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Monday, Oct 31, 2022 Boo! Happy Halloween

EA/Marvel Game Plans

Electronic Arts and Marvel Entertainment announce a deal for "at least three" action/adventure games based on various Marvel properties. The first of these is the Iron Man game in the works at EA Motive. This was officially announced last month after a run as the second worst-kept Iron Man secret behind Tony Stark's secret identity. Now we learn another two or more such games will follow:
Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) today announced it is collaborating with Marvel on a long term deal to develop at least three new action adventure games that will be available for consoles and PC. Each of these games will be their own original story set in the Marvel universe with the first title in-development being a single player, third person, action-adventure Iron Man game coming out of Motive Studios.

“We have been long-time fans of Marvel and their impressive leadership, so this is a remarkable moment for our developers as well as our players and fans,” said Laura Miele, COO at EA. “We look forward to welcoming Marvel into the EA family of creators and know this collaboration will produce exceptional experiences for our players. We can’t wait to see players' reactions when they suit up as Iron Man and do the extraordinary things this Super Hero is known for.”

More on F1 Manager 2022 Support

A new post by Chad Young has more from Frontier Developments on the outcry over a recent post suggesting the company was backing away from supporting F1 Manager 2022 just months after the launch of the racing management sequel. Here's word:
Last week, we released a message stating that the next update would be the last significant update for F1 Manager 2022 and that we would not be addressing some of the issues players had raised. This message was met with negativity by you, our players, and this was understandable.

To be clear, we will continue to support the game, and there will be further updates beyond the next one. Our players are extremely important to us and we want you to know that we are listening and value your feedback.

As part of this, we will be resolving the issue of cars not unlapping under a Safety Car and the effect of DRS in races. We will share more details as soon as we are able.
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Bramble: The Mountain King Demo

A playable demo for Bramble: The Mountain King is now available on Steam, offering a sample of this adventure game in the works at Dimfrost Studio. This post has the news and throws down a gauntlet to players: "As a challenge for the community, if we can reach 10,000 downloads on our Halloween Demo, we will add some extra collectibles to the game and share more behind the scenes and never before seen content!" Here's a recent trailer introducing some lore. Here's more on the game:
Bramble The Mountain King takes you on a gripping and unsettling journey through stunning environments. Take on the role of Olle, a young boy setting off to rescue his sister, kidnapped by a dreaded troll.

Not everything in Bramble is exactly how it seems - in this strange land with creatures big and small, you must be careful when to approach and when to hide. Many hungry and spiteful beasts lurk in these forests and caves. Watch your step....
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Riven Remake Revealed

Cyan reveals plans for a Riven remake, saying a new version of the Myst sequel is on the way, offering a little equal time after so many remakes and reissues of the original Myst. There aren't a ton of details to start with, but a Riven FAQ on the Cyan Website does answer some of the questions this raises. Here's the point behind this point-and-click remake:
Q: Is it a remaster or a from-the-ground-up modern remake?
A: It is a modern remake.

Q: Is this remake point-and-click only like the original Riven was, or will it be traversable in 3D space?
A: The remake of Riven will be fully traversable in 3D space. Any other supported navigation methods will be announced at a later date.

Q: Why did this take so long? It’s been 25 years!
A: Riven is one of the most highly regarded games in Cyan’s history. We didn’t want to approach it lightly or frivolously. Cyan is a small indie studio. We wanted to make sure we could take on such a difficult, costly and complicated endeavor – and do it well.

Get Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection for Free announces a new giveaway, hoping everyone will be jazzed by a free copy of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection. This platformer sequel was released by Epic Games back in 1998. So the post goes the extra yard by outlining the game's mod scene and where to find some of the most popular mods for the game. Here's word:
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 features an intricately rendered single player campaign and the defining 2D arena shooter online experience, but the official levels will only last you so long. Fortunately in the last nineteen years there’ve been well over ten thousand new levels made by the Jazz Jackrabbit community, so you won’t have to stop playing Jazz 2 anytime soon! (Plus you can use Jazz Creation Station, the game's level editor, to easily make some of your own.) We’ve listed some of them below, and made sure to include more links to other similar levels to check out, but remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

FIFA 23 Breaking Records

EA SPORTS announces FIFA 23 is kicking ass, offering details on its "record breaking" launch. Word is that in 23 days, players of the association football/soccer sequel have racked up over 30,000 years of gameplay:
Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) celebrates EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 by capturing post-launch engagement up to 23 days after the worldwide launch. After celebrating a record-breaking launch of FIFA 23 with over 10.3 million players within the first week, signaling the biggest launch period in EA SPORTS FIFA franchise history, as of today, this year’s title has been played in 200+ nations worldwide. There has also been over 1.7 billion games (including FUT Moments) played - across men’s and women’s match-ups - and over 4.3 billion goals scored. Players have amounted over 15.7 billion playing minutes overall - the equivalent of almost 30,000 years of gameplay.

NecroBoy - Path to Evilship Released

NecroBoy - Path to Evilship is now available for Windows on Steam, offering the chance to begin your evil journey just in time for Halloween. Here's a trailer showing off a boy and his minions on a cheerful quest to become the Lord of Evil. Developer Chillin' Wolf and publisher GRAVITY GAME ARISE are providing a 20% launch discount for the next week. Here's word on the game's one-person development team:
Developed by the one man Chillin’ Wolf team of Ulysse Frediere, with a little help for music from Nicolas “Kerch” Kerbourc’h and art from Arthur Jacob-Cavarec, is the eerie and funny story of Necroby, a lonely, gifted, megalomaniacal but not too bright and rather dramatic necromancer ostracized from birth due to his powers and his quest gain the powers of the infamous NecroMan and use those powers to rule over those that ignored and shunned him…now if he could only figure out the how and then what…

To gain these momentous powers, players must guide NecroBoy to delve into the treacherous tomb of the late NecroMan. Within the labyrinth tomb, players will summon the souls of the departed to become NecroBoy’s minions. Order your minions to perform various actions, such as flipping switches, pushing blocks, moving platforms, and many more gimmicks to solve all the puzzles each level holds to proceed to the next level.
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Oregon Trail Next Month

Gameloft announces November 14th is the release date for Oregon Trail, the upcoming remake of the pioneering adventure game for Windows and Switch. This gives everyone a couple of weeks to ensure they are fully inoculated against dysentery. The game's Steam Listing is online, and here's a new trailer showing the addition of graphics which will allow you to watch your party die, rather than just read about it. This is a port of a version of the game created for Apple Arcade. Here are the details:
In The Oregon Trail, players are put at the center of all the trials and tribulations of the journey westward. They must stock their wagon, choose their traveling party, and make sure they all arrive safely to Oregon by making tough choices in dangerous and unexpected situations. Players will also learn the real history behind the trail, including the Native American experience, which is a first in the franchise.

The November release of The Oregon Trail will be a faithful adaptation of the Apple Arcade version and has been created with the support of Gameloft Lviv. It includes all five previous content updates, and the latest new features include more accessibility options, events, and visual filters to see the game in a whole new way! The Oregon Trail is already available to wishlist on Steam and will be listed soon on the Nintendo eShop. It will also be available for preorder on Microsoft Store starting November, 7th.
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Op Ed

  • Opinion - China is coming for American video games - The Washington Post. Thanks Max.
    "Creative concerns coexist alongside a variety of other worries, from fears that China is propagandizing Western youths via history games and other educational endeavors to concerns that the anti-cheat software used by Riot Games might give Chinese authorities undue access to computers around the world, allowing them to siphon off data.

    Unlike the threat to artistic freedom, the reality of which is obvious to any observer of the film industry, some of those fears might be overblown. However, I’m sympathetic to them for the same reason I have no interest in letting TikTok anywhere near my phone: The Chinese government’s commitment to privacy is as nonexistent as its commitment to artistic freedom. Better safe than sorry."

Out of the Blue

Boo! Happy Halloween! Between the passing of MrsBlue's dad and the pandemic, this will be the first Halloween that's actually a thing for us since we moved a few years ago. But we headed out to the big box store this weekend and picked up a few giant sacks of candy. We may be overcompensating. By my calculations we should have enough to give a couple of treats to every caller and have enough leftovers to make a chocolate river deep enough to drown Augustus Gloop.

Gloopy Round-up
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