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Saturday, Nov 12, 2022

Chris Avellone Files Another Lawsuit

Games writer Chris Avellone has filed another lawsuit in response to harassment allegations against him that surfaced in 2020. Last year Avellone filed a libel suit, and now the Madison - St. Clair Record reports he has filed a new lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois against defendant Karissa Barrows, citing defamation. Word is this centers on the defendant's social media posts:
According to Avellone, on June 18, 2020, Barrows replied to a Twitter post from gaming website IGN promoting an interview with Avellone, which included his full name and photograph. In her post she called him a "sexual predator" and accused him of "preying on young women," and "getting them drunk & taking them to hotel rooms," along with other unprofessional behavior. She also claimed that he had misappropriated company funds and that he had been blacklisted from industry conventions.

She made further posts in the same vein through June 20, which went viral. Avellone adds that Barrows deleted all her posts that were complimentary towards him, including one that said she had never been abused or harassed at gaming conventions.

Avellone alleges numerous gaming studios that he worked with terminated his contracts as a result of the viral messages. He claims Barrows made allegations that she knew were false to hurt his reputation and damage his career. Avellone adds that Barrows' actions have inflicted severe emotional distress on him.
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Wild Terra 2: New Lands Lands

Wild Terra 2: New Lands has landed on Steam, kicking off a Windows MMORPG set in a medieval world controlled by players. You can check out what to expect in this Gameplay Trailer, and there's more on the game on the official website, where there's the opportunity to buy a variety of supporter packs, ranging all the way up to the $300K Master of the World pack. Here's more:
Play your role in the life-filled medieval world controlled by players. MMORPG full of details that create a unique immersion and the spirit of adventure!

Huge selection of crafts. Attention to details
Become the best builder, blacksmith, fisherman, healer, alchemist, baker, sailor, tanner, trader, farmer, jeweler and anything else. But getting the Master's Mark requires perseverance and knowledge. In Wild Terra, you cannot create equipment in one click.
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Out of the Blue

Great Scott! Today is the 67th anniversary of the famous lighting strike that stopped the courthouse clock tower in Hill Valley, California back in 1955. I know this because I have a sticky note reminder affixed to my Mr. Fusion.

Obituary: Space music pioneer, Nik Turner, dead at 82.

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