Narita Boy for Free in GOG.COM Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is still a couple of days off, but has gotten a jump on the festivities, and its Black Friday Sale* is underway as of today. This week-long sale offers over 4000 deals with discounts up to 90% off. But it's no surprise there's a 100% discount or two to be had, as that's the GOG way. Everyone is now entitled to claim a free copy of Narita Boy, Studio Koba's 2021 throwback action/platformer. This is yours to keep if you claim it by Friday, and at that point the sale will feature another giveaway, which will be Terroir. We're not sure the second freebie is intended as public knowledge, but it would be a shame for anyone to pay for it in the meantime. Here's more on the sale:
A grand sale like Black Friday requires a grand release – Europa Universalis IV (-80%) with all its DLCs (-50%) is now live on GOG, entirely DRM-free. Rule your land, build an empire and dominate the world in this classic grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive.

Now for the main dish, thousands of huge deals are waiting for you, including some of the all-time bestsellers, so make sure you check them out. Here’s a short list showing what you can expect:

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Netflix Plans AAA PC Game

A Job Listing for a Game Director, Games Studio on the Netflix Website reveals that Netflix is gearing up to develop a AAA PC game (thanks Mobilegamer via VGC). Up until now, the streaming giant's announced gaming aspirations were all in the mobile realm. The new listing shows this is about to change. It's a little vague, but there's an indication this will be a first- and/or third-person shooter. Here's are some more tea leaves to help us try and predict what will happen:
The Ideal Candidate

  • At least 10 years of game design experience, including experience as a Creative Director, Game Director, or comparable design leadership role
  • Shipped content that is directly the result of the candidate's work that can be reviewed - level designs, gameplay mechanics, metagame features, etc.
  • Can balance innovation with what is tried and true to develop a game that can appeal to 10’s or 100’s of millions of players around the world
  • Extensive experience working on live service games; Deep understanding of highly engaging content and how to deliver it
  • Deeply passionate about social systems and gameplay - both cooperative and competitive
  • Proven track record of delivering clear and consistent creative feedback that elevates other team members’ work
  • Thrives as a member of a cross-functional multidisciplinary team
  • Communicates with authenticity, intention, and curiosity
  • Proven track record of empowering their lieutenants to make decisions and implement initiatives with limited oversight
  • Gets excited by learning new skills, dashing to pitch in, even if this means flexing beyond this role’s core responsibilities if it can help us win
  • Experience with FPS and/or Third Person Shooter games is preferred

Golden Joystick Winners

GamesRadar+ offers a video replay of last night's Golden Joystick Awards, along with a rundown of all the winners. If this affirmation tempts you to get any or all of the winners, there's a Steam Listing with links to buy them, including a few discounts. FromSoftware is Studio of the year, and Elden Ring won four awards, including the "Ultimate Game of the Year" award, so it seems safe to deem it the big winner of the show. Here are all the honorees:

  • Best Storytelling - Horizon Forbidden West
  • Still Playing Award - Genshin Impact
  • Best Visual Design - Elden Ring
  • Studio of the Year - FromSoftware
  • Best Game Expansion - Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Best Early Access Launch - Slime Rancher 2
  • Best Indie Game - Cult of the Lamb
  • Best Multiplayer Game - Elden Ring
  • Best Audio - Metal: Hellsinger
  • Best Game Trailer - Goat Simulator 3 Announcement Trailer
  • Best Game Community - Final Fantasy 14
  • Best Gaming Hardware - Steam Deck
  • Breakthrough Award - Vampire Survivors
  • Critics' Choice Award - Elden Ring
  • Best Performer - Manon Gage (Marissa Marcel, Immortality)
  • Nintendo Game of the Year - Pokemon Legends Arceus
  • PC Game of the Year - Return to Monkey Island
  • PlayStation Game of the Year - Stray
  • Xbox Game of the Year - Grounded
  • Most Wanted Game - Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Ultimate Game of the Year - Elden Ring

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Morning Crowdfunding

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