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Friday, Nov 11, 2022 Armistice/Veterans/Remembrance Day

MS Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition is now available, celebrating four decades of the high-flying sim. This is a free upgrade for those who already own the game, highlighted in this trailer. The release notes for the new version update outline all the special content this adds. This includes helicopters, so get to the choppa and check out the details:
Today we celebrate the exciting history of aviation with the release of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition, the most advanced version of this beloved franchise yet. Among the many features included in this update is a true-to-life airliner, the Airbus A310-300, rendered with stunning accuracy.

The 40th Anniversary Edition also features, for the first time since the platform’s 2006 release, helicopters and gliders that perform with amazing life-like realism. We’re also introducing seven renowned historical aircraft: the 1903 Wright Flyer, the 1915 Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, the 1927 Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the 1935 Douglas DC-3, the beautiful 1937 Grumman G-21 Goose, the 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, and the famous 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose,” the largest seaplane and wooden aircraft ever built.
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Tactics Ogre: Reborn Released

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is now available announces Square Enix, saying this remake of the tactical RPG can be found on Steam for Windows as well as for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch. There is a choice of Standard and Premium Editions, with the latter adding some extra content. You can check out gameplay in the Launch Trailer and read on for more:
Tactics Ogre: Reborn is set in The Valerian Isles, jewels of the Obero Sea. Following many years of conflict, there finally rose a man to put an end to this: Dorgalua Oberyth. Known as the "Dynast-King,” he brought peace and prosperity to Valeria for half a century. After his death, a civil war erupts and throws the isles of Valeria into a bloody struggle for power between three warring factions. In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, players follow the story of a young man, Denam Pavel, caught in the centre of the bloodshed. Although he seeks a path of freedom and justice, players will soon discover that even the noblest of goals requires impossibly difficult decisions to be made.

Reborn and deeper than ever, this classic tactical role-playing adventure enables players to fully immerse themselves in the world and intrigue of Tactics Ogre. In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, players will take control of a team of units on the battlefield and utilise the turn-based combat system to act strategically and gain the upper hand over their enemy. As players progress, they can recruit additional party members, experiment with various classes, weapons, magic, and abilities, and make key decisions at several instances in the story that will ultimately impact how events unfold.
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Shadows Over Loathing Released

Shadows Over Loathing is now available for Windows and macOS on Steam. This comedy adventure/RPG is the latest from Asymmetric, the folks behind cult MMORPG The Kingdom of Loathing and its follow up West of Loathing. The Launch Trailer shows that this uses the signature stick-figure graphics of its predecessors. Here's word on fear and loathing in Ocean City:
Your Uncle Murray has requested your aid at his antique shop in Ocean City, but upon your arrival the old man is nowhere to be found. Your investigation into his disappearance and the artifacts he's been collecting takes a turn when you stumble across some shadowy plots (and a bunch of squirming eldritch tentacles) that threaten to bring about the end of the world.

Shadows Over Loathing is a vastly larger game than its Wild West cousin, featuring authentically baffling 1920s slang, strategic turn-based combat (but only if you want it), inappropriate fishing, cursed antiques, a corrupt government to be overthrown at your leisure, an infinitely tall building, sentient math, and much more.
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Hellbreach: Vegas Revealed

A Steam Listing is now online for Hellbreach: Vegas, a wave-based shooter in the works at developer Infinity Ape Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive for release next year. There's a preview of the game on PC Gamer talking with solo developer Ashley Ellis who discusses the goal of recreating the flavor of old school Call of Duty Zombies gameplay. Here's a trailer showing off gameplay, and here's word on how what happens in Vegas slays in Vegas:
Hell has frozen over and the demons are in search of a new home... What better place than Sin City?

Portals have spawned across Las Vegas, and hordes of demons are now between you and safety. Play as a solo survivor or a team of up to four trapped in the city. Shoot your way out of the hellbreach as waves of demon hordes attack.

Slay your way through a series of maps, each round more challenging than the last. Earning enough experience to upgrade your guns, ammo, and unlock other bonuses that will help you escape the city.
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Into the Black

Obituary: Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman Dead at 66.
Obituary: Comedian Gallagher Dead at 76. Thanks The Flying Penguin.

Control 2 Announced

Remedy Entertainment announces Control 2, saying it is partnering with publisher 505 games on a sequel to Control, the 2019 action/adventure. This is currently in the preproduction phase for PC and consoles, and does not yet carry a release date. Word is Remedy will retain ownership of the IP and be the publisher on the PC edition. When its deal with 505 was announced, Remedy referenced "a bigger-budget Control game." The announcement lives up to that, saying that Control 2's initial development budget is EUR 50 million. Here's more on the plan:
Remedy Entertainment (“Remedy”) has signed an agreement with 505 Games, an international video game publisher and a subsidiary of Digital Bros Group, under which Remedy and 505 Games will co-develop and co-publish Control 2 (formerly known as Codename Heron), a sequel to Remedy’s award-winning game Control.

Control 2’s initial development budget amounts to EUR 50 million, and Remedy will retain the ownership of the game’s intellectual property. The development, marketing, and post-launch investments as well as the future net revenues generated by the game will be equally split between 505 Games and Remedy. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and it will be built on Remedy’s proprietary Northlight® engine and tools. Remedy will publish the game on the PC platform and 505 Games will publish it on the console platforms. The project is currently in concept stage.

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration Released

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration is now available, marking the half-century since the launch of the first iteration of this seminal video game company. The game is available for Windows on* and Steam as well as for Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Switch. The Launch Trailer shows off how this interactive anthology celebrates the history of the company. Here's more:
A mix of video game collection-meets-anthology, Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration showcases the history of Atari through a combination of retro and modern playable games, short videos, never-before-seen interviews, early development diaries, and more. Emulating seven separate console platforms, and containing titles spanning five decades, the library-styled interface presents over 100 video games sorted by era in an intuitive linear timeline. Other files and materials are also part of the package, including early development sketches, hardware schematics, internal memos, pictures, films, and other "artifacts," the majority of which have never been made public.
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FIFA 23 World Cup Update

EA SPORTS announces the release of a new update for FIFA 23 on all platforms. This adds a simulation of the 2022 World Cup to the association football/soccer game. Here's word:
This week, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) celebrated the arrival of its FIFA World Cup 2022™ game mode, available now as an update at no additional cost**. FIFA 23 fans can play as any of the 32 qualified nations in an authentic recreation of the full FIFA World Cup 2022™ from the opening match to the final game. Fans will be able to play a variety of game modes including FIFA World Cup™: Live, Your FIFA World Cup™, as well as take part in a variety of new FIFA Ultimate Team Campaigns.

Running November 21 through December 18, FIFA World Cup™: Live, a curated EA SPORTS World Cup experience, will be available to players only on FIFA 23. Unlike anything seen before in an EA SPORTS FIFA title, this new live experience will be updated during the Group and Knockout Stages of the tournament, allowing players to follow along with authentic fixtures and squads for each game. Additionally, fans can rewrite history live by changing the outcome of any past fixture and reimagining the result in real time.

Goat's Tale 2 Released

Goat's Tale 2 is now available for Windows on Steam, offering another chance to take the game's titular goat on a vertical platforming adventure. This adds new features to the ascent, including multiplayer support. Here's a trailer with a look, and here's a goatload of details:
Many new mechanics have been added to the game, such as, for example, elevators with which our brave goat can move in 4 directions. Or special rock ledges that you can grab to slide down easily without bouncing off the walls.

Goat's Tale 2 is much more exploring than its predecessor. At each stage, you can find buried treasures or npcs who will advise you on how to overcome more difficult jumps and give you a penny for your help.
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On Sale

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Out of the Blue

Here's a salute to veterans, as today is Veterans Day here in the U.S. Not coincidentally, this takes place on Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, when countries around the globe commemorate the end of World War I. Sadly, the first World War did not live up to its billing as "the war to end war." But it was so brutal it's certainly appropriate to continue to celebrate its conclusion.

Peaceful Round-up
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